Resident Evil Final Chapter Review (Spoilers)

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Hello everyone welcome to the DZ review slot and to everyone that are resident evil fans be prepared for this epic angry rant…Okay I do not know where to start, but the Resident evil franchise started in the year 1996 with this haunted house of horrors “Which resident evil is my first video game I ever played.” but as a fan I really detest the movies (besides the CG franchise!) Now let me begin “Note spoilers ahead.” okay so in the beginning of the movie we all know where it started out, Alice ID’s herself like every other god loving RE movie, and then we cut to a kid being infected. So now let me say this “WHERE THE HELL IS LEON, JILL, AND ADA!?” Like seriously I thought this movie would go out with a *boom* *boom* *ching* *ching*  but no we get Alice waking up in a desert infested Washington D.C. so on the side line we have the mad scientist (Dr. Alexander) who’s suppose to be the boss of Wesker “Hell no” and he have taken captive Alice into this Umbrella tank looking bogie which looks pretty cool, but not to give this whatever movie this is “which I know it’s my resident evil” this movie reminds me of a kid okay? Who haves homework, but guesses on every question just to get it done and still fails! Like come on man why rush this movie, besides the negatives let’s get to the positive aspect. The movie 3D sucks, the fight scenes was awesome and a major turn of events was Alice being the (Red Queen) was like holy hell, and seeing Alice as an old lady was like “dang who gave you the T?” I mean come on the movie may be bad, but it have a little good sugar on it…kinda, so moving on we find out the Red Queen is the child idealism of Alice, and Alice is really a clone, but the real Alice is this old lady name (Alissa) so I seen all the original infected monsters in the resident evil franchise from RE5 and RE6. Now me getting to this part makes me mad the ending okay so there is an Anti-virus vial the can end the whole infection once it’s released all the zombies around the world are done, so me thinking about lionizing Alice for being the hero why didn’t she do this in the first place? All she have to do is break a Anti-virus vial and (Raccoon City) would still be in peace and yes she goes to the (Hive) and fights Dr. Alexander to end this outbreak and which we found out Dr. Alexander haves clones himself and we get to see him “the real him!” kicking Alice ass once again and all his skills are the same as Alice. So now kicking off the final fight Dr. Alexander gets killed by his clone…like what the hall if he can see every move Alice can make why not his clone and other thing is Wesker haves his foot cut off and died from bleeding out, also begging for help?….WHAT DID I JUST WATCH!?!? okay everyone I cant with this movie.

Resident Evil Final Chapter final score: 4.0/10 comment what you think about the movie!

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