The UNSC (Explained)


The UNSC (Explained)

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The UNSC was formed in the 22th century as a military/exploratory/scientific agency by The Unified Earth Government (basically the government of the future). It mainly serves as an overseer of United Nations military operations on land and/or in space. The UNSC defeated rebels in the Interplanetary War and other battles/wars, including the conflict on Mars. The organization also fought off Insurrectionists, the group of rebels, prior to the Human-Covenant War. They wanted independence from the government, and used lethal force as a means of freedom. The UNSC initiated the Spartan I program to help aid them in their war, and also later on they created the Spartan II program to help fend off even more Insurrectionists. However, their position in the war would soon be changed when the Covenant started attacking humanity, and the Spartan II goals were shifted from attacking rebels, to defending humanity from the alien species. The UNSC continues to exist in the Halo Universe and administrates almost all of the events the humans dish out, and is responsible for many famous happenings, such as the colonization of other planets because of Earth’s overpopulation, funding/creating the Spartan I/II/III programs (and presumably the Spartan IIII program which will appear in Halo 4).

Current Events

The UNSC is a protagonist in the Halo video games, novels, and comic books. They issue troopers to battle against enemies, whether they be Covenant or Rebels. They are shown in Halo 4, most notably the Foward Unto Dawn and Infinity Frigates, as well as Commander Lasky and his UNSC companions, which ally with Master Chief (most of the time) to help do battle with the Covenant and Forerunners alike.


Below are the different types of troopers that the UNSC has in their possession.

UNSC Marines (Franklin Mendez)

ODST’s (Buck)

Spartan I (Sergeant Johnson)

Spartan II (Master Chief)

Spartan III (Noble 6)

Spartan IV (Halo 4 Spartans)


Below are the different types of vehicles that the UNSC have in their possession.

Warthog (car)

Mongoose (motorcycle)

Scorpion (tank)

Elephant (repair vehicle)

Hornet (small aircraft)

Falcon (small aircraft)

Forklift (forklift)

Flatbed Truck (civilian vehicle)

Sabre (Spacecraft)

Frigates (Larger Spacecrafts)

Carrier (Navy vehicle)

Wolverine (car)

Cobra (car)

Vulture (gunship)

Sparrowhawk (aircraft)

Shortsword (aircraft/bomber)

Pelican (mid-size aircraft)

Mantis (massive exo-suit)

Mammoth (repair vehicle)


  • Unified Earth Government
  • UNSC Security Committee
  • UNSC Security Council
  • High Command (HIGHCOM)
  • Special Warfare Command (SPECWARCOM)
  • Personal Command (PERSCOM)
  • Unified Ground Command (UNICOM)
  • UNSC Medical Corps (MECORPS)
  • UNSC Engineering Corps (ENGCORP)
  • Naval Command (NAVCOM)
  • Fleet Command (FLEETCOM)
  • Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)
  • Project Spartan I
  • Project Spartan II
  • Project Spartan III
  • Project Spartan IIII
  • Project ORION
  • UNSC Marine Corps
  • UNSC Army (Corps)
  • UNSC Air Force
  • Non-Rogue Elites (Allies)



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