Month: December 2016


Green Ranger/White Ranger/Tommy (Origins)

In the first season of Power Rangers, the Sixth Ranger is the Green Dragon Ranger, Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank). Tommy is a new student at Angel Grove High, and he entered a martial arts tournament that Jason was in. The two fought, Tommy showing that his fighting skills were equivalent of Jason’s. This caught…
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Blue Devil (Origins)

Dan Cassidy was hired to handle the special effects on a movie called the Blue Devil. He created an outfit for the character of the Blue Devil. The Kevlar costume was not only strong but it was made to be flexible so it could handle rigorous stunts. It was powered by miniature servo motors to…
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Star Wars Rouge One Review

A long time ago in Danger Zone Far Far Away… Hello everybody I am with the force and I’m here to give you the Star Wars Rogue one review this movie has brought out trumendous information in the Star Wars universe before the episode 4 and is very well done without the lightsabers battle I…
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Deadpool (Origins)

  Wade Wilson was born as a normal person into a highly dysfunctional family in a small town in the state of Ohio. He ran away as a teenager and bounced around the country, all the while getting military training from various sources until he decided to become a mercenary. He kept changing his identity…
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Iron Man (Origins)

Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark was born in Long Island, New York, to Howard Anthony Stark and Maria Collins Carbonell Stark. In his youth, Tony Stark was a precociously intelligent young boy. When Tony was 7 he was sent to a boarding school, and during this experience he found people difficult to relate to. This was…
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Luke Skywalker (Origins)

Luke Skywalker was born in Polics Massa BBY his birth was kept a secret because it was occurring during the Great Purge of the Jedi Emperor Palpatine through the use of his clone Army the majority of Jedi’s were killed or be hunted down as we’re all those with a high enough level to be…
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Punisher noir #1

Star Wars Rouge One

Along time ago in the DANGER ZONE far far away… Hey guys Byron page from danger zone Comics I’m here to talk about my thoughts and my hopes for Star Wars Rogue one so let’s begin what I think about Star Wars Rogue one is basically it’s going to be a prequel of course but…
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