Star Wars Rouge One Review


Star Wars Rouge One Review

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A long time ago in Danger Zone Far Far Away…

Hello everybody I am with the force and I’m here to give you the Star Wars Rogue one review this movie has brought out trumendous information in the Star Wars universe before the episode 4 and is very well done without the lightsabers battle I really loved it. very anticipating actions and I had to put out is the death Troopers and just as you know there is no spoilers, but I gotta say is good and so with the Star Wars Rogue one I find it interesting how they fit the story and with the events of Star Wars Episode 4 and it is very into the story on how the Death Star was built but you guys already know about so let’s get into this so right now when I seen the movie I was highly surprised on how to set it up and the director for Godzilla did an excellent job.

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I find the characters really exciting to look at and yes there is a lot of humor in this movie which you guys should already expect and yes Stars wars haves a lot of action sequences the story was pretty dark like the prior episode Force Awakens, now I have to say that most things in the movie got me like “men they could have done more with this character.” For example the back story of Cassian which would be nice as well, but hey the force is strong….right? Well yes it is my fellow Jedi’s The story is well put and space battle is well momentously exciting Donnie Yen which we all know who he played “Ip” which I found myself training in (wing chun) likes seeing this guy in action “I mean come on a blind bad ass in star wars kicking the Empire’s butt…well we all know another, but they said he was not cannon moving on.” Chrrut Imwe which is the name of Donnie’s charter is an unknown charcater that I would like to glean into one day, he’s highly Nobel and wise on every scene I seen into the movie, and someone kids would say “I wanna be him one day” well my young padawans always pray on the force.

Oscar winner Forest Whitaker has done and always done a amazing impersonation on his character name (Saw Gerrera) the unknown warrior that fought in the Clone Wars, and survived the Order 66 epidemic what I like about his character is his voice…yes his voice besides the jokes he’s the big boss of an privet military that smuggles goods from the Empire, He’s past is highly unknown but we all know that he survived the Emperor’s raid which I would also like a comic entail to his back story “Oh that makes a sweet Christmas idea” moving on I have seen some good juicy fights and humor which leads me to everyone’s new favorite droid (K-2SO)  love this droid he is humor all over this movie very bad ass and intelligent, this is an imperial droid along the rebellion alliance well re-optimized into the rebellion alliance “I mean who doesn’t want a bad ass droid along side their faction? And yes thank you for R2-D2” I have to say that next to Episode 5 Empire strikes back; Rogue One can be on top of my list for ass kicking Star Wars films, but there are some parts that you may love or even have just to let you know mostly everything you will love “Is it me or is Disney getting darker…Ever since Lion King”

(Seeing Darth Vader makes you want to scream like our friend Chewy in the video below…)

But my fellow Jedi friends having Darth Vader in this film was huge, and I am hoping to see a standalone film of this twisted lord. Which I get 9 out of 10 that’s going to happen “I mean come on we got his comic what else do you need? A movie hell yes!” To me seeing this film it reminds you of (Star wars Battlefront) and alot goes on humor, excitement, depressed, etc. But it haves it’s roots with constructive scenes you may not like “Like I said I just wanted more Darth Vader and to me it seems so fast so yes, kinda like rushing the compared to the prior films.”

Not to make it a negative movie but this I have to say is my favriote well done (Spencer Wilding) and to point out another bad ass character along the movie is (Baze Malbus) “I call him the big gun guy!” and yes with judging how big his gun is just know to him it’s a pistol. Having Baze and Donnie Yen character (Chirrut) as a dynamic duo, reminds me as the bad ass Jay and Silent Bob, but in Star Wars. Moving on having not looking into how Baze and Chirrut met, they always had each other back through out the whole movie,. And not giving up their ride or die moments.

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I love this movie and I know you guys and girls will love it too. Leave a comment below if you seen it (what you want or wish they can fix in the film of Rouge One?) And no spoilers please because we can not have nutt crackers on this galactic holiday.

Star Wars Rouge One: 9.1/10


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