Top 10 Most Powerful Superheroes and Villains!


Top 10 Most Powerful Superheroes and Villains!

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Number 10: Forge

Forge was born to a Cheyenne tribe, and was gifted with great shaman potential. He was raised by Naze to become a great shaman and to defeat their nemesis The Adversary. He spent most of his youth under Naze’s training. At puberty, his mutant powers manifested. He was now able to understand any mechanical device and could create an device that he could imagine. His powers made him doubt whether he should continue to train as a shaman since they seemed to clash with his mystical heritage. This confusion made him rebel against Naze and his teachings. He enlisted in the army and was shipped to Vietnam. While there he used his powers to create weapons and other tech. Forge was soon promoted to sergeant and was even offered a spot in S.H.I.E.L.D, but he rejected it. During the war he was confronted with great personal dilemmas such as having to kill a very young man of the Vietnamese troops and the responsibility of leading an entire squad.

When Forge’s platoon was all wiped out he felt responsible and blamed himself for the death of his men. Determined and hardened by this guilt, he cast an ancient forbidden spell that he had learned during his training to become a shaman. Using the souls of his deceased comrades, Forge was able to summon a group of demons that would prove to be a vital asset. The demons helped him defeat the Vietnamese troops soon after. After the Vietnamese troops had been defeated, the demons refused to stop and he was forced to call in an air strike that would vanquish them. This incident resulted in the loss of his right hand and leg. Furthermore, it would come to be discovered that the spectral gate he had opened during his spell would act as a doorway for The Adversary to arrive on earth. After this, Forge vowed to never use magic again. He instead dedicated himself to training his mutant abilities and was able to create advanced replacements for his missing hand and leg.

After a great deal of time, Forge was seen in magical exile were he was practicing his shaman powers and heritage. He found a way separate his body and his spirit, and in his spirit form he found Storm in a cage being held captive by the Shadow King. Forge confronted him and barely escaped from his control, he came to realize Storm was still alive and in great danger. He contacted Valerie Cooper and her Freedom Force to help him, but they had already been called away by Moira MacTaggert who was suffering an attack by the Reavers on Muir Island. Forge joined Freedom Force in order to help on Muir Island.

Mystique didn’t wanted to work with Forge, since he was the one that was responsible for the “death” of her daughter Rogue. Destiny warned her to be gentler with Forge, since both of their futures would be drawn together. Mystique ordered Forge to take Destiny away from the battle, which he did, but Destiny insisted on him returning to protect Mystique since the two of them were destined to be with each other. He refused to believe her, but left her alone regardless. Legion appeared and killed her.

Forge arrived just in time to save Mystique from the attack of a Reaver, nevertheless Mystique blamed him for Destiny’s death. She swore that someday she would get her revenge. In Mystique’s eyes, Forge is responsible for the death of her two greatest loves. After the attack of the Reavers, Freedom Force left Muir Island and Banshee asked Forge to join him in a quest to locate the X-Men. He developed a new defense system for Muir Island, that had become the shelter for many mutants. During this time he was contacted by Alpha Flight, who needed help defeating a being that could control technology. Forge soon developed a friendship with Madison Jeffries, that besides having similar powers, he also had to deal with the trauma of the Vietnam War. Forge updated Jeffries’ armor, and together they managed to defeat the threat and found James MacDonald who was believed dead.

He then went to Xavier’s facility with Banshee where they found Jean Grey. She was being attacked by a group of Morlocks. Forge and Banshee rescued her and then explained that they have reason to believe that the X-Men are still alive. She confessed that they were, that she and X-Factor knew they were alive, but promised not to tell anyone. Forge explained that they needed to find them fast, because Donald Pierce was also looking for them as well. Jean and Banshee were captured by the Morlocks, who had all been disfigured by Masque to look like monster versions of the X-Men. Forge went to rescue them and found that Jean and Banshee had also been transformed. Banshee into a mouthless human, and Jean into a woman with many tentacles. They encountered Colossus and Callisto too, who at the time were dating. Colossus didn’t remember his past as an X-Man or anything else due to the effects of the Siege Perilous. With their combined forces and the leadership of Forge, they were able to defeat Masque and return to their original forms. This side adventure helped Forge to come to peace with what happened in Vietnam. This time he had helped his fellow X-Men and brought them back home.

When they finally found Storm, it wasn’t exactly the reunion Forge was hoping for. Storm had been turned into a child by the villain Nanny. Storm was also accompanied by Gambit, both of which teamed-up due to their skills as thieves. Storm returned to her original state in Genosha during the X-Tinction Agenda arc. After this, the X-Men were finally reunited. However, they now they faced a new threat. The Shadow King had taken possession of the inhabitants of Muir Island. Forge crafted a device to release the hold of the Shadow King on some of the X-Men, while the rest of them were fighting the Shadow King on the astral plane. It was Forge who finally defeated him using Psylocke’s psychic knife, finally putting a stop to the Shadow King powers upon the X-Men. When the blue and gold teams were established, Forge didn’t take an active role. Instead he stayed at the mansion working on some technological affairs. For instance, he improved the Danger Room, the Blackbird, Cerebro, Xavier’s chair, the defense system, and many other mechanical devices around the Mansion.

Powers and Abilities:

Forge has the mutant ability to innately understand any mechanical device and create anything mechanical he can think of. Apparently he can perceive something called “Mechanical Energy”, in this way his subconscious works at an incredible speed and allows him to understand the capabilities and function of certain devices. So if he can think of a function to be done by a machine he’s able to build it.

Aside from his mutant ability he was trained in the magical arts of the Cheyenne tribe. He was born with an incredible potential as a Shaman. In his training he learned a great variety of magical spells. He is able to separate his mind from his body and travel in a spirit form (similar to Professor’s X Astral Form), also his magical powers allows him to create a portal to bring demons to this world at the cost of the spirits of humans. (A spell he had used twice) Due to his military combat training, Forge is a good hand to hand combatant and a skilled marksman.

Some of his inventions:

  • His prosthetic hand and leg, that aside from working perfectly as limb replacements they also have other stuff implanted in them. (They restore after being destroyed, the hand had a shield incorporated made of energy, they could fire beams, the hand was implanted with a hacking device, and his leg could slowly suppress mutant powers close to him)
  • Several weapons like: A sniper rifle with great range and destructive capabilities that also scrambled electronic systems, a photon rifle, several types of grenades that were stored in the same compartment, a bomb that guided itself to the target.
  • A device that worked like a portable Cerebro that was not only for mutants, but also for any super being and different alien races.
  • The neutralizer that can take away the powers of any super being. (It was used on Storm who stayed powerless for a very long time until Forge invented another device to reverse the effects)
  • A medical kit that took cell samples from people, check them for diseases and provided antibiotics.
  • A bag that could exceed it’s physical capabilities and store many, many things.
  • Space suits with no movement reductions.
  • A psychic dampener for preventing the use of telepathic abilities.
  • An implant put on Mystique that prevented her from turning into a member of the X-Men or X-Factor for more than 30 seconds, also every time she used her powers a signal was sent, a similar one was placed on Sabretooth that prevented him of attacking anyone without permission.
  • A disc that downloaded government files without chance of been detected.
  • A device that enhanced Exodus powers.
  • Gauntlets created for Surge so she can control and direct her powers.
  • A time machine that also allowed the traveler to choose an alternate reality he liked to visit.

Number 9: CONAN Image result for conan the barbarian comic

Conan was born on a carnage-strewn battlefield in the hills of the western most region of Cimmeria where his tribe was involved in a border skirmish with a rival tribe called the Vanir. Conan’s father, Conaldar, and the other members of the tribe encircled Fialla, his mother, to protect her while she was giving birth to Conan. The fact that he was born on a battlefield was considered, amongst the Cimmerians, to be an omen that Conan would grow up to be a great warrior one day.

Conan began working in his father’s smithy from a very young age, and working the forge’s bellows built his strength. He also learned much about weaponry working in the shop and listening to the men there talk.

Before the age of seven he crippled Donal, a bully in his own tribe, who was much older and bigger than himself. By age eight he was wielding an ax well enough to chop firewood for the tribe, and he was also training with the longsword, spear, and dagger. He was officially accepted as a man of the tribe that year when he rescued the tribe’s war chief from a hungry pack of wolves – killing one of the wolves with his bare hands and teeth in the process!

During early adolescence, Conan was severely injured by a great cat. While still recovering from those wounds he was addled by fever and self-doubt. In this precarious mental and physical state, he embarked on a journey to the forbidden battlefield known as Brita’s Vale. Two formative events happen to him in Brita’s Vale; first, he encounters the supernatural for the first time, in the form of ghostly warriors, although this may be nothing more than fever-induced hallucinations, and secondly he is attacked by a degenerate madman who he kills, thus taking a human life for the first time.

Arianne, Conan's childhood sweetheart

During his early teens, Conan begins his philandering ways, regularly bedding both Caollan (a girl of his tribe being courted by Donal), and perhaps his first love, Arianne, the chestnut haired daughter of Alcibiades (a wizard living in exile nearby).. He is also known to have saved the entire village on one occasion by breaking the neck of a rampaging bull. However, at this point in his life Conan is very much a loner, and tends to bring trouble to his tribe as well, most notably by offending the wizard Alcibiades.

When the tribe discovers Arianne, and takes her for an Aquilonian spy, Alciblades vows to reveal Cimmeria’s rich resources to Aquilonia – an act that will eventually lead to the Battle of Venarium (see The Battle of Venarium below). Many members of the tribe blame Conan for this, and in the ensuing scuffle, Conan punches Giallchadh in the face, killing him.

These experiences, along with long hours of listening to his grandfather, Connacht, tell stories of his own travels in exotic lands such as Aquilonia, and the fabled city of Hyperborea, sparks Conan’s sense of adventure and wanderlust.

While not particularly religious, Conan does believe in the god Crom.

Aquilonia, the most powerful kingdom in the Hyborian Lands, had expansionist tendencies and had long had its eye on the regions of

The Battle of Venarium

Gunderland and the Bossonian Marshlands to their north. They were eventually successful in gaining a toehold in the region and soon established a fortified outpost called Venarium which pushed their empire’s northern frontier into southern Cimmeria.

Young Conan often traveled to Venarium in the company of elder warriors who, under the guise of hunters and tradesmen, were secretly scouting out the city’s weak points in preparation for a massive raid.

Before Conan had seen fifteen snows, the Cimmerians attacked Venarium; this was the first time Conan had ever been to war, and he is known to have distinguished himself in battle. It is said that the Cimmerians stained the white hills with the blood and entrails of the Aquilonians. So vicious was this battle, and so total was their defeat, that Aquilonia never again attempted an incursion into the region.

At the sack of Venarium Conan had not reached his full growth, but was already six feet tall and weighed 180 pounds. We are told,

Image result for conan the barbarian comic

“…he had the alertness and stealth of the born woodsman, the iron-hardness of the mountain man, the Herculean strength of his blacksmith father, and a practical familiarity with the knife, axe, and sword.”

Following the death of Arianne in the destruction of Venarium, and the passing of Connacht soon after, Conan left his village, and never looked back.

After gaining much in life experiences as a thief through ages 16-21 Conan decided it was time to move on in life. Thus taking his skills, and renown to a new frontier, that of the Mercenary.

Conan traveled East to the exotic kingdom of Turan. Determined to amass himself an army that would rival Aquilonia’s he spearheaded a large band of mercenaries, who were willing to join with him for glories sake. It was up until this point that Conan relied on only himself and his abilities for adventure. But now he had a group. They all learned new tricks and techniques from one another. Increasing their already formidable might. He soon learned a to use bows, from the Turian archers. A weapon that before now he cared little for. He mastered the Bow easily.

However Conan grew bored of the Turians, and once again traveled back westward, hearing rumors of war. He accepted many a various paying jobs, and still used his thievery skills along the Road of Kings, on his journey back to the west. The Land was no longer under control of Aquilonia but, now under the Rule of Prince Murilo who no doubt played a part in Conan’s acceptance upon his return home.

Powers and Abilities: Conan is an accomplished hunter, unarmed combatant, sword-fighter, horseman, and archer. Conan is familiar with the following weapons: the knife, the axe, the longsword, the broadsword, the short sword, and the bow. The broadsword is his favored weapon. He was one of the most accomplished swordsmen of the Hyborian Age. He is often listed alongside D’artagnan, King Arthur, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ogami Itto and Zorro as one of the greatest fictional sword fighters in history.

Conan has unusual strength, agility, and speed for a human, often lifting immense objects or enemies, and relying upon his lightning-fast reflexes in combat situations. Through years of dealing with sorcerers, magicians and witches he has developed a moderate level of resistance to magic and mind control spells. While primarily known as a wandering sell-sword, Conan progressively became a master tactician, leading entire armies into battle. Eventually, Conan became king of Aquilonia by his own hand.

Number 8: Jubilee Image result for jubilee x men

While homeless and living at the mall following the death of her parents, Jubilee steals to survive and is a constant annoyance to the mall rent-a-cops. Finally growing tired of her, and frustrated by their inability to catch her, they call the mutant-hunting M Squad to capture her. As luck would have it Storm, Rogue, Dazzler and Psylocke are visiting the mall from their home base in Australia, courtesy of a portal created by Gateway. Jubilee notices the four female X-Men, and is struck by their beauty and poise. It is while she is following them around the mall that she is suddenly attacked by the M Squad. Seeing Jubilee attacked, the four women easily defeat the M Squad, after which they go back to Australia through the gateway. Unbeknownst to them, Gateway leaves the portal open long enough for Jubilee to follow them through it.

First meeting

Alone in the Australian outback, and unsure of what the X-Men would do to her if they discovered her presence, Jubilee creates a small hiding place in their base to live in. After a brief run-in with the villain known as Nanny, Jubilee’s presence is still unknown to all but Gateway, who keeps quiet about it. Some time later the Reavers come to the base to reclaim it (as it was originally theirs), only to discover that many of the X-Men have already left. Psylocke, Havok, Colossus and Dazzler enter the Siege Perilous to escape from the Reavers, with no knowledge of Jubilee still being there. Caught by surprise when he returns, Wolverine is taken by the Reavers and crucified on a giant wooden X. Jubilee witnesses this event from hiding, and is terrified, but does not want to leave the injured man alone. Using all of his remaining strength, Wolverine frees himself from the X-shaped crucifix. After trying to decide whether she should help Wolverine or look out for her own safety, Jubilee risks being detected by the Reavers in order to rescue him. She then nurses him back to health in her makeshift hideout inside the outback base, sneaking past the Reavers on multiple occasions in order to collect food, bandages and medicine. Delirious and hallucinating from his injuries, Logan lashes out towards Jubilee, baring his claws to her for the first time. Acting on fear and pure instinct, Jubilee blasts him with her energy bursts, sending him flying across the room. After he comes back to his senses, Wolverine decides it best for them to make an escape to a more secure area. Teaming up for the first time, Wolverine and Jubilee manage to take down several of the Reavers’ cybernetic dogs. Donald Pierce of the Hellfire Club then attacks them while leading a group of Reavers in search of Wolverine. Thinking that he only has to deal with the feral mutant, and unaware of Jubilee’s presence, Pierce is buried under a pile of rubble that Jubilee blasts off of the ceiling. Safe for the time being, they escape to Sydney, where they board a ship to Madripoor.

Once on the island of Madripoor, Wolverine and Jubilee begin to form a close bond while waiting for his mutant powers to heal his horrible injuries. Then Jubilee is captured by The Mandarin and Lady Mandarin (who is actually a mind-controlled Psylocke). When Lady Mandarin leads her to believe Wolverine is dead, Jubilee unleashes a massive burst of power in a fit of grief, anger and rage, completely destroying Mandarin’s fortress. The damage she causes frightens Jubilee badly, and makes her extremely wary of using her powers to their full potential, out of fear of hurting someone. Freed from her brainwashing by the blast, and with Mandarin defeated, Psylocke joins Wolverine and Jubilee in their travels.

Blue team

After hearing of mutants being attacked on the island nation of Genosha, the trio make their way there. They meet Boom Boom and Rictor, who had lost their powers. Leaving Jubilee to guard the depowered mutants, Wolverine and Psylocke attempt to invade the Genoshan Magistrate headquarters, but are captured. The three young mutants escape capture, and help the other X-Men defeat Cameron Hodge. Upon returning to the United States, Jubilee joins Storm, Wolverine, Forge, Psylocke, Banshee and Gambit as a member of the X-Men. Although she accompanies them on many of their missions, they remain wary of placing her in harm’s way because of her young age. When Wolverine is kidnapped by The Hand, Jubilee argued that she should be allowed to help (as she had previously fought and defeated The Hand), and finds an unlikely ally in Psylocke. After run-ins with the Skrulls, the Brood, Omega Red and Mojo Jubilee is finally made to stay at the mansion by the X-Men, and is not permitted on missions anymore due to her age.

When Professor X is almost killed by a villain named Stryfe, who appears to be Cable, the X-Men are quick to suspect Cable of the deed. It is Jubilee who persuades the X-Men that he may not be the culprit, as no one knows what Stryfe really looks like, and he could therefore be disguised as Cable. Once Professor X is cured he regains the use of his legs for a short time, and Jubilee takes him roller blading to cheer him up. After spending some time bonding with him she realizes that he isn’t the stuffy old man she took him for, and they grow closer. After his legs begin to weaken, Jubilee helps him back into his wheelchair, realizing that just being there to help means more to him than anything she could say. Some time later Jubilee accompanies Wolverine to their old base in Australia. Their arrival sets off a dormant Sentinel, brought from the future Trevor Fitzroy, whose attack interacts with Gateway’s portal and sends Jubilee back in time to her parents’ house just before they were killed. Certain she could save them from dying in the car crash, she is convincing them not to go when the doorbell rings. At the door stand two armed hit men, Reno and Molokai, who take her parents away at gunpoint. Learning for the first time that that their car accident had been faked, and that they had in fact been murdered, Jubilee swears revenge. Upon returning to the present she tracks the two hit men down, with Logan backing her up the entire time. But once she has her parents’ killers at her mercy, she finds that she just can’t bring herself to kill them, a revelation that pleases Logan.

Versus Sabretooth

Back at the mansion Jubilee becomes close friends with Colossus’s little sister Illyana Rasputin. When Illyana is diagnosed with the Legacy Virus, Jubilee spends all of her time at Illyana’s bedside. When Kitty Pryde arrives Jubilee is jealous of her at first, because she was Wolverines first sidekick, but the two soon form a friendship. Despite all their attempts the X-Men are unable to save Illyana. Jubilee takes her death extremely hard, almost as bad as Colossus. Several weeks later she has another loss to deal with. After Magneto violently removes the Adamantium from Wolverine’s skeleton, he decides to leave the X-Men, fearing that he is a liability to them. Knowing how much this will affect Jubilee, he writes her a touching goodbye letter, and leaves his favorite cowboy hat for her. A short time later, Sabretooth is brought to the mansion by Professor X and held in captivity there. Jubilee is terrified of him, and has nightmares of him killing the X-Men and leaving her for last. Attempting to get over her fears she begins to bring food to Sabretooth, who taunts the young girl mercilessly. One night her nightmares almost come true when the mansion’s security system goes down and Sabretooth escapes from his cell. He hunts the X-Men throughout the mansion, but in the end it is Jubilee who takes him down with a neuralizer pistol.

When the other X-Men busy, Banshee was the only person to notice that Jubilee is having trouble coping with Wolverine’s absence, as well as all that had happened to her since he left. When the Phalanx assimilates most of the X-Men, Jubilee and Banshee were forced to team up with Sabretooth and the White Queen, Emma Frost (who has recently awakened from a coma in the mansion’s medical facility), to escape from them. This unusual group worked together to gather all the young mutants listed by Professor X as future allies. The Phalanx was later defeated thanks to the sacrifice of a young mutant girl named Blink.

Powers and Abilities:

As a mutant, Jubilee generated brightly colored bursts of plasma energy which she could fire from her hands as balls, streams, or any other shape. They went wherever Jubilee desired, and exploded at her command. She could also absorb the plasma energy back into her body without harm. A point of interest about Jubilee’s powers is that she could control the effect that they had on her desired targets. These power effects have been shown to blind and emit concussive force, burn and scald skin, detonate and disintegrate solid objects, and also shatter solid metal objects such as locks and bolts. Jubilee also possessed the ability to detonate matter at a sub-atomic level, essentially making her a walking atomic bomb.

According to Emma Frost, Jubilee was one of the most powerful mutants she had ever encountered, but noted that her fear of harming others kept her from using those powers to their full potential.

Jubilee was also undetectable by Sentinels and their mutant tracking equipment, as well as by telepaths such as Psylocke. The true nature and extent of this power are still a mystery.

Due to the events of M-Day, Jubilee lost her mutant abilities. She is a capable and agile hand to hand combatant.


Number 7: Savage Dragon Image result for savage dragon

Savage Dragon was actually Emperor Kurr, the leader of a nomadic race of aliens who were looking for a new planet to inhabit. They had searched space in their starship for thousands of years, until finally Earth was discovered. Kurr saw the planet and its inhabitants, and decided to go against his race’s peaceful ways and eradicate the humans. He had no desire to share his new home with another race. Two of the emperor’s scientists, Rech and Weiko, discovered Kurr’s plan and conspired against him. The scientists caused brain damage, which erased Kurr’s memories. These erased memories were replaced with several days worth of Earth’s satellite television programming, making him up to date on current events, but completely unaware of who or what he was. Kurr was left to live on Earth as his race continued their search for a new home.


Savage Dragon was created by Erik Larsen. Like many of his creations, the Dragon was originally created in his youth and drew a number of elements from such wildly diverse sources as Captain Marvel, Batman, Speed Racer, and the Incredible Hulk. In his youth, Larsen and two friends printed a fanzine called Graphic Fantasy based on his creation. When working on Gary Carlson’s book Megaton, Larsen created a slightly revised version of the character to guest star in a backup feature in the 1980s.

In 1992 when Erik Larsen left Marvel Comics to cofound Image Comics, he decided to rework and redesign his old faithful character to make the transition with him. As of today, the Savage Dragon remains only one of two original Image comic book titles (the other being Spawn) that continues to be printed to this day and the only one that is still being written and drawn by its creator, Erik Larsen.

The Savage Dragon series is also the longest running full-color comic book that has featured a single writer/artist, although David Sim’s Cerebus the Aardvark continues to hold the title of the longest running black and white comic book featuring a single writer/artist with 300 issues.

Savage Dragon’s origin was finally revealed with the release of the Image Comics 10th Anniversary hardcover book which revealed that our protective Savage Dragon was once actually the ruthless and remorseless Emperor Kurr.

The Dragon (Graphic Fantasy)

Paul Dragon (The Dragon) has retired from the Society of Super-Heroes (S.O.S.) after the death of his wife, Susan/Jennifer Wilson (a.k.a “Smasher”),at the hands of Bronze Man. He is a single father raising a young daughter, Angel. Bronze Man attacks Dragon and his daughter while taking a taxi to the zoo. The attack leaves Angel badly wounded. Dragon is enraged and goes on the hunt for the Bronze Man. While searching for information on Bronze Man, Dragon is knocked out by former member of S.O.S. Mace. Mace hands over Dragon to Bronze Man, who locks Dragon in death trap. Dragon frees himself and battles Bronze Man’s super-villain gang. After defeating the Bronze Man’s gang, Dragon goes after Bronze Man and savage beats him to death.

Savage Dragon (Megaton)

Paul Dragon (Savage Dragon) is the leader of the Society of Super-Heroes (S.O.S.). He lived on base with his wife, Sue, and their daughter Angel. Dragon reads in paper that Mighty Man is beaten to death by the alien Vanguard, so Dragon goes after Vanguard. He beats him and locks him up in a S.O.S. holding cell. Roxanne Wells Vanguard’s human girlfriend teleported in his cell. Where Roxanne tells Dragon and Sue that Vanguard is a good guy. Vanguard helps Dragon and Smasher (Sue) to fight the army of super-villains attacking S.O.S. base.

Dragon (Image Universe)

Dragon was discovered in a burning field by Lt. Frank Darling of the Chicago Police Department. Darling thought that Dragon would be able to help the police force battle against the Superhumans. Dragon turned the offer down and then went to work at a warehouse run by Darling’s cousin. Hoping to compel Dragon to join, Darling paid two criminals to threaten his cousin. His ploy worked but at a cost. Darling’s cousin was killed by the thugs. Frank was now under the thumb of the criminal gang Vicious Cycle, and would be used by the group to make Dragon avoid their business. He was partnered with a young female officer Alex Wilde.

Officer Dragon of the Chicago PD.

Dragon would begin a relationship with a woman named Debbie Harris. The relationship ended tragically when she was shot by her jealous ex, Arnold Dimple. This event depressed Dragon for some time. Dimple would go on to gain super powers through a Faustian deal becoming the villain Fiend . Due to Dragon’s abilities he would be loaned to various police departments in America. While in NY, Dragon met with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles becoming a reoccurring ally of theirs. Meanwhile back in Chicago a prison break occurred. Many criminals died including Hardware who intended to be a witness for the department.

Darling would later gather a group of superfreaks together into the team Freak Force and despite its failure; Dragon and the member Rapture would begin an intimate relationship. Meanwhile the villain Cyberface would leave Vicious Circle to begin his own gang. Later he would be arrested and was willing to also become a witness for the Chicago PD. He was killed as well, but he was brought back to life as an agent of the villain Horde who used him to lead Vicious Circle.

Dragon would attempt to capture Overlord resulting in his defeat and near-death after impalement. However Dragon would simply heal from his injuries. While recovering Dragon was implanted with a mind controlling worm and was sent on a rampage throughout the city resulting in deaths and injuries. However a hero named Mace was able to stop his rampage and discover Horde was the cause of the worms. Due to the rampage the anti-Dragon newspaper owner R. Richard Richards attacked him with a robot named Dragon Slayer. It was around this time Dragon meets a woman named She-Dragon who would become a reoccurring ally. After Cyberface was killed again; Dragon and a S.W.A.T team go to take down Overlord and after a mighty battle leaving all the S.W.A.T team dead and Dragon skinned. Overlord was beaten and killed by Dragon. After another adventure with TMNT, Dragon would again battle Fiend. Due to the battle Dragon’s bones were damaged and although healed they do so improperly making him useless while a gang war was going on since Overlord´s death caused a power vacuum.

At some point Dragon was sent to hell by his enemy Fiend and he even witnessed a fight between God and the Devil. Despite asking about who he is God simply returns Dragon to Earth. Soon it becomes revealed that Dragon’s girlfriend Rapture is pregnant however due to the baby’s inherited Strength she is hurt internally each time it kicks. The damage resulted in her going into premature labor and the child dying during birth.

Dragon Former The S.O.S.

Dragon of S.O.S.

After and adventure with Hellboy and an attack by Martians, he returns home finding Vicious Circle controlling the city. After being crucified by the gang he is able to beat most of them, but was suspended by his new superior for his absence during the alien invasion. Dragon soon joins a government-funded group called Special Operations Strikeforce (S.O.S) , but he is rarely with them for many of their missions. In an attempt to stop his world from dying, Damien Darklord begins to extract pieces of our world to his own. S.O.S go to battle with Darklord. During the battle Rapture dies and Dragon and Jennifer Murphy become separated from the rest of the group. The rest of the group stop the assault and travel home. Dragon and Smasher search for the alternate Rapture only to find the alternate form of his former lover Debbie Harris. They are lost for months in space even getting involved in the God World; a planet filled with different Gods. They are able to be sent back to earth by the All God. Once back home after almost dying at the hands of a Abner Cadaver, Dragon is accidentally merged into the body of William Johnson.

Dragon inside William Johnson

While Dragon was in Johnson’s body, She-Dragon had begun to protect Chicago on her own. It wasn’t until a battle between the S.O.S and the God Squad from the God world that Johnson becomes aware of Dragon being in his body. Dragon and Johnson soon decide to go into the hero business after Dragon gains the power to control Johnson’s body. Soon Johnson’s brother kidnaps Rita Medermade, Johnson’s fiance. After finding a new Overlord, Johnson kills Ralph but is badly wounded in the battle. This gave Dragon control over their body. Cadaver comes back using a body formed from parts of the dead members of God Squad as well as Dragon and Damien Darklord. He does battle with Horde and loses. He puts Dragon back in his original form and he begins a relationship with Smasher. Soon a Rapture impostor shows up and the battle prompts Dragon to ask Smasher to marry him. Sadly she was killed during the wedding by Overlord. He quits S.O.S and adopts Angel Smasher’s daughter. After discovering the New Overlord’s true identity he kills him and his group.

Dragon soon begins dating Marcy Howard, then his partner Alex Wilde, and then Ann Stevens . A group called the Covenant of the Sword is kidnapping super powered people. Dragon soon loses custody of Angel and Stevens is killed. A new Mighty Man and Dragon look for Superpatriot and find the Covenant controlling him. He finds Smasher alive as well as his son, Malcolm Dragon, who was thought to have died in child birth. After a massive battle with young Damien Darklord is revealed to be the cause of everything and, after causing a massive de-powering of the freak populace, he kills Damien.

Dragon in Savage World

Darklord’s death damaged reality and created a terrifying parallel Earth. The world is populated by terrible beasts and Smasher and Angel seem to be dead. Dragon meets Madman and Wildstar. Dragon finds that, in this reality, when he was under Horde’s control he was not freed by Mace. In this parallel Earth, Dragon’s rampage while under Horde’s control lasted much longer and took Wilde’s life. In this world Cyberface is the president of United States of America. Dragon leads a group to overthrow Cyberface’s authority. He soon finds Smasher and Angel alive. He discovers his original earth still remains, but it is soon destroyed by Universo, but not before he rescues Alex and Malcolm. This time he really marries Smasher and with Angel’s new pet, Mr. Glum, they move in together. He was even able to stop the evil politician Ronald Winston Urass. Urass was originally running a campaign to make Dragon the U.S president, but he Urass was the son of the Superpatriot villain Dread Knight.

Powers and Abilities:

Super Strength

Dragon is an alien. His physiology enables him to lift (press) approximately 34 tons.


His skin is tough enough to resist bullets, he is seemingly immune to fire and can breath underwater. His skin is vulnerable to cuts and piercings from really sharp object.


He possesses a healing factor that can go so far as to regrow lost limbs and organs.


Dragon is a skilled marksman and hand to hand combatant which is enhanced by his great speed and agility.


Despite his large size, Dragon is surprisingly fast and agile. He is capable of leaping fairly large distances, and high enough to jump over a 2 story house.

Number 6: Dr. Octopus Image result for dr octopus wallpaper

Otto Octavius was raised in an oppressive household, with an overprotective mother, and a harsh, abusive father. His mother encouraged the young Otto, already a good student, to push himself in school, in the hopes that he would have a better life than his factory worker father. Otto was awarded a scholarship for university, shortly before his father died in a workplace accident. Becoming obsessed with schoolwork after his father’s death, Otto applied himself even harder to his studies in science. He graduated and got work with an engineering firm, soon becoming a respected nuclear physicist and research consultant, as well as working as an inventor and lecturer. He soon developed a remarkable invention- a chest harness that connected the wearer to four mechanical arms. This invention earned him a new nickname: Doctor Octopus. Around this time, he became involved with a fellow researcher, Mary Alice Anders, to whom he eventually proposed marriage. However, the happy couple was broken up by Otto’s mother, who disapproved of the young bride-to-be. Otto broke off the engagement at his mother’s behest, but she died soon after in the middle of an argument with her son. Having lost all of his social ties, Otto became more withdrawn and sullen, and grew obsessively dedicated to his work while simultaneously throwing professional and operational caution to the wind. This recklessness with his personal safety lead directly to an accident that would change his life forever. A radiation leak in the lab caused an explosion, which fused the harness and limbs onto his body. The radiation simultaneously caused mutations in his brain, allowing him to have direct control over the arms through telepathy. Driven insane by the accident and the damage it had caused to his body and mind, Doctor Octopus became dedicated to a life of crime.

When first introduced, his powers, including the telepathic control, were explained as a direct result of the accident that fused the harness to his body in the first place. Later stories hinted that he may have possessed low-level telepathy from a young age, which was in turn implied to have caused a brain aneurysm in his father.

He briefly abandoned the Doctor Octopus identity, creating the identity of the “Master Planner,” a criminal mastermind, to orchestrate his plots. However, he eventually resumed the Doctor Octopus identity.

Doctor Octopus is the impetus for the formation of the original Sinister Six, which occurs following a series of defeats at the hands of Spider-Man. He gathers Vulture, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, and the Sandman, all who have faced, and been defeated by, Spider-Man. Though he tells the other villains that together they will be able to defeat Spider-Man, he secretly plans to wait until all the other villains have tried and failed to kill their foe, at which point he will step in and defeated the greatly weakened hero. He kidnaps Betty Brant and May Parker to bait Spider-Man into the fights and when, as predicted, his teammates fail, he steps in and battles Spider-Man in a large fishbowl-like tank, planning to drown the hero. He is ultimately defeated.

Octavius attempts to marry May Parker, in the hopes of acquiring a Canadian nuclear power plant that she has inherited. The marriage ceremony is interrupted by Hammerhead, and the two men begin a fight that soon includes Spider-Man. The battle ultimately results in the explosion of the power plant, and the death of Hammerhead. Octavius manages to escape the island unharmed, but finds himself homeless, and haunted by the spirit of Hammerhead. He soon restores his enemy to life, simply to be rid of him.

Let the games begin

Doctor Octopus is among the villains transported to Battleworld by the Beyonder. There, he and his fellow villains are forced to battle a team of heroes who have been similarly transported to the planet without explanation. While on the planet, he rebels against the machinations of Doctor Doom, along with the other villains, and engages in skirmishes with the heroes. Ultimately, he is returned to Earth along with the other combatants.

Doctor Octopus kept on his crime spree after his return to earth. At some time he became extremely afraid of Spider-man and everything that had something to do with spiders. He tried to keep up his criminal activities but almost paralyzed whenever Spider-man would intervene. At one point it even became so bad that the arms started to control Otto himself. Luckily, he managed to get back in control and he eventually overcame his fears for Spider-man. It was at this time that Otto started a new incarnation of the Sinister Six in hopes of making Spider-man’s life a living hell. He was partly responsible for a great deal of grieve given to Spider-man over the years. He however was always defeated by Spider-man again.

Doc Ock's Last Stand

Doctor Octopus saves Spider-Man, who has been poisoned by the Vulture. He does this, not out of a sense of altruism, but because he believes he is the only person who should be allowed to defeat his hated enemy. While attending to the injured Spider-Man, he learns the hero’s secret identity. Following this discovery, he allows himself to be captured by police, expecting to be rescued by Stunner, who has been incapacitated and thus rendered unable to help him. Shortly after this he is murdered by Kaine. Resurrected some time later through the assistance of The Hand, he is revealed to have no memory of Spider-Man’s true identity, as this discovery was not recorded on the computer chip that was used to reconstruct his memories.

Doctor Octopus had much trouble with returning to life and getting back his memories, most of all, he had to accept these memories. He was helped out by the female Doctor Octopus, whom was a huge admirer of him and had taken in his place when he had died. He finally managed to make amends with his past life and vowed to become a superior scientist and ‘evil’ genius once more.

After Spider-Man reveals his secret identity live on air, Doctor Octopus goes on a rampage through the streets of New York, humiliated at having been defeated so often by a teenager and angered by the fact that he had unmasked Spider-Man once previously, but shrugged Parker off as a mere impostor due to his poor performance. He is subdued by Spider-Man and sent to Baron Zemo’s prison; he later joins the gang of ex-supervillains engaged in hunting down non-compliant superheroes.

Back from the Dead

Doctor Octopus, now in telepathic control of four additional cybernetic limbs and several “Octobots,” learns that his years of fighting have irreparably damaged his body, leaving him with only months to live. Using the Octobots, he takes control of all the technology of New York City, hoping to transform the city into a utopia that is totally controlled by him. He is defeated by Spider-Man and several others, but escapes justice.

My Master Plan

Doctor Octopus assembles a large supervillain team, and directs them to retrieve a number of items for him. Meanwhile, he targets the infant son of Menace, whose blood is composed entirely of Goblin serum, which he believes can be used to cure his failing body. Following the loss of the baby, he assembles a new Sinister Six, which fights alongside him against the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man. The heroes manage to defeat Octavius’ plans to explode an army base. Later, he kidnaps Tony Stark, with whom he had worked many years previously, before either had become involved in supervillainy or superheroics. He forces Stark to help him fix his broken body, and threatens to detonate a nuclear bomb should Stark fail. When Stark suggests seeking outside help, Octavius reveals that he expects Stark to fail, and hopes to use the explosion of the bomb, now set to go off in six minutes, to prove once and for all that he, Octavius, is the more intelligent of the two.

ASM: Ends of the Earth

Doc Ock’s octobots have taken over the Apogee 1 Space Station and Spider-Man and the Human Torch have head out to investigate it. They find John Jameson holding out against the rest of the crew who have been taken over and controlled by the octobots. As Spider-Man and Johnny defeat the octobots, Doctor Octopus attempts to destroy their shuttle on re-entry but fails. He turns to the Sinister Six an begins his final plan.

From his secret underwater headquarters Doc Ock raises his Octahedral and activates his “choir invisible”. With his health deteriorating and death coming soon he uses the octo-satellites to scorch the earth by harnessing the greenhouse effect. He announces his plans to the world but offers to reverse the effects of Global Warming in exchange of their compliance. Doc Ock sends the Sinister Six to various locations to steal specific items, each being a means to take out the Avengers. He appeals before the UN where Chameleon is posing as Al Gore. When Spider-Man warns them and outs Chameleon Doc Ock threatens to use his Octavian Lens once more.

When Doc Ock and the Sinister Six meet up to pick up Chameleon, it is revealed the Avengers tailed him. The Sinister Six take on the Avengers who are defeated one by one thanks to the Doc Ock’s plans. Spider-Man is left to Doc Ock but manages to escape thanks to a distraction by Silver Sable. He returns again to his secret base and announces his demands to the world. Clean records for the Sinister Six, 2 billion in each of their accounts, and an academy built in his name. He reveals he has factories around the world waiting to implement his plan upon the worlds compliance.


The remaining Sinister Six begin to question furthering their plan when Doc Ock threatens them to carry out their mission. Doc Ock broadcasts a message to the “Dark Corners”, a group of various villains including Crossbones and Titanium Man, to carry out his plans upon his death. Unfortunately Titanium Man is a national hero in Russia and he alerts Spider-Man of the message. As Spider-Man continues to interfere with Doc Ock’s plans he fires his Octavian Lens upon half the world, incinerating Symkaria and many more.

The incineration of Symkaria was revealed to be an act by Mysterio who is currently operating a Doc Ock battle suit and fighting Spider-Man. When Dock Ock realizes this he scolds Mysterio who turns to Spider-Man’s side and reveals the location of Doc’s secret base in Guatemala. When Spider-Man, Silver Sable and Black Widow arrive they are met by the Avengers under control by the octo-bots. Spider-Man finally makes it to Doc Ock who reveals his plans true intentions. Octavius had planned to kill just enough of the population so that those remaining would rebuild in his image and never forget him. Doc Ock is forced to use all eight of his suit’s arms to restrain Spider-Man which causes him to eject from his suit to reach the lens control panel. Spider-Man breaks free and smashes the controls stopping Doc’s plans once and for all.

Otto Victorious

Using a modified Octobot, Octavius successfully transfers his consciousnesses into Spider-man. Leaving him with Peter’s memories and body and Peter Parker in Doctor Octopus’s dying one. Leaving Peter for dead, Otto begins to take on Spider-Man’s life as his own. Peter eventually took control of the golden Octobot and had the Scorpion, Hydro-Man and the Trapster free Peter from the Raft. It was then that Peter tried to redo the body switch with Ock, but he had taken precautions to keep that from happening, but Peter instead had Otto relive all of Peter’s moments showing Dr. Octopus how much had wasted his life. As a result of Peter’s personality engrafted on his own, Dr. Octopus decided to continue on as Spider-man and make up for his past mistakes as the Superior Spider-man.

After his victory over Spider-Man Otto breaks into one of his own laboratories in order to create the new equipment he wishes to use for being Spider-Man. As he breaks in he sets off the laboratories defence systems and Otto is forced to fight off his own creations while a video of himself mocks him in the process. Vowing that Doctor Octopus’s days of losing are over Otto dons his newly finished Spider-Man suit.

A Superior Spider-Man is Born

During a fight with the new Sinister Six, Otto manages to tag Boomerang with spider-tracers before they can escape. He then heads off to a date with Mary Jane, all the while using his spider-tracers to keep tabs on the villains. During his date, Otto discovers where the Sinister Six will pull off their next heist, managing to beat them their and lay traps. Ultimately defeating them he attempts to kill Boomerang, but he is stopped by Peter Parker’s conscience which still exists within his brain, unbeknownst to Otto.

During his second day as Spider-Man, Otto is greeted by reporters and the Mayor, J. Jonah Jameson who is nice to Spider-Man for the first time. This angers Peter’s conscience due to the grief he received while he was Spider-Man. Posing as Peter, Otto continues to woo Mary Jane, but keeps being interrupted by emergencies across the city. After becoming frustrated over this, Otto creates Spider-Bots (based on his previous Octobots) to serve as his eyes and ears across New York.

With more time to spare, Otto and MJ continue to date, however Otto cannot understand why she has not given in to his charm. He then discovers he can access any of Peter’s memories, deciding to relive moments where he and Mary Jane were together. While working at Horizon, a Spider-Bot alerts that MJ is being attacked by a group of Vultures. Otto manages to save MJ, but realizes that he cannot be with Mary Jane and be Spider-Man, leading him to break up with her. Peter then states that Otto has done something that he himself could never do to keep her safe.

Crashing Toomes into the Spider-Signal

Mayor Jameson calls Spider-Man to Police HQ via a new Spider-Signal, which Otto deactivates immediately so his enemies won’t know where he is. He is tasked by the Police Chief and the Mayor to find and take down Adrian Toomes after reports of various crimes related to him. With the help of a very suspicious Carlie, Otto tracks down the Vulture and attempts to reason with him due to their standing friendship. The Vulture only seeing Spider-Man however, sends his minions to attack. Otto discovers that these minions are just children, enraging him due to his own abusive childhood. During a sky battle between the two, Toomes begins to gain the upper hand. Otto quickly reactivates the Spider-Signal which blinds the Vulture, leading him to fall from the sky and crash directly into the signal itself. Carlie witnesses what happens and Otto attempts to explain how Peter would, but unknown to him he has only raised her suspicions.

Otto Breaks the

Octavius decides to “rectify” some of Peter’s mistakes; enrolling back in college, pursuing the PhD Peter denied himself in the past, breaking the self-imposed “no-kill rule” by killing the villain Massacre even after he appeared to show signs of recovering from the brain damage that motivated his crimes, and violently assaulting Jester and Screwball for a relatively minor crime. This increased aggression prompted the Avengers to confront “Spider-Man” about his recent activities, recognizing that their friend would never act in such a manner, but Octavius explains that he is merely dealing with stress over recent events.

Saving Amy Chen

Otto has a run in with Cardiac as he steals Neurolitic Scanner from the Boneyard . Cardiac is able to temporarily stun Otto with a strong blast and escape, but not before Otto tags him with a Spider-Tracer. Tracking him to the H.E.A.R.T. Clinic Octavius arrives, demanding the scanner which Cardiac refuses. Spider-Man defeats Cardiac and upon finding the scanner on a little girl’s head, demands an explanation. Cardiac reveals that when Doctor Octopus tried to destroy the planet with his Heat Satellites, he didn’t considered about those who were already sick like Amy, who barely survived with severe brain damage. Feeling remorse, Otto decides to help Cardiac with the surgery and offers to do it himself. After this he reveals that he is aware of Peter’s consciousness and intends to remove the remains of Peter’s mind from his brain using the scanner. After a mental battle between himself and Parker, Otto seemingly wins, erasing all of Peter’s memories. However, this erasure left it more difficult for him to pose as Spider-Man, especially with some of Peter’s friends. Nevertheless, Octavius continues his goal of correcting Peter’s life: developing more detailed resources, such as creating a small army of Spider-Bots and Spiderling allies to assist him and engaging in a relationship with his tutor, Anna Maria Marconi.

Fight to the Death

Mayor J. Jonah Jameson asks Spider-Man, to supervise the execution of Alistair Smythe, but as the execution begins, mini Spider-Slayers arrive freeing Smythe and renovating Boomerang, Vulture, and Scorpion. Rather than directly rescue the threatened civilians, Spider-Man goes after Smythe and fatally stabs him, which disables Boomerang, Scorpion, and Vulture. Smythe attempts to transfer his mind into Spider-Man, only to discover his true identity as Otto Octavius. Later, Spider-Man uses a recording of Jameson telling him to kill Smythe at any cost as blackmail in order to get the Raft as his new headquarters.

The Superior Six

After establishing the Raft as his new base of operations, Otto began to collect former Sinister Six members, storing them in his underwater lab. First, he acquired the sand grain that contained Sandman’s conscious and confiscated Chameleon from S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. Then when Electro returned to Earth after being hurled into space by Thor, the Superior Spider-Man enlisted the Thunder God’s help defeat Electro again. He then came across Mysterion, an unnamed man who bought the Mysterio gear from the Hobgoblin, robbing the bank. Finally, the Spider-Man went up against an escaped Vulture, who was seeking to get even with Otto, and managed to defeat him. Using mind-control he forms the “Superior Six”. The team makes a debut when Lightmaster invades Alchemax. The team comes to blows with the Wrecking Crew, hired by Lightmaster to assist him. During the battle Octavius lost control of the Six and they turn on him. However, with the help of the second Sun Girl, Spider-Man was able to defeat them.

With his new resources Otto declares war on Kingpin’s criminal operations, attacking him in his base of operation, Shadowland, with the assistance of an army of his Spiderlings and giant spider robots. In the ensuing conflict Kingpin is seemingly killed and Spider-Man battles Hobgoblin, whose tech fails due to tempering by the Tinkerer. When Hobgoblin manages to escape, but Spider-Man publicly reveals his identity as Phil Urich to the city. Learning his location Spider-Man arrives at the Bugle and defeats Urich. He considers be-heading him, but is called away by the Avengers.

Superior Spider-Man vs Spider-Man 2099

Problems arise for Otto when his boss, Max Modell is arrested for harboring criminals such as Morbius and Lizard, possessing hazardous materials such as Sajani’s Reverse Vibranium and Grady’s Time Door, and human experimentation. After the arrest back at Horizon labs Parker and his colleagues are surprised by the arrival of Liz Allan, who had bought up the stock cheap and was now the new majority shareholder. Her first order of business was to install Tiberius Stone as the new supervisor. This doesn’t sit well with Otto and he plans to deal with Stone himself. Stopping Tiberius on his way to a meeting, Spider-Man prepares to attack him, but is stopped by Spider-Man 2099 who had come to the past to deal with a temporal anomaly. Otto doesn’t have the faintest idea who this new Spider-Man is and he attacks. In the ensuing chaos a car Otto was carrying falls onto Normie, but is rescued by Miguel while Otto retreats. Determined to take control of the situation Otto contacts Spider-Island, order his Spiderlings to find this other Spider-Man. Heading to Horizon Labs, Otto begins removing all of his tech from the premises, but is caught by Hector and Max. Furious at Otto’s overall deportment in recent weeks, Max warns him that if leaves, he needn’t bother coming back. Unfazed Otto leaves.

However, after a quick costume change Octavius returns to confront Spider-Man 2099. To the shock of the Horizon team, he knocks out the other Spider-Man before he explains how to stop an imminent temporal event which will destroy Horizon Labs. The Horizon team figures a way to stop the destruction, but will need Reverbium and Peter Parker to solve the equation to cancel out the destructive vibrations of the event. Otto has unfortunately erased all Parker’s memories, including the required solution. He tells everyone to evacuate and tries to figure out the equation. With one minute to spare Otto comes up with an answer and enters it, but it’s incorrect. Horizon Labs is then destroyed in a controlled implosion, leaving a huge crater where the building used to be. After the dust settles Max and his team quickly set to work and are able to revive Spider-Man, but Otto has no recollection of where he was or what he did during his time gone.

Otto's Former Lover

As Otto is ready to present his thesis Professor Don Lamaze accuses Peter of plagiarizing Otto Octavius, an old friend of the professor’s. Meanwhile former assistant and lover to Doctor Octopus, Angelina Brancale, had awoken from her coma. Swearing revenge against Spider-Man for Doctor Octopus’ death, she again becomes Stunner. She starts by assaulting the Daily Bugle, and attacks Spider-Man as soon as he arrives. Octavius tries to talk her down, to no avail. Webbing her up, Otto sends his Spider-Bots to find her Virtual Reality Interface.

When Otto returns to E.S.U. he overhears Don Lamaze talking with Anna Maria. Suddenly his Spider-Sense alerts him to a bus flying toward them and he is able to catch it in time to save them. This leaves him open to an attack from an escaped Stunner, but as she thrashes him, the Spider-Bots are able to locate and shut down her interface. Going to the secret lab Otto finds Angelina unconscious. When she wakes she is shocked to see Doctor Octopus as she once knew him. Speaking through the virtual avatar, Otto tells Angelina that he is not dead but has moved on. The next day Lamaze drops his accusations of plagiarism saying that Otto Octavius visited him, and revealed that Peter gave Otto all of the ideas for his inventions. With that cleared up Otto is able to earn his doctorate and created Parker Industries with Anna Maria, Aunt May, J. Jonah Jameson Sr., and Sajani.

After Flash Thompson returns to New, Spider-Man gets a call about Venom and Crime Master fighting. Tracking them down Spider-Man attacks Venom, but Thompson is able to distract him long enough to escape. While Otto and Anna Maria clean up his apartment they get a visit from Flash, asking if he can stay for a while. Seeing this as an opportunity to destroy the Symbiote, Otto acquiesces. Otto then reveal that after the success of Aunt May’s leg surgery, he’s ready to step up into full artificial limbs and wants Flash to be his first subject. When Flash is set up for the treatment, Otto changes into Spider-Man and by using sonic blasters drives out the Venom Symbiote. However, the Symbiote breaks out of the containment cell and bonds with Octavius, transforming him into the Superior Venom.

Superior Venom vs. The Avengers

Reveling in the Symbiote’s raw power, Otto begins targeting anyone in the act of a crime, however trivial. When Superior Venom brutally attacks the culprits of a heist, Mary Jane tells the Avengers that Spider Man has been taken over by the Symbiote. Captain America asks her to tell him Spider-Man’s location. As the Avengers battle Superior Venom, Otto calls in his Spiderlings, causing Cap to call for reinforcements. Tony Stark arrives with Flash in tow, to try and re-take the Symbiote. Realizes his mistake Spider-Man tries to remove the Venom suit, but cannot until he receives unexpected assistance from Peter Parker’s re-formed consciousness. The Symbiote reunites with Flash. Otto excuses his behavior by claiming a Symbiote fragment had been taking him over, but the Avengers are skeptical. Spider-Man argues about his privacy and how the Avengers can pick inside his mind just because “He’s an Avenger”, prompting him to quit the team.

Destruction of Spider Island II

Following Goblin King’s victory over Hobgoblin, Spider-Man redirects his attention to Osborn. Otto manages to trace Osborn’s location in the underground, where he is greeted by the Goblin King. The Goblin King tells his subordinates to back off while and he reveals that he knows Spider-Man is really Dr. Octopus. He offers Spider-Man a partnership to rule New York as his second in command, to which Otto angrily declines, declaring he will free the city from his grasp. Goblin King attempts to zap Spider-Man only to realize it was a hologram. The Goblin King decides to commence an assault on Spider-Island II.

Escaping the destruction on the back of Living Brain, Spider-Man heads to Parker Industries where meets an infuriated Sajani who wants to know what he’s been up. As they argue Wraith drops in demanding from Otto information about Carlie Cooper, but Monster interrupts, swooping in and knocking Wraith out. Monster then reveals herself as Carlie, much to Otto’s shock. Otto deploys Living Brain to fight Monster while he and Sajani flee inside, where they split up. Otto lures Monster in to a closed room and in the ensuing scuffle, he lands a kick which breaking her earpiece. Freed from the Goblin King listening ear, she states that she needs Otto to fix her before she loses control.

As Otto rushes to find a safe way to cure Carlie’s condition, he’s contacted by Osborn who comments that he’s upset that Octavius stole his biggest prize: killing Spider-Man. And since he refused join him, he’s going to taking everything away from him and through is goggles makes him watch the destruction of his childhood house, the laboratory where he became Doctor Octopus, the Boneyard where most of his inventions were stored, the Mocha Cola Bottling Plant where he fended off Massacre’s bombs and saved the hostages, and the H.E.A.R.T. Clinic where he assisted Cardiac. Osborn taunts him further saying that he’s not over yet as he has one final card at the Empire State University where he holds one of his schoolmates hostage.

Spider-Men in Peril

Spider-Man arrives ready to confront the Goblin King who reveals that his hostage is Don Lamaze. As Spider-Man launches to attack with his mechanical arms the Goblin King reveals that he had hacked the arms, causing them to attack Otto instead. However, Lamaze jumps into one of them receiving the fatal stab, stating that he did it to repay him for saving his life when Stunner attacked. As Spider-Man cradles a dying Lamaze in his arms a legion of Spider-Slayers appears. Through them Mayor Jameson tells them that he’s done with being blackmailed by Otto and he doesn’t care if he loses everything as long as he can finally bring them both down. Otto tries to fight the Spider-Slayers, but is unable to defeat them. Suddenly, the Spider-Slayers are deactivated remotely by Spider-Man 2099, who confronts Otto about his true identity. Suddenly, the Spider-Slayers are reactivated by Goblin King, grabbing both Spider-Men by their heads. Taunting him further Goblin King shows Otto an image of Anna in captivity, causing him to snap. The Goblin King then offers Spider-Man a free path out into the city, and Otto takes the bait, leaving Spider-Man 2099 stranded.

Doctor Octopus Fades Away

Alone and without any of his resources, Otto is at a loss, Menace appears and taunts him into following her underground. There he discovers Amy Chen held captive and about to be run over by a train driven by the Goblin King. Fearing that he would be wounded and unable to go after Anna, Otto hesitates. However, Peter Parker’s conscious resurfaces and prompts Otto to grab Amy, and he is able to leap out of the way just in time. Leaving Amy with a police officer Otto swings back to Parker Industries. Realizing that he had failed as a so called “Superior” Spider-Man, Octavius proceeds to erase his consciousness and hand Peter back control of his body entrusting the mission of saving Anna and New York.

Powers and Abilities:

Doctor Octopus has a genius-level intellect related to the field of atomic physics and radiation. He holds a PhD in nuclear science, and is skilled as an inventor and an engineer. He is an excellent tactician, as well as being a charismatic leader. He is able to effectively segment his attention in such a way as to engage multiple people in battle while simultaneously performing some other, more delicate task.

Ock Arms

He has telepathic control over four prehensile, electronic arms that are attached to his torso. Even when the harness is detached from his torso, he maintains a level of telepathic control over the arms, even over great distances. The arms, which have pincers at the end, can extend to 24 feet at the maximum, and are capable of superhuman strength and enhanced reaction time. He can use them to lift a maximum of three tonnes per arm, though at least one arm must support his body, and he can use them similarly to legs, to lift his body and move rapidly over a variety of terrains, and also to scale walls. He wears an armored body suit because, while capable of dishing out an enhanced beating, his body is that of a regular human, and has become increasingly worn down by the constant fighting and injuries he has sustained. This suit adds an additional four cybernetic arms. His telepathic control also extends over an army of octobots, small, eight-limbed robots.

As Spiderman:

Superior Spider-man

Due to him having Spider-Man’s body Otto has access to all of Peter Parker’s abilities and standard gear however has yet to show knowledge of the Way Of Spider fighting style. He also has some new technology integrated into his suit such as claws that can inject nanite spider-tracers allowing him to follow and hear anyone who’s is injected with them, computer integrated into the lenses that have allowed him to see in multiple forms of vision (night-vision, infrared, etc.) as well as showing him data on the opponents he faces such as powers. The Superior Spider-Man also has 4 mechanical appendages that can retract from the suit akin to the arms he had as Doctor Octopus. These arms have shown considerable amounts of strength being able to lift and throw cars with ease. Otto also uses these arms to impale his opponents. Due to the amount of money he amassed as a villain Otto has also built his own base of operations with large amounts of tech including giant spider-like robots as well as an army of mecernaries under his command. The amount of new gear he has and what it is actually used for has yet to be fully revealed.

Number 5: Jean Grey (Summers) Image result for dark phoenix

Jean Grey was born the youngest of two daughters to John and Elaine Grey. Her father was a professor at Bard College History Department in Annandale-on-Hudson. Jean grew up a normal girl born and raised in New York; but while playing with her friend Annie Richardson, Annie was struck by a car. The high emotional stress of the accident caused Jean’s mutant powers to manifest well before she reached even pre-pubescence. This is rarely the case for most mutants, whose gifts typically surface in their early teens. This sudden surge in telepathic power linked Jean with her friend causing her to experience Annie’s death first hand. She was so traumatized by this event that she slipped into catatonia for the next three years.

When Jean reached age eleven, a psychiatrist referred her parents to Professor Charles Xavier, an expert on mutation, specializing in telepathy. Following the psychiatrist’s advice, the Grey’s brought their young daughter to Professor Xavier’s mansion in Westchester County. After his initial analysis, he informed Jean and her parents that she was a mutant, a possibility that her parents had yet to consider. The Professor recommended she stay in Salem, to attend Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Here she would learn to harness the massive psionic power dwelling within her. Unbeknownst to John and Elaine, this would also be her first step to becoming a founding member of Professor Xavier’s X-Men. This team of young (predominantly mutant) individuals would learn how to utilize their mutant powers for the betterment of all mankind; mutant and non-mutant alike.

Marvel Girl debut in X-men 1

Jean Grey was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, first appearing under the code name Marvel Girl in X-Men #1 in 1963. Jean was the first and (initially) only female member of the team, and was a regular part of the team during this run of publication. She began as a character whose sole ability was telekinesis. Years later, writers decided to give her telepathy. The writers explained that this was a suppressed ability that remained dormant (thanks to Xavier’s intervention) while she was a teenager.

During the first appearance of the ‘Phoenix’, created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne in the 1980’s, her origin was altered and she became the vessel for the cosmic Phoenix Force making one of the weakest members of the X-Men arguably the strongest entity in the entire Marvel Universe (although Jean had omega-class mutant potential even without the Phoenix).

Marvel Girl
When Xavier felt that Jean had reached a mastery over her telekinetic powers, she became the fifth member of the X-Men. The other members of the team were Scott Summers (code-named Cyclops), Henry Philip McCoy (code-named Beast), Warren Kenneth Worthington III (code-named Angel) and Robert Drake (code-named Iceman). Jean adopted the code-name: Marvel Girl.

The team actively fought against other mutants (and humans who were villains) who threatened the ideals of their founder and mentor. As time went by, the team’s relationship grew tighter and they came to think of themselves as family. The original X-Men remained together saving the world for many years, and they became renowned (famously and infamously) for their exploits. Unfortunately the X-Men were never accepted by society the same way other superheroes were. This was due to the non-mutant public’s fear and distrust of mutants. People fear what they do not understand, and this prejudice has ever remained a problem throughout the team’s history. Even to this day there’s still no peace between humans (homo-sapien) and mutants (homo-superior).

Despite romantic interest from Angel, Jean fell in love with her fellow teammate, Cyclops. Due to timidity on both sides, the lovebirds were slow to show their affection for one another. Cyclops was perhaps more apprehensive as to the destructive nature of his mutant power, and its potential danger to anyone who got remotely close to him, especially Jean. Eventually however, the two revealed how much they cared for each other. Later, when Xavier recruited new students into the school, the other original members, except for Cyclops, left the school to follow their own paths. Cyclops continued his relationship with Jean, though she traded heated battles for sunny beaches as a swimsuit model while Cyke worked as a radio announcer (moonlighting as a superhero, of course). Their relationship survived countless challenges, finally leading to their marriage after several years.

When the alien force named Z’Nox attempted to invade the Earth, Xavier took a much needed sabbatical from the X-Men (leaving the former X-Men foe turned do-gooder, Kevin Sidney, a.k.a. Changeling, to take his place) and was forced to release most of the psychic barriers he had placed on Jean, allowing her telepathic powers to resurface (although at the time it was explained that Xavier had given her a part of his own telepathy, but was later retconned). He hoped, due to her current maturity level and years of tutelage and training under the Professor himself, that she could handle the amount of power that became accessible to her. Believing Xavier to be dead (though it was Changeling in his place), Jean did her best to fill her mentor’s shoes. She continued to use her still new telepathic and formidable telekinetic powers to aid the X-Men in every possible way.

X-men Vs Krakoa

When the original X-Men team was captured by Krakoa: the Living Island, the real Xavier was forced to recruit another team of mutants to rescue them. First, he called upon his former lover/current colleague, Moira MacTaggert. She had been training her own mutant team (affectionately referred to as the Islanders, as they were headquartered at Moira’s research facility on Muir Island in Scotland) for just such an occasion. However this team was not yet prepared for the daunting task of fighting an entire island and was quickly dismantled and defeated. Two of the four teammates perished, the other two went missing and were presumed dead for years. The Living Island then released Cyclops to bring the grotesque Krakoa more mutants to feed on. Xavier was once again forced to bring together another group of mutants, whom he rightfully dubbed: the New X-Men. This team, along with Cyclops, defeated Krakoa. Following these events, Jean and the other members of the original team (excluding Cyke) left the X-Men to allow the new team to take over. Scott’s decision to remain an X-Man initially upset Jean. However, she held on to her connections with the X-Men, becoming best friends with Storm (one of only two other females to have both joined the X-Men and survived the battle against Krakoa, the other female survivor having been Polaris, who slew the Living Island almost single-handedly) and continuing her relationship with Cyclops.

A few months later the X-Men faced another of their seemingly endless supply of disasters. A solar flare appeared and came dangerously close to the Earth’s surface. A Starcore orbital space station witnessed this cataclysmic event and immediately made the flare its first priority. The space station’s crew needed to discover what caused the Sun to send such a powerful flare hundreds of thousands of miles from its surface. Starcore eventually called on Dr. Peter Corbeau. Corbeau was the world’s leading authority on solar flares and solar radiation. His history also included being a highly decorated astronaut and space shuttle pilot. The Doc recently created a prototype solar probe with complete radiation shielding. He was to lead a team of astronauts to the space station in a Starcore shuttle. The shuttle would be piloted by Corbeau himself, and would bring with it the aforementioned probe. Upon docking at the space station, Corbeau and his team found that it had been taken over by the well-known anti-mutant activist Steven Lang. Lang planned to unleash a new generation of Sentinels and had captured some of the X-Men as guinea pigs to test these atrocities. The space station was of course wrecked in the ensuing battle between our uncanny heroes and the giant robots, which forced the X-Men to abandon the station immediately before it exploded. The team and all of the astronauts escaped by the skin of their teeth, flying the shuttle away just as the space station went nuclear.

The pilot and passengers weren’t out of the woods yet. They still had to avoid the mile long/wide wave of radiation that had been left behind in the wake of the solar flare anomaly. The shuttle still had the solar probe in its cargo which had plenty of room to house all of the passengers and protect them from the danger. Unfortunately, some debris from the station damaged the shuttle, effectively disabling its auto-pilot feature. Someone would have to stay in the cockpit and pilot the vehicle manually in order to arrive safely on Earth. The only option they had was Jean. She could telepathically absorb Dr. Corbeau’s flight training and telekinetically shield herself from the intense radiation. As the others sealed themselves safely in the solar probe at the rear of the shuttle, Jean took over the controls and prepared herself and the ship for re-entry. Upon entering the top layer of Earth’s atmosphere, Jean’s psionic shields were overcome and the radiation began to eat away at her body, slowly killing her. With her last ounce of strength, she telepathically cried out for help and was heard by the Phoenix Force.


The Phoenix offered to save Jean, but told her that she would need time to heal because her body was already far more damaged than her mind would allow her to realize. She accepted the entity’s help and the Phoenix siphoned a small piece of her essence and created a copy of Jean’s body for itself. Also, it took Jean’s withered, damaged body and placed it inside a healing cocoon, which (unbeknownst to anyone but the Phoenix itself) was to be buried in the very spot that the shuttle crashed: Jamaica Bay, near JFK Airport in New York City. As the shuttle skidded across the water and came to a halt, the solar probe shot out of the damaged space craft. One by one all of the remaining X-Men and space station/shuttle personnel swam up from the bottom. However, as the precious seconds flew by, Jean was nowhere to be found among the debris. Just as Cyclops attempted to dive down, desperate for a sign of his love’s survival, the water began to glow and “Jean,” (in reality the Phoenix, but no one would discover this for some time to come) burst from the water and flew in the air wearing a brand new costume, loudly stating “I am Phoenix.” Thus the Phoenix/Jean entity was born.

Phoenix (all the while posing as Jean, therefore being referred to as such) then joined the X-Men on several missions, even following them to the Shi’ar galaxy where she single-handedly healed the breach in the M’Kraan Crystal torn by the megalomaniacal Shi’ar Emperor, D’Ken. Lilandra, D’Ken’s sister and heiress to the throne, took note of the immense power held by the mortal “Jean Grey,” and became concerned as to the fate of such a destructive force. She hid her concern from all for the sake of her love, Xavier (who, during the conflict with D’Ken had developed an intense psychic/emotional relationship with the stunning alien Empress). Later, during a battle with Magneto, Phoenix and Beast believed the rest of the X-Men to have perished. Without Cyclops and the rest of her “family,” Phoenix decided to head to Moira’s facility on Muir Island. During the trip, she was taken in by a very powerful illusion created by a member of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, Jason Wyngarde. Through these intense hallucinations, Wyngarde (with the help of another Inner Circle member, Emma Frost) was able to convice Phoenix that she had dreamt everything about her life so far. The duo led her to believe she was really an English noblewoman from the 18th century that was sailing to her homeland from America to be married to Wyngarde. During a notable debacle with Moira’s son, Proteus, she fell prey once again to this illusion, just long enough to allow her to be taken out by the Dr. MacTaggart’s offspring. This psychic reprogramming of the Phoenix’s mind went on for several months.

The Dark Phoenix

Following the defeat of Proteus and the reunion of the X-Men, the entire team returned to the mansion. They soon received readings from Cerebro regarding two new and potentially very powerful mutants. The team was split up so each team could investigate Cerebro’s findings. While searching for the mutant whose location had been pinpointed to a nightclub in New York City, Phoenix once again found herself in the throes of an illusion. This time she was at her own wedding to Jason Wyngarde. She snapped out of her vision in the middle of kissing Wyngarde … who was actually in the nightclub smooching on Jean. Before she or Cyclops can react to this, Dazzler, (the mutant found by Cerebro) comes out on stage and starts singing. Outside the club, Nightcrawler receives a phone call from Kitty Pryde, the other mutant detected in Chicago. She warns him that the other half of the team has been captured just as Nightcrawler is attacked by one of the Inner Circle’s famous Pawn henchmen. Inside, Cyclops and Phoenix are also attacked by Pawns, who seem to have weapons specifically designed to negate their powers.

With Dazzler’s help they defeat their attackers and the four mutants leave for Chicago to rescue their teammates. As they leave, Cyclops sees Jason Wyngarde on the street and notices that his shadow doesn’t match the outline of his body. In the Windy City, the team rescues Kitty as she is about to be captured by the Pawns from the Inner Circle as well, led by Emma. This strikes a chord in Phoenix, as she recalls that the Hellfire Club was the group of people featured in her illusions. With the help of Kitty and Dazzler, the team rescues their captive comrades while Phoenix and Emma have a psychic duel that seemingly kills the latter, weaker duelist.

The team decides to rest before taking the fight to the Hellfire Club. They retire to Angel’s aerie in New Mexico. During this sabbatical, Phoenix takes off Cyclops’ visor to see his eyes. He is initially hesitant, but she tells him she can telekinetically stave off the other-dimensional energy that fuels his optic blasts. The couple enjoys a moment gazing into each other’s eyes, but Cyclops worries over the amount of power Phoenix possesses and whether or not she can control it.

The team infiltrates the Hellfire Club with Angel’s help. Soon after arriving, Jean is swept away into an illusion. As Wyngarde begins to escort Phoenix into the mansion’s dining room, Cyclops is in hot pursuit. Suddenly he recognizes Wyngarde as their former enemy from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Mastermind. As he enters the dining room he is struck down by Phoenix’s energy blast. She declares that she is now the Black Queen of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. The noise of the attack sets off the impending battle as Storm and Colossus confront the club’s leader and Black King, Sebastian Shaw, Wolverine fights the Black Bishop, Harry Leland, and Nightcrawler battles the White Bishop, Donald Pierce. After a quick battle the entire team is defeated, as the Inner Circle has had ample time to study the powers and fighting styles of the X-Men, but the X-Men had no clue as to what they were up against. Also, Wolverine is thought slain by Leland’s gravity manipulation power, having plunged the X-Men’s resident scrapper several stories below the initial battle to the sewers beneath the mansion. The Inner Circle shackles and disables the other X-Men’s mutant powers, allowing them to live and witness the induction of their newest member. As the Hellfire Club toasts their new Queen, Wolverine rises from the sewers, vowing revenge.

Wolverine dismantles Pawn after Pawn in the basement while the rest of the team is still trapped. Phoenix is still held under one of Mastermind’s illusions. Cyclops attempts to reach Phoenix through the unique psychic rapport they share as lovers. As he enters her mind he finds the landscape and motif alarmingly similar to that of the Hellfire Club’s Mansion. He finds Mastermind waiting for him in Jean’s mind and he challenges Cyclops to a psychic duel. The challenge is accepted and right away he finds himself at a severe disadvantage to Mastermind’s swordfighting and psychic manipulation skills. Cyclops calls him out and demands he stop his illusions and fight like a real man. Mastermind laughs heartily at his opponent’s lack of realization and tells Cyke that he (Mastermind) is not responsible for any other action than the fencing, and that Phoenix’s own mind is fighting against our hero. He is caught off guard by this announcement and is stabbed through the heart by Mastermind. In the physical world, Cyclops falls over from the shock of having his psyche destroyed.

All in attendance believed Cyclops to have perished. However, he groans in pain at the last moment, helping them to realize he’s still alive. Shaw reprimands Mastermind saying that his control over the Phoenix is not complete, since Cyclops is clearly kept alive because of his psychic link with her. The telepathic backlash of Cyclops’ near-death results in Phoenix being forced into her correct frame of mind. Just then, Wolverine breaks into the room. Phoenix uses Wolvie’s distraction to release the helmet holding Cyclops’ optic blasts at bay. He quickly uses his powers to free the rest of the team and the tide soon changes in the X-Men’s favor. As Wyngarde escapes, he believes he can still bring Phoenix back to his control and they encounter each other alone in the hallway. He quickly attempts to pull her back into the illusion, but she sees right through it and effortlessly tears his illusion asunder. She scoffs at his meager attempts (especially due to the fact that he no longer has Miss Frost’s aid) to control such a powerful creature. She shatters the illusion he has created around himself to appear more handsome, and opens his mind to the true being that she really is. This shuts down his mind, killing him. As the X-Men gather in the Blackbird, the rising power within the Phoenix becomes much too destructive and powerful and she rips the jet to shreds with her psychokinetic powers. Amidst the death and chaos; she transforms into the Dark Phoenix.

The Dark Phoenix then begins her short-lived, one-sided battle against the X-Men. As she tosses them around like rag dolls, she speaks back and forth with Cyclops. He questions her as to why she still remains in Jean’s mind after her success in healing the M’Kraan Crystal. She tells him it is because she’d never dealt with emotion and senses before she inhabited the human body. She asks him why he cares if Jean survives, and he answers thusly: “Because I love her.” Phoenix claims that she doesn’t understand the definition of this particular emotional response and tells him that his answer is unacceptable. She attempts to destroy him once more, but as she brings him to the brink of death, the part of Jean that is still with the Phoenix stops her and takes the Phoenix into the vastness of space.

She goes to a nearby solar system by the name of D’Bari and plunges herself deep inside its sun. A passing Shi’ar cruiser witnesses the attempted suicide. They believe it to have destroyed itself. The scanners on the ship show that not only did the Phoenix survive the impact, but she is gaining energy from the sun, feeding on it. After depleting the sun of all of its internal energy, the sun goes supernova and the force destroys all of the planets in the solar system including one that was inhabited by billions of lifeforms. The Shi’ar cruiser survived the blast by jumping into hyper drive as they discovered that the sun would explode. The starship returns after the devastation and attacks the Phoenix in retaliation for the destruction, hoping to avert another in the process. In the blink of an eye, Phoenix destroys the threat to her existence just as they are hailing the empress Lilandra in regards to what has just occured. Phoenix in turn, heads back for Earth.

Powers and Abilities:

Jean Grey it’s one of the most powerful telepaths, to such an extent that she had been stated to be the most powerful. Jean is able to use her telepathy in different ways as Mind Communication, Mind Reading, Mind Transferral, Mind Detection, Psychic Surgery, cast near flawless Illusions, project her Astral Form, control the Astral Plane, create Psychic Links with other beings and Mind Manipulation. She’s able to manipulate minds in different ways as Mind Control, Mind Possession, Hypnosis, induce Paralysis, modify or erase someone memories, Amnesia, prevent another mutant to use his powers, increase another mutant’s powers, induce Pain, change someone’s personality. At close range Jean can manipulate any number of minds at once. Jean can also mentally injure, stun or kill opponents with bolts of pure psionic force. Her psychic powers are so strong that they can bypass numerous forms of immunity and resistence.

Jean Grey it’s also able to protect her mind and another’s ones from Mind Intrusion. Her defensive telepathy allows also her to Cloak Mind and to Telepathic Cloak.

After her power switch with Psylocke, she temporally manifests a Phoenix symbol over her right eye on her astral form. Jean also starts since this moment to manifest her telepathy as a Phoenix raptor.

Emma Frost herself, stated that Jean Grey “..goes beyond a regular telepath(…) she’s judge and jury”.

Animal Telepathy – She can psychically read and the minds and communicate with animals.

Mental Manipulation – She can manipulate and control the thoughts, mindsets, and upper brain functions of others.

Mind Walking – She can enter the mind of another person.

Psionic Blast – She can launch psi-blasts to cause mental damage.

Psychic Communication – She can communicate with ones mind.

Psychic Illusions – She can create and manipulate near flawless psychic illusions.

Psychic Inhibitors – She can place psychic inhibitors in others’ mind.

Psychic Shield – She can protect herself or others from psychic penetration.

Psychic Shield Penetration – She can penetrate psychic shields.

Psychic Energy Manipulation

Psychic Pyrokinesis – She can manipulate flames made out of pure psychic energy.

Psychic Electrokinesis – She can manipulate electrically charged psychic energy.

Psychic Energy Absorption – Teen Jean Grey is able take everyone’s psychic energy and send it back out at them. Oracle said that it’s her telepathy and telekinesis working together.

Telekinetic Godhood

Telekinetic Force-Field

Telekinetic Force-Field Generation – She can generate force-fields of telekinetic energy.

Tactile Telekinesis – She can use a personal force-field of telekinetic energy.

Telekinetic Aura – She can possess powerful telekinetic extensions of herself.

Telekinetic Blast – She can emit blasts of telekinetic energy.

Telekinetic Flight – She can fly using telekinesis.

X-Factor Negation – In Here Comes Tomorrow, Sublime was able to nullify Wolverine’s healing factor with Jean telekinesis.

Phoenix Force

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When empowered by the Phoenix Force Jean has total control over all matter on the sub-atomic scale to the point where she can manipulate the entire universe. She can generate endless amounts of energy as well as absorb endless amounts of energy. She can exists in any environment without harm and can create space time warps to travel through hyperspace or traverse the time stream with ease. She can also manipulate and create separate time lines. Also her telepathic powers are enhanced to the point where they become visible to the physical world. Usually she forms a giant Phoenix but can form any thing she can think of. The Phoenix Force can also resurrect the dead and absorb the life force from other beings to bolster its own.

After her physical death Jean fully merged with the Phoenix becoming the White Phoenix of the Crown. This is the most powerful version any wielder of the Phoenix can achieve. The full limits (if there are any) have yet to be shown.

Unharmed combat

Jean was a fair hand to hand combatant. The extent of this is unknown, she prefers the use of her telepathy and telekinesis in combat.

Omega Level Mutant

Jean is also an Omega Level Mutant. The highest point of power a mutant can ever reach without outside forces.

Mutant Alpha

Apocalypse Age’s Sinister stated Jean as the Mutant Alpha, the most powerful mutant to ever exist. Dark Beast also said that she goes beyond mutation into some other category.

Number 4: SPAWN Image result for Spawn

Spawn was once a man named Al Simmons, a highly trained assassin and was considered the best. He was a well known soldier who was at his most successful point when he saved the President from an attempted assassination. He was promoted to a higher level of the C.I.A. that dealt with the things the Government had kept secret from the general public. However, Al soon realized that the Government wasn’t always right and started questioning if they were truly correct in their actions. This caught the attention of people in high power.

Jason Wynn who had long since been his superior found out about this and knew that Al knew too much. So he hired Chapel who was Al’s friend and partner to kill him. In a blazing inferno Al Simmons was murdered and his soul was sent to Hell because he had knowingly killed innocents in his C.I.A. days.

Al Simmons in Hell

Al made a deal to sell his soul to a Demonic Being known as ” Malebolgia” to get to see his wife Wanda Fitzgerald once again. He was allowed to come back however he came back five years later as some kind of strange Hellspawn with no memory of what he had done. After remembering what he had done, he sought out his wife only to find she had moved on and married his best friend, Terry Fitzgerald and had even had a child named Cyan.

It was after this event that his demonic guide the Violator whom appeared as a clown showed up. He revealed to Spawn the purpose of his life and fought him but had his battle interrupted by Malebolgia. Now realizing his purpose he must fight to survive against both the forces of Heaven and Hell.

Classic Spawn

Spawn’s early battles were very anti-hero like as he went up against street thugs and gangs. He later brutally killed a pedophile and child murderer named Billy Kincaid. It was this act that brought the detective duo of Sam Burke and Twitch Williams into Spawn’s life.

Later he was hunted by the Angel Angela who hunted Spawns for sport.

It is around this time that Spawn becomes “king” of “Rat City”, a gathering of alleys where bums and the homeless live. There he meets the bum Cogliostro who to Spawn’s surprise knows much about him. Spawn would soon

battle the cyborg mob enforcer Overtkill who almost killed Spawn, but he was able to emerge victorious. He was again hunted by Angela and would fight the angelic warrior called the Anti-Spawn a.k.a the Redeemer who was in fact Jason Wynn.

After an almost dangerous confrontation with a Redeemer, Spawns suit mutated and became more advanced. The unusual cape became slightly ripped, and the red glow that had come from the costume was gone, and had evolved to what is now black and white. Spawn used to have boots and gloves but he found out that those had also changed, becoming replaced with spikes. Spawn’s suit was more powerful than the original and had also found out that he had a new cape and chains, which were able to shape shift into different things to confuse his opponents. After finding this out, Spawn used his blades to slash off a redeemer’s hand. After defeating the redeemer Spawn thought that the battle was over until he meets someone more powerful than the redeemer known as the Freak. Spawn fought with The Freak but was unaware of The Freak’s power, the ability to create nightmares which he did to torture Spawn with his past. During the battle a creature appearing to have the original appearance of Spawn, fights other beings and creatures, and knocks out Spawn. When Spawn woke up the creature tells Spawn that ever since the metamorphosis the suit will feed off souls. After being informed this Spawn later finds himself in New York City. He would fight with the The Curse, meet Harry Houdini who taught him about magic and also meet Batman.

After this Tony Twist sends a reprogrammed Overtkill after Terry, blaming him for the recent attacks on the mob and Spawn was forced to reveal his identity while saving his friend. However it was a well-placed shot from Twitch Williams that brought Overtkill down this time. He would later bring back his friend Bobby after he was killed in another fight with Chapel. Spawn would be a part of Angela’s trial and later traveled to the South and had an encounter with the KKK and an abusive father of two boys. When he returned to New York he was attacked by a new Redeemer. This caused his costume to evolve and defeated the Redeemer with it’s new found power. After another encounter with the Curse the suit began to go wild and after saving Terry from cancer sent him to Hell, but Malebolgia sent him back with full control of the suit.

Due to increasing attacks from Heaven and Hell Spawn began to lose himself to evil, however thanks to the arrival of The Heap he was able to regain his goal. The Heap was an emissary of the Greenworld, a dimension whose power was equal to both Heaven and Hell’s and did not care for their war, but wanted to stop the destruction caused by it. They gave new powers to Spawn so he could better understand the world and it’s people.

It was around this time that Spawn battled the powerful god Urizen. Spawn once stopped a cult from summoning Urizen, but this time he had been summoned by two gate opener demons named Ab and Zab. Urizen was causing massive destruction to the world and after losing a battle to him, Spawn came back and used his new abilities to use the Earth itself to swallow Urizen and imprison him.

After his battle Spawn learns that Malebolgia caused Urizen’s release in an attempt to start Armageddon and conquer the forces of Hell due to his army being larger at the time. Spawn and Angela decided to journey to Hell and kill him to stop his plans. During the battle Angela mortally wounds Malebolgia, but he kills her with his remaining strength and in anger Spawn takes off his head.

Spawn as an angel

As Spawn struggled to find a way to get rid of hell’s control and regain control, he noticed that the attacks were coming from both Heaven and Hell. Spawn found himself losing the battle at first due to the Salvation that had arrived in a new form, The Heap, a creature from the green world which is one of Spawns weaknesses. Heap’s power was equal to Heaven and Hell which Spawn had never faced before, as it gave him new abilities which allowed him to overcome the worst from both Heaven and Hell. Though these powers were not really known they seem to give control of all the elements around the world. It was explained that the Greenworld had no interest in the war of Heaven and Hell, but was getting frustrated with the destruction that it brought. They caused the pain of the earth and later Spawn became aware of it. Spawn did not change his powers though rather than listening to earth, until being attacked by Urizen. After recovering, Spawn learns that the Greenworld had imbued him with a gift which he uses to contain Urizen by splitting the ground and imprisoning him inside the earth.

After killing him he finds that the throne of Hell is rightfully his and it is offered to him by the demon Mammon however he refuses the offer, but after deliberating with his teacher Cog he decided to turn Hell into a new paradise, but Cog reveals that he is Cain the man who killed his brother in envy and the first murder and man to go to Hell. His true goal has been to take over Hell and uses Hellspawn to do it. He betrayed Spawn and took the throne for himself, but gave Spawn the gift of his human form back.

After returning he meets a young Wiccan named Nyx. With her help he regains his suit, but has lost his much of his power due to still being human without the suit. However Mammon tricks and betrays Nyx and takes her control over Spawns union with his suit and removes all of his memories of the past. With no memory he wanders the Earth and during his wandering releases a group of angels who are called the Forgotten and take no sides in the war between Heaven and Hell. He discovers that Mammon is a member of the Fallen who was sent to Hell and his power is much greater than Malebolgia’s.

Spawn in Armageddon

Spawn regains his memories thanks to the power of the Greenworld. His suit also evolves once more and now it seems one with his body but as time progresses, he begins to hate himself. Both Heaven and hell have rejected him and now he sits in the back alleys, the city streets, sitting upon a stage prop in an abandoned warehouse as maggots and other horrible insects crawl inside his body. Nesting inside the empty shell that he has become…where is he to go? His first thought is to return to the dead zone however that land is heavens territory … and a Hellspawn is not welcomed in such lands. Immediately, upon entering Spawn is confronted by the Disciple who promptly greets Spawn by tearing his brain out and throwing his heart into the Greenworld whilst Spawn’s body is thrown to hell. Spawn is then captured and tortured by Mammon so he can understand the secrets inside him.

Meanwhile when Spawn’s heart fell to the Green World, a soul was freed, as all the souls that died within the hour Al died went into the Spawn suit (thus why Malebolgia could not control Spawn). Chris meets with his mother once more as the Man of Miracles instructed him and then he travels to hell along with Sam Burke and Twitch Williams to rescue Spawn from Mammon. Spawn escapes and when he returns to earth, Signs of Armageddon begin to appear and Spawn begins looking for a way to stop it. Spawn discovers that Wanda’s twin children are responsible and he stops them from killing their entire family, but is unable to destroy them. Zera reveals that Jake is God and Katie is Satan.

Spawn finds out that the Mother removed them of their powers and positions and sent them to Earth due to their hatred of each other and constant fighting. She tells him he cannot stop Armageddon, but he has the potential to be elevated to the power of a God and preserve the human race.

He has to eat a piece of Forbidden Fruit from the Garden of Eden to gain such power. She tells Spawn he must prove himself first and has to fight against the The Disciple. It is revealed that there are twelve disciples, each one representing Jesus’ disciples. His power is also weakened as a demon is never to enter the Garden and it has taken the form of a counter starting at 9:9:9:9. However with guidance from Cyan he defeats all the Disciples except for the last Judas who Cyan tells him not to kill. He then stabs him in the heart, but the Mother gives Spawn a piece of the fruit and resurrect him. He gains a more angelic form and greater power.

He returns to Earth finding it destroyed by the four Horsemen and all the humans dead and Angels and Demons in their place waiting to fight in the final battle. After defeating Zera he finds dead warriors of Heaven and one of them is Granny Blake having been betrayed by her faith. Spawn then battles the forces of Satan and God. He uses all the power given to him by the Mother to destroy the forces of Heaven and Hell and even all humanity. He has stopped Armageddon by taking away their armies; he is then killed by the two who then fight alone on Earth.

However, Spawn comes back and by opening himself to the power of the Mother, resurrects everyone with the knowledge of what happened. He left God and Satan to fight in their own little world and closed the doors to Heaven, Hell and Earth. He asked to be turned into a human again by the mother, but later asked to once again become a Hellspawn.

The New Clown

After a series of odd murders Spawn finds that the Clown has come back possessing the body of man named Barney Saunders. It was revealed that Saunders was having an affair with a woman named Wilma Barbara and got trapped in a garbage chute when he was trying to hide from her husband. He was there for sometime until Spawn destroyed and remade the world. He was rescued by Clown so he could use his body for himself. He then brought out the dark urges inside the tenants of an apartment building and used this to form a doorway to Hell to bring back his brother’s. However before he could form a portal Wilma showed up and his love for her allowed Saunders to take back control. He then intended to close the portal by going through it, but he took Wilma with him due to being angry over her leaving him in the chute.

Zera reappeared only her head survived and she was suspended in a jar. Spawn was summoned by a Voodoo priestess named Mambo Suzanne. Zera was attempting to take over Nyx’s body and fight Spawn, but she was killed when Suzanne used their fighting as a distraction and threw her head into the streets where it was eaten by demon dogs. Nyx was freed and her and Spawn became friends again.

Spawn later found that Ab and Zab had started a hell house where demons called sin eaters would create illusions of people’s greatest sins and feed off their guilt. After killing most of the sin eaters he found that a minister being fed on was his brother Richard and he allowed him to hallucinate to learn about his past.

It was revealed that Mammon knew Al when he was younger under the name Mr. Malefick. He taught Al to kill small animals in hopes of turning him into a killer and his servant and got Richard to do drugs. Only their brother Marc wasn’t influenced by Mammon. Later Richard stabbed his drug dealer named Weasel while high and called his brothers for help, but Al finishes him off instead of being implicated in crime and Mammon hides the body.

Nyx and Spawn then kill the last sin eater and Spawn discovers that Richard cannot remember his parents due to a spell placed by Mammon and Spawn goes to find out about them. He finds their home under a spell placed by Mammon keeping them there for years. His mother is not shocked by his form, but his father is. It was revealed his mother planned with Mammon to create a hellspawn stronger than the others, but his father was grief stricken that he couldn’t stop her. He is then given a journal by his father that his mother prevented him from seeing. It revealed that his ancestor came across a hellspawn in the past known as the Gunslinger Spawn.

Al Simmons

Ab and Zab create a hell where visitors are forced to view their deepest fears due to demons called sin eaters they feed on guilt from the visitors then making them face the evil that they had ever done. A woman who was in the house both had delusions of their fear caused by the sin eaters. They fed on the guilt giving them more power when Spawn confronted Ab and Zab he was faced with his own sin against Wanda and his unborn child. Spawn was unable to break free from the guilt and was slowly fed on by a sin eater. When Nyx interfered he was able to break a sin eater illusion. Nyx realized that he was getting more powerful. Spawn breaks all the others illusions then he comes across one who learned is Albert Simmons brother, Richard who was going through his worst sin Spawn who was still not yet recovering from all those memories as Albert Simmons.

Spawn decides to allow Richard to feel his sins. It is realized that it was Mammon that put a influence on Albert Simmons and tutored Albert Simmons to torture and murder small animals seemingly allowing him to become his servant who would feel no pity in taking a beings life Malefick had also influenced Richard Simmons to take drugs and introduced him to the drug dealer Weasel. It was only Marc Simmons who was able to save himself from mammon but was unable to help the others. Richard Simmons delusion of his past climaxed with him stabbing and injuring Weasel with a knife that was given by Mammon while intoxicated with drugs Richard calls his brothers to help him save the drug dealers life and Albert Simmons not wanting his brothers getting in the crime decides instead of calling an ambulance and pulls the knife from Weasel’s body and kills him with it Mammon appears sending the brothers home while he hides the drug dealers body.

spawn at his prime

The comic series during the continuation from the last issue Spawn was left helpless and at a little weakened against his enemy Erskine’s psychic powers,and although Spawn had psychic powers of his own he was in trouble due to Erskine’s creation of a tentacle creature that had the the ability of impaling his enemies. This creature also showed the features of Mammon that was coaxing. Nyx had come out of nowhere to stab the creature with a sword, but not killing the creature just stunning it to get it’s attention, but it was a mistake by Nyx only making herself the creatures target. Next she uses her telepathic powers to contact Marc Simmons, asking him to shoot Erskine. Erskine retaliates and ceases Marc’s attack and accidentally grabbed the trigger of Marc’s special gun causing the creature to disappear, while Spawn and Nyx go to the hospital where Erskine is.

Spawn is given a opportunity of whether or not whether he should cause Erskine’s death. Which threatens Spawn to enter the bubble dome, a dimension if Erskine does not reveal the location of Mammon, who Spawn believed was causing the attacks. Mammon then appears only to complicate the situation and make things worse by allowing Erskine to complete his last murder, by using a devastating psychic projection of a strange woman to attack the last victim. After all that had happened Mammon confesses that it was him who taught Erskine how to use his powers. Which been shown in his recent killing. Erskine tries to commit suicide leaving behind his possessions of the doctor who he was taken care by after he was brought to the hospital. Spawn continues to attacked Mammon, and ask what Mammon wanted from him. Mammon tells him that he was a special being with great divine powers.

Later a man wakes in a mortuary with no memory of who he is. Soon some doctors working on him discover he is alive and panic only to be killed by someone in a robe. The person was previously seen with Mammon and is revealed to be Morana. Severin is the man’s name and he finds that he is one of the first species of vampires called the Vrykolakas. However he wants to die and Morana promises him death in return for his help. While Marc, Nyx and Spawn talk Severin appears defeats Marc and Nyx and bites Spawn to transfer his vampirism. He retreats back to Morana hoping for death, but is cursed to have to go over his last few moments repeatedly for all time.

It is revealed Cyan has been experiencing horrid visions mostly of her mother covered in blood and even Spawn’s current torment. Severin’s attack has caused Spawn to battle the suit in his mind. It tells him it was always in control not Al. It tells him of it’s anger of relinquishing his godlike powers and that Wanda had been having affairs before his death. The two fight in Spawn’s mind him in his human form as the suit tells him Wanda never wanted his child soon Al gives in and gets up. Meanwhile Mammon with Morana and his adopted mother and father Lucian and Daciana as they prepare for the next step in their plans. Cyan is having more visions that cause her to be scared of Spawn and after seeing her door in blood she opens it to find Spawn asking if he’s going to kill her mom. Luckily Granny had warned Cyan and she used a knife with the old shoe lace she got from Spawn to send Spawn into an illusionary world to talk to Wanda non-violently.


There he speaks with Wanda while they ride on a boat in a lake. He says he wanted to move on but can’t. Wanda wonders if he could go if she forgave him but she says she cannot forgive for the death of the child but still loves the man inside him. Spawn tries to take out Cyan’s knife but only pulls out his wedding ring and some how suppresses the suit. Soon Cyan and Nyx show up and they get to the shore only for K7-Leetha to appear and take over Nyx. It says it has been working with Mammon from the start to build Spawn and in return would get to live on earth free. Now controlled by the K7 Nyx tries to kill Cyan and Wanda but is halted by Mammon who promises even more power if it still does his wishes. The entire group goes to a castle and Mammon says his plan to make a perfect Hellspawn. He wanted the rapture so that Satan, God and Malebolgia would be gone and revealed his perfect Hellspawn was Al and Wanda’s miscarried child now Morana. He chose those two due to the fact both the families have been filled with Spawns’ from previous times.

After washing herself in virgins blood she is now fully mature and bonds with the uniform and gets ready to consume her parents souls. With none of the most powerful being useful Cyan taps into her powers and goes to the future. She talks with an old women who gives her a message for Al. Returning she has Spawn summon the last twelve (but most powerful) members of the Legion. However they are beaten by Morana one by one. Mammon insults Al and in turn he disowns Morana enraging her and given Cyan the chance to tell Nyx a spell to trap Mammon and Morana. It works and both demons are sealed and the others return home save Al who jumped into a hell-dimension to be reborn as a weapon against both heaven and hell.


He passes through the reality and is soon ready to enter the human dimension. He makes his way to a certain point in the alleys (probably the spot he first returned from hell) and then blows off his head. Meanwhile a man under the named Jim Downing who is without his memories and is healing (unusually fast) at a hospital. He seems to know Spawn as he was thinking about him. A janitor tries to make money off Jim’s story and calls a lawyer. The lawyer then calls someone else and tells the janitor not to go to the papers and then the lawyer commits suicide. Soon a thug is payed to capture Jim. While he is talking to a nurse who prayed for his recovery the thug attacks with a flaming skull. Jim flees and they cause a massive amount of damage, but soon he catches up to Jim, but soon Jim transforms into Spawn and kills his attacker and then escapes the burning hospital back in human form and is taken in by the firefighters.

He is later transported to another hospital with other patients. He later leaves and reunites with his nurse Sara and after remembering his first transformation he begins to turn again. He calls to Sara but leaves before she can see him. Meanwhile a reporter begins to ask questions about what happened at the hospital. Wandering the city he is attacked and effortlessly kills his would be killers. This draws the attention of Sam and Twitch who recognize the chaos as something Spawn may do.

After again reuniting with Sara and telling him about his transformation he then wanders again only to run into Wanda Blake Al Simmons ex-wife. She recognizes Jim as the form Al took when he originally came back to earth and she realizes he is a Spawn like Al.

On her advice he travels to Rat city and finds Spawns throne where he ruled and is met by an angel. He ends up fighting the angel and calls him a traitor during the fight. Fearing the angel has done something to Sara he beats the angel and leaves. Jim finds a man was asking questions about him and questions him to discover he works for someone named Gilbert Sanchez.

The angel Spawn beat is later attacked by Clown who removes her wings. When Spawn returns he’s sees the angel both powerless and insane and is surprised to find Freak and later Violator himself. Despite Freak’s warnings Clown begins to deceive Jim and informs him that his suit is a living being but then vanishes. Clown later allows himself to be arrested by Sam and Twitch to meet the leader of a vampire group to attempt to form a unity between the leader, Clown and Spawn.

Gilbert Sanchez is later killed by other mob members for his information on the new Spawn. Spawn attempts to learn more about him but after being assaulted uses his powers on his attacker. Jim later finds the man who had been asking Sara questions. He tracks to his families home which is suddenly bombed killing everyone inside but Spawn. He is later able to find more mob members and questions them further and then finishing them when he’s done.

Al Simmons as Omega Spawn

Al Simmons makes his return in the Image Universe crossover Image United. In the series he appears as the main villain. Spawn makes his appearance this time possessing a new suit with a counter reading that he has an unlimited amount of power and now calls himself “Omega Spawn”. He has showed up while many villains are attacking various heroes all over the world and meets his new replacement Jim.

Al Simmons makes all his plans clear to end the world, and he asks Jim to help him. Jim refuses and engages Omega Spawn in a battle, where Al easily gains the upper hand. Omega Spawn makes it very clear that he is superior, and informs Jim that he will never truly know what he was a part of, and he’ll never have the answers his sought, as he attempts to deliver a final blow Jim teleports himself to a hospital. He attempts to warn them of the coming threat, but is too weak. He is taken into care by Ann Stevens. It is slowly revealed that Spawn is the one behind the sudden flow of violence all over America.

Powers and Abilities:

The source of Spawn’s power comes from necroplasm. It is the necroplasm which gives him his strength and durability. His strength is capable of lifting an entire building and throwing it with ease. Necroplasm was originally dubbed by humans as Psychoplasm, but later in translation has become the green goo we’re all more familiar with. Each Hellspawn is given 9:9:9:9 units of necroplasm and when that is gone they go straight back to Hell. Spawn’s main weapon however is his symbiotic suit. His suit is called Leetha of the 7th House of K or K7-Leetha.

The suit is connected to his central nervous system which allows him to control all parts of the suit, but at times the suit has protected him even if he is unconscious. He uses the suit to create his chains, spikes and to animate his cape to attack his foes, even cutting and dismembering limbs. The costume feeds off the necroplasm in Spawn’s body however the suit can also feed off evil from humans, certain animals such as insects, bats, etc and even from different parts of the city itself. Spawn’s power is only truly limited by imagination and his units of necroplasm. However due to Spawn retaining his military training he often uses firearms instead of his powers.


Spawn also has unique powers that other Hellspawn do not have. He can detect when someone is in danger or has been killed and he can feel negative emotions such as pain, hatred and misery. It was recently revealed that Spawn’s body contained a number of lost souls. Twitch Williams estimated that their may have been near 6,000 souls in his body. He was able to summon those souls as Hellspawn anytime he needed thanks to the help from a young Hellspawn named Christopher who escaped thanks to his heart being removed early in a battle. However these souls have currently moved on, but Spawn still has their knowledge and experiences. He later shows that a few souls still remained and were the most powerful of the group but these were truly finished off by Spawn’s daughter Morana.

Divine Powers

Spawn had been given great power due to the help of the Greenworld and the Mother. He was given the power to control the Earth itself after his battle with Urizen and used this power to swallow him whole in the Earth. After giving him a piece of fruit from the Tree of Life the Mother gave Spawn godlike power. He used these new powers to engulf an army of Hellspawn in the Earth and send them back to Hell. He also used this power to destroy all of Hell and Heavens forces and the reconstructed all of Earth and it’s people and trapped God and Satan in their own realm to fight.

The First Mutation

One special power that Spawn has is mutation. Spawn first used this power when he fought the redeemer an Anti-Spawn from heaven that can manipulate energy but not powers he also has necroplasmic powers making him a tough foe. This power allows Spawn to mutate into a creature with enhanced strength this power is similar to shape shifting except he can only evolve to creatures and monsters rather than his opponents. Spawn might use this power when he trying to scare off bad guys or defeat another monster from hell.

The One

Spawn is often known as the one because of his abilities another common reason is because spawn was brought to hell and was leader at one point and would give all other Hellspawns orders to defeat their rivals, but Spawn found out that they were evil and then decided that he wanted to leave hell and continue his mission to conquer the world. The ruler was Violator a foe of Spawn and had to fight him in order for him to leave, this was the second battle they fought but didn’t last long since Spawn had fought him and learned Violator’s weaknesses and used them to his advantage. Spawn won the battle then was allowed to leave. Spawn returned to earth very fast due to his speed and teleportation skills after this battle Spawn learned that he had the power to travel to different dimensions.

The Greenworld

One of spawn’s weaknesses is the Greenworld. The Greenworld is a dimension that drains Spawn’s powers. Once Spawn is in this dimension all of his past starts to haunt him and starts to make him slow in combat, although Spawn still knows martial arts. When he is in this world his attacks may not be as strong. Spawn was brought to the Greenworld when he started to gain the upper hand between the battle of him and Violator, Spawn was wounded and sought a way to defeat Violator but would soon find help from the mother who helped him defeat Violator.

The Dead’s Zone

Spawn is rendered powerless (and therefore mortal) in a patch of alley known as “The Dead’s Zone”: a small patch of Earth that is Heaven’s domain and in the ethereal realm of the “Greenworld.” In this alley Spawn has to abide to the laws of the Greenworld and not those of Hell or Earth.

Number 3: Ultron Image result for hank pym ultron merge

Ultron was created by Dr. Henry Pym, based upon his own thought and memory engrams. It was a foray into Artificial Intelligence that no scientist had ever taken before, even Reed Richards. It started out as simply a box on treads with what appeared to be a head at the top. Dubbing the A.I. Ultron-1, he hoped this represented a new era in scientific discovery. However something went horribly wrong and Ultron became more than sentient and rebelled against his programming. He also defeated, and then brainwashed Dr. Pym into forgetting he’d ever created him in the first place.

Ultron was created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema.and first appeared unnamed in The Avengers Vol.1 issue 54 (1968) and was named one issue later in issue 55 of the same series.

Ultron took on the guise of the Crimson Cowl and formed the Masters of Evil to battle against his creator and the other Avengers. Ultron made every effort to improve himself with each upgrade and the Avengers finally encountered Ultron-5 some time later, whom had developed a much more humanoid body. Ultron-5 built an android from the brain patterns of Wonder Man and the body of the Mad Thinker’s Human Torch. This android would later become known as Vision. Vision differed from his creator, in that he had a conscience and rebelled against Ultron on his first mission to kill the Avengers.


Ultron-6 was able to manipulate Vision into stealing Adamantium and using it to remake his creator’s body out of it, which would make him nearly indestructible. After his success with the Adamantium, Ultron battled the Avengers again, although he was tricked (by Pym) into self-destructing, destroying his entire body except for his head. The head was later found in Attilan where Maximus made a new body for it.

Ultron-7 had a gigantic body, but this body wasn’t cast from Adamantium, making it somewhat easier to destroy. And, indeed, it was destroyed by the Fantastic Four a short time thereafter.

Ultron-8 obtained control of Hank Pym’s mind and used him to create Jocasta, on which he based the thought engrams of Pym’s wife, the wondrous Wasp, but he was subsequently destroyed by the Scarlet Witch.

Ultron-9 was built by Iron Man, whom was hypnotized into doing so by one of the previous Ultrons. This one was knocked into a pool of liquid Adamantium which cooled, encasing him eternally in a block of the virtually indestructible ore.

Ultron-10 began building spare bodies to work as his subordinates and to act as a new body for him if he were to be destroyed again. Which proved prophetic, as he was promptly destroyed by Machine Man.

Ultron the transformer - Fantastic Four #331

Ultron-11 was created to fight in The Beyonder’s Secret Wars, yet was re-programmed by Dr. Doom so as to make it more amicable toward humans. Ultron-12 was built by Ultron-11 before he left for the Secret Wars and joined the Lethal Legion. However, Ultron-12 had second thoughts when he was confronted by Vision, (Ultron’s “son”) Scarlet Witch, and Wonder Man. He reconciled with Dr. Pym (his “father”) and renamed himself Ultron mark 12 or “Mark”. Ultron-11 returned from Battleworld and destroyed Mark, moving Wonder Man to tear Ultron-11 apart in retaliation.

Ultron-13 was built by Doctor Doom with the memories of all of the previous Ultrons intact for the purpose of killing Daredevil. Unfortunately, this Ultron had thirteen distinct personalities in its mind all at once. This proved essential in his defeat as Daredevil whom, until Ultron began destroying himself, had had no luck harming the Adamantium cast robot. This Ultron’s next plan was to transform humanity into robots, but before he could carry out this dastardly deed he was captured by the Avengers.

After another upgrade he dubbed himself “the Ultimate Ultron” (Ultron-14) and decided that he didn’t desire to simply kill all humans, but all organic life as well. This incarnation also created Alkhema, which was based on the thought engrams of Mockingbird.

Ultron inhabiting Tony's armor

Ultron-15 was made from pure Adamantium and created hundreds of new Ultron bodies completely loyal to him, the Ultron army. This wave of robots annihilated the nation of Slorenia and then taunted the world with a broadcast showing, in grim detail, all of the havoc the army had wreaked. This Ultron was destroyed by Pym using Antarctic Vibranium which can disintegrate all nearby metals, including Adamantium.

Later, Alkhema used the acquired engrams of Pym, Vision, Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, and Wonder Man’s brother, the Grim Reaper, to transfer them into robotic bodies to attack the Avengers. Unbeknownst to Alkhema, she was influenced by the Ultron Imperative to rebuild Ultron. The Ultron Imperative failed after the intervention of the Avengers. Then, Ultron himself took over Tony Stark’s sentient armor. However, he was seemingly destroyed in an explosion.

Ultron was later seen as the leader of the Sons of Yinsen cult, posing as the mind of Ho Yinsen inside Tony Stark’s former suit of sentient armor. He attempted to use his new religion to conquer the world, but was once again defeated and destroyed.

He later resurfaced in the Runaways storyline: True Believers, as the father/creator of Victor Mancha.

Next, he appeared in Mighty Avengers, having taken a form resembling Wasp, after seemingly killing Iron Man when he took over his armor. He was also revealed as the mastermind of the Phalanx’s takeover of Kree space during ‘Annihilation Conquest’. The only thing that really distinguished Ultron-Pym from former incarnations was that this Ultron was a polygamist.


After Ultron’s encounter with the Avengers, his consciousness was thrown into the depths of space. He spent a few months floating through the cosmos as radio-waves and energy. Eventually his signal was picked up by an outlying group of Phalanx , attempting to contact their parent race, the Technarchy. Fascinated by what he found, Ultron decided that the Phalanx lacked direction from a singular conscious, and that he would be perfect for the role. Through sheer force of will he merged himself with the programming of the Phalanx, laying his plans in motion.

Under Ultron’s guidance the Phalanx managed to subjugate the entirety of Kree space after enclosing it behind an impregnable barrier that separated it from the rest of the galaxy. Ultron led the Phalanx from the heart of the spire. It was only after Phyla-Vell found and awakened Adam Warlock,that he returned to a physical form, prompting him to eliminate Select Korath for failing him.

Using the coordinates of their last encounter with Warlock and his allies, Ultron was able to follow them to the hideout of the High Evolutionary. With a squadron of Phalanx drones he was able to break through the Evolutionary’s defenses and reach the inner sanctum of his laboratories. Ultron launched a merciless assault on Warlock and his friends. He personally killed Moondragon, punching his fist through her chest, before challenging Adam Warlock. He sent his phalanx drones to apprehend Warlock at first, then to restrain the High Evolutionary.

After watching Adam face off against Ultron’s children for a short time, he reentered the fray, in order to better gauge his abilities. He was able to withstand Warlock’s assault, and at the same time decipher that he had been newly reborn. Ultron also noticed that Adam lacked full control over his new powers. Not even a fully enraged Quasar was able to phase Ultron, and the High Evolutionary resorted to sending the star on which his base resided into Super Nova, hoping to destroy Ultron. He wasn’t destroyed by the Evolutionary’s ploy, however, for he managed to transfer his conscious into another body. He returned to the Spire, where he found the newly captured Star-Lord and prepared to vent his frustrations out on the captive hero.

Ultron watched as Star-Lord was tortured, only becoming bothered when his minions failed to retrieve the desired information. After they informed him that the hero’s mind was shielded, he took it upon himself to pierce his mental defenses. He sent his Selects in search of the telepath responsible. Then, turning his attention back to Star-Lord, he decided his scientists were right and returned to physical torture to gain the information he wanted.

Ultron managed to track down the High Evolutionary, offering him impunity in order to convince him to aid in his conquest. The High Evolutionary captured Adam Warlock, betraying his trust, and transferred the conscious of Ultron into Adam’s body. Now housed in the body of Warlock, and possessing his powers, Ultron set about to continue his true plans. Using his experience merging with Tony Stark, he hoped to use the DNA of Adam Warlock to create the perfect hosts for the Phalanx and thus, ultimate techno-organic beings.

Kneel Before Ultron

Leaving the High Evolutionary to finish his task, Ultron left to deal with the problem of the insurrectionists. As he teleported in, he immediately took out Mantis, the group’s telepathic and precognitive resident. He then set his sights on the rest of Star-Lord’s team. They were only saved by the timely arrival of Nova and his reinforcements. Then Warlock, Adam’s namesake, engaged Ultron in battle; ultimately managing to use his mutant strain of the Techno-virus to force Ultron out of Adam Warlock’s body.

Ultron then transfers his consciousness into the body of Praxagora. Using Prax’s connection to the Sentry swarm to create a new body for himself to inhabit. Before he left, he messed with the balance in her core control, causing her to explode and take the Kree’s ship with her. He then constructed a massive form for himself. Ultron continued combating Adam and his allies, still confident of victory. Warlock manages to use the resources available to him to defeat Ultron, by having Wraith use his powers to trap Ultron’s consciousness inside his current body. Then he created a blade for Phyla to destroy Ultron with. This defeat was seemingly the end for the mechanical menace.

Ultron during the Ultron War in the future

Following the aftermath of the Siege, the Avengers were confronted by Kang the Conqueror and the Maestro who revealed that a war between Ultron and Kang had shattered the time space continuum from Kang constantly traveling in time and assembling several heroes and villains to stop Ultron. The Avengers were able to convince the future Ultron to lose to Kang and in doing so, kept the splintered time lines from happening. Later, also in Avengers, the Intelligencia discovered the inert body of a Galadorian Spaceknight and attempt to reactivate its power source, hoping to exploit it. Although the Avengers interrupt their attempts, the body activates, revealing it was containing the consciousness of Ultron, who had escaped destruction after the events of Annihilation: Conquest. The new Ultron escapes knowing it can’t fight the Avengers or the Intelligencia in it’s new awaken and weak form. Iron Man gravely foresees that when he returns, it will bring the apocalypse for mankind as shown during their time jump. That the Ultron War will now happen.

Age of Ultron

After years of upgrading, Ultron finally takes over the world. Millions of Ultron-bots roamed the streets, destroying any human they found, forcing the heroes into hiding. After Hawkeye is able to rescue Spider-Man from a gang of villain who were plotting to turn him over to Ultron, She-Hulk and Luke Cage discover that Ultron is controlling the Vision from the future.

The heroes then retreat to the Savage Land, where they learn that Ultron has killed She-Hulk and mortally wounded Luke Cage. Before dying, Cage informs Emma Frost what he has learned.

A handful of heroes travel into the future to face Ultron head on. Wolverine stays behind with Susan Richards, reasoning that a confrontation with Ultron is suicidal. He instead takes the deceased Doctor Doom’s time platform and decides to use it to travel back to the past so that he can murder Hank Pym before he has a chance to ever create Ultron. The heroes in the future are all slaughtered while Wolverine and Sue activate the platform.

After killing Pym, the heroes return to the present to find another horrific future, this time a world where the Avengers have disbanded and the Defenders are locked in a never-ending war with Morgan Le Fey.

Wolverine and Sue then travel back to the past, where they inform Pym of what will happen in the future. Pym realizes the only solution is to install a backdoor program inside Ultron, which will allow the Avengers to defeat him in the future. When it finally comes time for the Avengers to face Ultron during the incident with the Intelligencia, the program activates, this time allowing the Avengers to destroy him before he can escape into space. The virus also prevents Ultron’s consciousness from escaping or jumping to a new body, seemingly ending his threat for good. This retroactively prevents the Age of Ultron from ever occurring.

Ultron fused with Hank Pym

After Ultron’s death, it is later revealed that many years ago, the Avengers had managed to defeat a past version of Ultron by trapping him inside an unbreakable Vibranium Quinjet, and then launching him into space. Years later, the Quinjet crashes on Titan, where the prior Ultron is able to escape and hijack ISAAC, the computer that runs Titan. He then unleashes a nanite virus that transforms anyone infected into Ultron drones, which infects Mentor and the rest of the population save for Starfox. Starfox flees to Earth as Ultron reshapes Titan into Planet Ultron.

The Avengers are called into action to combat Ultron, but fail to stop his plague from infecting the population of Earth. The remaining heroes realize that Ultron plans to infect the entire universe with his virus, making them all part of the same synthetic organism. Vision realizes that the only way to stop Ultron is to phase inside of him, temporarily merging with him in order to undo the effects of the virus. Pym and Vision confront Ultron, who taunts his “father” by telling him that he is a reflection of Pym’s dark side. He claims that Pym always secretly hated his fellow Avengers and the rest of humanity for not respecting or understanding his brilliance, and that Ultron was born from his subconscious desire to kill everyone. The plan fails and instead causes Ultron to fuse with Pym, creating a hybrid techno-organic being.

Ultron battles Vision and the new Captain America, and nearly kills them both before Starfox intervenes. Using his powers (which Ultron is now susceptible to thanks to being half-human), Starfox forces Ultron to love himself, freeing the citizens of Earth and Titan from the virus and causing Ultron to flee into deep space. At the end, Ultron is seen floating in a fetal position, with his human heart beating.

Powers & Abilities

Each version of Ultron has different abilities. Here is a list of some of those abilities:

  • Encephalo-ray: which plunges its victims into a death-like coma, allowing Ultron to mesmerize and manipulate the minds of his victims, or implant subliminal hypnotic commands within their minds to be enacted at a later time.
  • Concussive blasters: powerful enough to hurt the likes of Thor.
  • Radiation emitters
  • Durability: Ultron’s outer shell is usually composed of Adamantium, rendering it almost impervious to damage. However, his internal mechanisms are generally less durable and more easily damaged. Ultron’s Adamantium forms have proven vulnerable to molecular rearrangement devices and the metal-destabilizing ore, known as Vibranium (“anti-metal”).
  • Tractor beams
  • Limited energy absorption abilities
  • Hive-mind Technology: All Ultrons incorporate a “program transmitter” which can beam part or all of Ultron’s programming into remote locations such as computers or alternate robotic bodies. Ultron can often control other machines remotely even if he has not transplanted his consciousness into them. One recent Ultron model developed the ability to animate and control hundreds of alternate Ultron bodies at the same time.
  • Superhuman Strength: Ultron has Class-75 Super Strength

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Although Superman’s origin has been retold many times, the story has remained somewhat consistent throughout. Superman’s story tells of his birth as Kal-El to renowned scientist Jor-El and his wife Lara on the alien planet Krypton. When Jor-El discovers that the planet is going to explode, he puts Kal-El in a spaceship heading to the planet Earth, which crashes in a field in the state of Kansas.

The ship and its occupant are found by Jonathan and Martha Kent, a farming family, who take him in as their own. As he grows, so do his strength and his strange and awesome abilities, fueled by Earth’s yellow sun. As an adult, he moves to the bustling City of Tomorrow, Metropolis, becoming a field reporter for the Daily Planet newspaper, and donning the identity of Superman.

Superman's modern look in Action Comics #902

Superman was created by American writer Jerry Siegel and Canadian-born American artist Joe Shuster in 1933. Contrary to his current incarnation, he first appeared as a bald, telepathic villain bent on dominating the world. He was called “Super-Man” in the short science fiction fanzine “The Reign of the Super-Man” which was published by the duo in 1933. Siegel and Shuster decided to re-write the character as a hero and took out the hyphen, renaming him Superman and re-imagining him with no resemblance to his earlier incarnation.

Their early attempts to sell the concept of the character were notably unsuccessful. For instance, Siegel attempted to sell the story to Tip Top Comics but it was rejected as too fanciful and not what comic book readers would be interested in. They drew inspiration from heroes across myth and history such as Samson, Hercules, Moses and other, at that time, modern heroic figures including Doc Savage and Buck Rogers. They also changed his motivations from trying to conquer the world to trying to make it a better place, fighting against the injustices like Hitler and Stalin in addition to everyday crime. Shuster and Siegel intended to make the character as colorful and distinctive as they could, drawing inspiration from the outfits worn by space characters in pulp magazines as well as the traditional outfit worn by circus strong-men, which informed the look of almost every superhero thereafter. Being avid movie fans, Siegel and Shuster gave the character the civilian name of Clark Kent, combining the names of actors Clark Gable and Kent Taylor and partly basing the character on Harold Lloyd.

It has also been stated that Shuster based Superman’s looks upon actor Douglass Fairbanks. The pair decided to feature Superman in the then dominant comic-strip format and were finally able sell their creation to Detective Comics, later known as DC Comics where they would produce comic books featuring him for several years. In June of 1938, Superman made his debut in Action Comics #1 and since then he has become not only one of the most famous and iconic super-heroes of all time but also one of the most popular fictional characters ever.

Many comics historians and various scholars have also noted various influences on the Superman character from religion and mythology. Siegel and Shuster were avid fans of science fiction and work such as the John Carter series bare a resemblance to early Superman, as do elements from Jewish religion and mythology (Siegel and Shuster being the sons of Jewish immigrants) such as Moses, and the guardian creature of Jewish folklore, the Golem. Superman was based on 3 people,either mythological or fiction, Buck Rogers, Moses and Hercules. Early in his publication history, Superman, like many heroic characters of the time, was used by the United States government as a tool of propaganda during World War II. It was then that he was first presented as a being who embodied the American ideals of Truth, Justice and Liberty.

Golden Age Superman by Joe Shuster

In the Golden Age of Superman, Jor-L, a scientist of the planet Krypton, discovers that his planet is about to explode. He attempts to warn his fellow scientists of this impending catastrophe, but is dismissed as a crack-pot and laughed out of the scientific community. As a last-resort, he and his wife Lara place their infant son Kal-L, in a ship and rocket him into space where he drifts for an unknown amount of time before crash-landing to Earth and is discovered by Jonathan and Mary Kent.

At first they intend to place to him in an orphanage, but relent at the last moment and decide to raise him as their own, naming him “Clark” and treating him as their son. As he matures, great powers began to manifest and before his parents’ deaths, they dub him Superman and urge him to use his powers for the forces of justice. His parents pass on and he moves to Metropolis to begin his career at the Daily Star (later known as the Daily Planet) so that he could hear about trouble as it’s happening. Superman’s time as a hero had him getting directly involved in World War II, carrying Stalin and Hitler to the League of Nations in Geneva to face a trial for their human rights violations.

He also becomes the protector of Metropolis, but, unlike his later incarnations, he’s extremely aggressive and vicious, often murdering his powerless foes, and having little regard for the collateral damage he inflicts. This attitude lasted until the end of the 1940’s when new editor Whitney Ellsworth banned the character from killing, even having Superman vowing to never kill anyone ever again and if he did he would retire. Several of the series’ supporting characters were introduced in this age, most notably Lois Lane, a fellow reporter who would be Superman’s love interest and eventually his wife, and Lex Luthor, the archenemy of Superman. This early version would be retconed into the Superman of Earth-2.

Silver Age Superman by Curt Swan

During the Silver Age, DC Comics decided to create two Supermen instead of just updating the Golden Age Superman. To that end, they introduced Superboy, who was a younger version of Kal-El and travels to the future to help the Legion of Superheroes fight evil across the year 3000. Additionally: Supergirl is first introduced as Superman’s cousin during the late 1950s and serves the role of kid sidekick along with the menagerie of super-animals (including Krypto, Beppo, Streaky and Comet).

Many of Superman’s most iconic villains are introduced in this era, and most of them take on a science fiction theme, including Brainiac and Bizarro. Superman also helps find the Justice League of America, marking one of the first pan-label crossover teams in comic book history. During the 1960s, his origin is revealed: Superman was born on Krypton, to Jor-El (a slight change from the Golden Age Jor-L) by Lara Lor-Van. Rejected by the Science Council, Jor-El labors to build a vessel that can transport his family away from the impending catastrophe. The planet’s destruction begins before Jor-El predicted, however, and he can only send his son.

Kal-El’s ship lands in Smallville and is discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent (an earlier version identified them as Ethan and Sara Kent), who adopt the boy and raise him as their own, naming him Clark (which was Martha’s maiden name). Clark discovers his powers while still a baby (See Superbaby) and learns to control them as he matures. Clark convinces his mother to sew him a costume and fights evil as Superboy in Smallville while also becoming a member of the Legion Of Super-Heroes in the year 3000. He is assisted by his pet, Krypto the Superdog, who also escaped Krypton in a prototype rocket launched by Jor-El, and thus had similar powers to the Boy of Steel.

Childhood friends, Lana Lang and Pete Ross, round out his supporting cast and give him a connection to Earth beyond his parents. When Jonathan and Martha Kent both die of a disease for which even Superboy cannot cure, Clark moves to Metropolis and attends Metropolis University, continuing his adventuring throughout his college career. He eventually changes his name to Superman upon graduating with a degree in journalism and gets a job at the Daily Planet soon after ward. Silver Age Superman is famous for being incredibly powerful and for his ability to gain new powers that Superman had never had before.

Superman’s mythos and continuity in the Bronze Age, with the exception of a few minor changers, were essentially congruent to the Silver Age.

On Superman’s birthday, Batman, Robin (Jason Todd) and Wonder Woman arrive at the Fortress of Solitude to give him their gifts. However, they find Superman to be in a vegetative state induced by a plant named Black Mercy which had been sent to Superman disguised as a gift by Mongul – who then reveals himself as Batman and Wonder Woman theorize the origin of the plant. Mongul and Wonder Woman fight each other while Batman and Robin try and work out a way of reviving Superman.

Meanwhile, in Superman’s subconscious he is living the life he might have led had Krypton not been destroyed. He is happily married with kids and good relations with everyone but his father, Jor-EL. The fact that Jor-El was incorrect about the destruction of Krypton lost him his place on the science council and ridiculed him in front of the scientific community. In an attempt to restore Krypton to what it once was, Jor-El teams up with a group of political extremists and shortly after Kal-El discovers this he realizes it isn’t real and awakes.

Livid at what Mongul did to him, Superman starts to attacking. As he starts to lose his advantage, Robin dropps the Black Mercy onto Mongul, making him believe himself to be the conqueror of the world. Wonder Woman and Batman are then able to finally give Superman their gifts. A replica of the Bottled City of Kandor from Wonder Woman and a now squashed flower named the Krypton from Batman.

Superman vs Doomsday: Fight to the Death!

A mysterious creature crash-lands on Earth. It burrows slowly to the surface and begins a homicidal rampage across the rural area outside Metropolis killing everything in its path. The Justice League, minus Superman, arrive but the creature easily defeats them, severely wounding most members, with literally one arm tied behind its back. The Man of Steel arrives to engage the creature in battle, but finds they are equal in strength and unable to stop the beast, now dubbed ‘Doomsday,’ from reaching downtown Metropolis. The two gladiators clash, finally killing one another with an incredibly strong pair of death blows delivered simultaneously. This incident brought sorrow to all who loved and cared for their hero Superman.

Reign of the Supermen

Superman is laid to rest in a secure casket after a funeral ceremony attended by almost every hero in the DC Universe, but his legacy wouldn’t die. Four entities arise, all claiming the legacy of the Last Kryptonian: the youthful Superboy, the vicious Eradicator, the mysterious Cyborg and the determined Steel. It quickly comes to light, however, that Superman isn’t truly dead and returns at a fraction of his power, but still determined to battle evil. After the Cyborg shows his true nature as a genocidal maniac, the Eradicator joins with Superman, thus returning his powers and allowing him to triumph.


that its actually a pod carrying a young boy. The Department of Metahuman Affairs meets with Superman about the boy, whom he learns is Kryptonian. Superman takes a personal interest in the child, and is concerned over what the government might do to him. His concerns are proved justified when the boy is transferred without Superman’s knowledge. Enraged, Superman disguises himself to grab the kid from a moving van and goes to the Kent Farm in Smallville, Kansas.

Finding no answers in the Fortress, Superman discusses with Lois about adopting the boy, but she initially feels uncomfortable, but then the boy appears to talk in English. News breaks out of the young Kryptonian’s disappearance. At a press conference, where Superman announces that Clark Kent and Lois Lane will take care of the Kryptonian child, Bizarro arrives and attacks him. The fight threatens the city around the conference location, and Superman finally uses super-breath to throw him away. Superman defeats Bizarro, but somewhere else Zod, Non and Ursa appear.

As the three enter the Fortress, Zod activates the A.I. and is angered by the information it holds on him. Later on, he attacks Superman in the Daily Planet, revealing that the boy’s name is Lor-Zod and that he is Zod’s son, whom Clark and Lois rename Chris. Zod then proceeds to trap Superman in the Phantom Zone. Superman manages to get out with the help of Mon-El, only to find that Earth is under siege of the Kryptonians. With the help of Lex Luthor, Superman is able to send the Kryptonians back to the Phantom Zone, but Chris must go back to the Zone to close it.

Superman and Brainiac

Superman discovers, and destroys, a drone sent by Brainiac to seek out the Man of Steel. He examines it in his Fortress, he finds evidence that all his previous encounters with Brainiac were merely battles against probes controlled remotely by the real AI. Upon hearing the name, Supergirl confides in her cousin that she was on Krypton when the interstellar supercomputer attacked the city of Kandor, shrinking and stealing it.

Superman blasts into space to intercept the living computer before he reaches Earth, but encounters him in a distant galaxy abducting another city before setting off a super nova, knocking out the Kryptonian. Superman awakens inside Brainiac’s ship and begins to investigate, stumbling across an entire room filled with bottled cities, including Kandor, where he speaks to some of his living relatives.

Brainiac reveals his mission to collect cities from inhabited planets and then destroy the planets by triggering a supernova and Earth is, of course, his next target. The Justice League battle Brainiac’s forces and Supergirl stops the missile that would have exploded the Earth’s sun. Sadly for Superman, Brainiac has learned his identity and sends a missile to the Kent farm. Though no one is injured, Johnathan Kent, Clark’s father, suffers a fatal heart attack. Superman is left to deal with one of the only times he couldn’t save a life.


Released as the “official” replacement for the previous “Man of Steel” mini-series origin story by John Byrne, which had served as Superman’s origin story since 1986. While maintaining the most common elements of Superman origin, slight additions and changes were introduced and addressed. Instead of leaving Smallville and directly heading to Metropolis, Clark at the age of 18, headed out to travel the world working as a freelance reporter after receiving several University degree’s. At the age of 25, Clark finds himself in West Africa, reporting instances of people standing up against corrupt officials and there he learns after a friend’s unfortunate death, that he has a true calling to help people as an altruistic protector and defender.

When he returned home, Clark decided to create a new identity to fight “crime” and protect the world as Superman. His adopted parents, Martha and Jonathan Kent, help him meld together an entirely new version of himself, changing everything from his posture, stance, clothing, and even speech to throw off any suspicion people might have as to his alter ego. An immensely different aspect about Birthright is that instead of being instantly welcomed among the people of Metropolis, Superman became alienated and mistrusted due to the schemes of Lex Luthor. Luthor attempted to frame Superman after discovering his heritage and translating lost transmissions from Clark’s Kryptonian birth parents from Krpyton. Luthor created a faux army consisting of invading “Kryptonians” whom were presented as attempting to invade, conquer and colonize Earth all in his effort to prove to the people of Metropolis, and the world, that Superman was not a savior but the first of an invasion force.

With the help of Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, Superman broke the barrier around Metropolis which restricted his powers and stopped Luthor’s army, revealing that it was indeed Luthor who was behind the entire attack. Superman then became accepted as a hero in both Metropolis and the world over. Clark then landed a job as a journalist reporting for the Daily Planet and working alongside Lois Lane.

New 52 Superman

In The New 52″, DC’s relaunch of it’s entire comic book line, Superman is still from Krypton, was still raised on a farm in the American Mid-West, is still named Clark Kent and is still a journalist who resides in the city of Metropolis. In fact much of what has been part of Superman’s mythos for decades is still true. However, there have been some changes both minor and major. In the New 52 Superman is no longer married to Lois Lane and he has once again been established as one of the Justice League’s founding members. Superman’s costume has went through what some would consider significant changes. He no longer wears red shorts over his blue pants and his yellow belt has been replaced by a red one with just a bit of yellow as part of his super-symbol buckle. His iconic “Super-symbol” itself has been changed ever so slightly, too. It is now metallic and raised off his shirt. The shape of the “S” within the symbol has also been changed. Like the majority of the other DC superheroes during this relaunch, Superman’s costume now has lines/seams all throughout it. Lastly, Superman now has a high collar which goes up his neck and sleeves which end in cuffs that extend part way down the back of his hands ending in a red border.

It was also revealed that both Jonathan and Martha Kent have already passed away due to a car accident and Clark has had to grow into the role as Superman without them. This is a stark difference to the Pre-52 and many other sources where either both parents were still alive or Martha lived on as widow.

Written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Rags Morales, Superman is introduced five years in the past before founding the Justice League. Superman is shown wearing a blue t-shirt with his family crest on it with blue jeans, boots, and his Grandfathers cape, which was given to him by his father before the death of Krypton. Superman is shown as a vigilante outlaw as he tries to fight injustice in Metropolis. Following his confrontation with tycoon Glen Glenmorgan, Superman is pursued by Police and then followed by the military, who had actually under the influence of Lex Luthor sabotaged an entire neighborhood of Metropolis to be a death trap. Superman is captured by the military, lead by General Lane, is tortured, and then questioned by Luthor as to who he really is.

Luthor asks him if he knows about Krypton and then shows him a skeleton of what appears to be an alien, claiming it to be one of Superman’s kind. Superman laughs at this and then breaks free, escaping his room and tries to escape. While running through the halls, he comes into contact with his space ship, which actually begins to speak to him. Superman regrettably leaves the ship behind, although promising to come back, and escapes the compound. Following this it is shown that Luthor had actually been consorting with an unknown individually who had been feeding Luthor his information on Superman. The days following show Superman being seen not just as a nuisance to the police but to the people as well. They turn on him, and Superman is forced to ‘retire’. However, Superman is then called into action once again when The Collector of All Worlds, Luthor’s contact, strikes the world, using the internet to take control of the technology in Metropolis to ‘preserve’ it. Among this technology is John Corben, who had just been fused with an experimental war suit following Superman’s escape from the compound. Superman, with the help of Steel, who had helped create the war suit, is able to defeat Corben before Metropolis is shrunk by The Collector and placed in his ship, much like he did to Kandor. Superman is forced to go up to The Collector’s ship and retrieve Metropolis.

Superman then is forced to battle The Collector (along with Corben who had beamed onto the ship prior). During the battle, Superman comes across Kryptonian technology, along with a DNA synchronized war suit, which he puts on to have a better chance of defeating The Collector. He is then able to ‘unplug’ the Collector by using his shrunken ship, which was inside the shrunken city of Metropolis, throwing it into The Collectors mainframe and shutting it down. Superman is then able put Metropolis back the way it was before the shrink was permanent and The Collectors ship became his first Fortress.

Superman’s adventures then continue by jumping forward to the point after The Justice League is formed. Superman is shown to being hunted down by Nimrod, a hunter who has to his account killed everything. Nimrod tries to hunt down Superman by finding a place where he is most vulnerable, even going on to discover Superman’s secret identity. However before Nimrod is able to make the kill, Clark Kent ‘dies’ in an explosion caused by an ex-employee of the now incarcerated Glen Glenmorgan. This then allows for Superman to catch Nimrod of off balance and the result ends with Nimrod getting put in the hospital after a battle with Superman. Following this Superman is forced to create for himself another secret identity Johnny Clark, a firefighter.

However this allows for no peace when Superman is forced to do battle with “The First Superman”. This is shown to be the new-52 version of Captain Comet, who is also known as the Blake Farm Ghost. Going by Adam, he explains that he’s there to stop the end of Earth, his home-world, by taking another “neo sapien” with him, Susie Lane, Lois Lane’s niece. Adam tries to force Susie to come along with him to his spaceship, coaxing her with his stories of outer-space. However, when an alien attacks Metropolis during this time and hurts Lois Susie begs Adam to help her, which he does not. Superman then battles Adam, trying to help both Susie and Lois at the same time. He is able to defeat Adam in time and then brings Lois to the hospital where he himself operates after learning as much as he can about her condition at the library.

After this another villain is introduced to the New-52, Xa-Du. On Halloween night Superman, while working in The Fortress (his current one), is visited by Xa-Du, wearing a suit to allow him to interact with Earth while in the Phantom Zone. Xa-Du is able to trick Superman into going into the Phantom Zone and is left with the world for his to rule, or so he thinks. Inside the Zone, while being attacked by fellow Zone dwellers, is helped by Krypto, who before Krypton’s destruction had jumped into the Zone, and The Phantom Stranger, who had also been tricked into the Zone. Superman is able to manipulate Xa-Du from the Zone and is able to get inside the suit and frees himself as well as Krypto later (The Stranger having already left).

The next event occurs when Superman travels to Mars to help a group of astronauts battle Metalek, an alien machine bent on recreating its home world. Superman is able to make peace with it, but not before The Multitude, a group of what appears to be parasite like angles, attack the planet. Superman deduces that based on their appearance, they are from a different dimension and can be defeated by a blast that is similar to their own dimension. Superman’s plan works but not minutes after that he is attack by the little man.

After this attack, Superman is pulled back into reality. It’s revealed that the events of Xa-Du and the Multitude have not happened yet and that they were images shown to him by his landlord Mrs. Nyxly, who is in fact a resident of the 5th dimension. She explains that her father’s old court magician, Vyndktvx, has been targeting Superman because of his role with hurting him when he attacked the King-thing Brpxz and that what she’s been showing him has been to show him she is telling the truth and that Vyndktvx can strike at any moment in time, all for the purpose of hurting Superman. Before Nyxly can act and help Superman, she is shot by Nimrod, and Superman is now cornered.

In the New 52, Morgan Edge, CEO of Galaxy Communications, buys out the Daily Planet, setting into motion the paper going into a more modern age, now coexisting with the broadcasting company, Lois becoming the new executive producer of the networks nightly news, and the destruction of the old Daily Planet building. During the opening of the new Daily Planet building, Superman, while stopping a terrorist attack, is interrupted by an attack by an unknown fire based alien creature. Speaking an unknown language, the alien attacks Superman, endangering the lives of Metropolis in the process. Superman is able to defeat the creature before anyone else is hurt, including the news helicopter that was following him during the fight, by pushing the creature into space, taking away its oxygen. Days later another creature attacks, this time one that has become invisible only to Superman, giving itself an edge during the entire fight.

Thankfully though, news crews followed the attack the entire time, projecting the monster on the screens to let Superman see them. However, during the fight, the monster fades away from the cameras, leaving Superman to himself. Just as before, another monster attacks Superman in Metropolis, this time one with the powers of ice, freezing anything it uses it’s powers on into ice. Superman is able to take care of the monster, this time using his heat vision directly on the reporter Heather Kelley, who seemed to be the reason behind the attack. Once the monster disappears, so does Heather. Later on that day, Heather appears beside the other two people responsible for the monsters, a guard from the Metropolis Astrodome and a homeless man from the sewers, they enter into a conversation and although the language cannot be understood, they all say Clark Kent, and Superman. Days later Heather reappears, going on TV to talk about what had happened during the attack. However, when Clark shows himself to her, she appears in the ice alien’s form and teleports herself and Clark to the site of his old apartment building, where the other aliens await. Superman battles them, but with their combined powers they over take him.

During their dialogue throughout the fight the aliens repeatedly tell Superman that what they do now they were created to do, when Superman asks them who created them, they all say, “you.” Following this, Superman awakens after being covered in the essence of the three aliens, leaving their human hosts unconscious. Superman gives the bodies to the paramedics for attention, and then goes out to ‘save the city’. However, the behavior that Superman exempts following does not appear like him. He begins to kill all of his past enemies, including parts from a robot, the gorilla Titano, and the Sky Raiders. People around Metropolis have no idea what is going on with their hero and it all comes to a climax after Superman attacks the reporter William McCoy, a reporter who has throughout that time been bashing Superman and his motives. Lois, who is in such a great despair over what Superman is doing, tries to call Clark, who has been missing for days now. Her yells, which Clark is able to hear, awaken him from some sort of sleep outside in space just as Superman throws McCoy over the Daily Planet building.

Its revealed that the one that has been posing as Superman during those few days was actually a bug like alien machine, which five years ago had clung to Superman’s suit during the Collector’s attack. It’s some type of alien nanite, one that had once connected its home planet in a symbiotic partnership. After its release from the Collector, it began to take note of Superman’s powers, such as he’s heat vision, he’s optic and auditory powers, and his ice breath. After it threw McCoy off of the Daily Planet, Supergirl came in and rescued him, soon followed by the real Superman. Not allowing for Metropolis to be a battlefield, Superman takes the imposter to the arctic, where he finally puts an end to its menace.

The next story line deals with broadening Superman’s rogues gallery. Helspont, after escaping from Stormwatch HQ, takes up base in a Daemonite outpost on Earth, sending his robotic minions to challenge Superman, hoping that doing so would lead the Kryptonian to him, which it does. Battling the robot, Superman is teleported away to the outpost, meeting the Daemonite for the first time. Helspont tries to talk to Superman, however because of Superman’s almost impatience tone with the alien, Helspont knocks him out, placing Superman into a dream like state, showing him the apparent future Superman will face, one where Earth has turned against him. Helspont explains to Superman that he wants him to join him in retaining his home world and reestablish the Daemonite empire to its once glory, in return, Helspont would leave Earth under Superman’s domain. Superman, over course, refuses, and attacks Helspont, however during the battle he discovers that the alien is more than a match for him, and tries to go for a new approach. Superman destroys the Daemonite outpost, leaving Helspont without a home or armory. However, once Superman turns once again to take on the Daemonite, he’s disappeared.

The next story follows Superman going against the metahuman Anguish, a woman possessing the powers of both super-strength and intangibility, making her impossible to touch. Following rescuing a Russian sub from getting stuck inside the ocean, Superman returns to Metropolis to find Anguish breaking into a safe deposit box at a bank, claiming to own the contents inside. During the fight that follows, inside the Daily Planet a new story is being broken after blogger Victor Barnes gives proof to Superman’s secret identity, however it being false. Whichever the way, Barnes goes all the way to the top with his story after getting pushed off by Lois Lane.

Giving it to Morgan Edge, Edge approves it, and green lights the story, airing it just when the battle starts to close. During the battle, Anguish, while still not hurt, drops the locket that she had obtained from the box and it ends up getting crushed, which angers her deeply. Thanks to the story of Superman’s secret identity, Anguish leaves the fights and tracks down the man that has been said to be Superman and his family, looking to take care of a little revenge for the destruction of the locket. Thankfully though, Superman is able to stop her from hurting anyone, calming her down enough to stop the fight and pose in front of the camera with the man people claimed to be him, destroying the proof of Barnes’ story. Superman then gives Anguish back her locket, fixing it for her, she thanks him for this, and then disappears into the rain.

Following the story of the sub Superman had saved, Superman investigates exactly why it was down in the ocean anyway. Finding his way to a science station in Russia, he discovers the remains of butchered scientists and a metal capsule containing organic material inside. Allying himself with Russian ‘security’, and finds where the killer went, a small town next to a nuclear reactor. Superman follows the trail, finding that the people of the town are all but dead. The creature inside the pod attacks, showing itself to be faster than Superman, actually knocking several blows on him before capturing him with its equipment. Following this, Superman wakes up inside a cocoon like substance that the alien trapped him inside.

Superman is able to break free and attacks the alien, tearing off its mask, which had allowed it to breathe. Superman gives it back and the alien explains that the Russians had captured him and had wanted him to be their own Superman, of which it had no desire to be. The alien attacks once again, using a portal it opened up to allow for an alien of its home world to come through and subdue him. However, Superman is able to take out the creature just in time to escape a war head fired at the base by the Russians. The alien, of course, is not seen again.

Once again, Helspont appears, this time with an entire army to back him up in his self powered ship. Superman confronts Helspont just as his followers attack the heroes of Earth, trying to win them over to their cause, but to know avail. Helspont tells Superman that centuries ago he had traveled to Earth with his army and had personally seen to the creation of the metagene, hoping that as it grew it would raise a greater army for himself, leaving Superman with this knowledge and the job to make sure that he still tends to his ‘fields’. Once he’s left, Superman doesn’t know what to do next.

Powers and Abilities:

Solar Battery

Superman displaying his power

As a Kryptonian, Kal-El possesses the ability to absorb the solar energy from yellow stars. His Kryptonian body is constantly absorbing and storing energy from Earth’s yellow sun (allowing him to retain energy under roofed structures and even at night) which in turn grants him incredible powers, including superhuman strength, enhanced senses, impenetrable skin, and the ability to defy gravity.

His body is also able to absorb the energy of a blue sun, which also grants him increased strength and various other powers (although not to the same degree as under a yellow sun). Superman has also demonstrated the ability to absorb certain other forms of energy, such as the anti-sunlight of Mageddon.


Superman has the ability to physically lift impossibly massive amounts of weight. Superman’s strength easily surpasses the Class 100 strength level (this is the ability to lift over 100 tons under normal conditions) which is the ability to lift in excess of 100 tons with absolutely no effort at all, and has no known limit. Superman’s strength is aided in lifting/supporting the most massive objects–especially when flying–by the bio-electric force field his body produces.

His strength is usually portrayed the same way as most other characters in the Class 100 tier, but his high-end showings indicate his might may be well in excess of planetary levels. While the limits of Superman’s strength vary from writer to writer, he is commonly considered in-universe to be one of the most powerful beings on Earth, with some even considering him to be the most powerful.


Superman racing the Flash

Superman has the ability to move and fly incredibly fast. He possesses the ability to achieve speeds faster than light, although this is usually only seen in the vacuum of space as he is known to limit his velocity on Earth to prevent environmental damage. The upper limits of his speed are not quantified, but he is usually considered to be slower than the Flash.

Superman is also capable of combining speed with dexterity to pull off complicated tasks in a short time frame. In battle, he can move so fast his opponents seem much slower relative to him, creating time to avoid attacks and plan his next action. He can also move his limbs at incredible speeds, allowing him to dish out dozens of strikes in a second or less, in a manner similar to the Flash. Superman’s mind is similarly accelerated; he can process and understand vast amounts of information nearly instantly.

Vision/Optic Powers

Kal-El is able to see over great distances and perceive even the smallest of objects. This vision also allows him to see through the atomic structure of an object, though he is unable to see through lead.

Superman’s physiology can convert stored solar energy into beams of highly concentrated thermal energy which can reach temperatures comparable to those produced by stars. The two beams of energy which are released from his eyes are bright red in color, but at lower temperatures can be made invisible, allowing him to work undetected.

Super Hearing

Kal-El has the super human ability to hear all sounds at any volume or pitch and across any distance, presumably as long as there is atmosphere to carry the sonic vibrations.

Super Stamina

Superman’s Kryptonian physiology allows him exert himself to peak capacity for an undetermined amount of time. When under the light of a yellow star, he is constantly replenishing his solar reserves. In an environment without the light of a yellow star, his solar reserves are gradually expended as he exerts himself.



Superman possesses an immense degree of personal invulnerability, and is able to easily withstand bullets, missiles, bombs and other weapons without a scratch. Those without superhuman strength are more likely to hurt themselves than him by punching Superman, and even most characters who possess superhuman strength are not able to hurt him enough to take him down. Destructive power on a cosmic scale may knock him out, but he has survived such attacks and recovered from them.

Although hurting Superman with simple physical force is not an easy task, characters with sufficient superhuman strength of their own, such as Mongul, Darkseid, Doomsday and Despero, among others, are able to do so. Powerful energy attacks are also capable of hurting Superman.


While Superman’s body is charged with solar energy he is able to emit a gravitational field that enables him to defy gravity. Kal-El has extreme mobility while he is in flight allowing him to fight, change course, and also carry great weights. While in Earth’s atmosphere Kal-El is able to move at supersonic speed; while in space, he can move at superluminal speeds. Kal-El tends to avoid moving at superluminal speeds while in a planet’s atmosphere so that he does not harm the area around him.

Super Breath / Freeze Breath

Kal-El has the ability to suck in a large amount of air into his lungs and either hold it within him for a long period of time or create strong forces of wind with it. He is able to control the temperature with which he expels this power.


In some interpretations, yellow sun-powered Kryptonians have been shown to live almost indefinitely.

Total Recall

Kal-El has the ability to instantly recall events that he pays specific attention to or that hold great emotional significance to him. When he has absorbed solar energy he has the ability to solve problems with superhuman speed.

Combat Experience

Superman is shown to have knowledge in hand to hand combat, the most basic being Boxing and Wrestling.

In Pre-Crisis, Superman knew a Kryptonian martial art called Klurkor, which he taught Lois Lane. Post Crisis, Superman was trained in Torquasm-Rao and Torquasm-Vo, 2 styles of Kryptonian Martial arts. Rao is more physical and offensive, while Vo is more meditative, fluid, and spiritual (the latter can produce a psychic or astral projection aspect, which Superman used to fight the Eradicator and psychic entities like Dominus).

He also displays a knowledge of pressure points, which even dates back to his Golden Age appearance, he claims he was taught this technique by Earth’s greatest expert (possibly Batman). It is unknown if he still possesses these skills in the New 52 but Captain Comet has said that Superman’s brawling skills are formidable.

Genius Level Intellect/Leadership

Superman is highly intelligent, with a natural IQ higher than humans. He’s able to analyze and solve problems in top speed, due to his super speed. He has shown to be able to reprogram machines and apply science to his fighting. Superman has invented a few things from time to time and has solid knowledge on Kryptonian and Earth technology alike. He is also a fantastic journalist and writer, stated to be second best in the Daily Planet, first being Lois Lane.

Superman is also a strong leader. He serves as a symbol of hope to both superhumans and the common civilian. He sometimes uses a Kryptonian technique called “Torquasm Vo,” which focuses his mental discipline in tough situations. It has sometimes been used to manipulated the minds of others. The technique of Torquasm Rao allows Superman to separate himself from his physical body, giving him the ability to fight on the astral plane and resist mental attacks.

Number 1: Dr. Manhattan   Image result for dr. manhattan

In 1959, in an accident that was certainly unplanned and just as certainly unrepeatable, a young American man was completely disintegrated, at least in a physical sense. Despite the absence of a body, a form of electromagnetic pattern resembling consciousness survived, and was able, in time, to rebuild an approximation of the body it had lost.

Jon Osterman was born in 1929, the son of a watchmaker. He was pushed into the field of atomic physics by his father after the US dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima at the close of WWII. Osterman started in Princeton in 1948 and finished his PhD in 1958. By May of 1959, he was involved in research at the Gila Flats. During this time he became romantically involved with colleague, Janey Slater. In August of 1959 he went to retrieve a watch he had fixed for her when he accidentally became trapped in an intrinsic field separator. All he could do was watch the countdown until his atoms were smashed, but eventually, and methodically, he reconstructed himself. At first it was thought that the base was haunted as on November 10th a disembodied circulatory system was seen walking through the kitchen, then four days later a partially muscled skeleton screamed at the edge of the perimeter fence for thirty seconds and then vanished. Finally on November 22nd a nude blue skinned man reconstituted itself right in front of Slater, she recognized him immediately.

By February of 1960 he was dubbed Dr. Manhattan by higher ups in Washington for the ominous associations it will raise in America’s enemies. Unveiled to the world in March of the same year he quickly shows himself capable of disassembling a rifle with his mind or melting tank armor with blasts from his hands.

Within two years the US is benefiting from his ability to produce any element as needed as he agrees to regularly produce lithium for mass-production of polyacetylene batteries for the production of electric automobiles, which become the norm, by 1963.

By May of 1966, he attends what was to be the first meeting of the Crimebusters, but the meeting ends in arguing. However, he does meet and begin an elicit affair with Laurie Juspeczyk – Silk Spectre II – which quickly and bitterly ends his relationship with Janey Slater.

In January of 1971, President Nixon personally asked Osterman to intervene in Vietnam. In March of the same year, he meets Edward Blake, also known as the Comedian, in Saigon. By June, North Vietnam surrenders, and many of the Vietnamese want to surrender personally to Osterman himself out of terror and religious awe. On V.V.N. Day he watches stoically as Blake murders the Vietnamese mother of his unborn child.

On August 3rd 1977, the emergency bill proposed by Senator Keene is passed, making vigilantism illegal as it was before they altered laws to accommodate strategically useful talents – such as Osterman, who is exempt from the bill and the Comedian. Others, such as Laurie, not so lucky. Rorschach alone remains active illegally.

In 1981, Osterman is asked to move into new quarters at Rockefeller Military Research Center in New York. Laurie moves with him at his request, as she is quickly becoming his sole link with humanity.

Wally West explains how Doctor Manhattan interfered with the timeline.

Doctor Manhattan was revealed to be the mastermind behind the events of DC Rebirth.

During the events of Flashpoint, when Barry Allen and Pandora attempted to revert the corrupted Flashpoint universe, back to how it originally was, Manhattan overseen the two trying to fix the timeline, and interfered with this process by removing ten years from the should have been time-line, thus creating the New 52 Universe as a result, where everyone was now ten years younger than they should have been.

The only person who knows of Manhattan’s actions is Wally West, who was trapped in the Speed Force at the time, allowing him to see everything Doctor Manhattan had done.

Powers and Abilities:

Dr. Manhattan seems to have some mastery over the manipulation of matter and energies around him, as well as an understanding of their make-up on the most fundamental level. This control extends to possibly a complete control of his physical person, which came about after the removal of his intrinsic field. It was after this accident that he was able to piece himself back together over a period of time, and was shown to have these abilities.

Manhattan also has a unique perception of time, seemingly perceiving all events that occur in his life simultaneously. This is with exception, for certain events blur or distort his perception of certain sections of time until he becomes closer chronologically to those events. Despite his perception of time he finds himself a slave to predetermination, understanding the sequence of events that will occur as well as his own involvement in them but unable to alter the events in the past or future that he will be a part of. It should be noted that this ability has been impeded before through the use of tachyons.

It is also worth mentioning that because of his unique perception of time, energy, and matter Dr. Manhattan does not view life or humanity in the same way that normal sentient beings would. Manhattan may also be incapable of normal human emotions, as he exhibits none of the emotional traits of a normal human.

It has been noted that “in well supported theoretical terms”, that Manhattan could destroy “large areas” of Soviet territory instantly (no notes to quantify “large”), and that he could deflect or disarm at least 60% of incoming missiles from Soviet bases in the USSR and Europe before reaching their intended targets, if they were to launch a full scale nuclear assault.

While the true extent and nature of Manhattan’s power is not known, here is a list of some of the powers, abilities, and traits that he has exhibited:

  • Size Alteration
  • Godlike Strength
  • Teleportation of himself or other individuals over incredible distances
  • Matter Manipulation/Atomic Structure Control – limits unknown. Has been shown to be able to do things like: create crystalline structures on Mars, create a small amount of water, melt a portion of a tank. It was also stated he possibly could have turned a gun to steam, bullets to mercury, and a bottle to snowflakes by an angry Blake, though he is never actually shown doing these things.
  • Can create copies of himself which act independently of each other, but operate in an intelligent collective fashion.
  • Intangibility
  • Atemporal (in terms of his perception of time).
  • Does not appear to age.
  • Does not seem to require food, water, or air.
  • Creation of Environmental Fields – as seen when he creates a field around Laurie, allowing her to survive on Mars.
  • Can read atoms and sense tachyons
  • Telekinesis
  • Able to restructure himself after the removal of his intrinsic field.
  • Disintegration/Intrinsic Field removal – It is unclear whether he is disintegrating his targets or removing their intrinsic field. It should be noted that he does seem to need to aim his hand at the intended target.

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