Killer Croc (Origins)


Killer Croc (Origins)

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Waylon Jones was born with a condition that gave him a thick scaly hide and razor-sharp claws and teeth. As a child, he was relentlessly bullied because of his monstrous appearance. When he was only eight years old, he snapped and almost killed one of his schoolyard tormentors. For that little incident, he spent the next eight years of his life in reform school. He didn’t like it much. Over this time his contempt for humanity grew; and so did his body, mutating to grotesque proportions and becoming increasingly reptilian in appearance. The now sociopathic Waylon Jones celebrated his eighteenth birthday by becoming a cold-blooded murderer.

He served twenty years for that crime and emerged from jail to join a traveling carnival. He quickly became the main attraction as the alligator-wrestler “Killer Croc”. It is worth noting that it was here that Croc first found a home and developed a niche for his heretofore ghastly appearance. The circus and its inhabitants became Waylon’s family and had the circus been able to maintain financially afloat who knows if Waylon would then have turned to organized crime after all.

In time, Waylon would turn away from petty crime – and Croc’s ambitions and travels led him to Gotham, where he began to forge a criminal empire to make a new home. Though rising to prominence by the elimination of other mob members was accomplished quickly – his complete dominion over Gotham was foiled by its native guardian. His attempts to “set up shop” were repeatedly thwarted by Batman but Waylon’s ability to adapt has allowed him to carry on for many years.

Much like his Pre-Flashpoint incarnation Waylon Jones was born with a rare condition that gave him scaly skin. He scrubbed daily to try and get the scales off to try and be normal. But he decided to give up because of the pain it gave him when he descaled himself. He grew up to become the Killer Croc and worked for the Gotham Circus. He was paid to wrestle crocodiles, but his boss kept most of the money. Furious by his boss’s foolish choice, Killer Croc bit his arm off.

After being apprehended by the GCPD he listens to two police officers joke about him. Saying he should stop while he’s ahead and to get henchmen. Killer Croc took this to heart. He stopped being the muscle-headed brute and become more of a thinker. He gathered henchmen who are really just homeless people that worship Croc for taking them in.

In Post-Flashpoint, Killer Croc makes an appearance in the flashback in Roy Harper’s memories, having the head of a crocodile. He is seen fighting Roy in Hell’s Kitchen but quickly notices Roy isn’t fighting back. He figures out that Roy’s trying to have him commit assisted suicide, and comforts the ex-sidekick knowing Oliver Queen screwed him over publicly by taking his shares of Ollie’s Company and tells him that this is not the way to go out. Roy says he was not that bad of a guy before blacking out, but Killer Croc reminds him next time he will not be so nice. He is then passingly referenced by Roy, as he is Roy’s current sponsor for his alcoholism, as Roy is in a bar with Jason Todd; Roy is only drinking water but knows Waylon would disapprove.

Hush Story Arc

It is during the Hush storyline that Killer Croc takes on his more bestial appearance, rather than just a scaly human. this is from a mutagenic virus he is infected with by Thomas Elliot. Batman runs afoul of the mutating Croc when he kidnaps a young boy for money. Catwoman steals the ransom money, and Batman promptly chases after her. Batman wishes to help Croc revert to his more human appearance, he does so temporarily but later reverts back to his reptilian look. Since the upheavals of the Gotham gang wars, Croc found himself under the complete control of Black Mask. Black Mask had the Mad Hatter insert a mind-controlling micro-chip into Croc’s skull. While working on a bank robbery for Black Mask, Croc’s constant head scratching dislodged the chip. Croc realized what had been done to him and vowed revenge on Black Mask.

Tic, Toc, feed the Croc!

Inside Arkham Asylum, Croc has earned the enmity of guard Aaron Cash. Croc once ate Cash’s right hand. The enmity runs so deep, Cash had an alligator hide wallet made from a hunk of Croc’s hide. The two characters reference Peter Pan. Croc yelled “tic, toc, feed the Croc!” when he ate Cash’s hand, and Cash had his hand replaced with a hook. Killer Croc joined Alexander Luthor’s Secret Society of Super-Villains. He participated in the Arkham prison break but was recaptured. Killer Croc was one of the villains sent to planet Salvation. He later returned to Earth. During Final Crisis he was turned into a Justifier. Regardless of his grudge against Black Mask, Killer Croc is one of the villains forced into his gang in during the Battle for the Cowl. He flees to the swamps to get the explosive device Black Mask planted out of his body. The Outsiders are sent to capture him. Meanwhile, Killer Croc has been chewing off his own limbs in the hope to remove the device. (His reptilian metabolism means that they will regrow). After a battle with the Creeper and several Black Lanterns, Killer Croc is captured and the explosive chip is removed.

Batman: Dark Knight

After hearing of Dawn Golden’s disappearance, Batman heads toward the alley where Dawn was reported to have disappeared from. Batman notices a large figure emerge from the shadows of the alley. The figure was shrouded in a trench coat and Batman shadows the figure’s movements. Batman soon realizes that it is Killer Croc but he also notices that Croc’s physique has changed since their last encounter in the Weir Chambers underneath Gotham. Batman figures that Croc has been injecting Venom, Bane’s designer steroid, into his body. This would imply that Batman has already defeated Bane but now Bane or someone else, has become a drug peddler that deals Venom to potential buyers like Croc. Bruce remembers that Scarecrow had experimented on Croc at Arkham Asylum and had forced him to ingest his fear toxin. Croc became Scarecrow’s reluctant servant and was forced to kidnap public servants as well as clergymen from crime infested areas of Gotham because Scarecrow didn’t want these people to save the citizens of Gotham that suffered from desperation which was brought on after Ra’s al Ghul’s attack on Gotham. Batman stopped Croc by having him ingest an incendiary device which caused Croc to run away from the fight. Now, Croc is much bigger than before but Batman still swoops down and hits him with everything he’s got. Croc is eventually knocked down to his feet when Batman ties a cord around Croc’s foot and then Batman slams a marquee on Croc’s head which knocks him out momentarily.

When Croc regains consciousness, Batman starts his interrogation. Croc refuses to give up anything until Batman threatens him that he will inject a detox serum into Croc’s body which will painfully immunize his body from the effects of Venom. Croc gives in and tells Batman to look up Lars Beck because he was responsible for Dawn’s disappearance. After getting the information, Batman forces the serum down Croc’s throat and calls in Gordon for a pickup. Gotham PD prepares Croc for his transfer back to the new Arkham Asylum in the Narrows while Commissioner Gordon informs Batman that Lars Beck, was fished out of Gotham River this morning. Whoever Croc was working for (Penguin), made sure that Croc disposed of Beck after his usefulness ran out in order to avoid any implications to Dawn’s kidnapping. Later on, Bruce overhears a news report which states that Killer Croc has escaped police custody. Killer Croc makes his way to Penguin’s second base of operations, the Boom Room. When Batman finds out that Penguin had a hand in Dawn’s kidnapping, he defeats Penguin’s goons and goes after Penguin who ran out of the Boom Room. Batman catches up with Penguin in an alley nearby the Boom Room.

As Batman interrogates Penguin, Killer Croc appears out of nowhere and attacks Batman. Killer Croc grabs Batman and smashes him into a wall thus knocking him out. Later on, Batman awakens tied up to a support beam in a vacant room with a TV in front of him and bombs strapped to him. As Batman tries to escape, he is slapped in the face by Killer Croc and the TV automatically turns on. The television displays a sick-bed where Penguin taunts Batman with the unsettling fact that Dawn Golden may not have much time since the heat in her room will begin to pick up. It looks like Dawn Golden’s “goose is cooked.” Penguin explains that Dawn Golden made fun of Oswald’s demeanor which is not the wisest thing to do. It looks like Dawn Golden’s “goose is cooked.”

Before the television turns off, Penguin tells Batman that he has 8 seconds before the room explodes. Killer Croc can’t believe Penguin would have the guts to betray him so he makes a hasty exit while Batman breaks free of his bonds. Batman manages to get out of the room before it explodes and looks for Dawn because he could recognize from the television that the room Dawn was in was somewhere inside the building. Batman discovers her in the basement where he frees her and makes his way back to the streets.

Black Mirror Story Arc

Shortly after Bruce Wayne appointed Dick Grayson to be the Batman of Gotham City, a string of mysterious crimes occur with a series of weapons and abilities that are utilized by Batman’s rogue gallery. First, Edward Lamont IV, a young rich boy who was kidnapped by Killer Croc ingests the same serum that enhanced Killer Croc’s advanced skin condition. Edward mutated himself so he could get revenge on those who bully him. It seems Edward’s uncle is a dirty cop and he was the one who gave his nephew the Croc serum. Batman (Dick Grayson) subdues Edward after he devoured his tormenters. Gordon and Dick use the laboratory at Wayne Enterprises to remove the serum from Edward’s body.

Afterward, Dick went to Edward’s house in Palisades to talk to his mother. By this time, the dirty cop is already aware of Edward’s apprehension so he takes the initiative by wiping out all loose ends. He places a Mad Hatter microchip on his sister and tells her to kill her butler and then murder the Batman when he arrives. The uncle then situates himself outside of the house to make sure everything goes according to plan. Batman arrives and finds the butler bleeding on the tile floor.

The butler proclaims Edward’s innocence but before he could tell Batman about who gave Edward the Croc serum, Edward’s mother comes out from the shadows and shoots the butler with a shotgun. The mother runs out of shells for the shotgun and the uncle realizes that his plan is going awry. The uncle then tells his sister to run upstairs and jump out of the nearest window. Unfortunately, Batman is unable to save the woman but he does manage to pick up the Mad Hatter device from off the floor then he notices a police car speeding away from the house. Dick memorizes the number on the police car and tells Gordon to be ready at the precinct when the uncle returns.

Gordon arrests the uncle and brings Batman to the interrogation room. It turns out the uncle is the officer who is in charge of the evidence locker at Gordon’s precinct and he has been selling various items from Batman’s rogues to someone named the Dealer. Dick and Gordon leave the room to compare notes while the uncle waits to be processed. Unfortunately, someone placed airborne spores in the ventilation system that leads to the interrogation room. When Gordon and Dick return to the room, they find the uncle covered in vines with plants growing out of his body.



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  1. Jaime says:

    I like the way you tell these stories and describe the characters. I don’t know a lot about Batman or Killer Crock, but was easy to get into it. I remember when I was a kid my mom had these old short story books that seemed a lot like comics, but they were fully described in words. I miss reading stuff like that. Sometimes I think it would be better to sit in a recliner and read something like this instead of binging on Netflix. Keep the stories coming, please.

    • Byron Page says:

      Thank you glad you’re enjoying the origins stay tune for our next origin Leon S. Kennedy in the Resident Evil Universe.

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