Reverse Flash (Origins)


Reverse Flash (Origins)

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In the year of 2466, Eobard Thwane inherited a virtuous amount of wealth from his family; this would help fulfill his life long dream to be a Flash. One day, Thawne passed an antique shop and saw the Cosmic Treadmill. Instantly recognizing it, he bought it immediately and tried to duplicate an accident that would turn him into the Flash. However, the planned accident didn’t go as planned and left him scarred and mentally unstable. At the chance of having his face rebuilt, he has it look exactly like Barry Allen, his idol of his entire life, and the hospital expenses cost him the rest of his fortune. This did not matter as he now had a chance to be his revered idol’s partner. He attempted to travel back to the past and leave his time impatiently. However, the Cosmic Treadmill had not been used for many years and resulted in it breaking down. As a result, the Treadmill miscalculated the desired time at which Thawne wanted to travel, and sent him a few years after Barry’s death in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Disorientated and disillusioned from the rough time travel, Thwane saw many posters of Barry Allen killing a man known as “Professor Zoom”. The poster revealed the man’s name as “Eobard Thawne”. Thawne’s mind snapped and he became psychotic. This resulted in him becoming evil.


Eobard was genetically engineered to be the perfect son. Incredibly good looking, an IQ of 127, perfect strawberry-blonde hair, but was still a disappointment to his parents. Thawne’s childhood was a lonely one, and it was made even worse with the birth of his brother, Robern. Eobard lost precious time of his schooling, and fell behind his peers in academia because of forced social learning lessons he was mandated to go to with his sibling.

Several years later, Eobard Thawne then hacks into the Flash museum, but Robern, who now works as a Police officer of the future, catches Eobard. Robern strikes Eobard with an elbow to the jaw and arrests Thawne. At this same moment, the Reverse Flash (Professor Zoom) was watching this and erased Robern from the timeline, making it so he was never born. Since Robern was never born, this gave Thawne all his schooling time he needed, and he advanced above and over his classmates. Thawne soon became the leading scientist on the Speed Force, but lost the title to a very overweight Professor Drake. Eobard tries to ask if they could cooperate together and study the speed force together. Professor Drake, now overconfident with his own grandeur, rejects the offer and tells Thawne that he is, “Not needed, nor wanted”. This upsets Eobard, and he snaps at Drake. At this exact moment, Reverse Flash emerges again and erases Drake from the timeline, just like he did with Robern. With no Professor Drake not existing, Eobard Thawne keeps his title as the leading scientist in the Speed force, and here he is given his name: “Professor Zoom”, by his colleagues and coworkers because of his extensive knowledge on all that is Flash. At this point in his life, however, The secret of the speed force seemed to be unreachable. as part of an intervention for Eobard’s obsessive studies, his parents try to have the governor close down the Flash museum permanently. Professor Zoom then goes back in time and kills his own parents, along with Central City’s governor, with a tornado vortex. because they died before the governor could close down the museum, Eobard was able to study further, and when alerted to the death of his parents, he neither cared nor thought of it.

After days had gone by, he got a call from a journalist of Central City Science Today who was interested in writing a piece on the famous “Professor Zoom”. Her name was Rose, and for the first time in his life, Eobard Thawne would fall in love. He soon became overcome with jealousy after he saw her with a man, and as it turns out, this man was her fiance. Professor Zoom would then go back in time and kill Rose’s fiance before his interview, and this led her to believe that he had just run away or disappeared. After conversing for a long time, and having fun, they connected in a very deep way. After their conversation, Eobard asked her to Dinner, as a date, But Rose would refuse. She was determined to wait for her fiance. And so, Eobard waited. After awhile she began dating again, and Eobard kept his distance as a good friend to her. Little did he know however, he had his future self killing Rose’s boyfriends within months of their first dating. Determined and in love, Eobard was not afraid to date her. She told him that she did not love Eobard romantically, but Eobard tried his luck and kissed her. Rose became angry and yelled at Thawne, making it clear that she never wanted to see him again. Eobard’s future self would find her later in the park by herself and he would mentally scar her for the rest of her life, leaving her a catatonic.

Later that night, Eobard’s future self would anonymously send Thawne the suit that belonged to Barry Allen, the second Flash. Eobard soon saw the potential in gaining the secret of the speed force, as it was directly exposed to the speed force. Eobard wasted no time in studying it, and quickly found the way to replicate the accident that gave Barry Allen his powers. Eobard Thawne then dawned the Flash suit and deemed himself the Flash of the 35 century.

Silver Age

In Eobard’s first appearance, he was nothing more than a villain that could use all of the same powers as The Flash. Eventually, he became the archenemy of Barry Allen after proving his skills in several comics and giving Barry a tough fight from time to time.

After some time, Professor Zoom had a brief stint with the first incarnation of the Secret Society of Super Villains and led by Libra, The Villains were able to trick the Justice League into a trap. Beating the Justice League, The Secret Society then switched bodies with the help of Magic, in order to discover the secret identity of the Justice League. Professor Zoom took Hal Jordan’s Body, and because of his future foreknowledge, he quickly became familiar with the Ring, and how to use it.

The Secret Society was subsequently beaten, however, after the Heroes made and unexpected comeback, and with a magic artifact of their own, took back their own respectful bodies. Afterwards, the League decided it was best to wipe the memory of the Villains, and pretend it had never happened.

This action would later comeback to bite, as after the events of Identity Crisis, as the members who had their memories wiped clashed with the Justice League of America, out for vengeance. Professor Zoom had already died by this point, and was not part of the fighting force of super villains who came back for revenge.

Modern Age

Professor Zoom was Soon mysteriously resurrected by Geoff Johns, and was soon revealed in the Blackest Night arc, that he was resurrected as a Black Lantern, who was then chosen for a white lantern. Professor Zoom was also responsible for the Flashpoint story arc,

The Flash: Rebirth

Professor Zoom appears within the Speed Force in The Flash: Rebirth. He is apparently the one responsible for Barry’s return and transformation into the Black Flash, having the unfortunate ability to kill any speedster he touches. Barry discovers this unfortunate power after he vaporizes Savitar. Barry, fearful that he will inadvertently kill Jay, Wally and Bart with a touch, returns to the speed force. As he runs into the speed force the black costume burns off. When he does return, Eobard Thawne appears and explains that Barry was infected with Thawne’s negative speed force energy which was causing him to cancel out other speedsters with his touch (but which was canceled out when Barry, by running back into the speed force, generated enough positive energy to rid himself of it).

Barry then questions Thawne’s return, the villain acknowledges that he will be resurrected soon, thanks to a “good friend” of Barry’s. As the empowered Thawne beats Barry and Max, he reveals that the red energy field the three are in is a “negative speed force” that is being created by the Reverse-Flash’s kinetic energy. Thawne’s negative energy is slowly starting to poison the normal Speed Force like a cancer. Thawne goes on to reveal the depth of his plan: after Barry briefly returned to aid Kid Flash against Superboy-Prime during the Infinite Crisis, Thawne was able to send a subliminal pulse into the Speed Force to draw back what was left of Barry’s self-awareness. This in turn led to the hero’s reappearance during the Final Crisis.

Afterward, Thawne transformed himself into “a new kind of speedster” (revealing himself to be the mysterious murderer from the beginning of the story) and created his negative speed force to contaminate Barry and the other heroic speedsters. Before Barry can fight any further, Thawne fades away.

Thawne then attempts to cause all manner of trouble in the Flash Family. He attacks Wally’s family, focusing on Irey and Jai. He explains that their erratic powers are due to the fact that their connection to the speed force is ‘tangled.’ He is interrupted in his attempt to kill the twins by Wally and Jay. This event leads Irey, in an attempt to save her brother, to give up her connection to the speed force, though she inadvertently gains full access in the process. She then becomes the new Impulse.

Thawne then decides to go back in time and kill Iris, thus causing Barry the most amount of pain and suffering. Thawne cannot kill Barry, or his negative speed force will be canceled. In this spirit, Thawne tells Barry to cast his mind back to all the negative things that have happened to him in his life, and how they were all caused by Thawne. Barry puts the pieces together and deduces that Thawne, not his father as previously believed, killed his mother, which Thawne proudly admits.

Thawne then puts on a burst of speed, rushing off to kill Iris, removing Barry’s lightning rod. Thawne finds Iris just as she is walking to meet Barry for their first date, (this also being the night that the lightning struck the chemicals which caused Barry to become the Flash). Barry and Wally follow him back in time to stop Thawne seconds before he delivers the killing blow to Iris. When Barry and Wally entered the past to stop Thawne from killing Iris they became the impetus for the bolt of lightning that struck the shelf of chemicals- thus Barry and Wally became the lightning that gave powers to Barry and created the Speed Force.

Barry and Wally then push Thawne back to the present, trapping him in a vibrational frequency chamber (originally designed to hold Barry when he thought he was the Black Flash) designed to sever his connection to the negative speed force. While Thawne can never be fully separated from the negative speed force (he creates it when he runs, just as Barry creates the Speed Force as he runs), the vibrational frequency chamber depowered him long enough for him to be sedated and incarcerated (in the present) in Iron Heights.

Blackest Night

During Blackest Night, as Owen Harkness and Tar Pit inspect the Rogues’ secret graveyard, a black ring finds the body of Eobard Thawne (where he was buried after Barry snapped his neck). Thawne then seeks out Barry, hoping to get an emotional rise out of him. However, this Thawne has no knowledge of the events of Flash: Rebirth. Barry then deduces that this Thawne has no knowledge of the resurrection that Thawne mentioned to Barry whilst they were in the negative speed force. However, Black Lantern Thawne and resurrected Thawne (currently incarcerated in Iron Heights) are still connected, as demonstrated when Captain Cold, who was investigating Iron Heights with the Rogues at the same time Black Lantern Thawne was battling with Barry, sets of a cold grenade, freezing the penitentiary. Resurrected Thawne is frozen along with the rest of the inmates, and Black Lantern Thawne is frozen as well. Barry then concludes that this Black Lantern Thawne is indeed the same one that is in Iron Heights, but at different points in their timeline.

Zoom during Blackest Night

Later, the means of Professor Zoom’s resurrection are made clear. He is one of the twelve heroes and villains to be resurrected by a White Lantern ring. Through his White Lantern ring, Eobard was granted life from the Life Entitybecause his role in Barry’s resurrection.

After his resurrection Thawne states that he is going home. Flash almost apprehends him, but is distracted by Digger Harkness and Thawne escapes, presumably into the future, thus setting the stage for the events of The Flash: Rebirth.

Most recently Thawne was freed from Iron Heights by Harkness, who wanted to know what Thawne had seen in visions since his resurrection. Thawne provides him with no answers, only stating that freeing Thawne will have negative implications for Harkness in the future. Thawne then disappears Into the future.

Road to Flashpoint

Professor Zoom appears to be impersonating a young boy who the police mistakenly believe to be a witness to the mysterious murderer who can drastically aged anyone. Thawne is stealing the life force from children like Elongated Kid to help him change his age and conceal his identity from Barry Allen. Later on, Professor Zoom reveals his true identity to Patty Spivot, Barry Allen’s assistant, and tells her that her death will alter the current timeline. Fortunately, Barry managed to convince Hot Pursuit, his alternate self, that Bart Allen was not the child who was responsible for Elongated Kid’s death or the one causing temporal anomalies. Within seconds, Barry remembers that the police brought in a young boy who claimed to have witnessed the murder.

The two speedsters arrive in seconds to stop Thawne’s attempt to murder Patty but when Thawne figures out that Pursuit is a version of Barry, he immediately drains the life force from him. Thawne reduces Hot Pursuit to pile of dust and gloats on how he has completed the purpose that the Entity of the White Lantern had given him. Thawne escapes and disguises himself as an old man in the crowd thanks to the Speed Force. Barry admits his defeat and realizes that Thawne has tapped into hidden abilities within the Speed Force. Barry goes to visit his mother’s grave, who was also murdered by Thawne. Thawne watches Barry suffer from afar and he knows things are going to change for everyone. At this point, a lightning bolt strikes the center of the cemetery thus leading up to the Flashpoint event.


Flash finds himself in a new reality, and it is made clear that Eobard Thawne in part responsible for this new reality when Barry opens his ring not to find his red flash suit, but Thawne’s reverse flash suit. Later during the resistance’s fight against Wonder Woman and Aquaman, a great destructive force lays waste to the armies and Professor Zoom appears before Barry. Thawne quickly dispatches of Thomas Wayne, and a battle ensues between the old rivals. Thawne is beating down Barry, and explains that he is now in full control of the Negative Speed Force, and he is removed from reality. Seeing a loophole, Thomas Wayne uses an amazonian sword and impales Eobard Thawne through the heart.

Rebirth (2016)

Zoom’s first appearance in Rebirth was in The Flash: Rebirth #1 – …Doomed To Repeat It… shown as a vision to Barry Allen by the Speed Force. In the vision, Barry was seen strangling Zoom to death.

It has been revealed in The Flash that Professor Zoom has been brought to justice by Barry Allen and is now a prisoner in Iron Heights. Godspeed planned on killing Zoom but was stopped by both Wallace Westand Barry Allen before reaching the prison.



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