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Superhero registry


Superhero registry

About “Super Heroes. Us” and why I made this website is to put out and sell and shear all the awesome collection of Marvel and DC comics, figures, movies, posters, and games, and so besides the selling there will be updates and reviews of the upcoming comic issues, movie trailers, and awesome game play, all of this here on Super Heroes. “Us”

“With grate awesome comes grate superiority!”

In modern popular fiction, a superhero (sometimes rendered super-hero or super hero) is a type of heroic character possessing extraordinary talents, supernatural phenomena, or superhuman powers and is dedicated to a moral goal or protecting the public. A female superhero is sometimes called a superheroine (also rendered super-heroine or super heroine). Fiction centered on such characters, especially in American comic books since the 1930s, is known as superhero fiction.

By most definitions, characters do not require actual supernatural or superhuman powers or phenomena to be deemed superheroes.[1] Terms such as masked crime fighters, costumed adventurers or masked vigilantes are sometimes used to refer to characters such as the Spirit, who may not be explicitly referred to as superheroes but nevertheless share similar traits.


Some superheroes use their powers to counter day-to-day crime while also combating threats against humanity by supervillains, their criminal counterparts. Often, at least one of these supervillains will be the superhero’s archenemy. Some long-running superheroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain Marvel/Shazam have a rogues gallery of recurring enemies. Superheroes sometimes will combat such threats as aliens, supernatural entities, and even ideological enemies such as Nazis.


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