Who is Arcann? (Star Wars)

Arcann and his twin brother Thexan were born as princes to Valkorion, and trained from a very early age in combat. Both of them were sensitive to the force, and were able to use it very effectively in combat. As they grew, both built and used lightsabers as their primary weapons, and upon reaching adulthood, were sent by their father to battle and dominate worlds.

Arcann soon grew angry of his father’s lack of affection or interest in him and his brother as anything more than tools. Regardless, he and Thexan led the Eternal Empire’s armed forces to war against the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire, driving them back almost to the brink of extinction. Arcann was wounded severely in the face and lost his left arm while waging a battle on a Sith planet, and soon after received a new jaw casing that covered the left side of his face, as well as a cybernetic left arm.

Arcann and Thexan eventually returned to Valkorion, presenting lightsabers of both Jedi and Sith as trophies of their successes in battle. When Valkorion turned away without so much as a glance at the weapons, the light of the dark side ignited in Arcann’s eyes as he became furious at his father’s lack of caring. Irate, he ignited his lightsaber and leaped at his father, intending to cut him down. Thexan, using the Force, pulled Arcann back in an attempt to prevent his father’s death. Arcann, furious, turned his fury on his brother and dueled with him briefly. Arcann lashed out and struck his brother across the torso. Thexan glanced at his brother with a look of resignation, and the light of the dark side faded from Arcann’s eyes as he realized what he had done. He cradled his brother in his arms as Thexan died of his wound. Looking up, Arcann saw his father standing over him, reaching his arm out and imploring him to come with Valkorion.

Darth Vader/ Anakin Skywalker (Origins)

Anakin Skywalker is considered “the Chosen One” of the force; whom is supposed to destroy the Sith. Anakin Skywalker was born without a father and lived most of his life on Tatooine with his mother, Shmi. When Qui-Gon Jinn came to the planet looking for parts for their ship back to the Jedi Council, Anakin won them the parts and also his freedom, but only with one flaw in the plan — his mother had to stay on Tatooine as a slave. Years later, Anakin became the apprentice of Obi-Wan Kenobi and married the ex-queen of Naboo, Padme Amidala.

Near the end of the Clone Wars, Anakin became very obsessed at saving his family. Learning that his wife and unborn child were going to die though a vision, Anakin was determined to find the power save his loved ones. At this moment, Sith Lord Darth Sidious made Anakin join the newfound Empire as his new Sith Apprentice, Darth Vader. Anakin killed most of the last remaining Jedi in the galaxy, except for Yoda and Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan tried to kill Anakin, but only left him near the lava planet of Musafar badly injured. Anakin survived, through the mechanations of Emperor. More machine than man, Anakin forever became Darth Vader and served his master as the Empire’s Mailed Fist.

Along with the entire Star Wars universe, Darth Vader (or Anakin) was created by George Lucas. However, at the time Darth Vader was the main portrayal of the character, than Anakin Skywalker (but it has been said that George worked on Anakin’s model before they started Vader). Vader’s mask was drawn by Ralph McQuarrie who drew the concept for the Darth Vader space suit. After many alterations to Vader’s mask, Ralph finally got a design that George liked, and soon Brian Muir started to design the rest of Vader from the head down. With the success of Star Wars IV: A New Hope, George Lucas began to look for a writer to help him with the fifth, technically second, movie. Writer Leigh Brackett helped George create the second installment of Star Wars, and everything was perfect, except that the fact that Vader was not going to reveal that he was the father of Luke. Before the movie script was finished, Leigh Brackett died of cancer, so it was left for George to write the script by himself. In the end, Darth did tell Luke that he was his father. George began looking at a backstory for Anakin and created the entire story with Anakin having been the student of Obi Wan Kenobi, and the late Qui-Gon. The story was clear that Anakin would loose himself to the dark side through a series of events, and eventually become Darth Vader after being badly wounded during the final battle against Obi Wan. Which ultimately completed the “Saga” of Star Wars, episodes 1-6.

Darth Vader found a secret apprentice during the reign of the Empire. On a mission from Palpatine on suspicions of a Rouge Jedi on the planet Kashyyyk, Vader discovered this apprentice. His father Kento Marek, the Rouge Jedi, had escaped Order 66 and had traveled through many planets on his way to Kashyyyk were the Rouge had eventually stayed. After confronting Kento and killing him, Vader took the boy from the prying eyes of Palpatine. After years of training, Vader saw it fit to let his apprentice to hunt down the last of the Jedi. When Starkiller completed his tasks, Vader was ready to initiate his plan to destroy the Emperor. Unfortunately, the Emperor found out and had tailed Starkiller’s plane until reaching Vader’s private spacecraft. When the Emperor arrived, Vader betrayed and killed his Starkiller to show his loyalty to his master. He left his Apprentice alive though and when the Emperor left, Vader retrieved Starkiller from the depths of space.

He then revived his apprentice and explained his plan for the next attempt which was to start a rebellion. Then he sent his apprentice off. He did not realize though that his Apprentice had feelings for the Pilot Juno Eclipse who had been labeled a traitor to the Empire. Starkiller then broke Juno out of the restraints she was hidden in and started on his mission. Eventually, Starkiller would discover that Vader never planned to overthrow Palpatine at all (or at least with him). It was all part

of the Emperor’s plan to expose the Empire’s enemies. Vader would later capture the Rebel Alliance and defeat his apprentice once more, but that would prove to be his undoing. Starkiller survived and confronted Vader and the Emperor in the Death Star, sacrificing his life to allow the Rebels to fight another day. Because of Starkiller’s actions, the Rebel Alliance was formed and ready to engage the Empire in a vicious Galactic Civil War.

For the next few years, Vader would be tasked by the Emperor to quell the attacks from the Rebel Alliance, with little effort.

The ruthless cyborg pursued Princess Leia and the Rebels for the stolen Death Star plans. The Empire pursued the Rebels straight back to Vader’s homeworld, which the princess was able to transfer plans to an astromech droid and send it off to the planet. Vader captured the princess and later brought her to the Death Star, where he and Grand Moff Tarkin interrogated her on the location of the hidden Rebel base. Vader tortured his daughter and forced to see her home planet of Alderaan destroyed. Vader also played a part in the execution of Owen and Beru Lars. As Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Obi-Wan, and Chewbacca were captured by the Death Star tractor beam, Vader sensed his former master’s presence. He eventually confronted his master in one final duel. Despite Obi-Wan’s warning, Vader struck him down but not before Obi-Wan became a spirit of the Force. Vader allowed Luke and his comrades to escape so he could finally locate the hidden Rebel base. Once the plan worked, the Imperials prepared for battle and confronted the incoming Rebel fleet. During the Battle of Yavin, Vader decided to personally destroy the Rebel starfighters himself. The Sith Lord nearly destroyed the entire Rebel fleet and was close to destroying Luke Skywalker, but interference from the Millennium Falcon would cause one of his support fighters to swerve into Vader’s fighter, sending him spiraling away into space.

Vader would return to the Empire and continue his efforts to hunt down the Rebel Alliance and the mysterious Luke Skywalker, who started to plague his mind with so many questions. He would never come into account that Luke and Leia were his children until much later.

Three years after the Death Star had been destroyed, the Empire destroyed the Rebel Base on Hoth VI. The Empire had gained strength, so as Luke traveled to Dagobah, in whose swamps Yoda now made his home, to become Yoda’s apprentice and continue his training in use of the Force, Han Solo and Leia Organa traveled to Cloud City, in the Bespin system, to meet Han’s old friend Lando Calrissian. However, Vader had tracked the heroes to Cloud City with the help of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Boba Fett and forced up a deal that meant that the Baron Administrator betray them, and the Dark Lord captured them. Vader, wanting to capture Skywalker, decided to test the carbonite freezing on Han Solo, who proved to have a price on his head thanks to Jabba the Hutt, and Fett took him to Jabba.

Luke reached Cloud City to save Han or Leia — but he would eventually engage Vader in a lightsaber battle. Vader’s power was much more vast than Luke’s, but he did not kill Luke because he wanted Luke to turn to the Dark Side and become an ally of the Empire. They fought, and Vader eventually slashed off Luke’s hand at the wrist, over a balcony, causing Luke to lose the lightsaber that Anakin had meant for him long ago. Vader eventually revealed to Luke his true parentage, but Luke chose death over life as Vader’s son, and he let go and fell. He barely survived and escaped Vader and the Empire, much to the Dark Lord’s dismay.

More than six months passed. The Emperor formulated a trap to destroy the Rebel Alliance and convert Luke into the Dark Side of the Force. When Luke traveled to the moon of Endor where Vader and the Emperor were, he revealed his acceptance of the fact that Vader had once been Anakin Skywalker, his father, and tried to draw his father back where Kenobi had failed. But aboard the unfinished second Death Star, the Emperor proved to be a dark influence to Luke even when the father and son engaged in their final lightsaber duel. Vader gains the upper hand until Luke taps into the Dark Side to subdue his father in combat, slicing of his arm. When Luke refused to turn, the Emperor fired Force lightning at him, and was about to kill him as Vader watched. As Luke was being electrocuted, he moaned, “Father, please help me!”

All the while, Anakin Skywalker had been fighting that which made him Darth Vader. Successfully overcoming what had made him Vader, Anakin seized the Emperor and threw him into the Death Star’s power core. Unfortunately, the lightning short-circuited Anakin’s cybernetics. He then died after killing the Emperor and saving his son, who unmasked him to find that his father had still been essentially human all the time.

No matter how evil Darth Vader had been, Anakin Skywalker died a hero. His ghost was seen at the Endor celebration.


Sensing that his new apprentice is in danger, Palpatine travels to Mustafar and finds Vader still alive. After returning to Coruscant, he rebuilds Vader’s ruined body with the black armored suit from the original trilogy. Palpatine then tells Vader that Padmé was killed in the heat of Vader’s anger, breaking what remains of his apprentice’s spirit. Vader is last seen watching the original Death Star’s construction, with Palpatine and Willfins Tarkan at his side.



Darth Vader makes his first appearance in the first installment of the original star wars trilogy, Star Wars. He is a ruthless cyborg serving the Galactic Empire who is tasked along with Imperial commander Grand Muff Tarken to recover the secret technical plans of the Death Star, which were stolen by the Rebellion Alliance. Princess Leia Organa has secretly hidden the plans inside the Astromech droid R2-D2  and has sent it to find Jedi Master Obi Wan Kanobi on the nearby planet of Tatoonie. Vader tortures Leia, but she resists revealing anything. During Leia’s rescue, Vader fights and kills Obi-Wan in a lightsaber duel and later attempts to kill Luke when the Death Star is about to fire on the Rebel base in Yavin 4. However, Han Solo sends Vader spiraling off course, allowing Luke to destroy the Death Star.

In the 1980 sequel The Empire Strikes Back, Vader leads the Imperial starfleet’s invasion of the Rebel base on Hoth, whereafter the Rebels escape. He later confers with the Emperor, who tells him that Luke has become a threat to the Empire and must not become a Jedi. Vader persuades the Emperor that Luke can be turned to the dark side of the force. Vader negotiates with Cloud City administrator Lando Calrssian to capture Han, Leia, Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2-D2 on Cloud city, and lure Luke into a trap. He tortures Han, freezes him in carbonite and delivers him to bounty hunter Bobba Fett, but Calrissian helps Leia, Chewbacca and the droids flee. A lightsaber duel ensues in which Vader cuts off Luke’s right hand, disarming him. Vader reveals that he is Luke’s father, and implores him to come to the dark side so they can to rule the galaxy together. After Luke escapes with his allies, Vader telepathiclly tells Luke that it is his destiny to join the dark side.

In the 1983 sequel Return of the Jedi, Vader travels to the second Death Star and orders its commander, Moff Jerjerrod, to advance its construction. He meets with the Emperor, who assures him that they will together make Luke come to the dark side. Luke attempts to implore Vader to leave the dark side, but is unsuccessful. Vader brings Luke onto the Death Star, where the Emperor tempts Luke to the dark side. This leads to another lightsaber duel between Vader and Luke, in which Vader discovers that Leia is Luke’s twin sister and threatens to turn her to the dark side if Luke will not submit. Luke, enraged, subdues Vader and cuts off his father’s robotic right hand. The Emperor tells Luke to kill Vader and take his place, but Luke refuses, declaring himself a Jedi as his father had been; the Emperor tortures Luke with force lighting. Moved by his son’s pleas for help, Vader kills the Emperor into the Death Star’s reactor shaft, but is mortally wounded in the process. He then asks Luke to remove his mask, and after telling his son that there was good left in him after all, he dies peacefully, having redeemed himself. Luke escapes the Death Star with his father’s remains, which he later ceremonially burns in a pyre. As the Rebels celebrate the destruction of the Death Star and the fall of the Empire, Luke sees his father’s spirit, standing alongside those of Obi-Wan and Yoda.

Entertainment Earth




DC Multiverse Explained

Pre-Crisis / The Multiverse

Inside the DC Comics mythology, the sci-fi concept of alternate realities existing as parallel earths has been one of the main characteristics of their superhero universe since the silver age. With an infinite number of similar looking universes than resemble the main universe, the idea of Multiverse is a foundation concept not only in DC Comics but for the whole superhero genre.

Before the Crisis on Infinite Earths, there were many (hence “infinite”) versions of the Earth scattered throughout the Multiverse. The DC Multiverse officially first appeared in The Flash #123 when Barry Allen aka The Flash found himself in another universe that was separated from his own by being on a different vibration frequency.

This world came to be known as Earth-Two and was populated by the heroes of the (Golden Age) of comics the 40’s and 50’s. After this, more worlds were found, and then even more, until finally DC decided it was time to put an end to the expansion of the Multiverse. As was mentioned before, the other worlds were destroyed during the Crisis, but here is a list of the known Earth’s before they were lost.

Post-Crisis / DC Universe

During the period than the DC was reduced to one clustered universe, embers of the previous reality popped once and again in different titles by different writers, always searching a way to bring back the old multiverse in some fashion, but never calling them as parallel earths. Such is the case of the Second Crisis from Grant Morrison in Animal Man, Mark Waid in Kingdom, Jeph Loeb in Superman/Batman. During this age, the alternative stories were dubbed (Elsewhere), such as Batman: Gotham by Gaslight and Superman: Red Son, with some of them becoming official alternate universes.

Infinite Crisis / The Multiverse

During the epic Infinite crisis, Alexander Luthor, one of the few survivals of the original multiverse briefly recreated some of the previous existing worlds, trying to find the “perfect earth”. Although his schemes were thwarted and this multiverse was brief in existence (two issues), it would be the first step for the return of the parallel earths.

Post-52 Weeks / The Multiverse

Born after 52 (the weekly) and modified by Mr Mind, this multiverse resemble previous incarnations. Various Elseworlds were part of this multiverse. It would be explored more in Countdown main series and parallel spin off as Lord Havok, Crime Society, Wildstorm, Red Rain, GaslIght, Red Son, Arena.

Post-Flashpoint / The Multiverse

The New 52 Multiverse is being explored in Multiversity. Although works similar to previous incarnations (by the earths occupying the same space but vibrating differently), there is a map showing the nature of the multiverse with worlds occupying specific zones divided by axis Order-Chaos & Pinnacle&Pit , which describes the nature of each earth.


The Incredible Hulk (Origins)


Robert Bruce Banner was born to atomic scientist Dr. Brian Banner and his wife, Rebecca. Although deeply loved by his mother, Bruce’s father who was mentally unstable harbored a deep jealousy and hatred for him. Brian was convinced that his work in atomic science had altered his genetic structure and because of this he also feared that Bruce would grow up a genetic freak, when actually, Bruce was just a very gifted and intelligent child. While growing up Bruce was subjected to Brian’s drunken rages and abuse, as was his mother. Tragically, Rebecca was killed by Brian when she attempted to take young Bruce and leave him. His mother’s murder and his father’s arrest left Bruce in the care of his aunt, Mrs. Drake, and he grew up a social outcast due to the trauma of being abused by his father as well as witnessing his mother’s abuse and murder at the hands of his father.

After graduating high school, Bruce began studying nuclear physics at Desert State University and later at the California Institute of Technology. He gained employment with the military at Desert Base, New Mexico under the command of General “Thunderbolt” Ross, who was overseeing the test of Banner’s newly-created Gamma Bomb. It was here that he met Ross’s daughter, Betty and the two found a mutual attraction. On the day of the bomb’s scheduled detonation Banner saw someone in the testing area. Hoping to rescue this person, Banner went into the testing area where he encountered the person he’d seen; a young teenager named Rick Jones, who had sneaked onto the test site on a dare. Banner managed to push Jones to safety. However, rather than delay the countdown and halt the detonation as instructed, Banner’s assistant Igor Starsky, (in reality, a foreign secret agent named Igor Drenkov) allowed the countdown and the subsequent detonation to occur. This resulted in Banner being caught in the Gamma Bomb explosion and thus exposed to an incredibly massive amount of gamma radiation. Banner and Jones were later picked up by the base’s military personnel and taken back to Desert Base where they were placed in isolation and observation due to their exposure to gamma radiation. They were still in isolation at sundown when Banner transformed into a gray, monstrous, and lumbering brute for the first time. This brute was quickly dubbed “the Hulk” by military personnel.

While the Hulk’s original series failed to last more than six issues, writer Stan Lee felt that the Hulk would work best as a reoccurring character in other titles, and finally settled on the Hulk being a co-founder of the Avengers. By the next issue, he wrote the character off the team, and delegated him as a reoccurring menace until he was given co-billing in the Tales to Astonish title alongside Giant-Man and the Wasp. Featuring the art talents of Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Bob Powell, John Romita Sr., Bill Everett, John Buscema, Gil Kane, Marie Severin, and finally Herb Trimpe, the Hulk’s popularity continued to soar until taking over the title completely with issue #102 in 1968. Roy Thomas soon took over writing chores for Lee and Herb Trimpe settled in as regular penciler for the next eight years.

Thomas and Trimpe continued as the regular creative team for the title until Thomas accepted the role of Editor-In-Chief in 1972. Top writers of the era such as Gerry Conway, Steve Gerber, Archie Goodwin, Steve Englehart rotated through various stints until Len Wein settled in as regular writer with The Incredible Hulk #179 . Wein’s run is most notable for the introduction of Wolverine in The Incredible Hulk #181 . Artist Herb Trimpe moved on to other assignments in 1975, allowing Sal Buscema to take over for the next decade (starting with issue #194 and ending with #309, taking very few breaks along the way.) Roger Stern took over for Wein, who began to delve into the psychological aspect of the Hulk (most prominent during the Peter David run.) Bill Mantlo took over for Stern and embarked on a six year stint that saw the Hulk and his supporting cast grow and change in numerous ways. In 1982, Mantlo had Bruce Banner take control of the Hulk’s body, gain world-wide acceptance and then descend into mindless madness before handing the book over to John Byrne, who separated Banner and the Hulk and married off Bruce and Betty.

Al Milgrom stepped in briefly after Byrne left, and changed the Hulk back to his original gray-skinned form, paving the way for Peter David to take over in 1987. Paired with such artists as Todd McFarlane and Jeff Purves, David continued chronicling the gray Hulk and later had him adopt the identity of “Joe Fixit”, a Las Vegas leg-breaker. David continued as writer for the next several years, as he paired with Dale Keown and merged the green and gray Hulk personalities with Banner’s, creating a new Hulk incarnation. From there, the character continued to progress, regress and change in various ways until David left the title in 1997. Joe Casey replaced David until the title was relaunched under a new name “Hulk” under writer John Byrne and artist Ron Garney. Byrne soon left and the title returned to its original heading of the “Incredible Hulk” with Paul Jenkins at the helm until Bruce Jones took over in 2002. The next several years saw the Hulk and Banner on the run from a mysterious agency that was later revealed to be led by long-time Hulk nemesis the Leader. Taking over from Jones was writer Greg Pak, who began with the “Planet Hulk” story-line that saw the Hulk banished to another world by other super heroes and returning for revenge in “World War Hulk”. The title was soon cancelled and given to Hercules, rebooted as “Hulk” under writer Jeph Loeb and featured a new story and focused on the mysterious Red Hulk for the next two years. The title was again returned under its original numbering and continued after the mystery of the Red Hulk was revealed and re-named “Incredible Hulks”, featuring all the gamma related characters from the last several years. The title was cancelled as Greg Pak left to other projects and relaunched again as “The Incredible Hulk” with incoming writer Jason Aaron and artist Marc Silvestri.

After absorbing the radiation from a gamma bomb explosion, Bruce Banner became a giant, grey version of the Hulk at night (he would not transform into the subsequently-standard green Hulk until much later). Banner’s first adventure was when he was captured by the Russian villain, The Gargoyle, whom Igor Drenkov/Starsky, a communist spy who was working undercover as a scientist with Bruce Banner, had informed of Banner’s transformation. The Gargoyle wanted to know the secret of the Hulk so he could reverse his own horrible radiation-damaged face. In return for Banner’s help, he released both Banner and Rick Jones, having kidnapped the latter in an effort to force Banner to cooperate. Jones would soon become Bruce’s sidekick, travelling with him and attempting to control the Hulk’s rage. Because of Banner’s lack of control over the Hulk, he was declared a menace by General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, who mobilized Army personnel under his command to track down the Hulk under orders to capture him — and to destroy him if at all possible. However, Banner would gain some control over the Hulk with radiation treatments and become a founding member of the Avengers. However this would not last long and misunderstandings with team members led to The Hulk leaving The Avengers. Banner regained the ability to conceal his condition for some time, but that would not last and he commenced to wander the country as both Banner and the Hulk.

The Hulk would battle many foes over the years such as The Leader, Abomination, Rhino, Absorbing Man, and The Wendigo. He has even found himself in Communist China battling both The Mandarin and The People’s Liberation Army. During this time the Jade Giant has traveled to outer space a number of times, battling the High Evolutionary’s New Men in Wundagore II (Tales To Astonish #94, August 1997), The Sagittarians and The Galaxy Master (Incredible Hulk #111, January 1969). The Hulk’s adventures would often lead him into conflict with other heroes such as Spider-Man ( Amazing Spider-Man Annual#3, November 1966), The Fantastic Four, The Inhumans ( Incredible Hulk Annual #1, October 1968) and The Silver Surfer (Tales To Astonish #93, July 1967), as well as former team mates The Avengers. In one notable encounter, The Hulk teamed up with fellow anti-hero Namor The Sub-Mariner to battle The Avengers (Avengers #3, January 1964). However Hulk soon lost interest and abandoned the Prince of Atlantis to fight Earth’s Mightiest Heroes on his own. The conclusion of this tale led to The Avengers discovering the frozen WW2 hero Captain America.

During Banner’s wanderings, he paid a visit to his cousin Jennifer Walters, a lawyer in Los Angeles. But in the course of their visit, she was shot by a henchman of the crime boss Nicholas Trask for defending a thug of his, Lou Monkton, whom he was framing for murder. All Banner could do to save his cousin was give her a blood transfusion. Because of this, she was turned into the heroine, the She-Hulk. Soon after, the Hulk was captured by Dr. Leonard Samson ( Doc Samson), and the two discovered that the only way to cure Banner of being the Hulk was that the two would have to separate their bodies. Banner was placed in a ‘nutrient bath’ that separated the cells that were uniquely his from those of the irradiated Hulk. Being separate, they each gained their own body and personalities, but the Hulk becomes an even greater threat without Banner’s mental and moral restraint. Banner would soon create a team called “The Hulk-Busters” to track down and stop the Hulk. Banner soon chose this time to ask Betty Ross to marry him.

During the wedding Banner became sick. It was revealed that Banner and The Hulk needed each other or they would die as they were losing their molecular cohesion. After being weakened by his sickness, the Hulk was captured by the Avengers. Accepting that the only way to stop the Hulk and save her husband, Betty asks the Avengers to spare the Hulk. With some help from “The Vision,” a synthezoid that was one of the Avengers’s greatest enemies, the robot Ultron (created by Henry Pym) from the remains of the original Human Torch, the two were re-joined together. Unfortunately, without The Vision’s presence, the cohesion remained unstable. Banner slipped into a coma and the Hulk was restrained. Dr. Samson decide that the only way to re-combine the two was to place them back into the ‘nutrient bath’ with reversed ionization. As they were preparing for the process, Banner and the Hulk, now restrained in the gamma base, begin transforming back and forth; Hulk to Banner and back again, arguing the whole time over who would control their body. Oddly, Banner began to push out from within the Hulk’s body, asking Samson and the SHIELD agents present to kill him and stop the Hulk permanently. Refusing to harm Banner, the SHIELD agents corralled the Hulk back into the ‘bath’. General Ross escaped his SHIELD escort during that time and attempted to ruin the ‘bath’ in hopes of permanently destroying the Hulk, but he was impeded by Rick Jones, who ended up being pushed into the nutrient bath himself. When the tank eventually ruptured, the Grey Hulk emerged, to the shock of everyone present.

At this time Banner would turn into the Hulk at nightfall and return to human form during the day. As the two traded off, each would try to find a way to destroy the other. For a time, Jones became a Hulk-like creature himself, but he was soon cured by the Leader. However, the process established a mental link between the two. General Ross was killed at this approximate time, but his body was stolen by the Leader, who afterwards kidnapped Betty Ross Banner. Bruce Banner, Jones, and Clay Quartermain set out to try and save her and destroy all of the remaining gamma bombs in the possession of the government and thereby foil the Leader’s plans to steal them. To slow down the Hulk’s search for him, the Leader returned Betty, and she revealed that she was pregnant. The Leader did succeed, in spite of Banner’s, Jones’s, and Quartermain’s efforts, in stealing a gamma bomb, which he detonated in a small Arizona town called Middletown. It seemingly killed the Hulk and created several new gamma irradiated servants for the Leader, whom he nicknamed Rock, Hotshot, Jailbait and Ogress. It seemed that the Leader had also resurrected the Redeemer, who was believed to be dead.

When Thanos the Mad Titan acquired the reality warping and wish fulfilling Infinity Gauntlet, he wished half of all living beings on Earth away. Scrambling to oppose the near omnipotent villain, the Avengers invited Hulk back onto the team to aid them in their attempts to thwart Thanos’ plans. Despite some tension between Hulk and the team, the new more intelligent Hulk managed to accept his place within the team.

The Avengers, and an assortment of other heroes, launched an attack on Thanos which ultimately failed with most of the heroes being defeated, destroyed or wiped off the face of the Earth entirely. The few surviving heroes; Doctor Doom, Drax, Firelord, Hulk and Thor were summoned back into battle by Doctor Strange to aid Adam Warlock in the final battle for the Gauntlet.

Following the resolution of the conflict, Hulk again parted ways with the Avengers, albeit on more amicable terms this time around.

The Hulk was taken into the future by Rick Jones’ granddaughter, Janis to fight his future self, Maestro, who had killed all the heroes and villains on earth and named himself emperor of the post apocalyptic world. Maestro was a tyrant who ruled his people with the fear of death to anyone who stepped out of line. He had the intelligence of Banner and was twice as strong as the Hulk, also possessing the Hulk’s more malevolent side. Merged Hulk went with Janis and met the future Rick, who was stuck in a wheel-chair. Rick had collected the remains of all the deceased heroes while leading the resistance. Hulk fought Maestro, but easily had his neck broken. Maestro then had his servants nurse the Hulk back to health. During their second battle, Maestro used a gun designed by Forge with the specific purpose of killing the Hulk. He didn’t succeed though, and Hulk sent him back in time to ground zero at the moment the gamma bomb that created him went off. After killing Maestro, the Hulk was sent back to the present. When he returned he was haunted by the thought of losing control and becoming Maestro.

Hulk was tricked by Nick Fury and the Illuminati into going into space to shut down a rogue Hydra satellite called Godseye, which turned out to be one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s own… programmed to set off all nuclear bombs on Earth. Godseye is programmed to adapt, and to match it’s enemies strength. It and Hulk engaged in a prolonged battle in space, but as it tries to match the Hulk’s strength, it exploded.

After finishing the mission, Hulk returned to the main shuttle, ready to return home. A broadcast from the Illuminati appears on the monitor, with the members of the Illuminati telling Hulk of their plans. They send Hulk farther into space in order to land on a lifeless planet in which Hulk could live quietly without harming any other beings. Enraged, Hulk begins to smash the ship, sending it off course. The ship goes through a wormhole, leading Hulk to the planet Sakaar, a harsh war-filled planet. Weakened, the Hulk was captured and enslaved.He was made to fight other slaves like him, in which only few survived, who later became the Warbound. He fought in the arena and bested his enemies with the help of his Warbound. Hulk and the other gladiators later escaped and went against the red king. He was named the Green Scar, Son Of Sakaar, the savior of their planet. Hulk defeated and made an alliance with Spikes, alien race that the red king used to kill his enemies with, along with much of nearby population. Hulk defeated the red king and became the new ruler of Sakaar. After defeating the red king, Hulk was viewed as a leader and a hero, so He and his queen Caiera (the oldstrong) ruled Sakaar and everything in Hulks life was finally Good. However, Hulk happiness came to an end when the ship that brought the Hulk on this planet was emitting warnings that’s it’s power systems were failing. the Ship exploded before the Hulk could get rid of it and so it destroyed all life on Sakaar. Enraged, Hulk blamed the Illuminati for this and set out on a quest for revenge with his Warbound.

The ship that brought Hulk to Sakaar soon explodes killing many of the planet’s inhabitants, including his wife and unborn child. In a rage Hulk leaves the planet for earth. Hulk decides to make the Illuminati members pay for what they had done. Hulk leads a raid against the heroes of earth, and has even attacked Professor X’s institute, though Charles had not voted for Hulks exile, he was meant to be one of the people who had given the chance to play God, But hulk lets him off the hook since he sees that Charles has already been through enough. Despite the heroes best efforts, Hulk still manages to get justice for his suffering, he tells the heroes to remember that his war didn’t kill anyone, and now they will forever know that they are killers and monsters. As Hulk finely finishes his War, Sentry appears and He and Hulk start to fight relentlessly. In the end however, Hulk emerges victorious , and as Banner and Rick are glad that everything is over, MIek savagely stabs Jones so that banner would Hulk out and resume his raid. Hulk brutally pummels Miek with the warbound try to stop him, and it was at this time when Miek reveals that he knew that the space ship was going to blow up, he just didn’t say anything so that the Hulk would do what a monster would always do which was destroy. Hulks anger starts to fluctuate greatly and he starts to produces mass amount of gamma energy. He begs the heroes to put him out before he “breaks the world”, so Iron Man shoots Hulk with a huge anti-gamma beam that finally reverts the Hulk back to Banner.

When the Hulk’s son, Skaar, travels to Earth on a quest of vengeance against his own father, Reed Richards tries to prevent the Hulk from encountering his son. His efforts were unsuccessful, as Skaar manages to tear through the Fantastic Four and the military. Eventually, the Hulk finally does encounter him. They brawled for a moment, ignoring pleas from Hulk’s Warbound. It was then that Skaar discovers that he has been fighting the Green Hulk, not his father, and that this version of the Hulk didn’t remember anything. Banner manages to rise up and proclaim “never again” and instead of releasing the powerful Green Scar Hulk, he goes to save civilians. Skaar proclaims that if he ever wants to fight, he will be out there, and leaps away.

Baron Zemo (Origins)

Dr. Heinrich Zemo, 12th Baron Zemo was one of the top scientist in the Nazi party. Zemo fought both Captain America and his allies the Howling Commandos during World War II. A brilliant and sadistic scientific genius, Zemo created many weapons of mass destruction for Hitler’s army, including a large-scale death ray cannon, a disintegration pistol that was a miniaturize version of his death ray, and primitive androids of considerable strength and durability. Heinrich Zemo’s intelligence was only matched by his sadism, as he routinely tested his deadly weapons on innocent people, both prisoner and civilian inside the Third Reich. This ultimately came to a head, during an early encounter with the Howling Commandos, when Zemo decided to test an experimental death-ray cannon on a nearby German town. The death-ray killed hundreds of innocent German civilians as a result, making Zemo a mass murderer. Though he arrogantly believed that he could frame the Allied Forces for his act of mass murder, Nick Fury and his fellow Howling Commandos exposed Zemo’s role in the town’s destruction, resulting in Zemo becoming a reviled figure throughout Europe, even amongst his fellow Germans.

In an attempt to regain a level of anonymity, Zemo began wearing a reddish-pink hood over his face as he continued to build weapons for the Nazis. His activities ultimately drew the attention of Captain America, resulting in a confrontation just as Heinrich was ready to unveil his newest scientific breakthrough: Adhesive X, an extremely strong adhesive that could not be dissolved or removed by any known process at the time. It was only after the war that the adhesive-using villain Paste-pot Pete found a way to neutralize it

In order to ensure that the Nazis could not use Adhesive X against Allied troops, Captain America confronted Zemo in an attempt to destroy the limited supply. Captain America threw his shield at the vat to release the adhesive onto the ground. Zemo however was standing right next to the vat containing the chemical, which poured over his hooded face. The adhesive quickly seeped inside and permanently attached the hood to Heinrich’s flesh, preventing Zemo from ever removing his hood.

Lex Luthor (Origins)

Lex (Alexei) Luthor made his first appearance as a power hungry criminal mastermind who first tested his genius against the Man of Steel in Action Comics #23. Displayed as a man with red hair, it would be until an accident that Luthor’s character was mistaken for Superman’s main enemy the Ultra-Humanite and was displayed as a bald mad scientist. From there on Alexei Luthor would be seen as a villain who’s a power mad scientist who tested his science against the might of Superman.

At first, Luthor intended to plunge all of the European countries into war starting with the small countries of Galonia and Toran, and used his scientific genius to sabotage a peace conference, but would face his first defeat by Superman. Throughout Luthor’s earliest career, he would find himself committing acts of terrorism in order to find ways to accomplish his goals for world domination, only to find each of his plans foiled by Superman.

Luthor later plagued Kal-L with a gigantic Kryptonite meteor after learning about Superman’s weakness from Dan Rivers. Unable to defeat Superman, Alexei took solace in publicly revealing Superman’s weakness to the world, causing trouble for Kal-L from other various foes. Alexei would return time and time again with elaborate plans to kill Superman, but was defeated each time.

Luthor is a complex man. While he freely admits to being ‘evil’, he considers Abraham Lincoln to be a ‘great man’ (Superboy #85). Furthermore, Luthor has on occasion performed acts of great nobility, such as saving the lives of millions on a dying world for which he is considered a hero there (Superman #164).

Later in his career, Alexei would learn of the Multiverse and teamed up with his Earth-One counterpart Lex Luthor in an attempt to conquer Earth-Three. Recruiting Earth-Three’s primary villain, Ultraman (an evil counterpart to their Supermen) to aid them in conquering Earth-Three, Alexei and Lex Luthor were defeated by their own Earth-Three counterpart, Alexander Luthor, who became Earth-Three’s first and only super-hero.

Alexei would continue on his private quest for world domination of Earth-Two until he was recruited by Brainiac during The Crisis on Infinite Earths. In Issue # 9 Upon confronting Lex Luthor, who had been selected over him by Brainiac as field commander of their amassed gathering, Alexei stated to all present,

“I’m better than that labrat! You don’t need two Luthors!”

Brainiac immediately agreed, and disintegrated Alexei Luthor on the spot, leaving Lex the only Luthor present. Following the end of the Crisis, Alexei Luthor was eliminated from history, and is no longer remembered by anyone on New Earth.

Lex Luthor grew up in the suburbs of Smallville, Kansas with his parents and sister, Lena. Although forced to live the life of a farmer’s son, he never acquired a farmer’s heart. Instead, Luthor’s lifelong ambition was to become the world’s greatest scientist.

As a teenager, Luthor learned about the existence of Smallville’s own hometown hero –Superboy. He followed Superboy’s adventures with great zeal and soon became the young Kryptonian’s greatest fan. Through excessive compulsion and pleading, Lex was able to convince his parents to move to Smallville in order to allow Lex to be close to his hero.

One day, Luthor was plowing a field in his tractor when he noticed Superboy’s limp form wavering in front of him. The Boy of Steel had found himself in close proximity to deadly green Kryptonite, so Luthor moved the rock to a safe distance with his tractor. Afterward, Luthor invited Superboy back to his workshop. Superboy found a veritable shrine erected in his honor, with walls and benches decorated with various souvenirs from Superboy’s many exploits. To show his gratitude, Superboy constructed a brand new state-of-the art laboratory for the eager would-be scientist.

With the new lab equipment at his disposal, Luthor set about experimenting with his many chemical solutions. He even created a non-sentient protoplasmic entity out of some of the more rare chemicals that Superboy provided him. Using the protoplasm as a template, Luthor sought to create an antidote to Kryptonite poisoning. It was his intention to present the antidote to Superboy as a gift, as a means of solidifying their friendship. He succeeded in creating the antidote, but in his excitement, he knocked over a beaker, which set the laboratory ablaze.

Superboy flew past the lab and noticed smoke pouring out of the windows. Noticing that Luthor had exposed Kryptonite in the lab, Superboy remained outside and quickly decided to extinguish the fire in the lab with a gust of his super-breath which would put out the fire and remove the Kryptonite to a safe distance. Superboy successfully extinguished the fire, but the blast accidentally mixed various chemicals together that destroyed all of Luthor’s experiments. These gases passed onto Luthor’s head, destroying his hair and left him completely bald. Enraged at the devastation of his work and his personal appearance, Luthor accused Superboy of destroying his experiments on purpose out of jealousy. From that moment onward, Lex Luthor became the sworn enemy of Superboy.

Lex soon began acting on his criminal impulses to attack Superboy with his ever-increasing array of weapons and devices. But despite their fearsome powers, Superboy always managed to defeat Lex and send him to the Smallville Juvenile Detention Center. Fearing that their son would never reform his ways, Lex’s parents decided to move away from Smallville and changed their last name to “Thorul” in hopes to raise their daughter Lena Thorul in a relatively peaceful life away from the evil Lex. Despite this name change, Lex would later find his sister and find some sort of reconciliation with her and her children despite his evil nature.

Luthor continued in his plans to dominate the Earth and known universe even during the Crisis on Infinite Earths where he once again teamed up with his known ally, Brainiac, who had by this time adopted a more robotic form. It would be at this time that he would witness the death of his Earth-Two counterpart Alexei who dared to challenge Brainiac’s and Lex’s ambitions. Lex and the surviving villains would once again decide to side with the heroes temporarily when the Anti-Monitor resurfaced after being nearly killed by the efforts of the Flash (Barry Allen) and Supergirl who were both killed by the Anti-Monitor.

Lex survived the Crisis but was destroyed and succeeded by a new being in the new universe which was seemingly a composite of all the previous primary versions of Luthor — minus of course the Earth-Three Alexander’s truly heroic heart — as a ruthlessly dangerous and successful business tycoon who tries on numerous occasions to marry his native incarnation of Lois Lane.

For his parents, one look at their son’s I.Q. test results was enough to convince them that he would make them wealthy. Their determination for him to excel however, helped to destroy his soul and create a sociopath. Lex spent years searching for extraterrestrial life and as part of his hunt went to Smallville, Kansas when he was 18. While there, Lex befriended another alienated young man, Clark Kent (Superman). When a fire destroyed his laboratory and his scientific achievements, he refused to take any of the blame. Instead he blamed the people of Smallville for “letting the Luthors burn.” To this day, he refuses to acknowledge he has ever been to Smallville.

Years later, Lex appeared in Metropolis and built his technology company, Lexcorp. The company grew by leaps and bounds. With financial success comes political power and soon Luthor was considered to be the most powerful man in Metropolis. Then came the day when the people looked beyond Luthor’s skyscraper to see a man in the skies above. With the arrival of Superman, Luthor’s world was turned upside-down. Superman openly accused Lex of his criminal behavior, shattering the humanitarian image Lex had created. Luthor was unable (or unwilling) to link the “meddling alien” with the boy he knew years before.

Luthor tried many times to end the “alien menace”, but was thwarted by Superman every time. Lex even fashioned a ring from Kryptonite to use. The constant exposure to Kryptonite radiation gave Lex cancer. It was so bad that Lex had his hand removed and replaced with a robotic prosthetic. Things got so bad for Lex that he eventually faked his death and had his brain transferred to a healthy clone body. He assumed the role of his own, hitherto unknown, heir going by the name Lex Luthor II. He even talked with an Australian accent and had a full beard and long red hair. As the younger Lex he convinced the world that he was a different man and not capable of the kind of crimes his father was accused of.

Lex later convinced the Supergirl Matrix to be a hero of Metropolis and a personal body guard. He also created a force o fLex Troopers to be heroes of Metropolis. He also would resume his battle with Superman with the same lack of success.Lex even sent Supergirl and his Lex Troopers to fight Doomsday when Doomsday attacked Metropolis and killed Superman.

Luthor with Supergirl

In the aftermath of Superman’s apparent death, Lex planned on replacing Superman with a clone. Unable to clone all of Superman’s DNA he used some of his own and gave the clone powers that mimicked Superman’s. Unfortunately for Lex the clone was released as a teenager by the Newsboy Legion. The clone would take up the mantle of Superman until the real Superman returns, when he then adopts the name of Superboy. It would be a long time before Superboy would discover he has Luthor DNA. When Lois Lane would eventually expose Luthor’s criminal dealings, He then showed his true colors when he triggered explosive devices throughout the city. Metropolis was virtually destroyed by the explosions. Superman and his fellow heroes helped in the reconstruction and the battle between them continued.

Realizing the need to silence his detractors in the fourth estate, Luthor bought the Daily Planet and sold it to Perry White. The sale came with a string, that Lois killed one story of his choosing. Feeling safe from exposure, Luthor ran for President of the United States to gain the power to bring Superman down. He served the U.S.’s interests surprisingly well, forging links with Atlantis and Russia and rallying troops for the Imperiex Invasion. However, unknown to the public and probably most of his administration, Lex also forged ties to Apokolips which had been outlawed on a UN level. As a payment for Darkseid siding with Earth during the Imperiex war Luthor had the Joker unleash Doomsday for Superman to fight and detain as a product demonstration before handing him over to Darkseid.

The tenacious Lois found out that Luthor had known about the threat from Imperiex much earlier than stated. This was the article Luthor tried to kill, however Lois gave her notes to Clark who produced a scathing report. Luthor once again overplayed his hand, as his success at framing Bruce Wayne for the murder of Vesper Fairchild caused him to get arrogant. Even with his Presidential power, Luthor could not bring an end to Superman. When a Kryptonite asteroid was discovered headed towards Earth, Luthor tried to use that to turn the public against Superman. He even sent heroes to arrest him, including John Stewart, Black Lightning, Starfire, Power Girl, and Captain Atom. With the help of Batman, the scheme was thwarted.

True Colors Revealed

In desperation, he used a variant combination of the “super-steroid” Venom (a steroid mainly used by Batman villain Bane), liquid synthetic green Kryptonite, and an Apokaliptian battle-suit to battle Superman directly. Unfortunately, the madness that is a side effect of Venom took hold, and he revealed his true colors during the battle. The final straw was the revelation that Talia Head, the acting CEO of LexCorp, had sold all the company assets to the Wayne Foundation. He has since gone underground, leaving the presidency to his vice president, Pete Ross. During his time underground, Luthor contacted Robin over the internet under the alias Snapdragon and sent a Cadmus genetic file on Superboy, revealing for the first time that Superboy was a hybrid clone of Superman’s DNA and Luthor’s.

One year after the events of Infinite Crisis, Luthor has been cleared of over 120 criminal counts ranging from malfeasance to first-degree murder relating to the New Year’s Eve massacre from 52. However, his role in the massacre has permanently ruined his public image and thanks to the machinations of Doctor Sivana, he has lost most of his wealth and all of his control over his newly reformed LexCorp, which is now being run by Lana Lang. He blames Clark Kent for writing several articles unraveling his schemes and pledges vengeance on Metropolis after an angry mob jeers him on the courthouse steps.

After amassing large quantities of Kryptonite, including kidnapping the supervillains Metallo and the Kryptonite Man, Lex uses it to power a Kryptonian battleship controlled through a “sunstone” crystal. Superman manages to destroy the Kryptonite-powered ship and recover the crystal, but Lex manages to escape custody yet again.

Lex later sends Bizarro after the newly arrived “Superboy” only for the creature to be defeated by Superman. Undaunted, Luthor gathers together a new Revenge Squad to fight against invading Kryptonians led by General Zod.

In JLA, Luthor (alongside Joker and Cheetah III) gathers together a new ” Injustice League” and, outfitted in a new version of his warsuit (although still green and purple, it no longer has clear design derivations from the pre-Crisis warsuit as the McGuinness design did), sets out to destroy the Justice League with them. On a related note during this section, he was responsible for creating the third Shaggy Man and the third Blockbuster.

Luthor plays a large role in the Countdown to Final Crisis tie-in event, Salvation Run. Having been sent to the prison planet after his Injustice League was defeated, Lex quickly assumes control of the amassed villains, receiving competition only from Joker and Gorilla Grodd, who convince half of the villains to join them. He does fight the Joker until the battle was interrupted by an attack by Desaad’s Parademons.

After the attack, Luthor manages to get the villains off the planet with a makeshift teleporter, secretly powered byNeutron, Heatmonger, Plasmus, Warp and Thunder and Lightning. When called a “monster” by Thunder, Luthor claims it is the ones who sent them there who are the real monsters, and that he is the hero. He later sets the teleporter to self-destruct after he uses it, killing the attacking Parademons, and his living batteries.

In Justice League of America #21, Luthor can be seen associating with Libra’s Secret Society of Super Villains and placed in its Inner Circle. Lex Luthor wanted Libra to prove himself, so Libra sends Clayface to blow up the Daily Planet building. As Lex attempts to ambush Libra after learning that he is a prophet of Darkseid, Lex soon ends up surrounded by Justifiers. Libra tells Lex to make a final choice … swear an oath to Darkseid or become a mindless slave. In Final Crisis #5, Lex Luthor is seen when Libra blames Calculator for cracking the computer codes that will help the resistance.Lex Luthor is silent on the matter, but has been picked to lead the rearguard action against the heroes at Blüdhaven. He assumes it’s an honor, but he doesn’t look very pleased. During Final Crisis #6, Libra figures out Luthor had been the mole in the Society of Supervillains. Luthor, in league with Doctor Sivana, seemingly destroys Libra and overturns theAnti-Life Equation being broadcast into the Justifiers’ helmets.

Lex plotting the destruction of all Kryptonians

Luthor ended up imprisoned for his crimes, but rather than going to jail, General Sam Lane had him serve out his sentence working for the secretive Project 7734. While still forced to wear chains, Luthor was assigned the job of accessing the knowledge stored within the captured Brainiac who had recently been defeated by Superman (as seen during the Brainiac storyline). Luthor successfully accessed Brainiac’s brain and after Metallo and Reactron were taken to Kandor as prisoners of the Kryptonians who had now settled on Earth, he used Brainiac to reactivate the Coluan’s ship that was also being held in Kandor. Brainiac’s robots attacked the Kryptonians, providing a distraction as Metallo and Reactron used their Kryptonite hearts to kill their captors and murder Zor-El.

After his success with Brainiac, Luthor was given the seemingly dead body of Doomsday, who had been defeated by the Kryptonians, to study as it had “potential”. Luthor later manages to use Brainiac’s connection to his ship to kill the soldiers assigned to watch him. Brainiac manages to free himself from Luthor’s control, forcing him on board the ship, and the two make their escape.The two are later shown to have entered into an alliance, with Brainiac promising Luthor the Earth when he is done with it. While reading newspapers to catch up on what happened during his imprisonment, Luthor learns of the resurrection of Superboy.

Touched by the Orange Light of Avarice

During Blackest Night, Ganthet summons a ring from each of the corps leaders, Larfleeze’s ring finds Lex Luthor. With the ring saying that he wants it all, Lex Luthor becomes an Orange Lantern. Although Lex does prove a good fighter in the Blackest Night, the orange light of avarice gets the better of him on many occasions and he even steals Scarecrow’s Yellow Power Ring so that he may use it himself. He also steals the Orange Power Battery away from Larfleeze to gain even more power, until Wonder Woman uses her Lasso of Truth to restrain him. Whilst under the Lasso’s influence, Lex admits a secret of his, saying that ultimately, all he’s ever wanted was to be Superman.

After the Black Lanterns are defeated, and the deceased Black Lantern superhumans come back to life, Larfleeze manages to remove Lex’s Orange Power Ring and render him back to his human self. In Brightest Day, Lex Luthor is given the orange power ring by Larfleeze after Luthor tells him that every person on Earth wants power and land.

After Flashpoint Lex Luthor is hired by the government to take down Superman. LexCorp also exists. He is hired by General Sam Lane to capture Superman in his early years. He sets up a trap for Superman with a train. Superman barely stops it and is left unconscious. Lex collects him and puts him through a lot of tests and experiments. Lex Luthor is later revealed to have obtained contact with the Collector through unknown means and was told to say the word “Krypton” to Superman. He later appears when the Collector abducts New Troy as one of the residents in the area. He along with Lois and Jimmy go into Glen Glenmorgan’s hotel where Lex calls the Collector and it is revealed that Lex had made a deal with him. It is later revealed that Lex Luthor was the secret caller named “Icarus” that was giving information on Glen Glenmorgan to Clark Kent. After he gets fired from General Sam Lane he creates his own project with the two stolen kryptonite rocks. He creates the Kryptonite Man but that also doesn’t work as well as planned.

Lex (left) taking on Superman

Set one year before the ongoing continuity, Lex Luthor arranges the illegal smuggling of war machines in Qurac. Knowing that Superman would intervene, Luthor laces the weapons with kryptonite and nanite technology in order to acquire a sample of Superman’s DNA in order to create a monster based on the genetic structure of Superman known as the Hybrid. As Superman seemingly defeats the monster with his ice-breath, it is later found out that the Hybrid is attacking Metropolis – whilst also having infected civilians with a virus (that was carried by Superman when he in turn was infected by poison from his earlier tussle with the war machines), as Luthor had intended. The plan by Luthor was to show the people of Metropolis that Superman is indeed an alien menace, and only Lex can save them from the Man of Steel. The final confrontation between Kal El and Lex, of course resulting in the defeat of Lex, was, chronologically, the first fight between two of DC’s most famous characters.

After the events of Trinity War, the Crime Syndicate has defeated the Justice League and wreaked havoc upon the world. While riding a helicopter into Metropolis, the entire city and the helicopter suddenly lose power and crashes into the Lexcorp tower. Luthor then witnesses a figure whom he mistakes as Superman suddenly flying and crashing into the building. The figure is revealed to be Ultraman of the Crime Syndicate. Ultraman’s powers are powered by Kryptonite (an obvious play on Superman’s own weakness to Kryptonite with Ultraman being Superman’s evil doppelganger from Earth 3). He finds a stash of Kryptonite and proceeds to crush and inhale it.

Luthor also witnesses the unmasking of Nightwing and the reveal of his identity as Dick Grayson on a broadcast the Crime Syndicate put out to the world but notes that he has no idea who Dick Grayson is.

Luthor then notices a figure pushing the moon in front of the sun, the figure is Ultraman and it is revealed that Ultraman is harmed by the ray’s of the sun (a stark contrast to Superman who gets much of his power from the sun) Luthor sits in dismay as exclaiming “This is a job for Superman. So where the hell is he?”

Lex Luthor traverses through the dark and powerless Lexcorp building, he stumbles along with a security guard as Luthor finds his Subject B-Zero experiment (Bizarro) whom Luthor exclaims needs another five years to be completed. He decides he has no other choice but to release Bizarro and tests the creatures obedience out by ordering it to murder the security guard. Luthor eventually meets up with other villains such as Black Manta, Captain Cold, and Black Adam and they form a team in order to combat the Crime Syndicate.

While traversing through the sewers in order to reach a Wayne Enterprises storage facility with the other villains, Luthor notices that Bizarro is reluctant to move ahead due to his fear of the dark. Luthor attempts to comfort Bizarro by telling him about how when he was younger his sister had fallen ill but he was too afraid of the fear of failing to try and save her. Luthor states that his sister died shortly afterwards and that he told himself that he would never again let the fear of failure from stopping him, this inspires Bizarro to move on, much to the surprise of Luthor.

When the team finally reach the storage facility, they have an encounter with Batman and Catwoman, but their encounter is interrupted when Power Ring and his own group of villains attack the facility. Luthor and Batman are both forced to fight alongside each other and are forced to team up, with Sinestro and Deathstroke both joining the team.

The team finally reach the remains of the fallen Justice League Watchtower where they find Dick Grayson being held captive in the Murder Room, a device meant to imprison Doomsday. The room is sealed off with no escape and a bomb is wired to Dick’s heart and the will detonate unless his heart is stopped. Although Batman attempts to disarm the bomb, he is seemingly unable to do so and Luthor makes the decision to blast Batman from behind and seemingly suffocates Dick to death in order stop the bomb. He is successful in doing so with the timer stopping just before detonation. Batman attacks Luthor for seemingly murdering Dick but Luthor reveals that he had given Dick a pill to only make his heart stop temporarily and proceeds to revive Dick.

When the hooded prisoner the Crime Syndicate had been holding is revealed to be Alexander Luthor of Earth-3 who has the ability to absorb powers from others and takes on the form of Mazahs (an Ananym for the word Shazam) , he proceeds to attack all the people around him, including Lex Luthor himself who has realized that person he is fighting is a version of himself. Bizarro attack Alexander in attempts to protect his creator but Alexander kills him and steals his powers. Luthor appears angered and even saddened by the death of Bizarro. Luthor realizes since he and Alexander are the same person, he can also use the Mazahs shout and he does so and reverts Alexander into his normal form, and then proceeds to kill him.

After the Crime Syndicate is defeated, Luthor also manages to save Superman’s life by removing the piece of Kryptonite left in his brain by Atomika. Luthor also manages to discover Bruce Wayne’s identity as Batman by learning of his connection with Dick Grayson, and much to the chagrin of Superman, Luthor even manages to secure a place in the Justice League, builds a new watchtower for them, and recruits Shazam and Captain Cold onto the team.