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San Diego Comic Con

Comic-Con International 2017: July 20–23 (Preview Night July 19) at the San Diego Convention Center! Thanks to everyone—attendees, exhibitors, panel participants, professionals, volunteers, and staff—who made Comic-Con International 2016 such a great show … we couldn’t do it without YOU! Comic-Con International: San Diego returns to the San Diego Convention Center in 2017, beginning with Preview…
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Uchiha Clan (Explained)

The Uchiha clan was one of the Four Noble clans of the Hidden Leaf Village. Members of this clan were famed and feared for their Sharingan, one of the three dojutsu of their universe. Originally rumored to be related to the Hyuga clan (famous for their Byakugan), it was later found all three of the…
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Afro Samurai (Origins)

  Afro Samurai is a black, afro-headed samurai and the main character of the series. In the story there are several head, but only two headbands are sought after the Number Two and the Number One. The wearer of the Number One is seen as the Number One Fighter, a god, who is granted incredible…
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Guts/ Black Swordsman (Origins)

Guts is a tormented soul that has gone through a lot since his birth. He was raised among mercenaries with an adoptive father, Gambino blaming him for all his woes and wishing the boy had died. It didn’t help that Guts was raised on battlefields and that Gambino sold him for one night to a…
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