Month: July 2016


Who is Arcann? (Star Wars)

Arcann and his twin brother Thexan were born as princes to Valkorion, and trained from a very early age in combat. Both of them were sensitive to the force, and were able to use it very effectively in combat. As they grew, both built and used lightsabers as their primary weapons, and upon reaching adulthood, were sent…
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Darth Vader/ Anakin Skywalker (Origins)

Anakin Skywalker is considered “the Chosen One” of the force; whom is supposed to destroy the Sith. Anakin Skywalker was born without a father and lived most of his life on Tatooine with his mother, Shmi. When Qui-Gon Jinn came to the planet looking for parts for their ship back to the Jedi Council, Anakin…
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DC Multiverse Explained

Pre-Crisis / The Multiverse Inside the DC Comics mythology, the sci-fi concept of alternate realities existing as parallel earths has been one of the main characteristics of their superhero universe since the silver age. With an infinite number of similar looking universes than resemble the main universe, the idea of Multiverse is a foundation concept…
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The Incredible Hulk (Origins)

  Robert Bruce Banner was born to atomic scientist Dr. Brian Banner and his wife, Rebecca. Although deeply loved by his mother, Bruce’s father who was mentally unstable harbored a deep jealousy and hatred for him. Brian was convinced that his work in atomic science had altered his genetic structure and because of this he…
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Baron Zemo (Origins)

Dr. Heinrich Zemo, 12th Baron Zemo was one of the top scientist in the Nazi party. Zemo fought both Captain America and his allies the Howling Commandos during World War II. A brilliant and sadistic scientific genius, Zemo created many weapons of mass destruction for Hitler’s army, including a large-scale death ray cannon, a disintegration pistol that was…
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Lex Luthor (Origins)

Lex (Alexei) Luthor made his first appearance as a power hungry criminal mastermind who first tested his genius against the Man of Steel in Action Comics #23. Displayed as a man with red hair, it would be until an accident that Luthor’s character was mistaken for Superman’s main enemy the Ultra-Humanite and was displayed as…
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