Star Wars Rebels season 3 (mid season) trailer


Star Wars Rebels season 3 (mid season) trailer

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Hello DZ Rebellion welcome to (Danger Zone Comics) so of course we have a very, very exciting mid-season trailer of Star Wars Rebels so with this trailer being released it and brings out a lot of spoilers and I know there are a lot of Star Wars fans out there “such as me.” so let’s just say that there is a huge ending that everybody will get excited about as a Star Wars fan I was like that is very interesting and with me being excited about this star wars mania, and excited about the Death Troopers coming into the series it holds so much joy seeing that all our dreams came true; it’s like forging Star Wars Rogue one into a cartoon with Star Wars Rebels and Darth Maul on a hunt for Kenobi let’s just say that it’s been very interesting on how this turn of events keeps holding my gut into place on what would happen to Maul, but my fellow rebellion without further ado let the trailer begins….


So I really like the trailer it brings it brings out a lot of action, thrills, and excitement. It also holds good Mandalorian bloodline battles, and (Sabines) tied’s that entails her and her mother. And holy hell more fun is in the Force with the (Rogue One) characters such as Mon Motha who’s appeared in many flims and media of the Star Wars series, to see how this it’s going to turn out Darth Maul vs Obi Wan, Sabine’s family ( The mandalorians), Earth Vader dancing on Ashoka’s grave”jokes”. I have to say that the Mandalorians or Mail will whine up joining the Rebellion… “Probably not my fellow rebellion” but guys and girls this is going to be interesting turn of events (Grand Admiral Thrawn) might actually discover who really is Fulcrom which we all know who he is, but  will he kill Agent Kallus who was the big shocker to know that he was a good guy; and a spy into the Empire but isn’t the truth is he really the fulcrome?
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I can not wait to see this season’s of Rebels and don’t forget to drop your comments below if you are excited to see master Kenobi again? I’m Mr. Hold and May the force be with you always stay DZ Rebel!


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