Ada Wong (Origins)


Ada Wong (Origins)

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Little is known of Ada’s life before Raccoon City, even her name Ada Wong has doubts cast about its authenticity. It is known that in the past she has ties to an organization who competes with Umbrella, but also ties to Umbrella as well. Ada is also a highly trained assassin, she is extremely agile and a very capable combatant. American but also of Chinese descent, Ada Wong is one of the few human survivors (along with Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Sherry Birkin and Jill Valentine) of what is informally known as the Raccoon City Incident. An event in which a small midwestern American city is overrun with zombies as a result and consequence of the biological experiments of the powerful Umbrella corporation. Ada would be in the vicinity posing as a civilian looking for her boyfriend, an employee of Umbrella, and she would encounter and ally herself with Leon Kennedy, a recently appointed cop.

Eventually Leon would realize that Ada was more than she let on but the two would still risk their respective lives for each other despite the deception, Ada also completing her true mission obtaining the G-Virus samples she originally set out to collect. Raccoon City would be tactically targeted for a nuclear ground strike destroying the city and accumulating a death toll of over one hundred thousand residents.

Ada originally appears as a mysterious non playable character in the Resident Evil video game series, appearing as a spy with mysterious motives and objectives attempting to obtain biohazard samples. The characters air of mystery, calmness under pressure and affinity for striking red as well as fulfilling many of the criteria of the femme fatale archetype helped boost the characters popularity ensuring her inclusion in future installments and adaptations of the franchise. Not only included in the comic book adaptation, Ada would appear in much of merchandizing and marketing of Resident Evil products as well as the movie franchise based off the games. In Resident Evil 4 (2005) Ada would have a playable role in the game, and also feature in its plot. Likewise in the sixth installment of the game Ada would play an even larger role in the story as well as co starring in the game with numerous other protagonists. Although she has a small presence in the comic book medium Ada Wong is a well referenced and popular iconic character in the realm of video games, and a staple of the Resident Evil franchise.

Interesting the main protagonist in the Resident Evil movie series Alice, played by actress Milla Jovovich is loosely based of Ada, Alice otherwise being an original character specifically for the movies and even despite Ada eventually making her way to the film franchise as well.

Raccoon City Incident

Ada comes looking for John in late September of 1998 during the Raccoon City Incident. Ada crosses paths with Leon Scott Kennedy, a young rookie police officer who was reporting for his first day on the force, but she disappears on Leon.

While Leon believes her to be a concerned girlfriend, in reality she is a spy working for a rival pharmaceutical company that currently employees Albert Wesker. Wesker, an old research partner of Birkin’s, sent Ada to obtain a sample of the G-Virus. Ada has several encounters with Leon and different bio-weapons, almost all of which she had been briefed on. She needed Leon’s assistance in dealing with a giant mutated alligator and Leon then saved her from a gunshot wound courtesy of Annette Birkin. Annette was WIlliam’s wife and an employee of Umbrella Inc until they came to assassinate her husband and steal his life’s work.

She knew John’s fate, the fact that he had used her name as his password and informed Ada of this. She also knew that Ada was not just the concerned girlfriend that she pretended to be. Annette still took to the time to explain the events that had transpired in Raccoon City up until this point. Ada manages to overpower Annette and knock her from the walkway. Leon later learns the truth about Ada being a industrial spy and it appears that she dies. In reality she is only injured. Ada still manages to deliver a missile launcher to Leon so that he can defeat the T-102 Tyrant that had been chasing them throughout the Police Station and Underground Umbrella facility.

Escaping the City of the Dead

Ada then contacts Wesker who was prepared to write her off until she reveals that she did succeed in acquiring a sample of the G-Virus from William Birkin’s body. Wesker gives her the data she needs to escape the city and a Hookshot. Evading Zombie’s and Bio-Weapons, Ada manages to latch onto the U.M.F. – 013 (Umbrella Main Frame) and escapes the destruction of Raccoon City unbeknown to the occupants of the helicopter. Ada later manages to slip away and deliver the sample as requested. She has the scar along her right side from where Birkin slashed her. She thinks to herself that she will no longer be going by the identity of Ada Wong but she continues to be referred to by this name by all that know her.

Los Illuminados

Ada has assignment in Spain which is experiencing several incidents involving violent cultists, members of the of the Los Illuminados cult. Ada’s primary mission is to obtain plaga samples, plaga being a parasitic organism which can control and strengthen other organisms. Initially it had been developed under the orders of Wesker when he was working for Umbrella but his shift in allegiance meant he had to now use other means to obtain samples. Jack Krauser was also working for Wesker for similar purposes, however Krauser’s distrust of Ada would create a tension between them. Krauser’s distrust of Ada would however not be without merit as Ada herself would always be working for and operating under her own objectives and goals, even if it meant assuming a subservient position.

Ada herself would in list a former local police officer Luis Sera to aid in retrieving los plaga samples. Ada would also run into Leon Kennedy as she would tend to, Leon investigating the disappearance kidnapping and ransom of the President of the United States daughter, Ashley. Ada is away of Leon’s involvement and subtly aids him, there goals loosely overlapping. Both would come up against several infected villagers (Los Ganados) and the various leaders of the Los Illuminados including Osmund Saddler, Bitores Mendez and Ramon Salazar.

Ada would eventually have to take on Krauser herself after her loyalties (or lack of) is exposed when she saves Leon’s life when Krauser attempted to kill him. Ada would help Leon and Ashley survive against overwhelming odds as well as undertaking her own objectives eventually securing samples of the los plagas. Ada and Leon would both have to team up together to defeat Saddler who had mutated into a large and formidable creature. Ada would provide a rocket launcher to assist leon destroying the insane cult leader with Ada, Leon and Ashley escaping the island as it implodes.

Neo Umbrella

Ada is manipulated into locating and infiltrating a submarine in the North Atlantic ocean, under a false premise involving a former associate of Ada’s one Derek C. Simmons. Simmons being the current United States National Security Adviser is independently organized a major terrorist plot on USA soil also killing the then President of the USA (Adam Benford) as a part of his plot. Leon Kennedy is a friend and member of the security detail set to safeguard the President, but is also forced to kill that very same President after he is zombified after Simmons plot. Ada piecing bits and pieces together realizes this is all Simmons doing and manages to aid Leon and his new partner Helena Harper in uncovering more clues and evidence to implicate Simmons.

Ada also runs afoul of Chris Redfield and Piers Nevans who are hunting her after she is identified as the person responsible for killing their BSAA team. Ada would also end up helping and aiding Racoon City survivor Sherry Birkin once again and Wesker’s son Jake Muller. Complicating matters is Ada’s discovery of a Carla Radames, a woman with an uncanny appearance identical to that of Ada’s.


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