Who is the Truth? (Explained)

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Publication history

The idea for the series first sprung up in a meeting involving Joe Quesada, where Morales was asked to pitch a story. He notes that “I wrote a proposal that was so staggeringly depressing I was certain they’d turn it down. But they didn’t.”

Published from January 2003 to July 2003, the series Truth: Red, White & Black is composed of seven comics: “The Future”, “The Basics”, “The Passage”, “The Cut”, “The Math”, “The Whitewash” and “The Blackvine”.

The trade paperback collecting the series was published in February 2004 and the hardcover in 2009. The book version of Truth contains Morales’s appendix in which he clarifies myth, history and imagination and provides sources for his story.


Set in the Marvel Universe, the series takes the Tuskegee Experiments as inspiration for a tale that re-examines the history of the super-serum that created Captain America. Beginning in 1942, the series follows a regiment of black soldiers who are forced to act as test subjects in a program attempting to re-create the lost formula earlier used to turn Steve Rogers into Captain America. The experiments lead to mutation and death, until only one remains: Isaiah Bradley.


In Super Black: American Pop Culture and Black Superheroes, Adilifu Nama notes that “Truth admonished the reader to incorporate the experiences and histories of black folk that paint a different picture of the cost and quest for freedom and democracy in America.”

Critical reaction

Axel Alonso felt some of the criticism for this series came from “outright racists who just don’t like the idea of a black man in the Cap uniform.”
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In an interview with Comic Book Resources, he recalled “When we posted our first image of Isaiah Bradley – the silhouette of an African American man in a Captain America costume – the media latched onto it as a story of interest, but a lot of internet folks lined up against it, assuming, for whatever reason, that it would disparage the legacy of Steve Rogers. By the time the story was done, the dialog around the series had substantially changed. One high-profile reviewer even wrote a column admitting he’d unfairly pre-judged the series, that he now saw it was about building bridges between people, not burning them – which I deeply respected. It’s especially meaningful when you edit a story that functions as a little more than pure entertainment.”

Godzilla (Origins)

The Godzilla film series is broken into several (different) eras reflecting a characteristic style and corresponding to the same eras used to classify all kaiju eiga (monster movies) in Japan. The first two eras refer to the Japanese emperor during production: the Shōwa era, and the Heisei era. The third is called the Millennium era as the emperor (Heisei) is the same but these films are considered to have a different style and storyline than the Heisei era.

Over the series history, the films have reflected the social and political climate in Japan. In the original film, Godzilla was an allegory for the effects of the hydrogen bomb, and the consequences that such weapons might have on earth. The radioactive contamination of the Japanese fishing boat Daigo Fukuryū Maru through the United States’ Castle Bravo thermonuclear device test on Bikini Atoll, on March 1, 1954 led to much press coverage in Japan preceding the release of the first movie in 1954. The Heisei and Millennium series have largely continued this concept.

The initial series of movies is named for the Shōwa period in Japan (as all of these films were produced before Emperor Hirohito’s death in 1989). This Shōwa timeline spanned from 1954, with Godzilla, to 1975, with Terror of Mechagodzilla. With the exceptions of Godzilla, Godzilla Raids Again, Mothra vs. Godzilla and Terror of Mechagodzilla, much of the Shōwa series is relatively light-hearted. Starting with Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster, Godzilla began evolving into a friendlier, more playful antihero (this transition was complete by Son of Godzilla, where it is shown as a good character), and as years went by, it evolved into an anthropomorphic superhero. Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster was also significant for introducing Godzilla’s archenemy and the main antagonist of the series, King Ghidorah. The films Son of Godzilla and All Monsters Attack were aimed at youthful audiences, featuring the appearance of Godzilla’s son, Minilla. Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla was notable for introducing Godzilla’s robotic arch foe and secondary villain of the movie series Mechagodzilla. The Shōwa period tied loosely in to a number of Toho- produced films in which Godzilla himself did not appear and consequently saw the addition of many monsters into the Godzilla continuity, three of which (Mothra, Rodan, and Varan) originated in their own solo movies and another three (Baragon, Manda, and Gorosaurus) appeared in their first films as antagonistic or secondary characters.

Haruo Nakajima mainly portrayed Godzilla since 1954 until his retirement in 1972. However, other stunt actors portrayed the character in his absence, such as Katsumi Tezuka, Yū Sekida, Ryosaku Takasugi, Seiji Onaka, Shinji Takagi, Isao Zushi, and Toru Kawai. Eiji Tsuburaya directed the special effects for the first six films of the series. His protege Sadamasa Arikawa took over the effects work for the next three films (with Tsuburaya supervising), while Teruyoshi Nakano directed the special effects for the last six films of the series.

Toho rebooted the series in 1984 with The Return of Godzilla, starting the second era of Godzilla films, known as the Heisei series. The Return of Godzilla serves as a direct sequel to the original 1954 film and ignores the afterward events of the Showa era. The Return of Godzilla was released in 1984, five years before the new emperor, but is considered part of this era, as it is a direct predecessor to Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989), which came out in the first year of the new emperor’s reign.

The Heisei films are set in a single timeline, with each film providing continuity to another film, and brings Godzilla back as a destructive force of nature that is feared by humans. The biological nature and science behind Godzilla became a much more discussed issue in the films, showing the increased focus on the moral aspects of genetics. Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah gave the first concrete birth story for Godzilla, featuring a “Godzillasaurus” dinosaur-like creature that was mutated by radiation into Godzilla. Godzilla was portrayed by Kenpachiro Satsuma for the Heisei films while the special effects were directed by Koichi Kawakita, with the exception of The Return of Godzilla, for which the effects were directed by Teruyoshi Nakano.

Toho rebooted the franchise for a second time, with the 1999 film Godzilla 2000, starting the third era of Godzilla films, known as the Millennium series. The Millennium series is treated similarly to an anthology series where each film, with the exception of Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla and Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S., is set in its own timeline and follows-up the events of the original 1954 Godzilla film, but ignores the events of the Shōwa and Heisei eras.

After the release of 2004’s Godzilla: Final Wars, marking the 50th anniversary of the Godzilla film franchise, Toho declared that it would not produce another Godzilla film for another ten years. Toho also demolished the water stage on its lot used in numerous Godzilla, kaiju and tokusatsu films. Yoshimitsu Banno, who had directed 1971’s Godzilla vs. Hedorah, secured the rights from Toho to make an IMAX 3D short film production, based on a story similar to his Hedorah film. This project eventually led to the development of Legendary’s 2014 film.

Tsutomu Kitagawa portrayed Godzilla for the majority of the Millennium films, with the exception of Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack, whom Godzilla was portrayed by Mizuho Yoshida. Unlike the Showa and later Heisei films, the special effects for the Millennium films were directed by multiple effects directors such as Kenji Suzuki (Godzilla 2000, Godzilla vs. Megaguirus), Makoto Kamiya (Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack), Yuichi Kikuchi (Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla), and Eiichi Asada.

Godzilla had his own comic book series in the 1970’s.

Godzilla battled three superhero teams like The Champions (Hercules, Black Widow, Iceman, and Angel), Fantastic Four, and the Avengers (Thor, Vision, Iron Man, Yellowjacket and the Wasp).

When he fought the Avengers, he flicked Thor away like a mere insect, exhibiting an amazing degree of invulnerability.

Godzilla teamed up with Devil Dinosaur, Moon Boy, and Red Ronin. Godzilla’s main enemy was apparently mad scientist Doctor Demonicus.

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Godzilla comics were also made. After Marvel’s series had long finished, Dark Horse Comics decided to start a Godzilla comic book series, based on the Heisei Godzilla. In 1987, Dark Horse Comics published Godzilla: King Of Monsters! One Shot Special, which was based on Godzilla (1984) rather than the American version. Dark Horse continued to publish Godzilla Comics for the next 12 years, from one shots, to miniseries, etc. Each comic had Godzilla square off against another monster. Dark Horse Comics also published a one shot black and white Godzilla comic (1994). Toy maker Trendmasters published a mini-comic also titled Godzilla: King Of Monsters, based on story elements in their toy series. In 2010 IDW obtained the rights to produce Godzilla comics, and they started with the ongoing Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters and the miniseries Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths. They are also currently publishing the series Godzilla Legends, which focuses on the various monsters he battles.

Within the context of the Japanese films, Godzilla’s exact origins vary, but it is generally depicted as an enormous, violent, prehistoric sea monster awakened and empowered by nuclear radiation. Although the specific details of Godzilla’s appearance have varied slightly over the years, the overall impression has remained consistent. Inspired by the fictional Rhedosaurus created by animator Ray Harryhausen for the film The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, Godzilla’s iconic character design was conceived as that of an amphibious reptilian monster based around the loose concept of a dinosaur with an erect standing posture, scaly skin, an anthropomorphic torso with muscular arms, spikes on its back and tail, and a furrowed brow. Art director Akira Watanabe combined attributes of a Tyrannosaurus, an Iguanodon, a Stegosaurus and an alligator to form a sort of blended chimera, inspired by illustrations from an issue of Life magazine. To emphasise the monster’s relationship with the atomic bomb, its skin texture was inspired by the keloid scars seen on survivors in Hiroshima. The basic design has a reptilian visage, a robust build, an upright posture, a long tail and rows of serrated fins along the back. In the original film, the fins were added for purely aesthetic purposes, in order to further differentiate Godzilla from any other living or extinct creature. Godzilla is sometimes depicted as green in comics, cartoons and movie posters, but the costumes used in the movies were usually painted charcoal grey with bone-white dorsal fins up until the film.

Godzilla’s signature weapon is its “atomic breath,” a nuclear blast that it generates inside of its body and unleashes from its jaws in the form of a blue or red radioactive heat ray. Toho’s special effects department has used various techniques to render the breath, from physical gas-powered flames to hand-drawn or computer-generated fire. Godzilla is shown to possess immense physical strength and muscularity. Haruo Nakajima, the actor who played Godzilla in the original films, was a black belt in Judo and used his expertise to choreograph the battle sequences. Godzilla can breathe underwater, and is described in the original film by the character Dr. Yamane as a transitional form between a marine and a terrestrial reptile. Godzilla is shown to have great vitality: it is immune to conventional weaponry thanks to its rugged hide and ability to regenerate, and as a result of surviving a nuclear explosion, it cannot be destroyed by anything less powerful. Various films, television shows, comics and games have depicted Godzilla with additional powers such as an atomic pulse, magnetism, precognition, fireballs, an electric bite, superhuman speed, eye beams and even flight.

Godzilla’s allegiance and motivations have changed from film to film to suit the needs of the story. Although Godzilla does not like humans, it will fight alongside humanity against common threats. However, it makes no special effort to protect human life or property and will turn against its human allies on a whim. It is not motivated to attack by predatory instinct: it doesn’t eat people, and instead sustains itself on radiation and an omnivorous diet. When inquired if Godzilla was “good or bad”, producer Shogo Tomiyama likened it to a Shinto “God of Destruction” which lacks moral agency and cannot be held to human standards of good and evil. “He totally destroys everything and then there is a rebirth. Something new and fresh can begin.”




Ghost Rider/ Robbie Reyes (Origins)

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Angry, impetuous, quiet, pragmatic, but above all else… an older brother. At the age of eighteen Robbie Reyes is the sole caretaker of his disabled little brother, Gabe. Balancing school, homework, a part-time job at Canelo’s Auto & Body, overall care of his little brother, and a infamous low-key street racing gig, Robbie’s day to day schedule is always hectic and unforgiving. It should come to no surprise when a street race competition promises to lighten the stress of Robbie’s responsibilities in the form of fifty thousand dollars to move Gabe to better a neighborhood that Robbie would jump on the challenge.

As skilled a driver as Robbie Reyes is, he could not have foreseen the intervention of Dr. Zabo’s hired paramilitary cartel. Hitting a dead end, Robbie gave himself up. With his hands on his head and knees to the ground, Robbie Reyes was mercilessly shot dead nine times before he hit the cement. The group confiscated seven duffle bags from the trunk of the “borrowed” Nineteen sixty-nine Dodge Charger carrying valued cargo in the form of Pink pills; a defective DNA manipulating capsule designed to dramatically increase the users strength, size, stamina, appetite, and aggression, created by Dr. Zabo.

Unbeknownst to anyone, the car is in fact haunted. Brought back to life by the Spirit of Eli Morrow, Robbie’s face catches fire, his flesh melts and Robbie Reyes is suddenly transformed into the Hellfire blazing, chain wielding, car riding, leather wearing, supernatural being… the ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER!

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Robbie Reyes was co-created by Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore. He made his first appearance in All-New Ghost Rider #1, May 26, 2014. According to quotes by Tradd Moore, Robbie’s Ghost Rider appearance was intended to evoke a “sleek, techno vibe while also being grim and intimidating” the idea apparently sparked some interesting rhetorical questions as Moore was quoted “In my head I was thinking like, ‘What if Death joined Daft Punk? What if Satan became a Power Ranger? What if Speed Racer went to hell and came back a slasher villain? What would that look like?”

A talented young mechanic with a penchant for anything with an engine and electronic music, but above all else he loves his little brother Gabe. All Robbie Reyes wants in life is to protect his disabled little brother. Gabe is bullied by Robbie’s classmates, Guero and his friends. When Robbie stands up for his little brother, he is held at gunpoint and beaten up for their trouble. Guero and friends even take Robbie’s shoes and Gabe’s wheelchair.

It comes as no surprise later that night Robbie Reyes would enter an illegal street race worth fifty thousand dollars in hopes of winning so he and Gabe could move to a new neighborhood. The 1969 Dodge Charger he borrows from his place of employment, Canelo’s Auto & Body, however, has stolen contraband in its trunk; Pink pills created by the new cartel leader, Dr. Zabo. His paramilitary cartel hunt down an unassuming Robbie Reyes and shoot him dead nine times before he hits the cement in a hail of automatic gunfire and set the car on fire while collecting Zabo’s defective Pink pills.

That car however… is haunted by a spirit named Eli Morrow. Morrow brings Robbie back to life, embedding himself in Robbie’s psyche, giving Robbie the power to transform into the Hellfire blazing, chain wielding, car riding, leather wearing, supernatural being… the All-New Ghost Rider! Together they avenge his untimely death, and Robbie wakes up in his bedroom none the wiser; as if all was a nightmare. But when a local gang leader by the name of Grumpy who’s managed to steal a large quantity of Zabo’s defective pills tries to reclaim his Dodge, members of his gang attempt to shoot Robbie down again for trying to take the car out for a second joy-ride. Only this time is different, the All-New Ghost Rider emerges, gets rid of the thugs and Robbie demands answers from the Spirit.

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Dr. Zabo and his growing Urban Alliance look all over Los Angeles to find the last of his defective Pink pills. Once they make a deal with a young man, Guero and his friends, to join their ranks and earn good money in exchange for information on the whereabouts of his pills… the results are catastrophic. An all-out war breaks out over Robbie’s neighborhood between Grumpy’s local gang and Zabo’s cartel. After getting his little brother, Gabe to safety, a hesitant Robbie uses his new powers to fight off Zabo’s men and save the neighborhood.

Later that night, still disguised as the supernatural racer, Robbie beats up Guero and his crew and takes back Gabe’s wheelchair.

As it turns out, Morrow was not such a good guy when he was alive. It’s discovered he was a former hit-man for the Russian Mob, not only that, but he was a serial killing Satanist! He’s escaped eternal damnation through Satanic rituals to once again walk among the living and resume his killing spree. Robbie Reyes is his host of choice, and Robbie’s been struggling to win back his body and mind ever since while trying to balance the responsibilities of his unforgiving day to day schedule.

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Meanwhile, since their last defeat, Dr. Zabo has regrouped. Armed with a new and improved Blue pill possessing all the strengths of the Pink pills with none of the aggressive side-effects, Zabo is ready to make his move over the Eastern territory gangs of Los Angeles. He assembles his Blue Hyde Brigade; a force of unified crime made up of young, impressionable teens gangsters, hulked out on his new Blue pill, but loyal and obedient to a fault; a group whom Guero and his friends eagerly become members of. With his new army, Zabo gains the full cooperation of every syndicate in L.A. aside from the Russian Mob, a fact he is not pleased with. Dr. Zabo concocts a plan, a deal, they take care of the All-New Ghost Rider and the Russian Mob joins his Urban Alliance. Frightened with his last ordeal with the All-New Ghost Rider, Russian Mob Boss Yegor Ivanov accepts, but has no idea Zabo has no intention of saving Ivanov’s life.

Unbeknownst to Robbie, original Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze has ridden into town. Unsure if Robbie is friend or foe, the two clash. Later Johnny Blaze instructs Robbie how to take control of his Ghost Rider abilities, and Robbie manages to keep Morrow’s spirit at bay, but not without a terrible cost. Robbie and Johnny fight back Zabo’s Blue Hyde Brigade and Robbie is declared a part of the Ghost Rider family but… his little brother Gabe may never trust him again.

Guts/ Black Swordsman (Origins)

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Guts is a tormented soul that has gone through a lot since his birth. He was raised among mercenaries with an adoptive father, Gambino blaming him for all his woes and wishing the boy had died. It didn’t help that Guts was raised on battlefields and that Gambino sold him for one night to a man. This greatly affected Guts and lead him to be distant from all for a long time.

Things changed after being forced into the Band of the Hawk by their leader Griffith. Guts was harsh at first and intent to leave. Guts only trusted in that of his broadsword as through all he had been through growing up. The sword had never betrayed Guts and was always there to protect him. He gradually found his place with Griffith taking him as best friend. Many soldiers gave praise to Guts in years to come. Guts held true to his namesake as he never backed down for any reason or for any one even when he had to go up against the legendary immortal Nosferatu Zodd.

Judeau, Pippin, and Rickett became unofficial sidekicks as they urged Guts to interact with others. Soon many looked up to Guts as they did to Griffith. He also enjoyed bucking heads with Caska, the only female of the group. They had a love-hate relationship for the longest of time. Guts also began to idolize Griffith because of his determination to become a noble, a seemingly unreachable dream that Griffith managed to achieve. It was during a mass slaughter of men that Guts had an epiphany of his own life and had decided in the moment to find his own dream. Though after the group nearly disbanded Caska finally acknowledged Guts feelings for her. Guts began to center his actions around Caska and was briefly doing things to help her out as acting leader of the Hawks. He also realized the Band of the Hawks was what he truly desired as they brought a sense of family. It all changed upon finding Griffith.

Current times are set two years after Guts and Caska survived the massacre of the original Band of the Hawks. Guts became cold and unforgiving in nature. He cared little of bystanders and normally saves people on a whim and normally to use them if necessary during combat. Revenge rules his mind upon dawning the mantle of the Black Swordsman. Though all the rage, and madness he displays is a cover for the sorrow he feels from the betrayal of a friend, and lost of those he started to hold dear. Eventually after failing to kill the God Hand on a second encounter Guts refocussed his efforts to the mentally distraught Caska. Guts travels with her well being taking priority and allows an unorthodox crew travel with him to keep her safe when he cannot while caught in the midst of battle. Many believe Guts takes his punishment as being reckless. None realizing that Guts lets himself get injured so others don’t have to. Guts rarely cares when people talk bad of him as none know what he has gone through in life. Guts is a struggler in the truth of all things. He has defied fate from the surviving his mother’s death to being branded a sacrifice and meant to die. Guts lives bringing a situation of despair to that of a miracle with his determination and resolve to never give up.

His name is Guts and he earned his name from the manner in which he was found. While still in his mother’s womb, his mother was hung. He was born from his mother’s corpse. Guts was then found by a woman named Shisu in the after-birth and decay of being born from a corpse. Shisu later on adopted him as her own. By the time he was three years old Shisu had died from the plague. With no role-model or parents to look up to, Guts turned to Shisu’s husband, Gambino, for support. Gambino wanted nothing to do with the young boy, so he just put him to work. As a mercenary Guts was useless unless he could fight, so Gambino taught him to fight starting at the age of three. With no small swords around Guts had to fight with a sword much larger than he was. When he grew older, instead of growing into the sword, the sword grew as he grew. By the time he was a full grown adult he was swinging a 6 feet long, 1 1/2′ wide sword that was not even sharp.

After Gambino was killed at the hands of Guts, he went on from battlefield to battlefield as a mercenary for a few years. He got his big break after killing Bozuso the thirty man killer. He was then forced to join the Band of the Hawk after losing a duel to Griffith the Hawk’s commander (his first of only 2 battles that he has ever lost). Guts and Griffith grow to become equals though, and soon enough he became Griffith’s right-hand man. Guts keeps his word in remaining with the Hawks but rarely acts like one. Guts likes to be overwhelmed by enemies and rarely anyone has a weapon that can match the broadswords he likes to use in combat. Guts remains forever reckless in each encounter relying on his wits,reflexes and sheer luck to prevail. Griffith always takes Guts nature into account when planning his strategies. Caska dislikes this trait of Guts as normally it leads to Griffith having to bail Guts out of trouble every now and again.

Nosferatu Zodd in his human form

During one confrontation nothing seems to be going right for Guts and the others. A single man seems to be keeping their forces at bay and it gets under Guts’ skin. So defiant as ever he goes to see what is going on. Guts finds a very bizarre man known by Rickett as Nosferatu Zodd the immortal. Guts normally fearless is gripped by it for the first time since his youth. Guts faces Zodd and learns he is no mere human at all. Still Guts strove to hold his own. Griffith arrived in learning Guts ran in alone. Together they were able to deal seeming crucial damage to Zodd in severing an arm. Until the beast just put the arm but on. Griffith nearly got killed as Zodd decided to leave. He wanted Guts to grow stronger so he could enjoy a glorious battle later on down the road. Caska rushed to Griffith scolding Guts for letting it happen.

Guts ends up being Caska and Griffith in escorting members of the royal family. He is uneased as Caska still will not talk to him since the Nosferatu Zodd incident. Travesty strikes again with an assassin trying to kill Griffith. Luckily the White Hawk was saved by his Behelit, a luck charm always carried with him. Griffith later speaks with Guts to determine who was plotting is demise. Guts is requested to eliminate Duke Julius, General of the White Dragon Knights. Guts goes stealth for this task and cannot allow anyone to see his face as a commander in the Band of the Hawks. Guts slips in very easy to strike down the general in one blow. Unfortunately the general’s son finds them. Guts reacts by instinct to kill the boy. He remains until the kid dies,mortified at what he has done. Guts is quick to flee as an attendant draws at the corner. Several guards are killed in Guts’ escape before one manages to hit him with an arrow. Guts finds way into the sewers to rest and past out. He has a nightmare of Zodd and himself becoming a monster after killing the boy.

Guts resting after killing 100 soldiers

Guts seeks Griffith to let him know the results of his assignment. Caska stops Guts outside of a noble party. Guts overhears Griffith speaking to Charlotte about what friends mean to him. Guts is left standing in the shadows with Caska. Soon afterwards it is time for battle. Guts moves through the enemy to aid Caska who is confronted by the enemy commander Adon. Guts has no trouble in defeating the man but has to save an ill Caska. Guts is too late in pulling Caska from a cliffside and goes over with her. They survive with Guts taking the brunt of the damage. He tends to Caska until she wakes. Caska tries to kill him in a fit of confusion and is pinned by Guts. Caska calms and reminisces of a time before Guts came. She shares her opinion of Griffith, and jealousy of Guts. Both are alert as enemies are closing in on their location. Guts and Caska attempt to flee only to find Adon has hunted them down with 100 men. Guts keeps Caska from harm and allows an opening for her to escape. Guts remains taking on the mercenaries on his own. None can strike him down or do enough damage to slow the berserker. Guts fights through the entire night causing Adon to flee. Guts takes heavy injuries by the time he is done and sits to rest in a field of 100 dead corpses.

Guts survived his suicidal battle with Adon’s mercenaries. This brought fame to Guts and also got him favor in the eyes of Caska, who he was initially protecting. Although Guts accomplished a seemingly impossible feat he still felt his deed was mediocre. Guts had been comparing himself to Griffith and now Caska as both had a strong attachment to their dreams that brought others that offered aid to reach that goal. Guts keeps it to himself but now wants to leave and find his own dream. Guts would not just up and depart like a bandit in the night. He decides to at least remain until the end of the 100 year war between Midland and Chude. He knew Griffith had the talent to do this.

It came to a point where Midland was at the disadvantage. The strongest legion of Chude remained undefeated. They were the Purple Rhino Knights led by General Boscne. Other commanding knights of Midland felt it now hopeless to advance any further. Griffith seized this opportunity and vowed he could prevail. The king favored Griffith and decided to put faith in him. During the final battle Guts leads the Hawk with Griffith and Caska. The enemy are aware of Guts as the legendary 100 manslayer and commander in the Band of the Hawks.

Unfortunately this also draws the attention of Boscne. Guts is excited in this clash. Boscne is the first man to give him a challenge in a long time since Griffith (Nosferatu Zodd is not a man but something far worst). All was going well until Guts sword broke in the middle of combat. It had lost durability after locking swords in killing the hundred men only weeks earlier. Fellow hawks rush to Guts aid despite his warning only to be slaughtered by the bloodthirsty Boscne. This was the opening needed by a dark figure atop a cliff. A familiar massive sword is thrown at Guts’ feet. He doesn’t hesitate to take it to arms. This weapon easily breaks Boscne’s huge axe. Guts continues to decapitate Boscne and his horse. The Chude army basically surrendered as Caska had taken Doldrey Castle, the enemy stronghold from the rear by killing Adon. Guts goes to find Caska still recovering from a shot of poison by the treachery of Adon. They are both in admiration of Griffith as he kept good on his word and has ended the 100 year war.

Celebrations await the Band of the Hawks in returning to Wyndam Kingdom. Guts has even more fame in killing General Boscne, atop of the hundred men. Guts is forced out his usual attire and gets a lot of unwanted attention from nobles. Caska steals him away as she is in the same boat. Guts learns Caska shares his views and didn’t feel comfortable unless having armor on her back and a sword in hand. Both overhear Griffith has been promoted and ordained commander of the White Phoenix Knights. Joys quickly turn to despair as Griffith’s drink is poisoned. Guts ends up going stealth once again. He greets the one tasked to taint Griffith’s drink. It turns out a pack of nobles sought Griffith’s end from the beginning. Griffith was aware and had Guts alone in on the plan.

Now all was as it should be and Guts decided it was due time to leave. Caska was aware and rushed to stop him. Judeau, Pippin, and others also catch Guts. Corkus is the only one wanting Guts to be gone and vows to kill him if they meet later on down the road. During escorting Guts to leave Caska went to wake Griffith. Guts stood as Griffith refused to let go of a vital member of his crew and best friend. Guts revealed to all he had now far surpassed Griffith in terms of skill. Griffith was left in dismay on a snowy field. Guts left with Caska calling out to him for the first time.

Guts vs Griffith round two

Guts spends a few nights alone trying to get use to being on his own again. He had adjusted to having comrades to rely on for 3 years. Those memories are brought to a halt in face of the Skull Knight. Guts attempts to fight him but the foe is omnipresent in his movements. Guts stops as the armored foe appears out the darkness several feet away when he was just behind Guts. The Skull Knight warns Guts to be cautious of the coming eclipse as it will herald great travesty. The Skull Knight shares his belief only one such Guts will be able to survive the future and defy fate.

Time passes with Guts now a wandering swordsman. He seeks out the best to keep sharpening his skills. This brings Guts to an exhibition tournament where he intrudes upon to contestants. He decides to face a masked figure of the Kushan known only as Black Horse, the other is a poser that claimed to be the Crazy Killer, that killed 100 men (which Guts had accomplished) in the war of Midland vs Chuda. Guts displays great agility in evading the movements of Black Horse. The sponsor is amazed as Guts won in a single swing of the sword. He offers an job as a mercenary. Guts turns it down no longer walking that path. The sponsor is let down and hoped to get the reward for seizing the Band of the Hawk and its leader Caska. This draws Guts full attention as he learns Griffith was imprisoned and deemed a traitor of the country along with those who served under him.

Guts & Caska

Guts travels all day to the rumored location of his former comrades. He arrives in time to save Caska from Black Horse. Guts apparently took care of the other foes and the hawks rejoiced in the return of Guts. Caska has no words and leaves for her tent. Guts learns Griffith got very depressed around the time when Guts left. None are aware what Griffith did but all of Midland is out to kill the Band of the Hawks now. Judeau reveals plans to find and rescue Griffith before fully reforming their numbers. Guts tells of reaching new levels of might in his absence and is willing to help. Judeau pulled Guts aside to reveal Caska was once calling out for him in a dream. He decides to talk with her only to be attacked. Caska blamed it all on Guts. She tells that Griffith lost all composure the day Guts left. Guts lets himself be impaled and justifies his actions. Caska tries to kill herself and Guts saves her life again. This finally leads her to see that Guts cared for her in a way Griffith never did or would. Guts ends up revealing his own turmoils and why he is so distant from everyone. This draws Caska even closer as they have both shared secrets with one another.

Guts is with Caska in rallying the hawks for their first mission in a long time, to save Griffith. The majority of the force is left to secure the escape route. Guts teams with Caska, Judeau, Pippin, and Corkus. Guts discovers Princess Charlotte is the spy aiding the hawks with information to avoid capture and now to find Griffith. She leads the team to the Tower of Rebirth, constructed long ago to imprison pagans that worshiped satanic gods. Guts remains silent as Judeau and Caska debate over the princess coming any further. The princess declares she had come to be with Griffith and will progress on her own accord. She also became a burden and Guts had to carry her on his back the rest of the way. The princess started revealing the origin of Midland and the Tower of Rebirth. Guts discovers the identity of the Skull Knight as the first emperor some thousand years ago.

Skull Knight as Emperor Gaiseric

Soon Guts and the others reached the bottom of the tower. He found Griffith maimed on his cell floor. Griffith no longer resembled the man he was at all. Suddenly an inquisitor locks everyone inside with Griffith. He boasts on breaking the White Hawk month after month until he was silent. This ignited the berserker in Guts. He easily pierced through a 4 feet thick door killing Griffith’s tormentor. Guts proceeded to climbing the tower and killing anyone in his way. Many tried to flee but an enemy commander ordered all to remain as it was a single man. He got killed with them all.Once outside the tower another force await with the withered king. Guts resumed to his berserker state killing at least forty men. Caska helps killing one guy. The king calls a halt in fear of Charlotte’s welfare. Guts and others are allowed to retreat. The king sends for the Baakiraka, an abnormal gang with features resembling Black Horse.

Guts is now exhausted and tended to by Caska. Griffith watched in silence carried at Pippin’s back. The Baakiraka catch up and ambush the group. Only they injure Charlotte which was not suppose to happen by any means. The Baakiraka claim only to want Charlotte and she is let go with her maid. They then resume their attack only to be defeated by Guts and the others in a team effort. A surviving female of the Baakiraka ignites a fire consuming all the sewers. Guts and the others escape as Pippin caved in the walls behind them. The team find shelter with a small family still loyal to the heroes of Midland. The agenda was now to regroup with the remaining hawks left in a forest escape route and return to their campsite. Unfortunately a day later the king dispatches his personal underhanded group, the Black Dog Knights.

These men quickly catch up to Guts and his crew. He and Caska see those that gave them shelter were dismembered and impaled on sticks for display as the Dog Knights rode. Guts remained to face them all but this time he wasn’t alone as Pippin was at his side. The two began to slaughter but it wasn’t like any other fight. Guts realized no matter how many guys he killed the enemy didn’t waiver at all. Then came Wylad, leader of the Black Dog Knights. Guts and Pippin fight cautiously as Wylad blocks their blades with one hand. Luckily the two were a diversion from Caska setting an explosive trap at a bridge. Guts and Pippin retreated as the explosion separated them from the Black Dog Knights. Guts and the others watched Wylad easily clear through another trap in a valley. He alone knew that Wylad was no ordinary man and feared he may be like a person he met a year ago. Guts challenged Wylad knowing others would be killed if they were to act. After a long duel Guts bare witnessed as Wylad transformed into an ape-like beast. Guts struggled as he did with Zodd the Immortal. Guts takes brutal punishment but goes berserk once Wylad threatens Caska. Guts drives his sword into Wylad’s neck and the monster falls.

Wylad vs Guts

Guts and the rescue team meet with comrades in the forest. All rested up before rejoining their reserve team at the campsite. Caska scolds Guts for being reckless as every even in facing something beyond explanation in Wylad and his demonic transformation. Guts also spends some time with the broken Griffith. He tries to reassure Griffith he will fight again one day. Wylad strikes again terrifying all but is near death. Wylad targeted Griffith this time and wanted him to use the Behelit charm to summon the God Hand. Guts is helpless with Wylad threatening to kill Griffith only to learn Griffith lost the Behelit. Guts is shocked when a larger monster shadowed Wylad. It is Zodd and he saves Griffith for unknown reasons to Guts. Zodd finishes Wylad off by breaking his back. Zodd addresses Guts of a coming eclipse and hopes he is prepared.

Guts is enraged as he got the same onimous warning from the Skull Knight earlier when he left the Band of the Hawks. This event leaves the mercenaries broken in spirits. Guts plans to leave again and take Caska with him. Though she feels unable to follow her desire as leader of the Hawks now. Guts learns the Hawks now see him as their symbol of hope. Many offer to leave Caska and Griffith feeling they could survive with Guts leading them. Guts finally realizes the feeling they gave him was what he was searching for all his life, the sense of brotherhood and a family. Guts tries once more to convince Caska to leave Griffith and let Judeau and others tend to him. Griffith acted on eavesdropping and built the strength to flee them all. Guts pursues him without a second thought leaving his sword and armor behind.

Soon Guts finds Griffith staring at the coming eclipse in the sky. Guts also tries to make sense of a vast legion nearing Griffith from the horizon. Many believe another faction of the Midland Army had been sent after them again. Only Guts knows it is something far worst.Guts reaches Griffith to discover the Behelit found way back into his hands but looked nothing like it did before. This is when the background changes and all of the Hawks find themselves in an alternate dimension of some sort. Guts with Griffith faces the Four Angels of the God Hand. They reveal Griffith is ordained to be the fifth and must sacrifice those he love to ascend. Guts is in dismay as Griffith submits to the God Hand and began his transformation into one of them. Guts is branded along with Caska and everyone else present at this horrid gathering of demons set to feed on human flesh in a grand feast.

Slan, Conrad, Ubrik, and Void of the God Hand

Guts alone has the might to fight off the monsters at every turn. He spends a great deal of time trying to find Caska, Judeau, and the others. Guts finds his favorite subordinate Gaston, but he dies before Guts eyes. He resumes to fight until finding Caska had been caught by the demons. Guts goes berserk killing all in his path until the demons focus on subduing him. The angel Slan takes strong interest in Guts for his fiery emotions. Guts and Caska are both tormented by Griffith upon emerging as the angel Femto. Before they are killed the Skull Knight breaks in the dimension to save Guts and Caska. Both are taken to Rickett that escaped the massacre of the reserve Hawks at the campsite. Guts and Caska are taken to Godo, where Guts spent his time training. He has many flashbacks of his time in the Hawks and how everyone was now gone.

Guts wakes to discover his right eye blinded and his left arm gone as he hacked it off while trying to escape demons to save Caska. Guts is frantic and ignored injuries to find Caska. He finds her and she is now emotionally scarred and suffered a mental breakdown. Guts is overwhelmed and flees her with grief and turmoil mixing inside of him. The Skull Knight comes and reveals Guts is now a branded soul. Demonic spirits came to posses Guts but he refuses to accept anything dealing with fate. Guts vows revenge on the God Hand which impresses the Skull Knight. Godo and Rickett decide to help Guts. Rickett devises a prosthetic arm that acts also as a cannon. Godo makes a number of swords but Guts finds way to Godo’s prize Dragonslayer. Godo allows Guts to use the massive weapon no other man had been able to use in full. There was nothing that could be done for Guts lost eye, and he now uses the brand on his neck as an alert sense towards the demonic Apostles. This is the point where Guts decides to live on as the Black Swordsman, and travel the world killing Apostles until led to the God Hand and Femto aka Griffith.

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This point treads a little after the start of the manga. Guts has killed the demonic female apostle that ate Corkus. He ends up saving the life of Puck to get information of the local Apostle deciding to rule an unnamed town. Unfortunately Guts is caught and imprisoned to be tortured and questioned by the mayor. Guts had killed men serving the local Apostle and learned the mayor and others very fearful of him. Nightfell with the Snake Lord deciding to go on a rampage. Puck returns after abandoning Guts to free him. Guts made his way to the battle to find the Snake Lord killing innocents. Guts proceeded to kill those in service of the Apostle and fights the Snake Lord himself. He had the upper hand until the Snake Lord revealed his demonic form. Guts is thrashed around with the Snake Lord talking down to him as being a weak human. Guts uses his cannon to turn the tides and shows the Snake Lord who was really weak and leaves him begging for mercy.

Guts moves on as the night was young. Only to draw demonic spirits upon a grandfather and his granddaughter. Both were killed by the demons as they were in company of Guts, the living sacrifice. The brand on Guts’ neck signifies him as a meal for all demons as per law of the God Hand. Guts has other plans as this brand also alerts him by bleeding whenever a demonic presence is near. So Guts only finds rest during the day as demonic spirits fade in the coming of daybreak. Guts ends up in a community during the execution of those being marked as pagan worshippers.

He finds the Count, another Apostle but had ruled over the people for a long period of time. Guts begins killing the Count’s men but there are too many. He is aided to escape by a former advisor of the Count that wants revenge for having his legs chopped off and his family slain. This is also where Guts learns of the Behelits, devices to summon the God Hand. Griffith carried one around his neck for the longest of time. Guts ends up being attacked by Captain Zondark, a guy maimed by Guts in the earlier attack on the Count. This time Zondark has minor demonic properties bestowed to aid in exacting his revenge. Guts finds out the Count gave the captain some regenerative capabilities. Guts held off Zondark until the fool brought the entire hideaway upon himself. Somehow the advisor was caught and Puck begged Guts to save him. Guts didn’t and got a visit from the Demon Fetus of Caska. It visited him before and seemed to be following him. Guts seems disturbed by this creature rather than killing it like he does every other demonic apparition. Guts ends up having demons try to takeover his body and has to force them out. Not long after that is when Zondark returns for more. This time Guts battles him in full to kill the deformed man once and for all.

Guts and Femto

Guts enters the domain of the Count to kill a lot of men before facing Geriko, second to Zondark but no demonic powers either. Guts kills him in a swing of the Dragonslayer. He advanced forth to face the Count at last. The Count wasted no time and transformed from the beginning revealing itself as the Apostle that killed Pippin. Guts actually has a tough time against the Count and is knocked out. Puck and Theresia, the Count’s daughter, end up being essential to Guts’ survival. Theresia never knew of her father’s pact with the God Hand and his true form horrified her. Guts decided to use her as human shield showing how low he would sink to gain the advantage. The cannon was used once more and swing of the Dragonslayer sealed the deal. This is when the Count showed his fears in facing death. Guts once again began torturing the Apostle in his defenseless state. Unfortunately the Count noticed the Behelit that fell from Guts’ person during combat and used it. Guts came face to face with Femto and the other God Hand once again. The brand on Guts neck sent tremendous pain that was suppose to immobilize all sacrifices in presence of the God Hand. Guts not only moved, he went in to attack but couldn’t bare the pain when up closer to Femto. Guts was knocked out again and the God Hand went on to cox the Count into sacrificing his daughter to save his own life. Puck came to heal Guts as the Count finally decided he couldn’t kill Theresia after reflecting on all that happened to him. Guts was nearly caught up in the whirlpool of demons taking the Count away upon his death. Guts failed to kill any of the God Hand and now they were gone to be anywhere in world.


Spider-Gwen (Origins)

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Gwen Stacy was born in Forest Hills to George and Helen Stacy. Following her mother’s death, she was raised by George alone. Gwen’s free spirit and artistic inclinations often put her at odds with the type of ethics her father worked to instill. As a result of this contrast with her father, Gwen would often retreat into quiet seclusion and play the drums.

Over time, she developed a friendship with her neighbor and fellow introvert Peter Parker, sharing their love for music. At Midtown High School, Gwen developed relationships with other students, a group of girls with whom she formed the band The Mary Janes, and rebellious affluent student Harry Osborn.

After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Gwen was granted arachnid-like super-powers, and started a career as a crimefighter, dubbed by the media as “Spider-Woman.” She was given a costume and a set of Web-Shooters by retired crimefighter Janet van Dyne. Gwen spent most of her early adventures focused on exploiting and maintaining her newfound attention more than helping those in need; however, Gwen’s behavior changed after her father expressed he believed Spider-Woman could easily help people.

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Spider-Woman’s influence also caused one of the biggest tragedies in Gwen’s life. The bullied Peter Parker, desperate for becoming special like his idol Spider-Woman, conducted an experiment that turned him into a Lizard-like creature. Parker crashed the Midtown Senior Prom, and Gwen was forced to fight him. In the aftermath of the battle, Peter returned to his human form, but died due to his injuries. With no evidence or link to his transformation, Spider-Woman was blamed for Peter’s death and branded a criminal.

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In an effort to clear her name and haunted by Peter’s death, Gwen doubled her efforts to fight crime. Additionally, Gwen’s father George was tasked with conducting the NYPD investigation to capture Spider-Woman. This drew the attention of Matt Murdock, the right hand to New York’s Kingpin of crime, who sent hitman Aleksei Sytsevich to kill George in an attempt to make an ally of Spider-Woman. After thwarting the murder attempt, Gwen found herself held at gunpoint by her father, and she was forced to reveal her double identity. She pleaded her innocence, and swore to never rest until criminals like the Kingpin were stopped. Captain Stacy chose his daughter over his duty and let Spider-Woman free.

Gwen was one of the first spider-totems to join Spider UK’s Spider-Army in order to combat the Inheritors during the Great Hunt.

She was sent to Earth-21205 to recruit the spider-totem of that reality, a Peter Parker who was driven to madness and grief caused by the death of the Gwen of that reality and became the Goblin. However, that Peter was killed by Verna and her Hounds. Angered, Gwen swore vengeance and warped away from that reality.

Spider-Woman was later present during the final fight against the Inheritors, during which the villains were finally defeated and dealt with.

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Gwen later returned to her reality, where she still tried to turn the public opinion against her by becoming a vigilante. With the appearance of a new villain named the Vulture, Gwen set out to catch him and deliver him to the police, in order to gain their trust.

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Deathstroke (Origins)

At the age of sixteen, Slade Wilson was determined to enlist in the U.S Army, so he ran away from home and lied about his age to be in the army. He soon showed talents and skills in guerrilla warfare far superior to that of any other soldier in the army and was quickly promoted over and over by his superiors.

After a while his outstanding reputation landed him under the wing of Adeline Kane, an instructor who became one of his superiors and whom he befriended. Slade trained under his commanding officer, Captain Adeline Kane, and quickly amazed her, demonstrating he was an expert in combat and had impressive talents and skills.

Slade mastered several combat styles and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. Some time later, Slade Wilson began a romantic relationship with Adeline and had a son with her.

Soon after the birth of his first son, Grant Wilson; The Army asked Slade to be a volunteer of a secret medical experiment that was said to be a defense against the enemy’s Truth Serum and he agreed. (It was later revealed to be really an attempt to create a test to make metahuman super-soldiers).

Slade’s body reacted violently to the experiment, it made him aggressive and enraged, and he needed to remain sedated and bedridden through the birth of his second son Joseph Wilson. Only later would Slade discover that the experiment had worked and actually enhanced his strength, speed, senses, stamina, intellect and reflexes beyond that of any ordinary man. With his duties in the army limited to that of desk work, Slade dedicated himself to professional hunting in order to fill the void he felt within himself as a fighter and he married Adeline Kane.

However this life too was put on hold, when William Randolph Wintergreen, a lifelong friend, was sent on a suicide mission and was captured. When his superiors refused to help, Slade was forced to do the impossible; he put together a costume and went on an unauthorized solo mission to save his friend. In the end he saved Wintergreen, but was discharged from the army for disobeying orders. Slade decided this was for the best. Fed up with the army and its code of blind loyalty, Slade created the costumed persona of Deathstroke the Terminator, the greatest mercenary the world would ever know by using the knowledge he had acquired from his military training and under the tutelage of master martial artist Natas.

Slade continued to take up contracts under the guise of Deathstroke, becoming famous on an international level, all without telling any of his family members about it. However that all changed the day he was hired to kill a high ranking colonel in the Qurac military. His youngest son Joseph was kidnapped by a terrorist known as ”The Jackal”. The ransom: the names of those who hired him to kill the colonel. Determined to keep his code of honor, Deathstroke gambled his son’s life against the power of his meta-human abilities. He killed all the kidnappers and his son was saved, but just barely, his throat had been slit and with that his vocal cords were cut and Joseph Wilson would remain a mute for most of his life.
Slade took Joseph to the hospital, and at the time he was also forced to finally reveal his secret identity to his wife, this along with his seemingly careless actions towards their son enraged Adeline and drove her to try and kill Slade by shooting him in the face. Slade managed to dodge the fatal gunshot, but not enough to save his right eye; however that didn’t make a great impact on his physical abilities. Slade and his wife divorced soon after, and Adeline decided against telling her first son, Grant, about Slade’s secret identity, a decision that would later backfire.

A few years later Slade was offered a contract by The H.I.V.E. to kill a group of super powered teenagers known as the Teen Titans. Slade refused but Grant Wilson, who ironically idolized Deathstroke (never knowing this was his father), became The Ravager, and assumed the contract himself. As payment, The H.I.V.E. offered him powers beyond those of Deathstroke’s abilities. When Ravager attacked the Titans Deathstroke intervened, but in the end joined his son instead. Together they seemed to be on their way to winning, when Grant’s powers suddenly overloaded. His cells began to decay rapidly and Slade Wilson could only watch as the Ravager, his first born son, died in his arms.

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Upon Grant’s death, Slade bitterly swore to fulfill his son’s contract and kill the Teen Titans in his stead. Soon however, Deathstroke found the task too much to fulfill on his own, and so employed Tara Markov, a young girl with dangerous earth-bending powers. She worked alongside Slade as a spy amongst the Teen Titans, learning all their secrets and weaknesses. Finally, Deathstroke made his move and one by one he delivered the Titans to the H.I.V.E. At the same time Adeline, who had been keeping tabs on Slade, along with Joseph approached Dick Grayson aka Robin and offered to help rescue his friends if he merely accepted Joseph into the team, This would mark the first appearance of Joseph Wilson as Jericho. Nightwing ( The new persona of Dick Grayson) and Jericho successfully freed the Titans and Slade was apprehended and put on trial for kidnapping. However Gar Logan, still mourning over the death of Tara (who tragically died at the hands of her own emotionally unstable powers) sabotaged the trail and went after Slade intent on killing him. Slade confronted Gar unmasked and unarmed, and the two men parted on a truce. Slade finally free of the burden of Grant’s death, retired from life as a mercenary, and took up hunting again in Africa.

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Slade would later return to being Deathstroke, however this time with a stricter code of honor, that allowed him to became an ally of the Titans. When the Titans were captured by the Wildebeest Society, Deathstroke helped the New Titans track down their missing teammates. Much to everyone’s surprise, the leader of the Wildebeest Society was a corrupted Jericho. While transferring the souls of Azarath to the bodies of the Titans, the real Jericho resurfaced and begged his father to save him. Without any other choice, Deathstroke killed his son by driving a sword through his body, causing himself a great deal of grief, as he felt that it was his fault that both of his sons were now dead.

During the battle with Wade, Adeline Kane is shot and presumed dead, until she miraculously reawakens. Following the events of Deathstroke’s World Tour story arc, Slade gives Adeline a blood transfusion to save her life, which apparently also included his regenerative abilities. However Adeline would later resurface as the new H.I.V.E. mistress, driven mad by the same blood that made her immortal.

Deathstroke teams up with the Titans in an attempt to save Adeline and stop Vandal Savage, the leader of Tartarus, who attempts to harvest Adeline’s blood to gain immortality. Bleeding out slowly and drained of her superpowers, Adeline reaches out to Slade and begs him to reunite her with their sons. Deathstroke refuses, but Starfire makes the decision herself, and ends Adeline Kane’s life. Starfire’s drastic act causes Deathstroke to break all ties with the Titans.

Anarky (Origins)

“The first person to don the identity of “Anarky,” Lonnie Machin, is The Joker’s biological son. He possesses a genius-level intellect, and is particularly skilled at computer hacking.”

Lonnie Machin’s mother was a showgirl named Greta Mitchell. Greta gave up Lonnie when he was a baby. His adoptive parents were Mike and Roxanne Machin. Mike recognized that there was something special about Lonnie. Lonnie possessed inquisitive mind and was incredibly bright. Mike would often take Lonnie to bookstores to feed his insatiable interest in all subjects especially philosophy.

Angered by the power and corruption of corporations, governments, and elites of the world, 12-year old Lonnie Machin donned a costume that increased his height and took to the streets as Anarky. Anarky assaulted several CEO’s and celebrities, leaving the spray painted circle-A as his calling card. Batman soon identified the assailant, from clues in a Gotham City newspaper that foreshadowed Anarky’s crimes. Following a riot Anarky encouraged among the homeless, Batman apprehended him, astonished to discover that Anarky was just a boy. Machin was incarcerated at the Gotham Juvenile Corrections Hall. Machin later became the computer hacker “Moneyspider”, and transferred millions of dollars from the accounts of wealthy corporations to Third World countries.

Batman’s partner, Robin, determined Moneyspider’s link to Anarky, and Machin’s plans for global change were thwarted. Realizing he required greater funds to continue his mission, he created a front corporation, “Anarco”, to sell anarchist books online. Through shrewd marketing, Anarky amassed a small fortune to the tune of 5 million dollars. With his new funds, and knowledge of ground breaking sciences, he built a special device of his own creation.

The machine fused the two sides of his brain, increasing his intelligence to superhuman levels. It also communicated with him and helped him control most of his tech via voice communication. With his artificially enhanced intelligence boosted by a multiple of ten, he studied various martial arts, integrating them with his mind into a smooth fighting style of his own invention.

After moving his base of operations to Washington D.C., Anarky learned that he may have been adopted and that his natural mother was possibly a Vegas showgirl and his father was potentially the Joker. This only furthered Anarky’s resolve to wreak havoc on the industrialized world, in the hope of triggering worldwide revolution. However, once Joker confirmed their connection, Anarky disappeared, presumably to rediscover himself.

Anarky’s D.C. base was an intricate system of tunnels beneath and connected to the Washington Monument. The tech within rivaled that of the Batcave, including but not limited to a giant computer and a mini garage of tricked-out vehicles.

Despite his criminal history with Earth’s defenders, most notably Batman, Anarky has taken it upon himself to fight alongside heroes including Green Arrow, Robin, Green Lantern, and the Justice League. However, because heroes typically do not support his goals, he often finds himself alone in his battles, and as such has faced the likes of Ra’s al Ghul, The Demon, and even the tyrannical Darkseid, on his own. He has also gained the attention of the US Federal Government, which has conspired in the past to eliminate him as a threat.

During the Batman R.I.P. story arc, while patrolling the streets of Gotham, Robin is followed by a new Red Robin. Tim at first suspects Jason Todd, who last wore that costume, but Jason tells him that he threw the costume away. Tim later goes back to Jason to interrogate him further, but as a fight ensues between Robin and Jason, the whole thing is revealed as a trap set up by Ulysses, who has taken the guise of Red Robin. It is later revealed that Ulysses is now working for none other than Anarky, who was the true master-mind behind the Red Robin ambush.

Robin and Red Robin clash a few more times, ending with Tim being able to take the costume from him. Anarky continued to manipulate the forces of Gotham, and used them to sow discord and make things harder for Robin. When Tim almost dies in an explosion, leaving his face wounded, he returns to the Batcave and uses his computer program to realize that not only is Anarky behind the goings-on in Gotham, but a new person is behind the mask. Putting on the Red Robin cowl, and claiming the moniker for himself, he goes to confront the new Anarky, actually Ulysses.

Ulysses was no match for Tim’s fighting skills and Tim easily beat him but Ulysses had one last bomb plated, it was located in a mail box but little did he know that officer Harper had brought Ulysses’s family to calm him down, their car stopped right next to the mail box and when Ulysses get the bomb off Tim managed to save Harper but not Ulysses’s little brother and sister, Ulysses blames Robin for their deaths.

After being saved by Red Robin, Machin is placed in Dr. Thompkins’ care while he tries to overcome his coma which was induced by Ulysses. Tim’s next assignment takes him to Russia where a Russian economist named Viktor Mikalek is using Dr. Sivana’s Unthernet. Before Darkseid’s death, he had corrupted the Unthernet so that any user will act on their darkest fantasies thereby encouraging them to reenact their violent tendencies in the real world but now supervillains use it as a communications grid amongst each other. Moneyspider discovered all of this when he entered the Unternet. Anarky assisted Tim Drake as well as digital versions of the Teen Titans by helping them destroy the control that Calculator and Viktor Mikalek had over the Unternet. However, it seems that Lonnie has left a digital version of Anarky in the Unternet and there is no telling what Lonnie may be up to since the Unternet enhances your darkest desires as well as your baser instincts.


Spider-Man (Origins)

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Peter Benjamin Parker was born to C.I.A. agents Richard and Mary Parker, who were killed when Peter was very young. After the death of his parents, Peter was raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May in a modest house in Forest Hills, New York. While still in High School, Peter attended a science exhibition about radiology where he was bitten by a radioactive spider, granting him the proportionate strength and agility of a spider as well as a ” Spider-Sense” that warns him of nearby danger. In order to test his new abilities – and earn some cash, Peter participated in a wrestling challenge against Crusher Hogan. He easily won the challenge and also gained the attention of the media. Afterwards while backstage, Peter saw a burglar run past him but did nothing to stop him as it wasn’t his problem. Later that night when Peter arrived home, he was told by a policeman that his Uncle Ben had been murdered by someone who broke into their house. The cop mentioned they had tracked the killer to a warehouse. In his anger Peter put on his wrestling costume and went after the murderer himself. After arriving at the warehouse and easily defeating Uncle Ben’s killer, Peter saw that it was the same burglar he didn’t stop at the arena… thus learning that “with great power comes great responsibility”.

Peter Parker originally decided to use his powers to make money but after Uncle Ben’s death he decided to use his powers for good. In many ways, this makes Spider-Man less of the ‘boy scout’ character people think; the fact that he used his powers to have fun in the first place is something people can relate to. Initially, Peter Parker is shy and timid, but the Spider-Man alter-ego was a form of liberation and heroism, and he used it to gain confidence. However, he found the moral urge later, though some of his confidence and liberation remains, making him a sarcastic wise-guy.

He has a extremely powerful moral urge for good which is so strong that it made him stop working for the Pro-Registration side despite having his mentor and friends on said side.

He also has a very compassionate disposition that it can be said that he isn’t just the most compassionate in the Marvel Universe but also one of the most compassionate period.

One thing he is well known for is his humor something that has been known to greatly irritate his enemies and has sometimes even let him win the fight. Furthermore The combination of moral obligation, compassion, and humor makes him one of the most trustworthy, good people to hang out with.

The time between Spider-Man capturing the burglar that killed Uncle Ben and him becoming a superhero was told over 30 years after his origin when the Amazing Fantasy series was continued in 1995 by writer Kurt Busiek (#16-18, Dec. 1995 – Mar. 1996). After catching the burglar that killed Ben, Peter had given up being Spider-Man as it reminded him of his irresponsible behavior that ultimately led to his uncle’s death. Even though Maxie Shiffman, the agent he had hired when he was a costumed wrestler, was putting out ads to track down Spider-Man, Peter didn’t want anything to do with that life. Ben had been the only earner in the family and after his death Peter and his Aunt May were struggling for money. A salesman tried to con May into buying furniture that Ben had apparently left a deposit on before his death. Although the salesman had seemed genuine at the time, Peter caught Mr. Vale pulling the same stunt on an old widower when he was swinging through the city in his Spider-Man costume to clear his head. Spider-Man followed Mr. Vale to a warehouse where he discovered a whole gang of organized criminals led by The Undertaker. Spider-Man challenged the gang and soon had them rounded up for the police. Chronologically this was the first time Spider-Man had been threatened with a gun. More significantly, during the fight he discovered his Spider-Sense for the first time. Capturing these criminals lead Peter to believe that this is how he has to make up for Uncle Ben’s death, by using his powers to help others.

Spider-Man became a force for good, from stopping muggings to rescuing workers at a construction site. These heroic activities also gained him positive media attention but he still didn’t want to get back in show business. Even after Shiffman told him they could make millions, Peter chose responsibility over money. His heroism had also earned Spider-Man a certain fan named Flash Thompson. Spider-Man soon encountered another teenager with superpowers of her own and he and Joey Pulaski became friends. However it turned out that Joey was working for The Kingpin and the friends inevitably clashed, resulting in Joey’s defeat and arrest. Although portrayed as just a misguided kid, chronologically Joey Pulaski was the first super powered being Spider-Man had encountered.

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After defeating Joey Spider-Man’s fame rose further. One day after seeing his aunt continue to struggle with the household finances, Peter finally decided he had to bring in some money. He contacted Maxie Shiffman who booked him an interview on a TV show. Spider-Man was given the slot of astronaut John Jameson much to the vexation of his father, publicist J. Jonah Jameson. As the host began to introducing the show’s guests he was attacked by the super powered villain Supercharger, who announced he will kill everyone in the audience to prove how dangerous super powered beings were. Spider-Man had never encountered a super villain before and thought real super heroes should deal with this. He attempted to call The Fantastic Four but after Supercharger attacked someone in the audience, Spider-Man stepped in and defeated his first super villain. “because that’s what super heroes do”.

Peter’s first super-villain confrontation was with a communist spy called the Chameleon who could disguise himself as anyone. He attempted to disguise himself as Spider-Man and steal some important documents but he was defeated by the debuting hero, restoring his good name. Peter went on to get a job at the Daily Bugle as a photographer, selling photos to J. Jonah Jameson even though they were usually used against him. He eventually fought his second super villain, The Vulture. Due to his inexperience, Spider-Man was defeated but when the villain got cocky, Spider-Man used a gadget of his own to defeat The Vulture. Spider-Man then had his first confrontation with his most dangerous villain yet, the tentacled madman known as Doctor Octopus. Spider-Man was defeated by the more powerful Doctor Octopus in their initial encounter which caused Peter to doubt himself for the first time. He was encouraged by a speech given by the Human Torch to keep on fighting. Spider-Man managed to defeat the villain by knocking him out with one punch to the jaw, since Ock’s powers came only from his tentacles. He would follow up this victory by fighting the shape shifting Sandman, the lethal Lizard, who is actually Peter’s mentor and friend Curt Connors, the Enforcers, Electro, Mysterio, Kraven the Hunter, Doctor Doom, and his soon to-be arch-nemesis the Green Goblin.

After being defeated on two more occasions by Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus became more determined to defeat his foe and formed the Sinister Six, a group consisting of five other villains who all share the same grudge against the young hero. Ock had each villain face Spider-Man individually so that every member could reap the glory of Spider-Man’s death, but he secretly devised this plan to ensure the other villains’ defeat each time. After rendering Spider-Man tired, Otto lured him to a fight by kidnapping Aunt May and Betty Brant. Despite everything, Spider-Man came out victorious and saved the two hostages. On his high school graduation, Spider-Man battled the Molten Man, who would turn out to be the stepbrother of Liz Allen. During his early career, Spider-Man would frequently team up with other heroes such as Daredevil, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and the Human Torch in particular. Peter and Betty broke up after her brother was killed. She couldn’t bear the thought of losing another loved one as she feared that Peter would die while taking pictures of Spider-Man. She later settled in with Ned Leeds.

After suffering numerous defeats at the hands of Spider-Man, the Green Goblin vowed to destroy his foe once and for all. Using a special gas that blocks Peter’s Spider-Sense, the Goblin followed Peter around and discovered his secret identity. Now knowing Peter was Spider-Man, the Green Goblin kidnapped him, and although he has the chance to kill Peter, the Goblin instead revealed his own secret identity. He was Norman Osborn, a ruthless businessman who was also Harry’s father. Norman released Spider-Man from his restraints to defeat him in combat and prove his superiority. The Web-Slinger managed to defeat him and knocked him into some chemicals, resulting in Norman having amnesia and no recollection of both his and Peter’s alternate egos.

Spider-Man also fought the Rhino, Shocker, and the Scorpion. At one point, Peter felt that he was unable to carry the burden of being Spider-Man any longer and considered retiring from super-heroics. When the Kingpin of Crime made his move to take over the city, Peter knew that it was still his responsibility to protect the innocent and so he defeated this crime-lord and returned to crime fighting.

At the end of the Silver Age, Norman Osborn’s memories began to flood back. He decided to hurt Peter as much as possible as the Green Goblin. He kidnapped Gwen Stacy and held her hostage at the Brooklyn Bridge. Spider-Man went to save Gwen and, despite being ill at the time, managed to defeat the Goblin. The Goblin threw Gwen off the bridge and, although Peter caught her by attaching a web line to her leg as she fell, the drop caused her neck to snap. As Spider-Man held Gwen’s dead body, he vowed to kill the Goblin. He tracked him down to one of his warehouses. He brutally pummeled the Goblin in a fit of rage but managed to stop himself from committing murder. In one last attempt to achieve victory, Norman sent his Goblin Glider to impale Spider-Man from behind. Peter ducks and the Goblin is apparently killed from being impaled by his own glider. Mary Jane consoled Peter on the death of Gwen and the two started to date. Peter eventually proposed to her, but she refused and ended up breaking up with him. At this time Miles Warren, a college professor obsessed with Gwen became the deranged villain known as the Jackal. He hired the Punisher to kill Spider-Man and he also made copies of both Gwen and Peter. The Peter copy escaped and Gwen’s copy eventually went back to Miles. Harry Osborn followed in the footsteps of his father and became the next Green Goblin. He blamed Peter for his father’s death. Harry later lost his memory after a fight with Spider-Man. Harry’s psychologist, Bart Hamilton attempted to take up the mantle of the Goblin himself but was killed by his own bomb while fighting Peter.

Secret Wars and the Symbiote


The Beyonder transported Spider-Man along with other heroes and villains to Battleworld to take place in the Secret Wars, an intergalactic battle between the world’s greatest heroes and villains. During the battle, Spider-Man’s suit was badly damaged and he needed a new one. Peter came upon a strange machine that produced a black substance which slithered over him and covered his entire body. This new black and white costume, similar to Arachne’s costume, replaced his old costume. Once the heroes won the battle, they were all transported back to Earth and Spider-Man kept on wearing the suit because it enhanced his strength, speed, and agility. He would start experiencing odd signs of fatigue and became even more concerned when he discovered that the suit produced organic webbing. He took the suit to Reed Richards who told him that it’s actually a living alien symbiote, which can only survive by bonding to a host and draining their life-force away. Reed used a sonic emitter to separate Peter from the suit. Spider-Man was now without a costume and Johnny Storm, as part of a practical joke, gave Peter an old Fantastic Four costume with a paper bag for a mask and dubbed him the Bombastic Bag-Man. Admiring the black suit’s design, Spider-Man’s then-girlfriend and crime-fighting partner the Black Cat made him a cloth version of the black costume which he would start using for a time. The symbiote made its way back to Peter and attempted to permanently bond with him, but Peter used the sounds of a church bell to seemingly destroy the suit. It survived and found a host in Eddie Brock to become one of Spider-Man’s deadliest and most recurring foes, Venom.

The reporter Eddie Brock had accused the Sin-Eater as one man. He then became very angry with Spider-Man, when the webslinger unmasked Sin-Eater and it turned out to be a different person. This caused Brock professional humiliation and the loss of his job. When Eddie bonded with the symbiote and became Venom, Eddie launched several attacks on Peter’s life, even scaring MJ. Peter stopped wearing the black suit following MJ’s request. Eddie’s symbiote had an offspring which bonded with Cletus Kasady, a psychotic murderer, to become Carnage. Venom and Spider-Man were forced to team-up to defeat this new foe. Some time later, Peter and Eddie formed a truce, promising never to interfere with each others lives ever again.

Death of Harry Osborn

Harry Osborn’s memories of being the Green Goblin came flooding back and he attempted to ruin Peter’s life one more time. Before destroying a building that contained Peter, MJ and his son Normie, Harry regained his sanity and managed to save them. Immediately after doing so, he died from being poisoned by the Goblin Formula.

Maximum Carnage

After Harry’s death, Peter decided to retire from super-heroics. After Carnage formed a team of other psychopaths and went on a bloody rampage around New York, Spider-Man was forced to team-up with his old foe Venom again. The two of them, along with other heroes, managed to stop them.

The Clone Saga

In the Clone Saga, a controversial story arc, the long lost Jackal-made copy of Peter Parker returns. For years he was believed to have died after his initial encounter with the real Peter Parker. The clone, who is now calling himself Ben Reilly spent years traveling the world as he knew there was no place for him in New York City again. When his aunt May was believed to be dying, Ben returned to New York and eventually met Peter Parker. At first the two fought and Peter saw Ben as a thread, but later on the two of them worked together, with Ben even taken over as Spider-man for some time when it was believed that Peter had lost his powers. It was also during this time that aunt May seemingly died of old age. Before she passed away, she told Peter that she had known about him being Spider-man for some time now. Years later, it would be revealed that it was not aunt May that had died, but a stand in that was the work of Norman Osborn. Peter remained out of super-heroin for some time, untill his powers seemingly returned and he and the Scarlet Spider fought side by side for some time. The story arc lasted for two years and ended with the death of Ben Reilly at the hands of a returning Norman Osborn who was revealed to be alive and has been pulling strings from the moment he was believed to have died. On that day, Peter felt to have lost a brother. Although Norman Osborn was defeated, it was far from the last thing that was heard from him. With his powers fully returned, Peter resumed his work as the Amazing Spider-Man once again.

The Identity Crisis

After this saga, the Identity Crisis story takes place in which Spider-Man is accused by a returned Norman Osborn of murder and a bounty is put on his head. This is done by Norman Osborn, whom had cleared his name as a criminal when he proclaimed that he was not really the Green Goblin, but was set up by this criminal. He had taken over the Daily Bugle and put a price on Spider-Man’s head in the newspaper. This lead to a variate of bounty-hunters to attack Spider-Man. Feeling it to dangerous for himself and his loved ones to remain the hero he is, Peter retires from being Spider-Man and forms four different identities which he uses to keep on helping people and in the meantime clear his name. Eventually Peter’s name was cleared and he returned to being Spider-Man.

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Bane (Origins)

Born into a life sentence for the crimes of his father, he was raised from birth within the harsh prison known as Peña Dura (“Hard Rock”), in the Caribbean Republic of Santa Prisca. He was named Bane by the warden after his first murder as an adolescent, and as he grew to adult hood he became the most feared and respected inmate, the “king” of Pena Duro. Gifted with physical prowess and natural intelligence, he used his time in study, meditation and exercise to hone his body and mind to the peak of human potential.

His father who would be eventually known as Edmund Dorrence aka King Snake, was known to be a revolutionary within Santa Prisca. Edmund managed to escape imprisonment and had the corrupt government charge his crimes onto his unborn child.

Life grew hellish for the child after being born as he feared the violent nature within the prison, fearing that each day may be his last. Protected by both Zombie and Trogg who were also inmates within the prison, the child’s survival was still at stake. Bane developed a strong survival sense from a vision he gained after getting attacked. The child finally found the courage to kill while he was confronted by one of the inmates – using a knife hidden within his teddy bear.

Gaining the wrong attention by the Warden and taken into an isolation cell for his murders, the child realized that courage, dedication, and strengthening of both mind and body were his only ways to survive. Calling himself Bane, he trained his body through the harshest environments when his isolation cell flooded during some nights. Upon his release from isolation, Bane continued his intense training while studying whatever literature he found within the prison. Self-taught within the fields of strategy, philosophy, languages, math, grammar, and more, Bane developed into the ultimate killing machine that even the guards found themselves fearing.

It would be the stories from another inmate, Bird, about a monster with Gotham City known as the Batman, that would inspire Bane to escape and look for new “prisons” to conquer. Meanwhile, the Warden attempted to rid himself of Bane, and nominated him to participate in an experiment to create a super powered soldier with a steroid like drug known as Venom. They injected the Venom into Bane, almost killing him, as had happened to numerous subjects before him. Believing him to be dead, Bane was tossed into the sea, where he freed himself. Returning to the prison, Bane held the Warden hostage while escaping by means of a helicopter. With his inmate friends escaping alongside with him, Bane traveled to Gotham to set about his destiny to be the king. His first step was hunting down this Batman breaking him.


Bane was created by Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench, and Graham Nolan and first appeared in Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1. He was conceived as a darker take on Doc Savage, with inspiration from the Count of Monte Cristo and Mexican luchador culture. The steroid Bane uses appeared previously in the Batman story Venom.

Characterized initially as an amoral product of a corrupt prison system and an unscrupulous super-soldier program, yet ultimately fated for greater things, Bane was shown to be savage in physical combat and shrewdly calculating in matters of strategy. Venom made him more powerful than most of his foes, allowing him to defeat the likes of Killer Croc, Robin and even Batman himself. Jean Paul Valley, assuming the mantle of the Bat, exploited this reliance on the drug and handed Bane a crushing defeat.

In Vengeance of Bane II, Bane would defeat his addiction to Venom and turn away from his desire to conquer, deciding he was “innocent.” Resolving to find his father, Bane’s search for his past, and subsequent redemption, would be the driving force for several years, with occasional lapses, influenced by Ra’s Al Ghul.

Scott Beatty was the writer to reveal that Bane was the son of King Snake. Meeting his father, Bane found him wanting. This saw a turn in characterization, back towards a more overt menace. Gail Simone wrote Bane into the Secret Six, exploring his own approach to fatherhood with Scandal Savage, as well as his lingering craving for Venom and his lack of direction since defeating Batman. He was shocked to find that he was destined for Hell, making him question his self perceived “innocence.”

Often portrayed in other media as more of a brute, and less of a tactician, this take has appeared in the New 52, heavily influenced by the popular video game Arkham Asylum. He now is featured as a villain hired by the Court of the Owls to kill Calvin Rose in the Talon book.

Bane Breaks the Bat

Bane escaped Peña Duro, along with several accomplices, his friends Trogg, Zombie, and Bird. His ambition turned to destroying Batman, about whom he had heard tales while serving his sentence. He was fascinated with Gotham City, like the prison, it was a place where fear ruled: in this case, fear of Batman. Bane was convinced that the demonic bat that haunted his dreams since childhood was a related to the Batman.

Aware that a direct assault on Batman would be foolish, Bane destroyed the walls of Arkham Asylum, allowing a horde of all of its deranged inmates, including the Joker, the Scarecrow, the Mad Hatter, the Ventriloquist, Firefly, Two-Face, and Zsasz to escape into Gotham City. While Batman spent months rounding them up, bringing himself to the point of exhaustion, Bane consolidated power in the Gotham underground. When the time was right, Bane set up a gauntlet of his three associates for the Dark Knight, which he barely survived. Then, when Batman returned to Wayne Manor, Bane was waiting. The fight was quick and one-sided, as Batman simply had nothing left. As the coup de grâce, Bane broke Batman’s back and left him paraplegic.

Bane was firmly established as ruler of Gotham’s criminal underworld, and saw no challenge. Desparate, Bruce Wayne passed the mantle of Batman to Jean-Paul Valley, also known as Azrael. Utilizing a sophisticated combat suit in place of the traditional Batman uniform, he fought Bane and defeated him by severing the tubes that pumped the Venom into his bloodstream, causing severe withdrawal. Valley then gave the weakened Bane a vicious beating, leaving him alive but broken.

The weight of the past

In Blackgate Penitentiary, Bane rehabilitates himself and beats his addiction to Venom. He then escapes, and begins a journey to unravel his past, most notably the identity of his father. Before leaving Gotham he encounters a similarly rejuvenated Bruce Wayne, once again Batman. Together they defeat a group of Venom-enhanced bank robbers. Parting ways, Bane states that he is “innocent,” and Batman should leave him be.

Bane’s search for his unknown father began with his birthplace at the prison within Santa Prisca. Finding the oldest inmate, who was a Jesuit Priest, Bane would learn that one of four men could have been his father. One suspect was a revolutionary hated by the Santa Priscan government (who would later become dictator of the island), another was an American doctor (later revealed to be Thomas Wayne), the other was an English mercenary(Edmund Dorrence, long before he was known as King Snake), and the last was a Swiss banker. Deciding to take his chances with the Swiss banker, Bane traveled to Rome in search of his possible father only to run afoul of the League of Assassins.

Bane with Ra's Al Ghul

Bane is recruited as the new right hand man for Ra’s Al Ghul, traditionally known as Ubu, and works alongside both Talia Al Ghul and her father, as they plotted against both Gotham City and the world. Bane impressed Ra’s, leading to the Demon’s Head offering Bane his daughter’s hand in marriage. However, Ra’s choice of Bane only came from his daughter’s desire to spite her true love, Batman. After the Ra’s attempts to release the Legacy virus into Gotham failed, Bane was humiliated, having been defeated by the man he once broke. Seeking revenge by turning Batman’s beloved city into an irradiated wasteland, he hijacked a mobile nuclear power plant and sailed it towards Gotham. However, the combined efforts of Batman, Robin, and Nightwing thwarted Bane’s plans.

After his failed attempt at destroying Gotham City, Bane escaped and sought to replenish his resources by selling Venom to General Webez, a would be ruler of Santa Prisca. Batman dispatched Azrael to capture him. Initially getting the better of Azrael, Bane is captured and returned to Gotham City when Azrael uses Banes lingering craving for Venom against him. As they land in Gotham and are about to turn him over to the police, a Cataclysm occurs, allowing Bane to briefly escape, before Arael chases him down once more. Bane attempted to convince Azrael to join him in a life of crime, but Valley refused, and taking advantage of an aftershock, apprehends him again. Bane would soon find himself under the employment of Lex Luthor during Gotham City’s status as a No Man’s Land. Attempting to rebuild and take over the ruined city, Bane is sent to destroy all official records of the city. Even though Bane is successful, Lucius Fox discovered copies of the original documents and foils Luthors attempts on taking over the city.

Bane later encounters the Joker, and a battle ensues. Batman intervenes and convinces Bane that Luthor is not to be trusted. Bane leaves Gotham to it’s fate. Seeking revenge against Ra’s Al Ghul for his recent treachery, Bane travels around the world on a campaign to locate and destroy every Lazarus Pit. During this quest, Bane encountered Black Canary.

Returning to the search for his father, Bane is convinced that his biological father is the American doctor that the Jesuit priest spoke about. Upon closer investigation, Bane realized that the doctor who was close to his mother was none other than Dr Thomas Wayne, the father of Bruce Wayne. Upon realizing this, Bane was convinced that he and Batman were in fact biologically related. Sharing this discovery with Batman as he returned to Gotham, Bane found himself not only staying at Wayne Manor, but also working alongside with the Batman as well. A series of murders involving tattoo’s coming to life were investigated by this new “dynamic duo.” They found it was a traumatized girl named Pix who had used her technological the powers to cause her tattoos to attack the men who raped her. Meanwhile, Bane discovered that he was not biologically related to Bruce. Even after learning this, when Batman was in need of assistance in dealing with Pix and the rapist known as Ricky, Bane came to his aid, ultimately saving Batman’s life. Upon sharing his discoveries with the hero, Bane set off to continue his search for his father, now with the financial backing of Batman.

With additional help from Dr. Leslie Thompson, Bane set off on his quest, eventually arriving in the remote mountains of Kangchenjunga after learning that his father was possibly located within the area at an old Lazarus Pit. His resources proved correct when he located the man known as Sir Edmund Dorrance, AKA. King Snake. Barely alive and malnourished, Snake had been there stuck there since an encounter with Robin. Bane and Dorrance shared their sides of the story, agreeing that their relationship was likely. After years of built up anger and resentment, Bane found his father to be largely unrepentant, and was about to strike him down when the cult known as Kobra interrupted them. Bane chose to bide his time when Snake used a post hypnotic suggestion implanted in Kobra that he was aware of to take command of the small force.

Unsure of what to do because of his current emotional feelings, Bane allowed Dorrance to use the Kobra troops to harvest a weapon which had been stored when the Lazarus Pit was used as a Kobra base. However, he would side with Batman and his allies when they arrived to confront King Snake and his cult. Bane shielded Batman from King Snake’s machine gun fire, and threw the acidic energy source at Snake, apparently causing him to fall to his death. Kobra was defeated, and Batman revived Bane with a Lazarus Pit at his request. As he was lowered into the Pit, Bane stated “I will be like new…cleansed…healed…reborn.”

The Jedi (Explained)

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A Jedi was a Force-sensitive individual, most often a member of the Jedi Order, who studied, served, and used the mystical energies of the Force; usually, the light side of the Force.

The weapon of a Jedi was the lightsaber, a blade made of pure energy. Jedi fought for peace and justice in the Galactic Republic, usually against their mortal enemy: the Sith, who studied the dark side of the Force.

The Jedi were of ancient origins, having been present in the galaxy for over one thousand generations. There were ten thousand Jedi in the galaxy before the Clone Wars. At the end of the war, however, they were all but destroyed by the Sith during and after the execution of Order 66, leaving very few Jedi survivors until there was only one known living Jedi, Luke Skywalker, at the end of the Galactic Civil War.

Skywalker rebuilt the order in the years after the Galactic Civil War, but his nephew and apprentice Ben Solo, later dubbed Kylo Ren, massacred all of its members, leaving Skywalker once again as the last remaining Jedi.

Jedi youngling: A young child who was Force-sensitive would be identified at birth and taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to be trained as a Jedi. They were to be put into classes of other Jedi younglings and trained together before being taken as an apprentice by a Jedi Knight. Younglings were not to be trained once they had reached a certain age, with the sole exception to this rule being Anakin Skywalker. Younglings would participate in the Gathering, which was the pilgrimage to the Ilum Temple to gain a kyber crystal for their lightsaber.

Padawan: A youngling who had been chosen by a Jedi Knight or Jedi Master to train under their tutelage personally into becoming a fully fledged Jedi Knight. Their readiness was decided by the Initiate Trials. Padawans wore a braid.

Jedi Knight: Once a Padawan has successfully passed the Jedi trials, they were be granted the rank of Jedi Knight and went out on missions of their own, no longer under the tutelage of a master.

Jedi Master: A Jedi Knight was granted the rank of Jedi Master and offered a seat on the Jedi High Council when they had shown great skill, wisdom and devotion to the Force. When a Jedi Knight successfully led a Padawan to becoming a Jedi Knight themselves, they would also be granted the rank of Master.

Grand Master: The leader of the Jedi High Council, the position of Grand Master was given to the oldest and considered to be the wisest member of the Jedi Order.

Master of the Order: This position was assumed by the leader of the Jedi Order. He or she had to be voted unanimously into the position by the Jedi High Council.

Jedi Commander: This title was given to Jedi Padawans under the leadership of Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters with their roles as Jedi Generals in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.

Jedi Temple Guard: Headed by Cin Drallig during the Clone Wars, these anonymous Jedi guarded the Jedi Temple with lightsaber pikes.

Jedi General: A title given to those given commanding roles in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.

Jedi investigator: Detectives aiding police with the use of the Force. They also used crime scene analysis droids.

Chief Librarian: The overseer of the Jedi Archives and Holocron Vault.

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