Wonder Woman (Review)

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So 3 days ago I’ve seen the (Wonder Woman) movie and the movie is epic, but it had it’s meh moments. I personally not a big fan of Wonder

Woman and before I get into this review there was a lot of struggle putting this movie out to some states and countries, now from the reports about the Wonder Woman movie is wasn’t getting viewed in some states in the United States. Not only that some countries in the Islamic area shut the movie down based on (Gal Gadot) ethnic, and in the U.S. it was all sexiest and race debating on the Wonder Woman character. So if you guys want to leave a comment let’s make this a friendly site shall we?

So in the beginning of the movie the (Wayne Enterprise) providers delivered a suitcase with a photo of (Diana) and (Team Trevor) “That’s what I’m calling them for now, if you like it spread the word.” So the era of when the photo is taken was in (WWII) Now I find this to be amazing having the director (Patty Jenkins) base the movie in WWII now in the (New 52) and the previous issues, When Diana met Steve Trevor who is played by (Chris Pine) from the current Star Trek movies directed by J.J. Abrams, the comics based the greeting in the current era. Now I’m all hands down for this story in WWI, but there are some meh like I was saying in the begining of this review, such as the fast past of the story.

Reason of me saying that is the way how the movie started out, now Diana see Steve crash landing into the ocean she runs off to save him of course, and leads into the acton the Nazi solders finds (Themyscira) which leads to the fued of the Amazonians and the Nazis which leads to the death of Diana’s Aunt and teacher from when she was a child to adult. Diana took the adventure with Steve to London, now rewinding to the discussion Diana and another Amazonian had was about who Diana is “In that discussion they may have conform that her father is (Zeus).” In the New 52 #4 after (Flashpoint) of Wonder Woman; Diana’s Mother (Queen Hippolyta) reveals that Diana’s father is Zeus which is the importance of the Wonder Woman comic.

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When Diana and team Trever plans a trip to (The Front) where Aries is settled. Now with the virus which I should have been explaining, is an acid hydrogen that burns through gas mask, and was created by (Dr. Poison) who is played by Elena Anaya. Dr. Poison started In 1942 Princess Maru became Doctor Poison, who disguises her gender via a bulky hooded costume and mask. Dr. Poison was a Japanese “princess”, spy, chief of the Nazi Poison Division, and Chemical Research Chief of the Japanese Army. She was the leader of a Nazi spy ring, whose ultimate goal was to wreak havoc in the US Army by contaminating the army’s water with “reverso,” a drug that confuses the brain center,.

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This plan is foiled by the Amazon heroine Wonder Woman who imprisons Doctor Poison. She later escapes and, in 1943, now working for , grounds all planes along the front of via a “green gas” which “enters the carburetor and stops the engine.” Wonder Woman halts this scheme as well, and Doctor Poison is imprisoned on , the Amazon penal colony. She is not seen again until 1948, when she and seven other female super-villains escape and pool their talents as Villainy Inc. Led by the Saturnian slaver Eviless, the evil eight are again defeated by Wonder Woman. Throughout most of her first appearance Doctor Poison was believed to be a male due to her disguise, and she retained this mannish garb in her later appearances. Whether this guise was simply a necessity of assuming power within the male-dominated Axis governments or indicative of something else is difficult to say at this late date. “Just so know her little origin.

So the mid ending General Erich Ludendorff who is played by (Striker) just kidding (Danny Huston) was a German general, the victor of the Battle of Liège and the Battle of Tannenberg. From August 1916, his appointment as Quartermaster general (Erster Generalquartiermeister) made him the leader (along with Paul von Hindenburg) of the German war efforts during World War I until his resignation in October 1918, just before the end of hostilities. General Erich took a does of Dr. Poison super soldier gas, in which (Batman Theorist) calling the gas (Venom) the same gas that created (Bane).

Now coming to the turn of event after Diana kills General Erich, one of the British commanders who was entailed with assisting Diana and Steve was actually (Ares), so Ares appears reveling that the Good killer isn’t actually the sword she holds, but it is her. “Now it’s pretty obvious that she is the God killer because, she is the daughter of Zeus himself.

Meanwhile Steve and the gang hijack an Nazi plane carrying a gas load of Dr. Poison’s gas tanks, so Steve decided why not I’m going to be a bad ass and risk my life as a hero, which he did “r.i.p my friend” and like every DC movie or some sort Diana was furious and beat the Good living snot out of Ares causing his death.

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Now I started loving Wonder Woman after seeing the movie, well after seeing Flashpoint paradox, but in all cases this movie was a bit of a rush and the story is good, I was hoping to see (Cheetah) after the credits, but leave it to Deadpool breaking the 4th walls. Now my grade for this movie is going to be a 7.9/10 like I sad it was a rush in the movie and could of lead to more excitements, but leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts about the movie.

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Resident Evil Final Chapter Review (Spoilers)

Hello everyone welcome to the DZ review slot and to everyone that are resident evil fans be prepared for this epic angry rant…Okay I do not know where to start, but the Resident evil franchise started in the year 1996 with this haunted house of horrors “Which resident evil is my first video game I ever played.” but as a fan I really detest the movies (besides the CG franchise!) Now let me begin “Note spoilers ahead.” okay so in the beginning of the movie we all know where it started out, Alice ID’s herself like every other god loving RE movie, and then we cut to a kid being infected. So now let me say this “WHERE THE HELL IS LEON, JILL, AND ADA!?” Like seriously I thought this movie would go out with a *boom* *boom* *ching* *ching*  but no we get Alice waking up in a desert infested Washington D.C. so on the side line we have the mad scientist (Dr. Alexander) who’s suppose to be the boss of Wesker “Hell no” and he have taken captive Alice into this Umbrella tank looking bogie which looks pretty cool, but not to give this whatever movie this is “which I know it’s my resident evil” this movie reminds me of a kid okay? Who haves homework, but guesses on every question just to get it done and still fails! Like come on man why rush this movie, besides the negatives let’s get to the positive aspect. The movie 3D sucks, the fight scenes was awesome and a major turn of events was Alice being the (Red Queen) was like holy hell, and seeing Alice as an old lady was like “dang who gave you the T?” I mean come on the movie may be bad, but it have a little good sugar on it…kinda, so moving on we find out the Red Queen is the child idealism of Alice, and Alice is really a clone, but the real Alice is this old lady name (Alissa) so I seen all the original infected monsters in the resident evil franchise from RE5 and RE6. Now me getting to this part makes me mad the ending okay so there is an Anti-virus vial the can end the whole infection once it’s released all the zombies around the world are done, so me thinking about lionizing Alice for being the hero why didn’t she do this in the first place? All she have to do is break a Anti-virus vial and (Raccoon City) would still be in peace and yes she goes to the (Hive) and fights Dr. Alexander to end this outbreak and which we found out Dr. Alexander haves clones himself and we get to see him “the real him!” kicking Alice ass once again and all his skills are the same as Alice. So now kicking off the final fight Dr. Alexander gets killed by his clone…like what the hall if he can see every move Alice can make why not his clone and other thing is Wesker haves his foot cut off and died from bleeding out, also begging for help?….WHAT DID I JUST WATCH!?!? okay everyone I cant with this movie.

Resident Evil Final Chapter final score: 4.0/10 comment what you think about the movie!