Venom (Origins)

Venom is of a race of alien symbiotes that are formed from a thick, liquid, organic material. They, as their symbiotic nature suggests, depend on other beings to help them sustain their life force. In exchange for this relationship, the symbiote offers great powers to its host. Unfortunately for the host, the symbiotes are not keen on the idea of separating and eventually start to fully consume both mind and body of their hosts. Removal of the symbiote is often only possible through the usage of strong sound waves produced from intensely loud and sustained noises.

The symbiote itself is sentient and has chosen different hosts throughout the years; among them were Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and Eddie Brock. Later on, there were others such as Angelo Fortunato and Mac Gargan; and even Ms. Marvel and Red Hulk have acted as hosts for the alien symbiote, as well as Ann Weying (Eddie Brock’s ex). The current host is Flash Thompson.

When the Beyonder created Battleworld in the events of the comic “Secret Wars “, Deadpool released the Symbiote from a machine that he had thought created new costumes. The creature bonded with him, but Deadpool quickly abandoned it, reasoning that it would be cruel to force a sentient being to bond with a twisted creature like him. It is implied that bonding with Deadpool’s severely fractured psyche may be part of the reason for the symbiote’s violent and possessive behavior. The symbiote capsule was then found by Spider-Man, whose red and blue tights had been ripped to tatters during a previous battle. When Spider-Man grabbed the little black ball, it instantly slithered over his body, covering him from head to toe. But it did not pattern itself after his red-and-blue costume. Rather, it took on the appearance of the garment worn by Julia Carpenter, the new Spider-Woman, whom Spider-Man had been admiring. The web-slinger was amazed at the properties of his new suit, but never questioned the mechanisms behind them. For instance, it could mimic any type of clothing whatsoever, making Spider-Man’s need for spare clothing obsolete. It also contained a “dimensional aperture” where he could place his camera, spare change, and other items without adding bulk to the costume. The costume was also capable of generating its own organic webbing. When the other super heroes that were with him used the machine, their clothes did not give/add any new powers to them.

Once Spider-Man returned to Earth, the alien costume could not tolerate being separated from its host for long periods of time. At night, when Spider-Man’s alter ego, Peter Parker slept, the Symbiote would take control of him and battle evil. Peter realized that when he always woke up from bed, he is still exhausted. Later, Spider-Man battled the Puma, who perceived that the wall-crawler’s webs were organic. Startled by this revelation, Spider-Man accepted Reed Richards’ offer to study the costume. Richards learned that the costume was actually a living alien Symbiote, a parasite trying to graft itself permanently to Spider-Man both mentally and physically. Richards succeeded in separating the alien costume from its host by shooting it with a “sonic blaster.” He then contained the being in a special environmental cell. But the alien was much more intelligent than anyone perceived. It tried to hypnotize Franklin Richards, but failed. Unfortunately not stopping it, it escaped from its cell and made its way to Peter Parker’s closet where it waited, disguised as a spare red-and-blue costume. Spider-Man unwittingly donned the costume, which immediately made itself apparent. He brought it to the tower at Our Lady of Saints Church gambling the intense sound of its bells would destroy it. Spider-Man lost the gamble, and he succumbed to the bells before the costume did. However, the empathic parasite had preyed upon the emotions of Spider-Man long enough to learn how to feel, and in feeling, to act. Sacrificing itself, the alien costume saved Spider-Man then crawled away to die. In actuality the Symbiote, weak and dying, slithered down into the church where Eddie Brock knelt in prayer at the altar. Raised a Catholic, he begged forgiveness for the suicide he was contemplating.

Eddie Brock had been a successful columnist for the newly revived Daily Globe until he began writing a series of articles about the ” Sin-Eater murders”. A bogus offender had confessed to Brock about committing the murders. While protecting the murderer’s identity under the First Amendment, Brock wrote a series of stories in the Globe detailing his dialogue with the supposed killer, until mounting pressure from the authorities forced him to write an exclusive revealing the murderer’s name. Although that edition of the paper sold out immediately, Spider-Man soon revealed the true identity of the Sin-Eater to be Detective Stan Carter, making Brock a laughingstock among his fellow journalists. Fired from the Daily Globe, he was forced to write venomous drivel for scandal newspapers. Brock’s wife left him, and his future appeared to be over. Brock blamed his predicament on Spider-Man.

Soon after, Brock began an intense physical workout program hoping to reduce the stress his life had become. However, such physical exertions only increased his violent obsession with Spider-Man. Although his body had been honed to near-perfection, Brock’s mind was reduced to an all-consuming vessel of hatred. It was this fierce emotion that attracted the empathic parasite. In order to survive, the alien costume had to feed off the nearest and greatest source of emotion. The Symbiote joined mentally and physically with Brock, whose emotions overwhelmed the already confused alien. The dominant thought on both their minds was that of Spider-Man. But Brock’s sheer hatred for the crime fighter twisted the Symbiote’s feelings to a similar extent. In effect, Brock’s emotions drove the Symbiote insane, just as their bonding may have driven Brock over the edge. Brock soon discovered that the costume gave him all the powers of Spider-Man, and more. It also added bulk to his already large frame and increased his strength to superhuman levels. Calling himself “Venom”, Brock directed the costume to sprout a hideous grin and plotted his revenge. Through the costume, Venom learned a great deal about Spider-Man, including his secret identity.

Brock taunted Peter Parker with minor assaults, such as pushing him in front of a moving subway train. The alien costume could cancel out the wall-crawler’s spider-sense presumably by projecting conflicting frequencies upon Spider-Man’s brain waves. Venom finally made a bold move when he confronted Parker’s wife, Mary Jane, at their old Chelsea apartment. Although Venom’s twisted sense of morality did not allow him to physically harm Mary Jane, Spider-Man immediately realized the nature of this threat. Taking the time to retrieve the sonic blaster from the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man challenged Venom at Our Lady of Saints Church. Although he fired the blaster at Venom, Spider-Man soon discovered that the Symbiote could not be separated from Brock because it had completely bonded with him. Trying to escape and rethink his options, Spider-Man was caught unaware by Venom. He captured Spider-Man and secured him to the inside of the church bell with a considerable amount of webbing. Spider-Man narrowly escaped the bell’s crushing clapper before defeating Venom by forcing him to deplete his webbing supply, of which the alien Symbiote was actually comprised. Before the alien could regenerate enough of its mass to become a renewed threat, Spider-Man brought Venom to the Fantastic Four who imprisoned him in a sonic containment cell.

Sometime later, the Fantastic Four shipped Venom to The Vault, a government prison for super-powered criminals located in the Colorado Rockies. A young guard named Hugh Taylor, who had just been assigned to the Vault, was fooled into thinking that Venom was a fallen colleague and released the gate mechanism which imprisoned the criminal. With a bit of remorse, Venom then killed the naive guard and promptly made his escape to New York City where he once again confronted Spider-Man. This time Spider-Man used psychological warfare upon Venom, by taunting the alien symbiote to return to him. The alien, torn by its love-hate relationship for Spider-Man, tried to leave Brock and re-establish its link with its original owner. Brock, greatly distressed by what was happening, pleaded with the symbiote to remain with him but it ignored his pleas. The symbiote begins its slithery flow onto Parker’s body, when the trauma of trying to detach itself from Brock’s nervous system was too much to bear. The alien costume and Eddie Brock were both knocked unconscious and were subsequently returned to the Vault, where they were incarcerated. Since then, Venom has gone through many changes.

The next fight, Venom went after Spider-Man around the same time Jonathon Caesar, an insane and obsessed fan of Mary Jane Watson-Parker, sent two mercenaries Styx and Stone after the wall-crawler. Venom unintentionally became involved in the plot when the two attempted to follow him through the sewers in the hope of finding Spider-Man. Unfortunately for them, Venom escaped the sewers in his human guise. After yet another fight with Spider-Man, Styx and Stone found the two and attempted to kill Spider-Man. Fortunately for Spidey, albeit in a bad way, Venom would not allow anyone else to kill Spider-Man, save himself. Attacking the two, the fight ensued. Styx, the living cancer, touched the Symbiote, killing it in the process. With the Symbiote seemingly dead, Eddie Brock was sent to a normal prison. However, later, it was revealed the Symbiote was merely sent into a comatose state, seemingly immune to Earthly diseases. Returning to Eddie Brock, the two easily escaped. In the breakout, however, the suit left a small spawn behind it, which would bond with Eddie’s cell mate, Cletus Kasady. No one would know about this for months. Eddie brought Spider-Man to an island in the Caribbean, away from people and innocents, in the hope of killing him alone. However, Spider-Man later realized that Venom would only be happy if he knew that Spider-Man was dead. Faking his death, Spider-Man made Venom believe that he had died. Happy at last, Venom thought there was no reason to return to civilization, having all he needed on the island, and stayed there.

A few months later, however, the psychotic serial killer known only as Carnage emerged, beginning a slaughter spree throughout Manhattan, in which hundreds died. Spider-Man attempted to stop him, but learned the hard way that he was outmatched physically, despite his superior experience. Realizing that Carnage possessed a Symbiote, Peter reluctantly turned to Venom for assistance in order to stop this menace. Contacting the Human Torch, they traveled to the island where Spider-Man had left Venom. When Venom saw that Spider-Man was in fact still alive, he attacked the two. A brief spat ensued, after which Venom listened to Spider-Man’s reasoning. Venom agreed to help Spider-Man stop Carnage in exchange for his freedom. Spider-Man reluctantly obliged, starting the first of many uneasy alliances between the two.

Once they returned to New York, the combined efforts of Venom and Spider-Man to stop Carnage’s rampage on two separate occasions were met with equal failure. Finally, however, during a rock concert at Madison Square Garden, they stopped Carnage after he was trying to kill J. Jonah Jameson. After Spider-Man destroyed Kasady’s Carnage symbiote through the use of the stage’s sound system, Venom attacked him. He still possessed enough hatred to attempt to choke him. Luckily, Venom was stopped by the Fantastic Four. After years of animosity, Venom reached an agreement with Spider-Man and called a truce.

After forming a truce with Spider-Man, Venom would relocate to the West Coast, San Francisco. Starting out as a “Lethal Protector”, Venom would come across a hidden underground city. A man known as Roland Treece was sending hired guns to exterminate these people so he could claim the hidden gold reserve below the underground city. Venom decided to protect these people from Treece and infiltrated Treece’s company. Venom’s actions had gotten Spider-Man’s attention, however, and Spider-Man would travel to San Francisco to bring Venom down once and for all. While Spidey searched for a lead on his former enemy, Venom was being pursued by a team of of highly trained soldiers known as the Jury. The Jury was brought together by Orwell Taylor, the father of the young Vault officer Venom killed during a Vault breakout. The Jury relentlessly attacked Venom, nearly killing him until the Life Foundation rescued, then captured, him. Carlton Drake, head of the foundation had plans for creating super guardsman similar to Venom’s first offspring, Carnage, and violently ripped from Venom five spawn, creating the Five Life Foundation Symbiotes and joining them with their best personnel. Spider-Man encountered one of the new symbiotes, a female human joined with a symbiote, and followed her back to the Life Foundation. Realizing that Spider-Man’s intrusion was in order to track down Venom, and since Venom was no longer useful for the foundation, Drake had the symbiote violently separated from Eddie, nearing killing Eddie.

Eddie would later free himself and team-up with Spider-Man, reuniting with his own Venom symbiote. The five new symbiote tested out their powers against the combined efforts of Spider-Man and Venom, but their symbiotes where seemingly destroyed by a machine triggered by Venom, and the human host where thought dead after the Life Foundation complex self-destructed. Having escaped the exploding building, the two spider-powered foes would join forces against Roland Treece and prevent him from killing all of the inhabitants of the underground city. Spider-Man then returned to New York while Venom would remain with the underground city.

Carnage would later escape again and be joined up with other super villains and start the Maximum Carnage. Once again, Spider-Man and Venom would fight him again after Carnage called out Venom on TV. Venom would later assemble his own team including Cloak, Dagger, and Morbius. They fight Carnage. At one point, Venom gets captured and tortured by Carnage and later escapes. He and Carnage later fight near a small plant and Venom defeats Carnage in a big explosion.

However, some time later (in Separation Anxiety), the Life Foundation Symbiotes would return. After being separated from his own symbiote by the Scarlet Spider, Eddie Brock was sent to a research facility. The five Life Foundation Symbiotes broke into the facility to escape with Eddie. They kept Eddie captive until he would agree to help the human hosts control their own symbiotes. But one of the five symbiotes, Donna (Scream) would kill off the human hosts of her fellow offspring one-by-one. When the Venom symbiote escaped from it’s imprisonment and rejoined with Eddie, the two would defeat Scream and leave her and her four dead comrades (with their symbiotes still alive) for the authorities (the remaining four symbiotes would merge into one and bond with Scott Washington to become Hybrid.

Venom was recruited via an ultimatum by the government to be a special operations counter-terrorist agent. Venom agreed, but one stipulation of the deal did not sit too well with him. A bomb was planted in his chest to assure complete and utter obedience. After a few missions, Venom became tired of the situation and had the Symbiote perform surgery on him and extracted the bomb. A brouhaha ensued wherein the end result was Eddie Brock lying unconscious and the Symbiote dead, only to return later on and re-join with Eddie. Thus Venom was whole again and looking to square things with Spider-Man once again. He had lost his memory and no longer knew the secret identity of Spider-Man, but knew that a Venom blames Spider-Man for his wife’s death deep seeded hatred resided within him for the webhead.

Shortly after the reunion, Venom joined the Sinister Six for a brief period in order to get at Spider-Man. After being scorned by the group, he hunted down certain members of the team for revenge (including Electro, the Sandman, and Alyosha Kravinoff). Later Eddie Brock approached his ex-wife Ann Weying, and at the thought of having the Symbiote back in her life, she jumped out of her apartment window and killed herself.

Venom blamed Spider-Man, whom he had a skirmish with right before Ann died. Thus the hatred for the old web-head was fueled anew.


Dr. Doom (Origins)

Victor was the child of Gypsy travelers in Latveria, a small European country. Victor’s mother, Cynthia, was killed soon after she called upon the demon Mephisto for power. She left Victor with his father, asking him to protect him from Mephisto. Victor’s father, Werner, was a doctor who was called upon by King Vladimir of Latveria to treat his wife. Unable to do so, Werner fled with Victor and died soon afterward trying to protect his son. Victor was left with his father’s best friend Boris. Victor later discovered his mother’s mystical books and artifacts. With them, he was able to teach himself sorcery. He made several unsuccessful attempts to free his mother’s soul from Mephisto.

Victor excelled in science, developed several inventions and was eventually given a scholarship to Empire State University. While attending this school, Victor met Reed Richards, who would later become his enemy, Mr. Fantastic. In school, they were considered scholarly rivals. One day, Victor designed an invention to rescue his mother which would become his greatest downfall. Richards attempted to warn Victor of an error in his calculations. However, Von Doom’s arrogance refused to let him listen. The machine then exploded, scarring his face and led to his expulsion from the university.

Von Doom later went to Tibet and found an old order of monks. He practiced their ways enough for him to become their leader. Von Doom then asked them to make his first suit of armor. Eager to wear the suit, Doom placed the still-hot steel faceplate to his face, making him even more scarred than before. As Dr. Doom, he then killed Baron Vladimir and imprisoned his son Rudolfo, and gained control over Latveria. Rudolfo would escape and lead a rebellion and become a thorn in Doom’s side for years till his death. Later, Rudolfo’s younger brother Zorba would take over where his brother left off. Doom using his intellect and inventions, turned Latveria into a thriving nation.

While on a quest to conquer the world, Doom had several run-ins with his former rival, Reed Richards and his super-team, the Fantastic Four. He first tried to get the Fantastic Four to steal some gems which were originally Merlin’s from the past and would bring him great power, but this plan ended in failure.

He teamed up with another superhero, Namor, to try to defeat the Fantastic Four and almost succeeded. He was defeated and stranded in space where he was rescued by the Ovoids. He was able to learn much of their technology and used it upon his return to Earth to try to defeat the Fantastic Four again. He switched bodies with Reed Richards and impersonated him. He planned to shrink the rest of the team into nothingness, but the plan backfired and it was Doom who was shrunken.

After being shrunken, Doom had entered the Microverse, a land of peace ripe for the taking. After befriending the King and Princess Pearla, he became the court magician (because of his advanced science that was unknown to them). He had their people build his weapons for him and soon turned on his royal friends and shrunk them further, taking control of their planet. He then built another machine to tamper with the lives of the Fantastic Four, which eventually brought them to his doorstep. Once captured, he planned to trade the Four to the Lizard Men of Tok, brutal conquerors of the Microverse, in exchange for allegiance. Of course the Fantastic Four were able to escape. Once Doom noticed they had, he returned to the normal world, not giving up on his plans of revenge. He began his plans immediately, kidnapping Alicia Masters to his Flying Fortress and warning the Fantastic Four to not interfere if they wish to see her again. He then sent a note to the President of the United States demanding a spot in the cabinet or else he would wage war against the country. After he received no response, Doom attacked the US mainframe, taking control of its electricity and weapons. The Fantastic Four were helpless, Doom having used his ‘followers’ to map their atomic structures, making it impossible for them to attack him without being disintegrated.

But Reed outsmarted Doom again, transforming the Thing back into Ben Grimm temporarily, enabling him to breach Doom’s defenses and allow the rest of the team entrance. Doom still had booby traps for the team but they still were able to reach him. Doom went to grab Alicia, knowing they would never risk her safety, only to find the Invisible Woman had switched places with her. Doom was defeated again and rather than be captured and humiliated he jumped from the Fortress to escape.

The most unusual Fantastic Four-Doctor Doom tale occurred in Fantastic Four #116. The Earth was in grave danger from the foe called Overmind. He was so powerful that he even took control of Mr. Fantastic’s will and made him his lackey. However, Agatha Harkness appeared to the Invisible Girl and urged her to contact Doctor Doom, the one person who could help. Susan went to Doom and, at first, he refused her request for aid but she was eventually able to convince him to change his mind. Doom led the Human Torch, the Thing and the Invisible Girl in battle against the Overmind.

One of his enemies was the Silver Surfer. He was able to steal the Silver Surfer’s Power Cosmic and become one of the most powerful beings on Earth, but again, his plan was stopped by the Fantastic Four. They managed to trick him into flying outside of Earth’s boundaries, therefore meaning that since Galactus had placed boundaries to stop the Silver Surfer leaving, Doom’s power was lost.

Dr. Doom became the runner-up at the Aged Genghis’s contest. As stated in the rules of the match, he was given one request from the winner, Doctor Strange. Dr. Doom’s request was to free his mother’s soul from Mephisto. Together, they were able to free the soul of his mother, but at the price of her undying hatred against her son.

During the events of Secret Wars, Doom was one of the villains kidnapped by the Beyonder and sent to Battleworld. He quickly began manipulating the events of the series to his own ends, and ended up briefly sporting a new look after his armor was damaged and hastily rebuilt. Doom soon encountered Klaw, and used the villain as part of a plot to steal the powers of both the Beyonder and Galactus. Doom was thwarted when the Beyonder stole Klaw’s body and tricked Doom into giving up his newfound Godhood.

When the threat of Onslaught arrived on Earth, Doom saw this as an opportunity to steal the being’s powers. When Earth’s heroes learned they must sacrifice themselves to defeat Onslaught, Iron Man decided Doom should help with that sacrifice. Iron Man grabbed Doom and pulled him into Onslaught’s essence, killing him.

Franklin Richards created a pocket universe for the heroes to live in. Doom remained much as he had before. Unlike most of the heroes, Doom seemed to remember the past events of Onslaught. When Galactus came to Earth to consume it, Doom was met by a future version of himself and given information and technology to help him. Doom first tried to steal the cosmic powers of Galactus’ heralds. Soon realizing he was no match for Galactus and realizing the planet was doomed, he traveled back in time to try to prevent this. After two more attempts to stop Galactus and turn it towards his favor, Doom finally worked with the heroes and the Silver Surfer to defeat Galactus. Eventually, after the heroes returned back to their normal Earth, Doom remained behind. He took over the world and moved it from the pocket universe to his original universe with magic and technology, putting it in the same orbit as Earth, only on the opposite side, creating a Counter Earth. Eventually, he was overthrown and returned to his rightful planet.

During his youth, he fell in love with a woman named Valeria, but she declined his advances. He made a pact with the Hazareth Three, which involved sacrificing her in order to gain more power. This act is generally considered to be the precursor to a new Dr. Doom who regretted the crime against Valeria. It is stated to be the reason for Doom naming Reed’s daughter Valeria, after the woman he truly loved but killed. He considers himself to be the self-appointed guardian of young Valeria as he feels this is the way he can atone for the death of his love. However, Marvel has not mentioned exactly what triggered this emotional sentiment in Doom to bring back the memory of Valeria. He became trapped in Hell when he was tricked by the Fantastic Four and Dr. Strange.

When Mjolnir was floating and passing through all realities, it made a hole in hell for Doom to escape. When Mjolnir landed on Earth, Doom tried to claim it, but he was unworthy. He later returned to Latveria and rediscovered his magical heritage to defeat his enemies. He later welcomed Atlanteans to Latveria when their kingdom was destroyed and later aligned himself with Loki to plot against Thor and the release of Asgard’s enemies.

Doom then faced the Mighty Avengers after he released Symbiote from one of his satellites. When Iron Man, Sentry, and Doom were fighting, they were suddenly brought back to the past. The three had to work together to get back to the present by using Mr. Fantastic’s time machine from that timeline. But when they got back, Doom sent Iron Man to a time when his castle was only moments away from exploding. With Iron Man out of the way, he easily defeated the Avengers. Iron Man however, managed to escape in the nick of time. That, combined with Spider-Woman’s breakout from Doom’s prison, proved to be the start of his downfall and Doom was finally apprehended.

During the Marvel Civil War, Dr. Doom had been abandoned in hell (Mobius Dimension) by the Fantastic Four. There, he conducted a valiant battle against innumerable demons. He escaped when Thor’s hammer passed through that plane of existence, on its journey to Earth. When back on Earth, he found that his Prime Minister had taken over his country, after two years of Doom being absent. The Minister was about to make serious changes in the government, when Doom intervened. He then set about the task of retrieving Mjolnir. After fighting SHIELD and the Fantastic Four, he arrived at the hammer only to find he could not lift it. He returned to Latveria, frustrated.

In Latveria he was approached by Black Panther and his wife, Storm to form a united front against the registration act of the US. At the time, Black Panther was seeking aide from countries such as the UK and Atlantis. Although Doom agreed with Black Panther, he did not involve himself in combat on US soil during the war.

In the fallout of Secret Invasion, we first see Dr. Doom attending the meeting of the Dark Illuminati. Victor is unimpressed with Norman Osborn’s brave new world but plays ball anyways. Following the departure of the other Illuminati, Namor and Doom talk about their real plans. Doom says that if things do not go the way he thinks, there will be a battle the likes the universe has never seen.

Upon his return to Latveria, Doom is attacked by Morgana Ley Fay after she had attempted to murder him in the past. The powerful witch blasts Doom and knocks him down for the count. As Morgana moves in for the kill, Doom is saved by Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers. Dr. Doom has also been working with groups of B-Ranked super-villains since the Secret Invasion. He smashed up the Sinister Six, (Kraven, Doc Ock., Sandman, Chameleon, Vulture, and Mysterio) before telling them he just had plans for them. Doom gives them instructions and helps them enhance their powers while he uses them to further his agenda.

After this, we see Dr. Doom teamed up with the Circus of Crime searching for the secret of eternal life. They come into a clash with Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil. It is revealed that the battle between the two groups was a test set-up by Doom to see who he would recruit. Even though the Circus won (with a very great deal of help from Doom). Doom recruits the Masters of Evil but also extends his hand to Python Princess. Doom had one last meeting with Norman and his Cabal, but still refused to side with Norman. To show off his power, Norman unleashed his ‘secret weapon’ on Doom and defeated him. But Doom was obviously prepared for this sort of attack, sending a Doombot in his place. The Doombot unleashed advanced technology to attack the Cabal and Norman’s Dark Avengers. Doom had made it clear that no one controls Doctor Doom.

After his initial capture and release for war crimes, Doom revealed that he had been taught everything by a master who would soon be returning. His master, he said, was far more powerful and evil than even himself. But when his master returned, known as the Marquis of Death, he was displeased with what Doom had been doing in the two decades since they parted. He expected Doom to be the vicious ruler of the Earth, not the ruler of a small country constantly defeated by heroes such as the Fantastic Four.

After mentally toying with him, he beat Doom and banished him to prehistoric times to die. With his new apprentice, the Marquis of Death began to torment the Fantastic Four as punishment. The Fantastic Four were able to defeat Doom’s master, only to find that the new apprentice was Doom himself. After being banished to the past, he spent millions of years growing in power and sorcery, planning his deceptive move against his former master. Now weakened by his defeat at the hands of the Fantastic Four, Doom killed his master, who was finally pleased with his former student.

Long ago, Doom was approached by the Leader and his super villain group the Intelligencia. They planned to steal the lost information of the Library of Alexandria and needs a safe place to store it, which Doom could provide in Latveria. Doom did not participate on any of the missions to obtain the information. When the last piece of info was retrieved, Doom betrayed them. He took the information for himself and had his guards attack the other members. Recently, the group reformed and with their technology and expertise created the Red Hulk and the Red She-Hulk. They planned to ‘lobotomize’ the competition and capture eight of Earth’s greatest minds, including Doom.

Doom was attacked by the Hulk, who turned out to be the Cosmic Hulk , controlled by MODOK and the Leader. Doom was able to absorb the robot’s energy but at the same time took the bait and absorbed a ‘neural anesthetizer’ that diminished his mental abilities. Lacking the needed intelligence to operate his devices or remember his magical incantations, Doom was captured by the Cosmic Hulk and transported to the location of the Intelligencia. In his captivity, Doom’s now diminished mind can only think of revenge against Bruce Banner, whom he mistakenly blames for his abduction.

Doom and the other geniuses were all attached to a device on the Intelligencia’s Hellcarrier. Inside the device was a fantasy world to control them, but Doom was not convinced by the illusion. But the device slowly drained their intelligence. Doom knew the world was fake but did not have the intelligence left to make an escape plan. He convinced Bruce that he was the only one with the mental capacity to release them, since he had not been in the machine as long. Bruce finally did what was needed and allowed their escape. In classic Doom fashion, he attempted to use the machine to transfer all the other geniuses knowledge into his own mind. Doom had not realized that his mental abilities were still diminished from the earlier attack and hooked himself to the machine incorrectly, further frying his own brain. He once again swore revenge on Bruce Banner, this time the real one, before the Red She-Hulk punched Doom through the wall and sent him plummeting to Earth.

When Doom learned of a xenophobic group of Wakandansknown as the Desturi, he began his plans for gaining access to the Vibranium supplies of Wakanda. Vibranium has the ability to be magically charged and has infinite power potential, something Doom has figured how to do and could be virtually unstoppable with the vast amounts of Vibranium located in Wakanda. Doom funded the Desturi to begin their revolt and takeover. Doom developed nanite cameras which were dispersed into all Wakandans which made them unknowing spies for Doom. With all the security information of Wakanda available to him, he was able to gain access to the vault that contains the country’s Vibranium. Doom has no interest in ruling Wakanda. If all goes according to his plans, he will take the Vibranium and turn the country into a wasteland. Having captured Storm, Doom demands she open the last locks. But she cannot open it. Doom discovers that to enter the vault ‘Only Through Purity Unencumbered by Pretense May You Pass,’ something Doom could never enter.

After the destruction of the Multiverse, Doom manages to kill the Beyonders and harness their power. With his newfound godhood, Doom merges the remaining bits of the surviving worlds into a new version of Battleworld, with himself as ruler. As God Doom, he rules the planet with an iron fist and brainwashes everyone into forgetting their prior worlds. He also marries Susan Storm, who does not remember her prior life. He is eventually opposed by the heroes after they remember the truth. During the final battle, Molecule Man gives God Doom’s power to Reed, who heals Victor’s face.

In the aftermath of the Multiverse’s restoration, the newly-healed Victor sets out to try and change his ways. He befriends Tony Stark and assists on a few occasions, even giving him one of the Wands of Watoomb and helping him defeat Madame Masque . After Tony is rendered comatose during a battle with Captain Marvel, Victor takes on the mantle of Iron Man. During this time, he clashes with foes such as the Maker, and even becomes a member of the Avengers after forming a friendship with Nadia Pym.

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Captain America (Origns)

From the brookly boy without a home, to the american hero of the states Captain America is one of the most iconic superheroes, and the logo. 

After the outbreak of World War II in Europe, a young HYDRA agent disguised as an American patriot named Steve Rogers attempted to enlist in the U.S. Army but was rejected, due to his skinny, anemic physique, and was classified 4-F. However, he garnered the attention of certain people including scientist Doctor Abraham Erskinewho was searching for suitable volunteers/test subjects for a top secret experimental program designed to create an army of Super-Soldiers. As a result of Operation: Rebirth, Steve Rogers gained speed, strength, flexibility, endurance and agility of nearly superhuman levels. These heightened abilities coupled with his unwavering courage and “never say die” attitude eventually made him Captain America, a living legend.

For information on the Captain America that substituted for Steve Rogers when the latter apparently “died” in 2007 see the Bucky Barnes character page.

Captain America was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby as a response to the booming popularity of patriotically-themed super heroes in the 1940’s. Though it was rare for any character, let alone a new one, to get a self-named title in those days, he debuted in Captain America Comics #1 (March,1941). He was depicted fighting Adolph Hitler himself on the cover even though the United States had not yet entered World War II and wouldn’t for another 9 months. Debuting along with Captain America in this comic was his teenage partner Bucky, and his arch-enemy the Red Skull. This issue sold nearly one million copies and Captain America soon became Marvel’s best-selling character.

“Cap” (the nickname he came to affectionately be called) spent World War II punching, kicking and defeating Nazis, Japanese, and other Axis members. In addition to help from Bucky, he battled the Axis forces alongside other Marvel (Timely) stalwarts: the Sub-Mariner and the Human Torch. Simon and Kirby did ten issues before leaving Timely to work for DC. When the war eventually ended, superheroes fell out of favor and comics sales declined. Captain America Comics was printed up to issue #75, but by then it had become a horror book and soon ended.

Captain America was revived by one of his original co-creators Jack Kirby and Stan Lee during 1964 in issue #4 of the Avengers. This was the start of Cap as we know him. He became an instant hit and was soon leading the Avengers. A short time later he shared and co-headlined a comic called “Tales of Suspense” along with fellow Avenger Iron Man. He has since become one of the cornerstones of the Marvel Universe and even transcended comics becoming a true American icon. Additionally, Captain America has been recreated many times over the years in comics featuring stories that take place in alternate universes. One of the most well-known alternate universe versions of Captain America is in the Ultimate Universe.

On July 4, 1920, Steven Rogers was born to a pair of Irish immigrants. Steve was always a courageous kid as well as a diligent student, but he wasn’t very athletic and he was quiet and introverted, because he was so skinny. Although he would eventually grow to 6’2, he was scrawny and weak, always last in athletic games (much like one Peter Parker, that would be born much later). A target for bullies as he grew up, he was protected by his best friend Arnie Roth, and, on at least one occasion, by neighborhood tough-guy Duvid Fortunov. Though it wasn’t apparent at the time, he possessed fierce loyalty, a courageous fighting spirit and a noble heart. Knowing he had no future in athletics, Steve majored in fine arts and was an exceptionally talented artist specializing in illustration.

When he tried to join the U.S. military Steve was immediately rejected due to him being physically too skinny and classified as “4-F.” Steve was puny and didn’t even come close to passing the mandatory physical exam for induction, although he wanted with all his life to serve his country, he was rejected and stamped out. It seemed there was nothing he could do. He eventually made an impression on the Army recruiters and trainers, however, when he convinced them just how desperately he wanted to do his part, and how it was his dream to fight for America against the Axis powers. Steve caught the attention of an officer who was looking for men to volunteer as test subjects for an experimental program which was part of a top-secret defense plan known to only a dozen men or less. The experimental program was called Operation: Rebirth. The plan was to create physically superior soldiers with a new serum dubbed the Super-Soldier Formula. If it worked, it would make ordinary men into super soldiers. They would become perfect physical beings; possessing strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and recuperative powers that bordered near the upper limits of human evolutionary potential.

After a rigorous process to choose a suitable candidate, Steve Rogers was chosen to be the first man whom the Super Soldier Serum would be administered to. It was Dr. Abraham Erskine who had developed the process, and it was he who administered it to Rogers. Rogers was injected with the Super Soldier Serum and was then bathed in Vita-Rays which activated and stabilized the serum’s chemicals in his system.

The process worked perfectly; Steve Rogers’ entire physical being was boosted to the maximum of human potential and efficiency. In addition, he virtually doubled in size as millions of new cells were created almost instantaneously. His muscle strength, flexibility and reflexes improved to the peak of human potential. Steve marveled, he had become the ultimate specimen of human physical power and ability as all weakness and deficiencies drained from his body. Just then, a Nazi spy burst in with a gun. He cried “Hail Hitler” and shot Erskine through the head. In order to keep Nazi spies from obtaining it, Erskine hadn’t written down the serum’s ingredients, along with much of the procedure, having instead committed it to memory. Therefore the secret of the Super Soldier Serum died with him. Steve Rogers would be the only Super-Soldier. He chased after and caught the Nazi spy who’d assassinated Erskine and broke his neck, killing him. He then vowed to use his power to fight the enemies of America and become a symbol of freedom.

The U.S government, disappointed at the loss of their planned super soldier army was determined to use Rogers to his fullest potential. To this end, they decided to use him as a superhero to fight the Nazis; to become a symbol of freedom and hope against Nazi forces as well as a counter-intelligence agent. He also would be their answer to and main weapon against the leader of the Nazi terrorist operations – the Red Skull. The U.S. Government gave him a costume based on the American flag, an unbreakable shield (given to him by President Franklin Roosevelt), a sidearm, and the name Captain America. From that point on, Steve Rogers was Captain America. A short time later he was stationed on an army base in Virginia serving as Private Steve Rogers.

While there he continued his extensive training and was deployed several times both domestically and abroad on covert missions. When on base as private, Steve purposely developed a persona and reputation as a clumsy soon-to-be soldier. It was also during this period that he meets Bucky Barnes – a young teenager who accidentally found out that Steve Rogers was secretly Captain America. With the U.S. Federal Governments permission, Steve trains Bucky and makes him his sidekick. Captain America and Bucky became a formidable fighting duo during World War II.

The two fight crime and Nazis on their own and, after Pearl Harbor, help found the Invaders, an Allied superhero team that fought against the Axis and their super-powered agents. The Invaders were featured in a comic book of their own in the 1970s. Recently, it has been stated that Bucky was already being trained when Steve/Captain America met him at the military base, hence, his being able to fight side-by-side with Cap almost immediately despite not having any super-powers.

During a mission to the African nation of Wakanda, Cap met King T’Chaka, the then-current Black Panther (this was later retconned into being Azzari, T’Chaka’s father). As a show of good faith, the Black Panther gave Cap a small amount of the rare metal vibranium, which would be used to construct his iconic shield. In return, Cap gave the Panther his original, triangular shield, which would be held on display in Wakanda for decades to come.

A few years passed, and, in part due to Captain America and the Invaders’ contributions, by 1945 the war was drawing to an end in Europe with the Allies driving the Axis troops out of the countries they had occupied.

With the Nazis retreating Cap and Bucky were on a routine mission trying to stop the evil Baron Heinrich Zemo from harming civilians using an unmanned drone plane. The patriotic duo engaged Zemo and his troops but before he was could be stopped Zemo managed to launch the drone plane up into the air towards allied forces armed with a huge bomb. Racing towards the plane as it was about to launch, Captain America and Bucky managed to jump onto it so they could try to defuse the bomb. Cap realized they couldn’t defuse it in time and tried to get Bucky, who was closer to the bomb, to jump off. Tragically, the bomb exploded and seemingly killed Bucky while throwing Captain America into the freezing waters of the north Atlantic Ocean. All searches to rescue or recover them failed and both were eventually presumed dead. Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were both believed to be dead for many years, and efforts to replace them were attempted to varying degrees of success.

With Captain America presumed dead (though actually frozen in a block of ice) the U.S. Government decided that Captain America was a valuable public relations tool that was still needed. Even though the war was won, they figured if the American public found out Cap was dead, their morale would be severely diminished, something that could not be risked while Japan continued to fight Allied forces in the Pacific. As it would turn out several replacements were needed to try to carry the mantle of “Captain America.”

The first replacement the U.S. Government recruited was formerly the Spirit of ’76, a patriotic superhero whose physical abilities were similar, but less than, those of Captain America. His partner, a new “Bucky”, was Fred Davis, a very athletic but still normal young man. This Captain America and Bucky team operated very well fighting crime, communism and aiding other super-heroes (working with the All-Winners Squad). Unfortunately this Captain America’s tour of duty ended when Adam II (an android) killed him in 1946.

The U.S. Government still felt having a “Captain America” was necessary so they again recruited one. This next replacement Captain America was the Patriot, Jeff Mace, another Golden Age/World War II super-hero. This Captain America also had a partner code-named “Bucky” but, unfortunately, two years into their stint this “Bucky” was shot in the legs, sustaining injuries that prohibited him from being Bucky any longer. Yet another former super-hero, this time the female, Golden Girl, became Cap’s crime-fighting, commie-busting partner until they both quit to marry each other. Determining that replacing Captain America and Bucky properly was quite difficult as well as risky to his iconic reputation, the U.S. Government finally let the idea fade and there was no Captain America and no Bucky.

In the 1950s, there was a brief run of the Captain America comic where, in keeping with the spirit of the times and the newly started ‘Cold War’ with communist Russiaand China, Captain America becomes a more aggressive, conservative, communist-fighting character. When the real Captain America made his return in the ’60s, the appearance of the ’50s Cap was left unexplained, until Steve Englehartstarted on the book.

In 1953, a man named William Burnsidefound the lost formula for the Super-Soldier Serum in Nazi files in a Germanwarehouse. This man idolized and almost worshiped Captain America. He had a Ph.D. in American History and he had done his thesis on Captain America. He immediately tells the government about the formula in exchange for becoming the next Captain America. He underwent plastic surgery to look like Steve Rogers and was set to be the symbol for the Korean War. However, the project was never finished, so “Steve Rogers” became a teacher.

While teaching, he finds a young student named Jack Monroe (eventually known as Nomad) who also is a huge Captain America fan. They use the formula on themselves and became the new Captain America and Bucky. They fight Communism, but they didn’t know of the Vita-Ray process that was required to stabilize the recipient after taking the super soldier formula. Since they don’t take it, it affected their minds and they became overly paranoid, attacking anyone they even have the slightest suspicion of being a Communist, seeing threats to America where none existed. The government quickly realized they were out of control, and shut them down, placing them in suspended animation. Years later they are freed by a disgruntled government employee. Newly awakened in the 1970’s, they confront the real Captain America and his new partner, the Falcon.

Regarding the differences that underpinned this confrontation, Steve says, “In this case, the comics mirrored their eras; the late ’30s-early ’40s Cap was a liberal and the early ’50s Cap was a conservative. The first one looked up to Roosevelt; the second looked up to McCarthy. That’s about as fundamental as it gets.” Thus, it was not only a physical battle, but a battle of ideologies in which Cap confronted the impostor with just how out of touch and extreme he has become, and in doing so, manages to defeat him.

Ironically, it was Cap’s former Invaders teammate, Namor the Sub-Mariner, who finds an Inuit tribe worshiping a frozen figure in a block of ice near the icy waters of the North Atlantic. Namor, seemingly enraged that they are worshiping an inanimate object, lifts the block of ice and hurls it into the sea. Apparently damaged by the impact of hitting the water, the ice began breaking apart revealing the frozen figure within as a man. The Avengers, who are still in the area, after battling the Hulk and Namor, spot this man floating in the water and pull him aboard their craft. They soon recognized the iconic uniform the man wore beneath his torn and tattered clothing and identified him. He was Steve Rogers, Captain America! The Avengers determined he was still alive and they revived him. Upon becoming conscious, Captain America didn’t recognize any of the Avengers so he assumed they were Nazis and immediately sprung into action battling the entire team alone. Fortunately, the battle and misunderstanding ended quickly.

From his impossibly youthful appearance and actions after his revival the Avengers determined he had been preserved in a state of suspended animation while frozen in the ice. Though he was out of his own time and unfamiliar with the modern world he is still at his. Recognizing his value as skilled fighter in combat, a great tactician, and a natural leader; the Avengers invite Captain America to join their team. The Living Legend of World War II accepted, and soon became team leader, a position he has held more times than anybody else. This was quickly followed by his own monthly gig in the Tales of Suspense anthology, wherein he shared equal billing with Iron Man. He was involved in the Avengers’ first great roster shakeup, where he led a team consisting of himself, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Hawkeye. During the final arc of Tales of Suspense before it was renamed Captain America, Cap met and befriended the African hero Black Panther, beginning a friendship that would last many years.

Cap appears in an extended run by Stan and Jack in which Captain America leads the Avengers for a long time, fighting their enemies and some of his old enemies-such as Baron Zemo. He finds out what had happened to Bucky, his young World War II partner, and is devastated. He was grief-stricken for many years. Shortly after Captain America’s revival, honorary Avenger Rick Jones convinces Cap to let him become the new Bucky and partners with him for a short time. Captain America doesn’t want to be responsible for another young partner’s death. Just as he relents, and allows Rick to assume the Bucky identity, the Red Skull (Cap’s arch-enemy from World War II) uses the Cosmic Cubeto drive Bucky away. Afterwards, the title’s creative reins transferred over to Jim Steranko. A Silver Age stylist who helped redefine comic art expectations. One of his greatest Marvel triumphs was in the pages of Captain America! The issues of Cap #110, 111, 113 were packed with high drama, proportion expanding page layouts, and Steranko’s sultry, spy-oriented action.

When Steve learns that the Phoenix Force is coming for Hope and learns that Cyclops is ready to take the risk and will allow the Force to come to Hope, he right away takes the Avengers to Utopia to tell Scott that that is too risky and they cannot take such a big risk. When Cyclops tells Steve that the Phoenix Force has being doing only good during the years, Cap tells him the risks and Cyclops starts the attack against Steve Rogers and the Avengers.Later when Steve sees that they cannot win this war he uses their only hope, Wanda Maximoff. They are able to take Hope but a lot of Avengers are being held captive in a prison in Utopia.Later when Steve has no other hope he tries to gather the Illuminati again but not all of them come, Namor is the one that doesn’t come but the others come and go because they don’t have hope or they believe that the Phoenix Force is actually good. But later when everybody’s gone Namor comes.

Captain America is featured in his own title, where he is abducted by Arnim Zola’s minion to his own dimension, called Dimension Z. There he saves Arnim Zola’s infant son, Leopold, from his own father’s terror. Captain America raises Leopold as his own son, naming him Ian. After ten years time, still trapped in Dimension Z, Zola retrieves his long lost son, brainwashing him to hate Captain America and love the will of Zola. While getting out of Dimension Z Ian was shot by Sharron Carter and left for dead but unknown by Captain America Ian survived and has now become Nomad. Sharon Carter was also left for dead in Dimension Z but no one has seen her body to confirm it.

Captain America also recruits the latest roster of The Avengers together with Tony Stark. He is himself part of the team as team leader. During an incident involving Universal Incursions, Captain America attempts to use the Infinity Gauntlet to solve the problem, but fails. During a subsequent argument about what path the Illuminati should take, he is mindwiped by Doctor Strange and expelled from the group.

After Avengers vs. X-Men he tries to show the world that mutants and humans can work together, so he founds the Avengers Unity Squad, consisting of himself and Thor, Wolverine, Scarlet Witch, Rogue and Havok, the leader of the team.

Tombstone (Origins)

Born in Harlem, New York City. Lonnie Thompson Lincoln didn’t have a normal life growing up as a child because of his albino appearance. Constantly bullied by other children, this eventually led Lonnie to take the wrong path in life, as he grew bigger and used his appearance to bully other small children during high school. Aside from his intimidating appearance, Lonnie was basically a loner and a miscreant who forced protection money from other children in school. However Lonnie would find only one student who displayed any kindness towards him, who was known to be the high school’s editor Joe Robertson. But eventually Robertson would show his loyalty for his position and write an article about Lonnie’s activities within school. Feeling betrayed and angered, Lonnie confronted Robertson and intimidated him into pulling the article.

After high school, Lonnie steered further down the wrong path as he built himself into a life of crime. After filing his nails and teeth to points, damaging his vocal cords, training to peak physical strength, and engaging in several street fights to build his fighting skills, Lonnie finally landed a job with major crime bosses and gang lords as an assassin, nicknaming himself Tombstone. Eight years later, Lonnie would encounter Robertson once more, who was now working for the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper company. Upon receiving a tip of the recent murder of a local crime boss from an informant known as Isadore Kipper, Robertson would accidentally meet Lonnie, who murdered the informant before he could mention anything to Robertson. With Robertson witnessing the scene, Lonnie threatened Robertson if he reported anything that he just saw. Keeping this incident as a secret, both Lonnie and Robertson went separate ways once more. Robertson moved to New York to work as Editor-in-Chief with the Daily Bugle and was forced to hold the secret for over twenty years.

Lonnie’s criminal career proved successful, and he quickly gained a striking reputation as a dangerous figure within the criminal underground. Realizing the organized crime within New York City, Lonnie found employment there within the Kingpin’s (Wilson Fisk) criminal empire, strictly working through Fisk’s employer known as the Arranger. Acting as an enforcer for the Arranger, he would be given various tasks, including kidnapping the mutant known as Roland Rayburn. Ironically both Tombstone and Robertson would meet once more after the Daily Bugle editor learned that Lonnie was now residing within New York City. After harboring guilt of not being able to expose Lonnie’s criminal actions, Robertson foolishly anticipated a citizen’s arrest on Lonnie. Robertson was brutally attacked and nearly paralyzed by Lonnie, who ensured that his former friend wouldn’t do anything else stupid. With Robertson secretly recording his violent encounter with Lonnie, he finally had the evidence to have Lonnie pay for his crimes and handed the recording tape to Peter Parker for safe-keeping.

Realizing Robertson’s secret plan and that Peter Parker now possessed the tape, Lonnie threatened Robertson by endangering his family if the tape ever reached the authorities. Elsewhere, the vigilante known as Punisher would learn of this tape and the situation, which sent him on a hunt against Tombstone, where he ended up battling against and killing Roland, who had taken the costume name Persuader. With Lonnie stalking and injuring Parker’s wife Mary Jane, Spiderman tracked Lonnie down and defeated the criminal before leaving him to the authorities. After learning of what happened with Lonnie, Robertson turned in the tape recording as evidence for Lonnie’s crimes and saw to it that Lonnie fully paid for all his crimes and the murder of the informant twenty years before, Isadore Kipper.

As Robertson fully recovered and believed that he had seen the last of Lonnie, matters would turn for the worst when Lonnie confessed to the murder of Kipper and stated that Robertson was an accomplice to the murder as well. With little evidence supporting Robertson’s defense and the fact that he was at the scene of the crime, Robertson would be found guilty and sentenced to Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary. With Lonnie aware of Robertson’s situation, he managed to be transferred to the same prison with Robertson and share a cell next to Robertson’s. Knowing that his current situation was much worse with Lonnie next to him, Robertson desperately sought out protection from a fellow inmate known as the Bruiser. With Bruiser successfully protecting Robertson from Lonnie and fending off against Lonnie’s hired goons, Tombstone and a handful of henchmen would singly take on Bruiser and murder Robertson’s only means of protection. Forcing Robertson into working for him, Lonnie also secretly had a portion of guards and staff working for him and planned on both escaping and gaining revenge against Spiderman. Knowing that Spiderman and Robertson were good friends, Lonnie forced Robertson into having Spiderman secretly visit him in prison. When the Webslinger did so, he found that he was led into a trap as Tombstone quickly attacked Spiderman and forced Robertson to inject into his friend a virus that weakened the hero. Chaining Spiderman to a wall, Lonnie violently beat Spiderman relentlessly as Robertson painfully watched. With two escape helicopters approaching the prison and the prison alarm sounding, Lonnie used the drugged hero as a hostage and forced Robby into escaping with him. With Spiderman almost learning who Tombstone’s outside employer was, he managed to regain enough strength to fend off Tombstone’s goons, but was unsuccessful in preventing Lonnie’s escape and saving Robertson from his clutches. With Robertson realizing that his lack of courage wasn’t making anything better, he finally threw himself at Lonnie within the helicopter as both men fell to their apparent deaths in a secluded area within the woods.

Both Lonnie and Robertson managed to survive the fall and were taken to an Amish farm to be nursed back to health. With Robertson’s family and Spiderman trying to locate his friend, Robertson’s leg healed and he was back to normal health. Yet so was Lonnie, who was waiting for the right moment to kill Robertson for what he did. Finally attacking Robertson, Lonnie would be surprised as to how well Robby defended himself with a pitchfork, stabbing Lonnie in the chest with it. Leaving Robby, he walked away to treat his wounds. Both men would finally depart, and Robertson would finally return to his family and be pardoned for his crimes upon revealing the nature of the incident. Elsewhere, Lonnie returned to his secret employer, Hammerhead, as the enforcer planned for his next attack against both Robertson and Spiderman.

Hammerhead had Lonnie lay low for a while because of his wanted status, and he placed a contract against Robertson that was given to Hobgoblin (Jason Macendale). Upon learning this, Lonnie was angered that Hammerhead cheated Lonnie from a revenge that was rightfully his, and he secretly went to foil Hobgoblin’s attempts against Robertson. Aside from Lonnie’s efforts, Hobgoblin still proved incapable of killing Robby. Upon learning of a new chemical known as Diox-3 being produced at Oscorp, Hammerhead thought that this chemical could be successfully used in the cocaine trade. He sent Lonnie to pressure and blackmail Molten Man, a former villain and an Oscorp employee, to help Lonnie obtain the chemical. Molten Man would secretly betray Lonnie, telling Spiderman of Lonnie’s attempts and helping him take down Lonnie and his hired goons. When Robertson learned of this, he showed up to Oscorp with the intent of having Lonnie pay for his crimes. As both Molten Man, Spiderman, and unexpectedly Green Goblin (Harry Osborn) arrived and defeated Lonnie’s henchmen, Lonnie was attacked and shot by Robertson. He staggered into a chamber that contained Diox-3. Encased within the chamber, the chemicals were released, and Lonnie suffered from the violent effects as it bonded and merged into his physiology. Believing Lonnie to be dead, Spiderman, Molten Man, Green Goblin, and Robertson would later learn that Lonnie escaped the chamber after creating a massive hole within it.

Still recovering from the incident and wandering aimlessly in the streets, Lonnie was attacked by a handful of street thugs. Yet Lonnie would easily and quickly defeat the thugs as he learned of his newfound abilities: Imperviousness to injury and increased strength. Lonnie realized the potential of his newfound capabilities and took pride with them as he quickly visited his employer and brutally beat him for his incompetence as a crime lord. Leaving Hammerhead barely alive, Lonnie quickly took over Hammerhead’s operation and decided to have one final meeting with Robertson. After being contacted, the unsuspecting editor bravely met Lonnie at Hammerhead’s mansion and found Lonnie thanking him rather than trying kill him out of revenge. Viewing Robby as being responsible for his newly-gained abilities, Lonnie dropped his vendetta against Robby and decided to leave him alone.

But Lonnie would be attacked by Spiderman, who followed Robertson; the hero found himself struggling against Lonnie because of his new abilities. With Lonnie displaying pride for his hardened body and increased strength, Hammerhead managed to break free from his restraints and attack Lonnie with a machinegun. As Lonnie stood taking the storm of bullets from Hammerhead, the gunfire accidentally ruptured a gas tank behind Lonnie, causing a massive explosion. With Lonnie completely engulfed in the flames, everybody believed that was the last time they would see Tombstone, convinced that he died in the explosion.

Believed to be dead, Lonnie managed to survive the blast and later found himself seeking new employment with the ninja cult known as the Hand. Taskmaster would also participate within the Hand’s activities, giving the cult an idea for a competition between Taskmaster and Tombstone for an assassination position. As both criminals went on a murder spree, they eventually would capture the attention of both Daredevil and Punisher. With Daredevil trying to prevent Punisher from killing both criminals and stop their murder spree, Tombstone would find himself going against the Punisher on a speeding bus while Taskmaster and Daredevil were fighting each other in the streets. After luring Taskmaster into being hit by a vehicle, both Tombstone and Punisher managed to escape the scene. Yet Tombstone still pursued the competition and planned on making one last kill, the City Cultural Affairs Commissioner at a circus, with Punisher still in pursuit, intent on taking out Tombstone once and for all. Daredevil managed to foil both Tombstone’s and the Punisher’s plans, and Tombstone would later learn the true values of being with the Hand and left the group to pursue his criminal ways elsewhere.

Upon learning of a new costumed hero known as Darkhawk, Lonnie believed that the amulet on Darkhawk’s chest would grant him powers. Tracking down and viciously attacking Darkhawk, Tombstone ripped the amulet right off of Darkhawk’s chest. Still alive from the encounter, Darkhawk managed to flee from Tombstone and was rescued by an elderly man who was formerly a Darkhawk himself. Not caring less about Darkhawk’s fate, Tombstone went about trying to find help on how to use the amulet’s power. Going to both a fortune teller and a Hand member to assist him with using the amulet’s power proved unsuccessful, but activated a signal to Darkhawk, who was handling problems elsewhere against Venom. Tracking the signal to Tombstone’s position, the hero fought Tombstone once more and reclaimed his amulet after defeating him.

Tombstone next relocated to Chicago and was hired by Hardcore to participate alongside a short-lived group that consisted of Kickback and Nitro. Hired by Hardcore to kidnap North Dakota for reasons of gaining info on Luke Cage, they first used terror tactics against North Dakota by blowing up the Chicago Spectator building. Even though Tombstone didn’t fare well against Cage, he still managed to deliver North to Hardcore. As both Cage and Punisher pursued them, the group forced the unstable Nitro off the team, and Kickback grew sympathetic toward North and delivered her back to Cage after Hardcore got what he wanted from her. After the group dissolved, Tombstone next offered his services to the Maggia and ironically found himself working alongside a former enemy, Hammerhead.

After the downfall of the Kingpin, a summit known as “Dead Man’s Hand” tried to divide his empire among various criminal organizations. The summit took place in Las Vegas, and Tombstone and Hammerhead, both representing Maggia, participated. Not only did the summit lose control as Tombstone became disgusted with the other organizations’ unprofessionalism, but it also attracted the Punisher, Daredevil, and Nomad. With each vigilante attacking the participants with their own agenda, Tombstone would find himself battling against the Hand, and was convinced to spare the life of the cult’s greatest warrior, known as Izanami. After the incident, both Tombstone and Hammerhead left Las Vegas and hid in Lake Tahoe. Hammerhead would later fall victim to another brutal beating by Tombstone for reaching the ranks within Maggia.

Tombstone next made an appearance to the Advance Idea Mechanics (AIM) Weapons Expo on Boca Caliente. It was unclear if Tombstone was still working with Maggia or not, but he still acted as a crimeboss and did manage to gain some attention within the criminal underground. Upon returning to New York, Tombstone began to find several of his gangs under attack by a super-powered psychotic madman known as Deadzone. Even though Moon Knight was already on Deadzone’s trail, the vigilante would use Tombstone as bait to lure Deadzone out while being disguised as Tombstone’s personal limo driver. With Moon Knight managing to knockout the madman, Tombstone personally thanked the vigilante for helping him on ridding the threat against him and his gangs. Attempting to murder Deadzone while he was unconscious, Tombstone was interrupted from killing him by Moon Knight, when the madman came to consciousness and viscously attacked both Tombstone and Moon Knight. As both Moon Knight and Deadzone battled once more, Tombstone escaped the scene with his limo, leaving both men to their own fates.

Re-outfitting himself and much more built, Tombstone next tried to join the ranks of the New York City council of bosses that was run by Nick Kaska. Unimpressed with Tombstone, Kaska denied him membership. Enraged by Kaska’s disapproval, Tombstone assaulted and destroyed a club that was owned by Kaska. Believed to be unconscious from the incident after taking damage from a gas leak explosion, Tombstone hijacked the ambulance that was carrying him off the scene and return to Kaska in hopes that his actions intimidated him into approving Tombstone’s application. Yet Kaska would still deny Tombstone’s application, not caring for threats or any type of intimidating tactics. Seeing that Tombstone was both desperate and enraged, Kaska decided to offer Tombstone a task to earn his membership: Kill Spiderman and prove that he was dead. Accepting the challenge, Tombstone tracked the Web-slinger; both men fought each other in a grueling match that took itself into the river. Still fighting beneath the water, Tombstone nearly drowned Spiderman and also managed to get his battered mask. Believing that the hero drowned and sank to the bottom, Tombstone was unaware that Spiderman survived and had managed to follow him to Kaska. Believing that Tombstone was lying and had cheated his bargain, Kaska ultimately denied Tombstone his chances of membership. Tombstone finally lost control and hurled Kaska out the window of his building, who was only to be saved by Spiderman. Facing Spiderman once more, Tombstone would ultimately be defeated by Spiderman after the hero managed to hit him so hard that he was knocked out. Tombstone was detained and returned to prison, but he was still planning his steps among the criminal underworld, and he managed to rebuild himself as a crimeboss once more after successfully escaping.

Tombstone attempted to regain his criminal organization after escaping prison by simply hijacking an armored truck. Capturing the attention of Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly), Tombstone’s attempt was foiled by the new hero, who managed to take Tombstone down. Tombstone next made another attempt to climb within the criminal underground by sending his right-hand man, Steve Marlow, to assassinate New York City’s police chief. Marlow managed to not only shoot the police chief, but also managed to make an attempt on Don Geraci as well, one of the most notorious crime lords in New York. This captured the attention of both Spiderman (Ben Reilly) and Punisher (who was currently joined with the Geraci crime family), who managed to track Marlow back to his boss, and both men ended up battling Tombstone once more. With Punisher going after Marlow and Spiderman nearly defeating Tombstone, Marlow managed to cause an explosion in order for him and his boss to make an escape.

Angered by Marlow’s inconsiderate and careless actions, Tombstone held his son hostage to ensure that Marlow would not screw up Tombstone’s next plan, which was to kill the Mayor. With Spiderman forced into an uneasy alliance with Punisher, the web slinger managed to track down Tombstone and make an attempt to save Marlow’s family. Engaging in a brutal fight against Tombstone, the web slinger was proving victorious after shooting a stinger at Tombstone’s throat. As the fight was about to come to an end, Punisher entered the scene with a rocket launcher that was intended to be fired at Tombstone. However, Punisher halted his attack when Tombstone took Marlow’s son hostage. This forced Steve to take action against the Punisher, attacking him from behind in order to both help his boss and save his son. Tombstone shot Steve for his annoyance and failures, but was hit by a rocket after the Punisher recovered. Marlow’s family was safe, but Tombstone mysteriously disappeared from the scene. He began rebuilding his criminal organization elsewhere and strictly kept a low profile after his recent actions.

Tombstone would encounter Punisher once more after attending a meeting with the Geraci family, but this time would ironically join forces with the vigilante when another crime lord known as Rosalie Carbone attacked the Geraci’s. After the incident, Tombstone next allied with Jigsaw against the Geraci’s in order to knock-out competition within the criminal underground. This time Jigsaw leveled the Geraci estate and was convinced that the Punisher had died within the destruction of Geraci’s family home. After seeing this, Tombstone went his own way and continued to pursue his own criminal organization’s rise.

Tombstone later crossed paths with Spiderman and Gambit as both heroes foiled Tombstone’s attempt to traffic a Haitian voodoo dust as a narcotic. Ironically, Tombstone found himself hired by Hammerhead to lead a direct assault against his competitor, known as Don Vincente Fortunato. Tombstone and his army of henchmen invaded Fortunato’s home and encountered Spiderman on the scene. Fotunato managed to trap everybody by stunning them with his electric floor, and planned to make an example out of both Spiderman and Tombstone by publicly executing them both. Daredevil managed to foil Fortunato’s attempt and rescued both Spiderman and Tombstone. The ungrateful Tombstone managed to escape from the scene. He would later find himself against Daredevil and his short-lived team known as the Marvel Knights after being hired into joining a team known as the New Jersey Alliance. Tombstone led the team in attacking the Marvel Knights. Tombstone and his allies managed to get the better of the Marvel Knights, until every member of the New Jersey Alliance was sucked into the Darkforce by Cloak and Dagger. Somehow, Tombstone managed to escape the Darkforce and began to rebuild his reputation once again from the start by robbing banks.

During one bank robbery, Tombstone’s luck would strike against him when he suffered a near-fatal heart attack that resulted in his capture by the authorities. He was sentenced to and detained within the ultra-security island prison known as the Cage, whose surrounding forcefield managed to reduce Tombstone’s powers to normal levels. Even though Tombstone wasn’t a stranger behind prison walls, his luck would turn much worse when the massive Brian Hibbs, also known as the Kangaroo, confronted him. Threatened and provoked by Hibbs’ detailed assaults, Tombstone responded by kicking Hibbs in the groin before suffering another heart attack, which gave Hibbs the chance to violently pulverize Tombstone, while the guards watched on. Knowing that he was outmatched and the odds were against him, Tombstone next formed an alliance with Spot, Hypno-Hustler, Big Ben Donovan, and Rocket Racer to take down Hibbs once and for all.

Tombstone and his gang attacked Hibbs and managed to set him up for the kill with a pair of scissors, but the guards halted Tombstone and threw him in solitary confinement for the murder attempt. During his confinement, Tombstone’s gang would be brutally beaten and hospitalized by Hibbs (besides Spot), which left Tombstone hopeless once again. With the time he had between his confinement and his next surgery, Tombstone formulated his next plan. Tombstone had one of the guards who was secretly working for him inform Hibbs of his location during the surgery. A successful trap for Hibbs was set which caused him to be physically stuck in the air vent and badly injured in an accident. Tombstone then used the paroled Spot to secretly transport him out of the prison. Free and fully regaining his health, Tombstone personally thanked Spot by snapping his neck and continued to seek his criminal employment elsewhere.

A free man once more, Tombstone quickly found employment with Norman Osborn, joining Osborn’s team of Spiderman-related super villains known as the Sinister Twelve. Even though this was the first time that Tombstone participated among a full-fledged super villain group, the team still didn’t fare any better against Spiderman when several other heroes came to his aid. Avoiding custody once again, Tombstone relocated to Europe where Lily Lucca alongside a new Matador hired him. Secretly working for Vanessa Fisk, Lily would instruct both Tombstone and Matador to stage a kidnapping scene to purposefully gain Daredevil’s attention. Even though Daredevil did manage to fend off Tombstone and Matador, he would later suspect that he was set up in a trap. Tombstone and Matador were forced to track down Daredevil once more, and both villains fought the hero once again. Annoyed by Matador, Tombstone attacked the new villain and swiped him off to the side as he attempted to take on Daredevil himself. Daredevil eventually defeated Tombstone by knocking him out with a sledgehammer. With Daredevil tracking down his true employer, Tombstone awoke and later returned to America with nothing left in his name, forcing him to join the ranks of the Hood’s Army as a way to rebuild his criminal organization.

Deadpool (Origins)


Wade Wilson was born as a normal person into a highly dysfunctional family in a small town in the state of Ohio. He ran away as a teenager and bounced around the country, all the while getting military training from various sources until he decided to become a mercenary. He kept changing his identity whenever something went wrong with the mission. He moved to Canada where he met a man by the name of Wade T. Wilson. Since he was Wade W. Wilson, the name reminded him of his old self. When he was ordered to assassinate Wade T., he accidentally killed the target’s wife, Mercedes. In the end, Wade T. ran away to eventually become the voodoo mercenary T-Ray while Wade W. kept the name “Wade T. Wilson” and never changed it out of respect for his namesake’s wife. When he was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer, he volunteered for a subset of the Weapon-X program that was attempting to imbue a normal human with Wolverine’s healing factor.

Since he is Wade T. Wilson, he has Canadian citizenship, allowing him entry into the Weapon X program. The procedure was a success, but Deadpool, who took his name from the pool that the officers and scientists bet in as to who would die next in the experimentation, became severely mentally unbalanced as a result of it. He escaped the facility and has been wandering ever since. Some people might speculate that before his name was Wade Winston Wilson his name was Jack though this isn’t confirmed.

Deadpool’s debut marked a very different version of the character. He was a serious, grim and professional assassin, with none of his personality trademarks intact. It would be in his solo book that his trademark character traits would finally emerge. These would include the dark randomness to his actions, his humorous bend, schizophrenic tendencies, his suicidal personal outlook, and his 4th wall breaking quips that would make him famous, along with his love for Mexican food. Recently Deadpool has been trying to be a hero.

Deadpool has been known for carrying a number of weapons and sometimes it is as if they appear from nowhere, this is often referred to as a ‘magic satchel’. Blind Al is also a significant catalyst in Deadpool’s personal development, as there is a clear love hate relationship which can vary from Blind Al being a mother-like figure to an abused hostage; sometimes within the same storyline.

His personality has changed somewhat now he has become mortal; yet he still takes risks, welcoming the idea of dying so he may once again be united with his love, Death. The same humor and incapability to take many battles seriously still remains, though his face no longer carries the scars from cancer or Weapon X.

Wade Wilson is a man shrouded in mystery. For instance: Wade Wilson may not be his real name and his back story may have been stolen (in-continuity) from another character. He remembers a mother who died of cancer when he was five, another mother who beat him during his teen years. He remembers a father who abandoned him in his childhood-years and yet another father who died in a bar room altercation when he was 17. That father was a good man but a militarie man whom was very strickt with Wade, to whom Wade rebbeled. He was shot by one of Wade’s friends, which caused Wade to be filled with remorse. The final father is the only one who is definitely real, all the other snatches and fragments of memories may be the result of his broken psyche. It is later revealed that the various conflicting memories of his family were implanted by a man named Butler, and that Deadpool had actually been forced to kill his own family while under Butler’s control.

Entertainment Earth

He remembers an upbringing in Ohio, but even he recognizes that this may not be true. This mysterious young man joined and quickly excelled in military service, or at least the combat side of service. The strict hierarchy and rules didn’t jibe with the young man’s sense of self and his absolute need to rebel against authority figures, clearly military life was not for him and he was dishonorably discharged. The military did teach him two things: he was good at killing and he enjoyed it, so he quickly found work as a mercenary, though at first he only took on targets who he felt deserved to die.

Eventually he wound up in Japan as a Yakuza enforcer where he fell in love with one of the boss’ daughters. The young man’s mind was already in a state of radical instability, though, and he knew the relationship could never be, so he returned to America and ditched his previous moral code in addition to changing his entire identity, even his appearance, after each failed mission, fracturing his mind even more severely.

When an ordinary couple stumbled upon the wounded mercenary in the woods, they took him into their home, the woman even nurses him back to health, but again his unstable mind strikes and he becomes enamored with the young woman and envious of her life with her husband. So he burns their house down and kills her husband before accidentally killing her too. He takes the name Wade Wilson and believes himself to be the dead woman’s husband, but still returns to the mercenary trade.It was later found out in the Cable/Deadpool series, that this story was a lie, and Deadpool is the real Wade Wilson

It’s at this stage in his life that he meets the shape-shifting prostitute Vanessa Carlysle. The young couple quickly fall in love, both of them tainted by pasts they’d rather forget. Wilson’s possibly idyllic life is shattered, however, when contracts cancer and leaves Vanessa because he doesn’t want to burden her with his failing health.

Wilson joins Canada’s Department H, seeking a cure for his cancer, which they promised but never delivered on. Wilson built up his reputation working with the mechanized man Garrison Kane, fellow mercenary Sluggoand the suspicious Greg Teraerton. When Teraerton began to exhibit psychotic tendencies, Wilson killed him and was kicked out of Department H. He was sent to a facility called the Hospice and within that facility came under the dubious care of Dr. Ermys Killbrew’s “workshop”, a place for failed experiments. After being experimented upon multiple times, Wade is repeatedly visited by a hooded woman who comforts him and, after multiple visits, he falls in love with her. However the woman, it turns out, is the physical embodiment of Death, who Wade sees and can communicate with because he’s so close to dying.

Entertainment Earth

Wanting to join Death he began taunting and defying his guards, hoping they would have him killed, but all the lead guard Ajax did was gladly sent him in for more of Killibrew’s excruciating tests. The guards began to bet on when patients would die next, throwing their money into a “dead pool” the winner of which would win the pot. To Ajax and Wade’s dismay, he continued to survive and Ajax wasn’t authorized to kill a patient unless that patient had killed another. When Wade finally attacks Ajax, the guard responds with incredible brutality, but accidentally triggers Wilson’s healing factor, allowing the mercenary to escape with a few of his fellow inmates. He mockingly dubbed himself “Deadpool” and went back to his mercenary lifestyle. Sometime later it is revealed Deadpool has become a father.

Deadpool and Cable’s paths cross once again when the cult known as the “One World Church” hires Deadpool to protect them. Cable and Deadpool fight but due to a teleportation error, the two are linked and one cannot teleport without teleporting the other thus it’s like the expression “You scratch my back and I scratch yours”. Although they start out as enemies and find it amazingly difficult to be in each others presence, the two manage to become somewhat of uneasy allies after some time. Deadpool is there when Cable constructs his own island nation. Deadpool, after some time, accepts Cable’s offer to join him on his island and the two become real friends, although neither of them would ever admit it. Deadpool even tells Cable about his origin, how he was the son of a military dad, and how Wade got in with the wrong kind of friends.

One of them, eventually killed his dad when he tried to take Wade out of a bar. Deadpool gets inspired by Cable’s way of life and tries to become a better person, stopping his former violent ways. This works out to some extend, but Cable and Deadpool clashed numerous times after that. One of their largest fights was when Wade sided with the pro-registration act group of superheroes during the Superhuman Civil War. Cable eventually took reign over the small European country known as Rumekistan. Deadpool was hired by the government of that country to stop this from happening and even shot Cable in the back.

Cable however managed to stop the bullet and defeated Deadpool and his teammates of other mercenaries. He then joined with Cable once again, this time vowing to stop his unnecessary violent ways. During one mission, Deadpool took an agent of Hydra named Bob hostage. The two made it out alive and soon Bob became somewhat of a sidekick and friend to Deadpool whenever he appears in the comics. Not soon after this, Cable vanished during an attack by the newly reformed Marauders right before the events of the Messiah Complex. Cable’s city was destroyed and Deadpool feared the worst for his good friend.

Cable however later resurfaced when he tried to safe-keep the first baby mutant that was born since M-Day. Deadpool found out about Cable’s mission and aided him in keeping the baby safe. They where attacked by various advisories such as the Marauders, the Purifiers and even some creatures named Predator X. After this, Cable made Deadpool promise to stop following him, and he told him that they would see each-other again. This however turned out not to be true. Cable was killed during the events of Second Coming. Deadpool was devastated. His former greatest enemy and now best friend was no more. He went back to Rumekistan (at least the thought it was Rumekistan) and tried to honor Cable by making the country a better nation.

Deadpool was hired by Archangel to be on X-Force in the search for Apocalypse. Deadpool was scouting a base to find out the plans for Apocalypse’s resurrection only to be captured and held captive. Later he was rescued by the rest of the team and informs them of the plan. They then head to the moon base where the Resurrected kid apocalypse (Genesis) is located. Unfortunately a new horsemen of Apocalypse took down Fantomex’s E.V.A. where the team was injured and Deadpool was left with Archangel where he helped keep Archangel well by feeding him Deadpool’s own flesh. Later when they finally reached the boy, the team comes to an agreement that the boy can be saved only for Fantomex to shoot Kid Apocalypse in the head. After this event, Deadpool does a recon mission only to realize that the Reavers and Lady Deathstrike are planning a attack on Utopia.

The team then goes against the Reavers until Wolverine got stuck fighting Lady Deathstrike, and Deadpool and Fantomex were blown away by the Reavers leaving Warren and Psylocke to fight the Reavers. After that Deadpool had a meeting with everyone except Fantomex to talk about the apocalypse event.

Entertainment Earth

Deadpool then leaves the conversation saying “I don’t kill kids”. After that they learn that Deadpool never cashed any of Warren’s checks having them realize that Deadpool is not on the team for money. Soon after the team is attacked by Deathlock versions of the Avengers and a Deathlock approaches the team with an offer to stop their creation. He joins the team on their mission to the alternate Earth where all of Earth’s heroes have been made into Deathlocks. The team is attacked by Deathlock versions of themselves who are more deadly than the originals. Fantomex uses his misdirection to allow them to escape. Deadpool is the one who kills the source of this reality’s problems, world father by decapitating him.

Deadpool also accompanies the team into the Age of Apocalypse. While X-Force seeks out Dark Beast, Deadpool frequently comments on how he cant be trusted. When they are abandoned in the AoA universe he is mistaken for Dead Man Wade, his counterpart in that reality. X-Force fights their way through the Black Legion in order to free a mutant who can make portals in order to get home.

Through a number of adventures, the Kid-Apocalypse (now better known as Genesis) stayed with the team and formed a special bond with Deadpool. They where both misunderstood beings. Deadpool, a mercenary for hire whom was actually a better person then he led on, and Genesis, a kind boy with running towards a legacy of evil. Deadpool wanted to make sure that Genesis would never fullfil the horrible legacy he was bread for.