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Star Wars Rouge One

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Along time ago in the DANGER ZONE far far away…

Hey guys Byron page from danger zone Comics I’m here to talk about my thoughts and my hopes for Star Wars Rogue one so let’s begin what I think about Star Wars Rogue one is basically it’s going to be a prequel of course but what I believe is that the main character maybe the mother of Ray probably grandmother or so but I cannot wait to see this movie it only comes out in 2 weeks. So what I have to say about this is I hope to see more Darth Vader I hope to see more tarken and I hope to see the best of action the Stormtroopers look fantastic and I am highly hyped about this movie so guys what I say it is what is the main thing in this movie the Death Star that’s right the Death Star!

But the main question leads up to what will Rogue one and episode 8 we all seen the episode 7 of Star Wars my question will lead to I want more Star Wars truthfully Star Wars is a huge huge brand and I am so excited for Rouge one hopefully everyone’s theories are correct the Grand Thron mghtappear more Darth Vader probably Killing the main antagonist of the Rogue one movie and will the ending lead to All of the secrets of the lost of Ray and her parents or where it leads into it with in the story, I’m really excited what are you guys thoughts and hopes for the Star Wars Rogue one movie? leave your comments below and May the force be with you guys always!

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