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Danger comic Fans  my name is  Jedi  Xiaolin  creator of this website, I have been a fan of comics  form any years, and I owe it  to my brother Brian “Doc”   who introduced me to comics. He took me to the Comicon Chicago  and I was hooked…I did not continue to collect comics due to the video  games and the movies that are now  being and have been released for the last 15years.

Batman  vs  Darth Vader

Our dreams are now coming true. We get to see our superheros  be heroes in real time in high def. Spider-man is  really spider man, now games can put you in the middle of the action .

Darth Maul  vs Spider Man

This website is your registry for everything superheroes , from movie review  to the newest toy and collectors items too.

Death Stroke vs Batman

Deals from  EBay, Entertainment Earth, Side Show to Game reviews and game play….Fan made with show up too.Email me if you have a Fan made videos to show us….Always leave A comment of what you think of us…..

Welcome to our website Danger Zone Comics we are glad that you’re here to venture our (Super Hero Data Base). Here in Danger Zone we have all of our best heroes and villains chronicles, shopping products, online readable comics, Video gaming, and our best opinions about the latest movies and shows (reviews). My Name is Byron Page I’ve been the content writer, for Danger Zone Comics since it’s birth in cyberspace. My number one thing is to keep people engaged with their inner Geek of comic books/Video games.
I’ve grown my way into the marketing industries, for the past 10 months of 2015. Now elevating and expanding my mental state and physical horizon, the marketing business has gotten me the knowledge of cyberspace marketing (Digital Marketing) and have been in digital marketing for 3 years now along side my mentor Adam Foster (Founder of Danger Zone Comics).

Batman HD Desktop Background

Today Danger Zone Comics is now far beyond it’s quondam state! And we are excited that you all as cyber heroes making it all happen by visiting our site for the heroes knowledge, so welcome one and welcome all…To The Danger Zone!

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    Hey! I’m Brian’s daughter Brianna. I was just saying hi.

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    Hey it’s Jamie , butlers daughter! I love this!

  4. Kimberly Hernandez says:

    I love this website! it’s very interesting and I love how I learned a few new things from different characters! I told my friends about it and they agree 100%. this website is amazing, and I’m glad I found it.

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    Lots of new information

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    Is there more iron man articles?

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    Great articles

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